The 35 Year Reunion Committee

(L to R): Bill Edwards, Rick Bernstein, Pam Resnick, Bruce Barnes, 
Wendy Weingart, Kathy Schulz & Sherry Mccarthy.

(Not Pictured: Beth Gorecki Bowerman, John Kaelin)



Robbin and Dorron Katzin
August 2009

Robbin (Saltzman) Katzin's kids: Clockwise from top:
Yossi (1990), Aliza (1992), Ilana (1994)

Diane (Lucht) Pearson


The Diane Pearson Family



Larry Saicheck




Julie (left)
and with

Tom Carr

The "touristy thing" at the River (it's beautiful!)




Jennifer & Peter Newberger

Peter graduates!


John Engel Family
John and wife (Deb) with Steph, Jackie
and twins Liz and Tom.



Lynn Frigge




Terese Reiter Messman & son Jeff.



 Grammy winning Jazz musician Brian Lynch

 Bruce Arbit


Janice Bozic Nuckhollis
with children: Will (L) and Margaret and Catherine - twins



Freddie Griefenhagen



Kathy Schulz & Kathi Barewald




 Andy & Kathi together again!




 Chuck & Nancy Orenstein



Sherry McCarthy & husband Mark

Sherry & son James


Sherry McCarthy at graduation




Jake's Bar Mitzvah - 2008


Jim Wollmer



Dee Dee Wick in PARIS (2007)






Anna Storniolo
with Jim - husband (L), Alex (R)
Peter & Nicholas (Foreground)




Monica Perlick & Beth Gorectke




John Pierson (class of 74) with Beth Gorectke




Betty Buening (far right) & family




Mr. Dennis Lowder




Darcie Thiet (Elshoff) Family




Andie Geller (L) with pal Janet Priester-McCausland (2007)

Andie Geller's husband on the movie set with Bo Derek!!!!



Peter Harms & Debbie Phillips ... on Debbie's Harley!

Peter and Debbie in another era. 




Janet Priester, Holly Miegel, Tracey Schulz, & Linda Viall -
Celebrating "The Big 3-0."

Linda Viall, Janet Priester, & Andrea Geller - 
Relaxing before the 20th Reunion

Jamie Sampson, Andrea Geller, Janet Priester,
Tom Bakalars, & Lisa Kallman - 20th Reunion. 

Kathi Barewold, Dee Dee Wick,
Diane Lucht, & Andrea Geller - 20th Reunion

Debbie Phillips & Andrea Geller - 20th Reunion. 

Peter Heil & Andrea Geller - 20th Reunion.




Diane Katz



Sue Jacobs Berland & husband Andy Berland.



Jim Moeckler & family



Terri Tilton today


Terri Tilton "I call this my other life... 
Early LA days as an actress."



Barb Grady & kids


Aimee Willens Kahn & family



Kurt Lange & Gordy Hammill in the south of France




Gabrielle Grobe




Debbie (Seligsohn) Abrams - My family (l to r):
Lynn (Danny's girlfriend), DANNY 21 yrs. (twin to Dorie),
Melissa (David's girlfriend), DAVID 29 yrs.-lives in Los Angeles,
ME, JOHN (my husband), Tara (married to son Jason),
JASON 25 yrs.-lives in KS, & DORIE 21 yrs. (
twin to Danny).




Doug & Andi Ley





Bruce & Lori Gendelman - then

Bruce & Lori Gendelman - today

The Gendelman Family




Bruce Lesnick fooling around

Bruce Lesnick in the wild




Laurel, Tom & Heidi (Bahr) Bodkin - May 2008.

Peter Gebhardt (R) with partner James McKean



Patty A. Gebhardt (Neubert) & Husband Dave.




Scott & Shelley Israel



Earl Lemon says: "Real Men wear kilts."



Mindy Gaines Pearce

Mindy & husband Ted Pearce after Paris Marathon 2008.


Mindy in Oslo Norway





The John Kaelin family in Riviera Maya Mexico - 2008

John & Kathy Kaelin in Minoqua, WI - 2007




Mike Warshauer, Stu Konnor, John Kaelin in
the Nicolet Commoms 1973 (Mike thinks we're #1.)



Clint Gunkel's Wedding



Pam Resnick Ross


Pam Resnick Ross: My recent trip to Canada.



Pam Resnick Ross: My Husband & new lab pup.



Pam Resnick Ross:
Jon & my 50th birthday dinner
in Hong Kong with our spouses.



Pam Resnick Ross:
My family with Jon's in Macau in 2005 -
(L to R) : Maryanne Resnick, me, Jon, Anita Su,
Elaina (my daughter), Scott Su, & Ian (my son).




Linda Karrasch (Prenzlow) with Elmer (Gee) & Alex



Barb Picus Fleischer



Danny's Graduation



Passover in San Diego



Napa Valley at the Sterling Winery



 Peter Harms


Pete Harms & son Daniel on Lake Norman.


Pete Harms fishing in Canada




Lieberthal Family - (L to R): Melissa (13), Zach (20),
Jordana (22), Brandon (16), Pam & Mark.



Robin Levine Kessler




Heading out - Reunion Happy Hour at the Hyatt!



Lisa Withey Lamb & son Wes with Jim Ryan - June 2008.


Annual Door County Trip - (L to R): Lisa Withey (Lamb),
Holly Holman (Jones), Candy Rand (Flagstad),
Sandy Dorsey (Mason).


Annual Door County Trip Golf Outing



Dave Howard & family . . . . Homer Howard also!




Jeff Hogan & family




Gurudaya Meister (Khalsa)
This is me with my daughter, son, and nephew.



Alan Schuster Still Tripping



Linda Karrasch Prenzlow, Don Belfus & Sherry McCarthy
at Sherry's house - 8/23/08.


Don & Sherry Belfus, Linda Karrasch Prenzlow & Elmer Prenzlow and Sherry McCarthy & Mark Kircher - 8/23/08.



Wendy Weingart-Bennewitz

Our Class Beauty Queen at the Mrs. America pageant:
Wendy Weingart Bennewitz with husband - 
fellow Class of '73er Bill Bennewitz.

Wendy Weingart Bennewitz.

Brian, Lauren, & Luke Bennewitz with Baron.




Michele & Bob Perchonok with children Jennifer & Aaron.




Pete Brucato & Bob Perchonok at Whitefish Mountain.



Hammill family: Gordy, Andrea, Sarah (Gebhardt}, & Matt.


Gordy Hammill, Kurt Lange, Joe Schweitz, Mike Warshauer.




Beth Gorectke Bowerman:

 "The world is our oyster and we are
all pearls of great price."
Oldest daughter Kristen Marie graduation day at
St. Thomas University in St Paul, MN.
Latest quote from Kris:
"Mom I am glad I look like you when you graduated
cause I will look pretty when I am your age
and my child is graduating."
That got her a graduation trip to Cosmel
from her mamacita."



Beth Gorectke Bowerman
in front of home in
Brookfield 2 years ago with her not so new Audi.
One of the 7 homes we owed on or is it owned?


Beth Gorectke Bowerman: Graduation party for Kristen at
St. Alban's Bay Boathouse. (L to R): Kristen-23, Caitlin-17,
Bill (my wasband), Rebecca-21, Beth-27 in mi corazon,
and my oldest bro Dennis.(Older than dirt, not really just 61).


Beth Gorectke Bowerman: One of my many hats .... this one
from Madrid. Tu puedes hablar espanol conmigo?


Dave Pittelkow





Linda Fielder Richmond with Dan, husband.

Marc Yanow
"If anyone ever rides the M.C.T.S., show me your
Nicolet H.S. Badge & I'll let you ride for FREE!!"

John Juszczak Family

Dec. 2006 - Stepson Will's wedding - (L to R):
Alyssa, John, Erik Gratz, Sheri, Martin Gratz, Will Gratz

John Kullman (Scheinberg)

Elena Lutsky 

 Jill Gabor Winters