Matilija Junior High School


Matilija Jr. High Class Officers, 9th Grade - 1961: Rufus Hubler, Judi Hodge, Blair Cooper

(Photo sent to us by Ginger Christensen Toomer)

Help identify the mystery person in this photo - Carol Bintz sent this photo. She said: It’s of me, Rick Kingsbury, Donny Burt, Stan Myers, Pat Ladd, and someone else I can’t recognize. It was taken by either Brenda Marshall or Stephanie Brown. We are all on the dock at Catalina, the summer between 8th and 9tn grades:

Last Day of School - June 16, 1960 - 8th Grade (Thanks to Catherine Leeper Sharpe for these photos)

L. to R.: Peter Kruyff, Judy Miller, Jeri Lotts, Steve Reed, Cheryl Weddle, Caren Olsen, Bev Marlow

Rick Patterson & George Skakel

Tim Krauss

Mike Manzer, John Donovan

Judy Miller & Gena Erhardt

Judy Miller & Blair Cooper

Cheryl Weddel

Caren Olsen & Beverly Marlow

Alma, Sharon McTeague, Ginger Christensen

Blair Cooper