In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Benjamin Andrade (Deceased 2004)  
Hope Blade (Deceased Year Unknown)
Marilyn Brown (Deceased 2015)  
Kenneth Carter (Deceased Year Unknown)
Nadine Delawrence (Deceased 1992)  
Ruben Diaz (Deceased 2020)  
Betty Feemster (Deceased 1996)  
Elliot Foster (Deceased Year Unknown)
Michael Francis (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Patricia Ann Gant (Deceased 2017)  
Alan Halstead (Deceased Year Unknown)
Stanley A. Hardy (Deceased 2013)  
Sandra Hoyle (Deceased 2010)  
Rene Ina (Lewis) (Deceased 2018)  
Aubrey Johnson (Deceased 2001)  
Darwin Jones (Deceased 2014)  
Robert Lomax (Deceased Year Unknown)
Earl Mallett (Deceased 2004)  
Lester McBride Jr (Deceased 2013)  
Janice McGregor (Deceased 2003)  
Anthony Merrill (Deceased 1991)  
Michelle Newson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Steven Perry (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Philip Roberts (Deceased 2008)  
Carita Rozie (Deceased 2016)  
Theresa Smith (Clements) (Deceased 2020)
Benford Stellmacher (Deceased 2016)
Lee Otis Wilson (Deceased 2011)  
Maurice Wright (Deceased 2011)  
Willie Ruth Wright (Deceased Year Unknown)
Walter "Doc" Hurley (Vice Principal) (Deceased 2014)  
Elizabeth Martin (Martin) (Deceased 2014)  
Marilyn Strong (Teacher) (Deceased 2014)  

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