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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Westchester Alumni Association a non-profit, tax deductable organization?

Yes! Westchester Alumni Association, Inc. A Non-Profit Corporation - 501(c) 4

What is the Westchester Alumni Association?

The Westchester Alumni Association (WAA) is a membership organization created to develop alumni and community support through networking, scholarships, and special events.

Why be a member of Westchester Alumni Association?

  • PRIDE - Every true Wildcat is a member of Westchester Alumni Association. Whether you are a 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 2000’s graduate.
  • SUPPORT - WAA established a Westchester Student Scholarships Program. Be a part of this great opportunity to assist upcoming Westchester graduates.
  • CONNECTION – Annual Programs, events and activities

What is our logo?


What are the vision – mission - goals?

Vision Statement:

The Westchester Alumni Association is established to unite all alumni and friends, encouraging members to support the Westchester Academy for International Studies and will seek to provide programs that benefit members to the fullest.

Mission Statement:

The Westchester Alumni Association serves to preserve "Wildcat" traditions, promote service to the community and develop lifelong relationships.


· Promote the Westchester Student Scholarship Fund
· Create and promote a Student Mentoring Program for WAIS
· Create and Maintain a Wildcat Legacy Hall
· Provide Alumni Relations

- Class Leaders
- Networking details
- Contact information
- WAA updates, meeting minutes, and event notifications
- WAA Website to facilitate communication

· Promote and organize social events that foster networking to include:

- Annual Homecoming Celebration
- Mixers
- Outings

· Assist Class Leaders in organizing and promoting Class Reunions

Has Westchester Re-opened?


Westchester Senior High School is now Westchester Academy for International Studies. WAIS is an open enrollment charter school for class levels 6 through 12. WAIS re-opened in the fall of 1999 and had its first graduating class in 2003. Principal Pam Butler and the Westchester Alumni Association have worked closely together to adopt our colors, fight song and alma mater. Our old mascot uniforms have been found and are being used at WAIS.

Spring Branch Independent School District strongly supports the WAA efforts to mentor WAIS. http://wais.springbranchisd.com/

Westchester Academy is an International Baccalaureate World School.

Why do we have to renew our membership each year?

Annual renewals sustain our scholarship efforts. We do offer Lifetime Memberships. See current Membership form for details. Our membership dues sustain our dollar for dollar Student Scholarship fund. Membership dues maintain provide payment for Alumni Association sponsored Alumni activities / Reunions, our website, allow for our events to be publicized, and pay for any administrative costs necessary to fund our scholarship fund.

Is there a directory of Westchester Alumni we can purchase?  NO.

We are gathering information and compiling our directory of alumni. Information changes constantly.