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01/22/14 08:00 AM #1    

Ron Schauble

Welcome to the Center Sr High School Class Of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/12/14 01:40 PM #2    

Judy Spitcaufsky (Epstein)

I received the message about the CD of the 63 & 64 choirs and would love to have a copy...I'll be at the reunion both nights and can pick it up then.


Many thanks, Judith (Spitcaufsky) Epstein

09/12/14 04:25 PM #3    


Linda Corben (McCullers)

CD  -  I would like to get one of the CD's.  I will be at both Friday & Saturday night events and can pick up the CD then.  Thanks. 


10/07/14 10:38 PM #4    


Leona Boeger (Solar)

I was not at the Reunion but would like to receive the CDs via mail.  Waiting to learn where to send payment and how much it is.  Thank you.  Leona

10/10/14 12:14 PM #5    

Ron Schauble

Choir CD's:  I need to seperate 1964 into seperate files for each song, then CD's will be ready. 

10/11/14 10:18 AM #6    

Dee Carmody (Schuster)


Would love to have a choir cd when available.


10/11/14 11:08 AM #7    


Mike Finucan

Ron, I would like to get one of the Choir CD's for 63/64 when you have them ready. I am sorry I missed the 50th Reunion, but have followed all the work that you and the committee had undertaken on behalf of the Class, and I am sure that it must have been an interesting time. Best Regards, Michael Finucan

09/24/15 02:05 PM #8    


Leona Boeger (Solar)

I was unable to attend the 50th Reunion and posted interest in receiving the CDs.  I needed to know cost, where to mail the payment and to whom.  I have heard from no one.  Were the CDs made available?  Please let me know.

Leona Boeger Solar


05/31/16 03:46 PM #9    


Leona Boeger (Solar)

Hi everyone!  I heard about an ALL Classes Picnic on Sunday June 5th.  Here is the information:


ALL CLASS Reunion Picnic will be held on Sunday, June 5th at the IBEW Local 24 Shelter in South Kansas City. The shelter is located on 104th Street west of Holmes Rd. Picnic starts at noon with food served at 1:00 pm. This is a potluck so bring some food to share and spend an afternoon visiting with fellow Yellowjackets!  


Leona Boeger Solar

06/07/17 11:37 AM #10    


Linda Corben (McCullers)


Vietnam Veterans,

KCPT launches Vietnam War Project - with new website dedicated to veterans.  Share your story at

Kansas City PBS is committed to telling and sharing the stories of Kansas City's military veterans.  Launched in May, is dedicated to those stories, conversations and initiatives that bring our community together to honor and better understand what it means to serve.

In preparation for the September 2017 broadcast of The Vietnam War, the new documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, KCPT is focusing its veterans coverage on the conflict in Vietnam.  Alongside national videos and articles from that series, you will find stories by area veterans, civilians and Vietnamese refugees that will give insight into the Vietnam War's legacy and impact on Kansas City.























01/21/19 12:22 PM #11    


Dave Cowden

Are there plans for a 55th this year?  Short....still recovering from Chiefs AFC loss to Pat's last night.

01/22/19 02:06 PM #12    

Ron Schauble

Yes. We  just havn't announced it yet.  Waiting for the holidays to end, etc. and a few finalizations. Right now  the plans are for the  usual last Saturday in September, which will be the 28th. Saturday is set, looking at something for Friday. 

Rumor is that Brady will retire after the Superbowl. Clear sailing next year. 

05/02/19 12:45 PM #13    

Becky Ryan (Ross)

Ray and I will be attending the Friday night party at Tanners at 6 PM. We will not be able to attend the Sat night dinner. Thank you. Becky Ryan Ross



09/14/19 08:24 AM #14    

Don Smith

Sorry to say, we will NOT be able to attend the 55th.

09/15/19 02:21 PM #15    

Ron Schauble

Sorry to hear that. We will miss the two of you. All Class reunion this Friday on the 20th. 

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