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To all who attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration and associated Class Reunions for 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 2003, 2008, and 2013.  The Westchester Alumni Association Board of Directors and your fellow classmates from both Westchester High School and Westchester Academy for International Studies wish to thank you all for a wonderful time!

The event at the Hilton Garden Inn was very well attended, beyond our expectations.  There was dining and dancing and lots of laughter and fun!  Everyone had a great time visiting with old friends and the new friends they made that night.  Two of our teachers attended as well, Bill Franklin and Oscar Cripps.   Everyone enjoyed seeing them both.   We had a special recognition for the first graduating class of 1968.  We could not have asked for a nicer event!

A big thanks goes out to both of the groups below.  The WAA Board of Directors spent many months and hours planning this event.  They all worked very hard and deserve a huge thanks from everyone for the hard work and dedications to making his a fantastic event.  The Contributors to the event also deserve a huge thanks.  Without their contributions this event would not have occurred.   We cannot thank them enough for their contributions.  In addition, there were numerous individuals who also contributed at the door; unfortunately I do not have all their names.   We are also thankful for those contributions to cover the final bill.  Please join me in thanking them for this event. 

Please help us to continue the enthusiasm of the 50th Anniversary and plan future events by visiting our web site frequently and:

  • donating to the Scholarship Funds
  • serving on the WAA Board of Directors
  • becoming a Lifetime Member of the WAA
  • attending future Wildcat Wednesdays and other WAA sponsored events

WAA Board of Directors:

  Pamela Mudd Conlan ‘73                                                          Melissa Sweeton Thorne ‘74
  Brenda Spurlock Edmonds ‘71                                                  Jamie Onstot Tharpe ‘73
  Jeff L. Martin ‘71                                                                     Scott A. Underwood ‘07
  Elizabeth E. Martin (wife of Jeff ’71)                                          David West ‘73
  Deal Moore ‘70                                                      

Contributors to the 50th Anniversary Event Fund:

      Travis L. LaGrone ‘68                                 Tom Specht ‘71                                             Trent Morgan ‘73
       Sandra Siegel Lipson ‘68                            Nancy Colglazier Stobaugh ‘71                     Marcus Raif ‘73
       Neil Tabatznik ‘68                                       Rita Ann Blocher Stuckey ‘71                        Jamie Onstot Tharpe ‘73
       Kathleen Slaydon ‘69                                  Robert B. Whitaker ‘71                                  Leslie Taussig Hassel ‘73
       Margo Mace Bates ‘69                                Vicki Cravens ‘72                                          Pam Yeagin VanLeeuwen ‘73
       Doug Devine ‘69                                         Anne Adams Frye ‘72                                    David West ‘73
       H. R. Daniel Guerra ‘69                              Terry Haddox Hamerly ‘72                             Karen Wright Atchley ‘74
       Renee’ Onstot Clark ‘70                             Jeff Jackson ‘72                                             Ken Gibbs ‘74
       Nancy White Eppes ‘70                              Mark Stephen Adams ‘73                              William R. Phillips III ‘74
       Deal Moore ‘70                                           Peter M. Boyd ‘73                                          Kim Tyson Cook ‘75
       Tim Mulvahill ‘70                                         Ralph R. Devine ‘73                                      Linda Johnson Jackson ‘75
       Larry Wilson ‘70                                           Craig Fox ‘73                                                Terrise Brenn Lammers ‘75
      Debora Zimmer ‘70                                      Stephen Holstead ‘73                                    Catherine Thompson ‘75
       Lyda Guthrie Akin ‘71                                  Gail Howard ‘73                                            Lisa Bucher Kennedy ‘76
       Debbie Mathis Casey ‘71                            Debbye Lauterback Hughes ‘73                    Tracy Milner Sims ‘77
       David Joel Collins ‘71                                  Sue Kathryn Haller Kucera ‘73                      Nora Toohy Brooks ‘78
       Brenda Spurlock Edmonds ‘71                   Ryan Liles ‘73                                                Kelly Forest Limbaugh ‘85
       Buddy Ellisor ‘71                                         Jessica Wall McCune ‘73                              
       Diane Deluca Rinn ‘71                                Lynn Howard Miller ‘73                                

Thank you all Again, for making this a wonderful evening!

The WAA Board of Directors     

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