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09/10/08 10:52 PM #1    

Bill Edwards


If anyone has their old Nicolet Newspapers from our 4 year era, we would love to have any scans of articles, photos, cartoons, etc. that you enjoyed and saved.

I had several old KP's but had to toss them out when our basement got flooded during the 1998 Glendale Floods (special thanks to the Milwaukee Deep Tunnel Sewer folks).

One of the papers had a cartoon illustrated by Steve Eichenbaum (who later went on to be a leading Milwaukee Ad Agency owner) that showed a bunch of food bones under an umbrella - "new and improved hot lunch program" - which was part of our Student Council on-going projects between the caterer and the administration.

There was another paper that had a story about Radio DJ Bob Reitman and about having long hair . . .

I may also call our alumni liaison at NHS to see if they kept any of the old papers, masters or perhaps may have it on microfiche??


Bill E.

09/10/08 10:57 PM #2    

Bill Edwards


Your website administrators are committed to making our 73' Site a place you are going to want to keep visiting.

If you have any suggestions for features or content, please post it here or drop Rick or myself an e-mail.

In the meantime, check to see our latest photo additions and tweaks!


Bill E.

03/10/09 12:43 PM #3    

Peter Newberger

Jim Carrey video.

Jim Carrey is extremely talented and this had to be an opportunity of a lifetime for him to perform Fab fours song I am the walrus for Sir George Martin. It was great. Carrey is from Toronto ( Buffalo NY next door neighbor to the north) Anything that Jim does has to be crazy and off the wall. Do you remember him in his portrayal of comic Andy Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. A comic genius.

01/14/10 02:05 PM #4    

Peter Newberger

what concerts do you remember attending that you can remember? The timeline can be from 1968-current . I can remember some fantastic shows when I was living in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Lets hear from you.

Peter Newberger

I will name 5 to get this forum going.
1. Elton John
2. Traffic (Steve Winwood
3. The Guess Who
4.Mountain (Leslie West)
5. Ike & Tina Turner

06/23/10 02:33 PM #5    

Peter L. Gebhardt (Gebhardt)

Hey everyone!
1.I saw the Pointer Sisters, with my 5 sisters in Fort Lauderdale, back in the day.Amazing.That was when they were riding high.They were the"it" group.They were still wearing vintage clothing.They were singing at the Burt Reynolds Theater, and I'll never forget that night, because I literally ran over a medium strip on the way to the concert, not knowing where I was going. It was good for a scary laugh.
2.I saw Marlena Shaw, a jazz singer extrordinaire, at that jazz club near the T'ai Chi center, Milwaukee. The more she drank, the better she sang...:)
3.I saw Aretha at Summerfest, and everyone, I mean everyone, stood on the bleachers all concert long. Classic!
4. I saw Madonna at Alpine Valley, the muddiest day of the year, with my sister Mame, and her best friend Kathy.It was Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour. Again amazing,and very Vegas; so tight and well-rehearsed. We left before the encores, and ran in the very wet mud, back to our car, to not get stuck in the traffic jam. It worked. We were laughing, about how very muddy we were!

06/24/10 04:50 PM #6    

Peter Newberger

Dear Class,

our own Barb Grady is 1000 votes from hitting the magic number to possibly make her dream come true Her own show.  If any body has been following the contest on Oprah, your own show, Barb has 9000 votes already.  she is hoping on hitting the 10,000 mark by July 13th.  Lets pull together and make it happen.

02/24/12 10:30 AM #7    

Kim Marlowe

winkHi everyone!!

Wow the last post on here was in June of 2011. I get to be the first post for 2012! Only cause I have a little spare time on my hands at this time. I'm sure we are all very busy.

I wonder if anyone knows when our next reunion is, I am going to attend this time, because I miss you all. I think about you often and will take this next opportunity to drop by and shake your hands!

Peace and Love to you till then!

Kim Marlowe

04/23/20 11:50 AM #8    

Michael S Goodman

I think I still have some of mine.  I'll let you know if I can dig any of them up.  I've moved countless times since those days, and they could be anywhere!  lol


Mike Goodman

09/26/23 08:39 AM #9    

Peter Newberger

Dear fellow classmates, and class reunioneers,

I have put together and assembled the playlist that should have and would have the owner of Libby Montana known how to connect the 2 units that Myself, and Johnnie K assembled that never got played. You can find it on Spotify listed as 50 yr H.S. playlist. check it out, and let me know how you liked it. I can honestly say, that we did not have the best music, according to Billboards top 100 for the years of 72, and 73.


it was fantastic to see everyone who attended the events. You are the best.

Peace&Love, to the best class there was.


Peter Newberger

class of 73

09/27/23 02:23 PM #10    

Peter Newberger

Here's the link to my 50th Reunion Playlist on Spotify. Let me know what you think!


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