2009 45 Year Class Reunion

Class of 64 In Memory & Memorabilia Table

Rick Kingsbury & Larry Kennedy


Pat Ladd Frey & Glenda Rust McConnell

Jeri Lotts Batten & Caren Olsen Spraggins

Ken Williams

Suzi & Bill Stitt

Larry Derwin

Fred Brue & Glenda Rust McConnell

Bob & Becky Kostyal Keyser

Ken Williams, Joe Harwell & Steve Cook

Bill & Suzi Stitt

Joy Stilts Treyner & Vincent Treyner

Sharon Clark Hostetter, Zandy Stroud Mueller & Chris Glazer Neary

Joanne Helton, Troy Helton & Fred Brue

Dickie Butterfield, Dottie Shuler West, John Edens, Ivan Wolfe, Altha Akins Edens, Jean Boggs Wolfe

Jim Christianson & Scott Peddicord Eating

Dan Cole

Tom Evans, Teacher Ralph Williams & Kathy Jansen Martin

Fred Brue

Some Classmates Didn't Make It to The Reunion

Gary Cuccio & Fred Brue

Bobby Parker & Jean Poulis Parker

Fred Brue, Lew Parker & Mary Parker

Gene Bower, Fred Brue, Dickie Butterfield

Fred Brue, mary Nelson, Dan Cole

Altha Akins Edens, Glenda Rust McConnell, Chris Glazer Neary


3 Cars in Show


Red Car

Group Photo at Sunday Centennial Celebration BBQ

Diane Timms Cuccio, Chris Glazer Neary & Sandy Asp Marble

100 Year Centennial Celebration Opening Ceremony

Mark Hall

Becky Kostyal Keyser & Dickie Butterfiled

Jeannie Rose Hord, Jean Boggs Wolfe, Ivan Wolfe, Caren Olsen, Jeri Lotts Batten, Altha Akins Edens

Joe Harwell & Glenda Rust McConnell

Mary Nelson

Kathy Jansen Martin, Mark Hall, Susan Hall, Janet Sparks Harris

Rick Kinsgsbury

Tom Evans at the Vintage Car Show

Sports Memorabilia

Janet Sparks Harris

Altha Akins Edens & Jean Boggs Wolfe

Joe and Kittie Ellison

Cheryl Waycasy Sheltren

Troy Helton

Jeannie Rose Hord & Scott Peddicord

Larry Kennedy (MC)

Don Burt & Jack Todd

Scott Peddicord, Joe Ellison, Jim Christianson, Blair Cooper

Blair Cooper & Larry Kennedy at Class of 64 Memorial

Diane Timms Cuccuio & Gary Cuccio

Sharon Clark Hostetter & Jim Christianson

Susan Hall, Troy and Joanne Helton

Saturday Night Dining

Saturday Night Dining 2

Reunion Memorial - 29 Helium Filled Baloons 29 Classmates Gone

Kenny Hale's 57 Chevy

Dwayne Bower's Buick

Ron Reid's Model T

Pop Soper's Packard

Glenda Rust McConnell & Jean Poulis Parker


Marvin Batten, Fred Brue & Jerri Lotts Batten

Chris Glazer Neary & Altha Akins Edens

Stan Myers, Donnie Burt, & Butch Mueller

Tom Evans & Blair Cooper

Steve Loughman

Mary Nelson & Dottie Shuler West

Chris Glazer Neary & Fred Brue

Sandy Asp Marble & Pat Ladd Frey

Jeanne & Rick Kingsbury

Carol & Kenny Hale

Kathy Jansen Martin, Stan Myers, Jeri Lotts Batten, Joe Ellison, Janet Sparks

Zandy Stroud Mueller, Caren Olsen Spraggins, Jeri Lotts Batten

Ken Williams, Glenda Rust McConnell, Kathy Jansen Martin

Steve Cook & Sue Cook

Nordhoffian Centennial Day 1 Celebration: Blair Cooper, Sandy Asp Marble, Jim Christianson

Dave Mason, Ojai Historian, Speech at Nordhoffian Opening Ceremony

Official Announcement for Nordhoff 100 Year Celebration

Ojai Day Poster

 Ojai Main Street

 Ojai Signal and Main Street

Ojai Library

Our Nordhoff

Our Nordhoff

Our Nordhoff

Our Nordhoff Gym

Nordhoff Classrooms

Nordhoff Corridor

Centennial Celebration Schedule

Nordhoff vs Villanova Bucket Football Game

Joy Stilts Tryner & Vincent Tryner

Ken Williams, Tom Evans

Bill Stitt & David Anderson

Barney Hord & Jeannie Rose Hord

Blair Cooper & Teacher/Tennis Coach John Harnett

Jeannie Rose Hord, Sandy Asp Marble & Everett Marble

Dickie Butterfield

Butch Mueller, Zandy Stroud Mueller & Kathy Jansen Martin

Group Photo


09 Reunion Schedule & Planning Document

Dates: October 2 and 3, 2009

Friday October 2:

Golf Tournament at Soule Park. This is a new activity this year. Cost to be determined. Tee Time: 11:00ish. Contacts: Danny Cole (805-646-0069) e-mail dmcole@pacbell.net  or Jack Todd. You can also contact Jeananette Poulis Parker treewalker@sbcglobal.net, Glenda Rust McConnell glm1177@sbcglobal.net or Dickie Butterfiled rsbjr@att.net for more information.

Ice Breaker at Soule Park Club House Restaurant. See our Photos page for pictures of Soule Park facilities. Cost: It's free! We will provide some snacky foods (cheese and crackers). Time: 6-10 PM

Saturday October 3:

Reunion at Soule Park Club House Restaurant. Cost: $25 per person. Deli sandwich dinner (salads, etc.). Time: 6-11 PM. Contacts: Jeananette Poulis Parker (treewalker@sbcglobal.net), Glenda Rust McConnell (glm1177@sbcglobal.net) or Dickie Butterfiled (rsbjr@att.net).

Soule Park Golf Course is the site of the Nordhoff Class of 64 Forty Five Year Reuninon

Read about the history of Ojai and Nordhoff HS

History of Nordhoff High School


100th Anniversary of Nordhoff and the Nordoffians are having a bash at the "old" Nordhoff High School campus........Everyone is invited. To be held the October 2,3,4, 2009. Think how special it will be. Cost and more details to be announced at a later date.

Stop by the teachers/coaches tent and chat about high school memories
Who is Nordhoff’s oldest living graduate? Enjoy the opening ceremony and remarks for the Centennial Celebration. Then attend the JV Football game at Nordhoff Community Stadium.
CONTACT :  Steve Olsen  class of 67’ skojai@sbcglobal.net    646-3804

Saturday Oct. 3rd:
Pancake breakfast at Nordhoff Café - 8:00 a.m. Contact: Cher Glass:     cglass@ojai.k12.ca.us  / 640-4343    Ext.1891      Car show 12 noon Contact: Dwayne Bower: 805-798-3017                                                                                                           March of the Alumni   4:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                                               The Bucket Football Game Nordhoff vs. Villanova 5:00 p.m.   Halftime - Hall of Fame Induction

Historical Displays
Contact: Donna Allsberry-Lloyd:     ojaidonna@sbcglobal.net  / 805-796-0077
Sock Hop Dance for All Times  Nordhoff High School Gym  7:00 p.m.
Contact: Dan Music:  dmusic@ojai.k12.ca.us   / 805-640-4343 Ext.1750

Sunday Oct. 4th:  Annual Nordhoffian BBQ  open to all classmates    12-4 Nordhoff high school
Contact: Robyn Hohman-Wilson for reservations: 805-795-2888 nordhoffian@sbcglobal.net