John Cotter sent a great movie, San Francisco in 1955



Renee Vecellios Campanella sent this in about Boogie, check it out! Click on Laurel and Hardy to hear it! (If the sound doesn't work, just watch Laurel and Hardy, they are pretty funny just watching them!)

Dan Enos and Cathy Onstad Enos sent this great George Carlin slide show.  Click on George, sit back, have a cup of coffee and a cookie and enjoy!  Thanks Cathy and Dan!



Tom Esposito found this GREAT TV site where you can watch classic episodes of TV shows, like the one when Little Ricky was born on The I Love Lucy Show, or when The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. Click on the OLDIES TELEVISION Banner above and it will take you this wonderful site.  Don't spend too long there though... it will make you long for the days gone by...... 

Click on the Above Jeopardy Panelists to play a fun Game Show theme Song Quiz sent in by Renee Vecellio Campanella


 Here's  a clip you likely have never seen.
 The  recording of 'Get Back' for the 'Let It Be'  album.
 In  their early days, The Beatles played in clubs  for
 hours  most nights, but by 1967, they stopped  touring.
 This  single was advertised as "The Beatles as  nature
McCartney:  "We were sitting in the studio and we  made
 it  up out of thin air... we started to write words  there
 and  then... when we finished it, we recorded it at  Apple
 Studios  and made it into a song to roller coast by."
The character  "JoJo" was based on Joseph Melville  See
 Jr.,  Linda McCartney's first husband.. He was  from
 Tucson, Arizona, and killed  himself there in 2000.
The missing verse from Get Back:  "Meanwhile back at
 home  there's nineteen Pakistanis, Living in a  council
 flat/Candidate  for Labour tells them what the plan
 is/Then  he tells them where its at". ("Council flat"  is
 the  British equivalent for "housing project").  Early
 versions  include the line "I dig no Pakistanis."  The
 song  began as a commentary about immigration,  telling
 people  to "Get Back" to their own countries. It  was
 meant  to mock Britain's  anti-immigrant proponents.
 Paul  McCartney thought better of it and made the  lyrics
 more  obscure.
Paul looked at Yoko in the studio when he sang the  line
 "get  back to where you once belong." John thought  he
 was  disrespecting her. There was a rare quote by  Paul
 that  said "I don't take any notice of her. She's  John's
 wife  so I have to respect her for that, but I don't  think
 she's  the brightest of buttons. She's said  some
 particularly  daft things in her time. Her life is  dedicated
 to  putting me down but I attempt very strongly not  to
 put  her down.." They eventually became friends even  if
 it  did have to be after John was murdered. Ringo  was
 the  only one who would accept Yoko in the  beginning
 when  she first came in picture, during and after  The
Billy  Preston played piano and became the only  guest
 artist  to get a credit on a Beatles single - "The  Beatles
 with  Billy Preston." George Harrison had left  the
 recording  session one day and saw Preston in  concert
 with  Ray Charles. The Beatles had met Preston back  in
 1962  when they were both playing in Germany, but  they
 hadn't  seen each other since. Harrison asked Preston to
 come  by the studio the next day. Having him in  the
 studio  eased the tension and made it easier for  The
 Beatles  to put personal conflicts aside and record  the
On  the clip you can briefly see a young Mick Jagger  &
 Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones  in the booth.
 Phil  Spector was the guy with the  glasses.



Ever wonder what the lyrics were to Billy Joel's WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE and what the heck he was singing about?  CLICK on Billy to get the scoop! 






That was then....... This is NOW!  



My personal favorite...........







Remember that cute little Coppertone girl with her dog pulling
on her blue bathing suit bottoms during the
late 50's and throughout the 60's?




Well she's all grown up now,
and lives near Lake MeadArizona




thanks to Renee Vecellio Campanella for the coppertone girl! 




This comes from Renee Vecellio Campanella
This is the one of the best presentations of the sixties that I have ever seen online. 
It is very well done. 
Just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the memories. 
Great photos and facts.
         the sixties









Very different than it was back then.

Bal Theatre.  I remember seeing Frankenstein with Lon Chaney

here and I couldn't sleep for years.  Saw Bonnie and Clyde here too.

Great pizza!
St. Leanders Leandro City Hall
The Strip
There were 2 drive-ins, can you name them? 
I remember when 5 of us  snuck in the trunk of Marlene's dad's 68 Oldsmobile to get in free....
The Place to be in 1969


Good food, is the Fifth Wheel still there?  
Jerry Mincey would know, his body shop was right down the street from this place!

Great Hang out NOW!  French fries better than anywhere,

also available at Dublin Sports pub, sister pub of The Englander.

Do you remember this corner?
JC Penney's was here in the 60's as was Carl's shoes.


 San Leandro Boys & Girls Club

Do you remember when the Boy's club was on
San Leandro Boulevard where the BART station is now?  
It was moved to Marina Blvd and is now the Boys' and Girls' 

This Lucky's was just torn down recently.  

It was at the corner of W. Juana and E. 14th,

across from Pelton Center and the Bottle Shop

Music Unlimited.  I bought my first Martin guitar here in 1969.  Wish I still had it!  


Does anyone remember that there was a Nike Missile Site on the ridge above Lake Chabot?  If you visit the Golden Gate National Seashore Nike Missile Site you will realize what was lurking above us in San Leandro:  Live Nuclear Weapons, ready to be deployed within 15 minutes!!  Who knew?  Check out this website to learn about this incredible history!  ttp:// 


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