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02/02/21 04:43 PM #1    

Michael "Mike" Joseph Kent (1977)

I found the box score from the 1977 semifinal basketball game WHS and Fort Worth Dunbar. The Cardiac Cats almost pulled off another upset. Joe Costello didn’t have a great day from the field but dominated the boards pulling down 18. Eric Buescher had 21 and Neal Howard 12. That was an awesome playoff run. Will always remember it. See below







03/15/21 04:45 PM #2    

Robert Stephen Oakes (1972)

Does anyone have any information about Joan Burton (Burton Kid) ?  She was a great English teacher.  

Robert Oakes  1972

03/16/21 10:50 AM #3    

Edward "Rusty" Wallace Russey I I I (1974)

I had Ms. Burton too, and she was a great teacher.  I'm friends with one of her friends, Sandra Shelton.  I'll reach out to her to see if she knows anything about Joan.  Rusty Russey 74

03/16/21 01:58 PM #4    

Kimberle "Kim" V. Geary (1972)

I had Ms. Burton for English. We loved her. She was super cool and a great teacher. I remember we were reading Melville and always trying to interpret everything. She said "REPEAT AFTER ME, THERE ARE NO HIDDEN MEANINGS". A few years later I was at a small dinner party with her. Of course a little bit star struck but she was cool and made me feel comfortable. 

03/20/21 12:40 PM #5    

Deborah Lynn Wardlaw (Vina) (1978)

My sister, Susan Godwin (Wardlaw), 1972, passed last September.  I think she went by Susie in High School.

08/04/21 10:52 AM #6    

Nancy Ruth Wehmeyer (Ellis) (1970)

So looking forward to our 50th Reunion at Cadillac Bar and Joe & Shirley Swinbanks!  Get the word out to everyone!

08/28/21 10:18 AM #7    


Rob Fricke (1971)

Hi, folks.

Rob Fricke here. Class of '71.

Ran across memorabilia from our high school days. Somehow I ended up with the galley proofs for our parody news magazine "El Grosso". I think this is from our creative writing class senior year in 1971. Who are all those kids? That's me kneeling front left. Check out the spoof date February 30, 1984!

Here's a --> LINK <-- to the whole magazine. Fun to read and remember.

Cheers to all.

08/28/21 10:47 AM #8    


Rob Fricke (1971)

Hi, friends.

Rob Fricke, class of '71, here.

Also ran across that amazing photo of our whole graduating class. I remember when we took the photo. Chaos getting us all arranged on the bleachers. And we were suppose to hold still while the camera panned across us all. As I recall, someone started on one end and then, while the camera panned, trotted to be included in the photo at the other end. At least, that's the lore. True? Good story, anyway. How many were we? 750ish?

Here's a --> LINK <-- for you to download the photo if you want to look for your former self and friends.

Have fun!

Cheers ...



08/29/21 10:19 AM #9    

Cathleen Louise Farrell (Wiley) (1971)

So fun to see these, and good timing with our 50th reunion around the corner! 


08/29/21 08:17 PM #10    

Lyda Frances Guthrie (Akin) (1971)

How fun to see this and see so many friends!  I hope someone brings it to our Reunion!

Thanks for posting!


08/30/21 08:21 AM #11    

Bob Crawford (1970)

Rob Fricke:

Thanks for posting the "el Grosso." Lord Crawdad loved the amazing parody - I wished I'd seen it 50 years ago! 🤣

Bob Crawford

08/30/21 11:11 PM #12    

Brenda Spurlock (Edmonds Arnold) (1971)

Hi, Rob,

Thanks for posting those photos!  Lyda, as you have requested, I am bringing the long class photo to reunion that I had framed a few years back.  It will be on our memorabilia table.  All memorabilia contributions are welcome!

Rob, I hope you will sign up for our 50th Reunion.  Although I didn't know you in high school, that I recall, it sounds like you knew quite a few people!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our Reunion!

Brenda Spurlock (Edmonds)

08/31/21 05:29 PM #13    

Lyda Frances Guthrie (Akin) (1971)

Thank you, Brenda!!!!

04/25/22 03:28 PM #14    

Mary Ellen Denison (McMuldren) (1978)

Re missing 1978 classmates:

Marc Chomel is a public prosecutor in Los Angeles.  Also a published author.

Shiree Plummer is Shiree Plummer Schade and lives in Austin.

05/22/22 08:19 AM #15    

Mary Ellen Denison (McMuldren) (1978)

Jan Skibinski Obituary -Wheat Ridge, CO (


Jan Marie McCurdy Skibinski (class of 1978)


Since Jan did not join this site I do not know how to set up the notice of her passing.




06/05/22 07:49 PM #16    

John Steven Smelley (1976)

Got a message from Kendall Moss regarding Stan Hays passing. Saw the obit in the Dallas Morning News. Great guy. RIP Stan



06/07/22 05:09 PM #17    

Pamela Ann Mason (1970)

Happy to see my dear brother, Steve Mason ('71), captured for posterity in the El Grosso staff photo.  Steve passed away on August 30, 2017, after a long illness. My sisters and brother and I miss him every day.

10/19/22 01:45 PM #18    

Sheryl Lynn Kearney (Sanders) (1972)

My brother, Dale Kearney (1971) passed away peacefully at his home in Jacksonville, Texas on Friday, September 30, 2022.  I'm not sure if he kept up with any of his classmates after graduation, but thought I would post this here just in case.

09/11/23 10:27 AM #19    

Denise Marie Grierson (Smith) (1980)



Mark joseph Giles

Details of 1980 reunion... date(s), time?  

Denise Grierson (Smith)




09/13/23 02:42 PM #20    

Sandy Browne (Iglesia ) (1980)

Westchester Class of 1980 – 43rd Anniversary Reunion

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Where Kirby Ice House (I-10 & Gessner location) 1015 Gessner Road, Houston, TX

Price: Free Food/Drinks: Cash bar with catering from Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen


What: Friday Night Mixer

Where:  State Fare 947 Gessner RD. Houston, TX 77024

When:  Friday September 22, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm

RSVP:  David Calhoun 214-477-1888

            Mike Weaver 832-567-7369

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