I, Bob Abel

Will Bednar, dirty underwear; Cooper, an A’s contract ; Tomatis, more soul; Guerrero, my picture for dart practice; Olivero, brains; most important, Cheryl, I leave you roses, more love and joy than age or time can ever destroy.


I,  Debi Adams


Hereby will Franny, a Jewish boy; Daren, a harness; Jo, a wonderful future; my teachers, “thanx”!  My parents “compassion”, and gratitude; Douglas, a kind of love, and a path to find your way.  Good luck, Seniors


I, Art Albro


Will all my broken radio’s to Ben, my dried up frogs to Mr. C, to  Bill some spare parts to Steve all my empty shells and to Mr. Jensen the entire wilderness.


I, Jean Allen


Will my sister happiness with Paul; Arlene, success with Jay; Cathy, a happy life with Richard; Jayne, good luck in the future; and Cathy, a good time with guess who, and all my love to my husband.


I, Steve Anderson


Will me and my scout to Penny; to Vince, the biggest bomber; to the nose, a fast car; to Sharon, a little freedom; To Milton, many slow bombs; to the East Bay Vagabonds many fast cars.


I, Beverly Artru


Will Alan, endurance; Cheryl, a happy school life; Mom, Dad and Grandma my love; Ceva, many play parts;  Janet, my dollar albums;  Paul, ducks;  Helen, Point Reyes’ beauty;  Debbie, Oregon; and to the world success in existing.


I, Meredith Asher


Will Kathaleen, nothing; Muriel, Jody; Nancy, Ron; Carol, Terry, the mailman, good times;  Nettie, spot checks;  Julie, whatever;  Buckwheat, a bottle of booze; Margie, my brains; Mertz, shifty eyes;  Sue, a sun tan, lima beans;  Mary Lou, a tape recorder


I,  David Auyueng

 Will Mark my math for some English; Varela, luck in table tennis; Thayne, an anti-spohn  Ballistic system;  Spohn, a clark proof missile, Randy, dentist career;  Mr. Hillis, a B.S. (Birch Society) membership;  V. Colglazier, a brain.


I, Mark Aydelotte


Will to Mr. Thayne, my functions grade;  to Mr. Vaz, I give these words :The  Buddha shall be returned, someday;” To Peter Spohn and Jerry DeVore, I give my collection of explosive formulas.


I, Sandy Bachman


Will Jud, the Strip;  Sandy, Frenchy’s and Ed;  Nancy, peace, friendship Max, “foxy lady” and a hunga;  Mark and Larry, Niles Canyon and coffee;  Donna, motor cyclemen,  Redwoods, the Strip, and especially Ron; me, an apartment, vet, and expecially Mark.


I, Demetra Baker


Will Joyce, two raisins and and aids;  Linda, hair;  Marilyn, Big Ben;  Chris, Wolfy; Sandy, Cholo;  Cheryl, both lunches and Greg;  Cindy, Tahoe and another me;  Glen, all my love, fruggy and little Glennie Bears.


I, Barbara Barbera


Will to Sharon and Renee, picnics;  Michelle, a chaperone; Louise, a bottle of Gin;  Beth, everlasting friendship;  Donna, Al;  to my mother, thanks and lots of love; to Tony, all my love and more patience.




I, Donna Barbera


Will my sisters all the luck they deserve; to Mom, no more trouble; to Kathy and Richard, happiness together;  Randy, hair; Danny, old times;  Al, love luck and a Corvette.


I, Greg Barrette


Will August Carinal Vaz a day glo pornographic ikon;  Jill, Mrs. Allen;  Debbie, a nun’s habit; Linda, Colonel Sander’s recipe;  D.B., plastic specs;  Jon and Ken, picture page;  Beth, Lisa, staff of 70, my condolences;  Hicks, hi-ya toots;  Carol, a tear gas-sandwich;  my parents, open head surgery.


I, Diane Battilana


Will Jim, the bus stop;  Ken, Terri, and Jane, memories of our lost friendship;  my brother, a meaning to his life;  Vonnie, my sincere understanding;  my parents, my love and thanks, Jerry, boxkites and CHANNING WAY!


I, Ceva Bauer


Will Beverly, food infested flea markets;  Pamela, golden slippers;  Peg, June ’67;  Vicki, Captain Kenny;  Terry, zoo breath;  Susan, toleration;  darkroom inhabitants, odoriferous lilacs;  Bruce, ears;  Marlene, sunrise, sunset;  L.B., D.M., fitness;  Reynolds, L.M.;  Paco, a pal with hydranges;  Richard, one R.W.F.P.; Carole, equanimity.


I, Patty Bean


Will Michele, Disneyland, baby pictures, eighteen beautiful years;  Margie, another “Jones”, a tan; Mazzei, soul, happiness with life;  Casalegno, Volkwagons; Millhouse, another sweetpea, great future; Rich Reichel. All the love and happiness I have to share, Pomim.


I, Judy Bell


Will to Stella and Sandy fun in P.E.; to Tome, self-confidence; to Art, more discussions; to Jimmie, relaxation; to Diane, years of fun with Titus; to Jose, a kiss from me; to Greg and Rich, me.


I, Marta Benites


Will Grandma, Pleasant Hill; To the explorers, Claremont; to Teeny Bopper, everlasting crackles; to Stacy, Hot Fudge Sundaes; Lynda, better words;  Patty, more weekends; Nancy, my V.W. ; Debbie, a Romeo; to Fred, the future and me.


I, Chris Benotti


Will Patty, happiness;  Dobby, an Alfredo replica;  Joan, pickle dinner with all the trimmings;  Peggy, food, happiness;  Pat, Debbie, Denise, Linda, Joyce, success, fun;  Marianne, vacuum cleaner; Rich, success, fun happiness; my parents, Ken and Donna, love and happiness.


I, Bea Bermudez


Will my Uncle and Aunt, love and thanks;  Martin, my everlasting love;  my sister and David, a fat baby, my brother,  the best of luck in high school;  Linda and Rich a sparkling xman;  and to the guys, the opposite sex.


I, Joanne Berndsen


Will to Karin, happy years to come at SJS> Happiness, more luck and Sprite; and to Mary, happiness always with Steve and all my clothes;  Rolf, more money;  Sue, Al;  Linda, a driver’s license;  Ken, sight.


I, Deborah Bettencourt


Will all my Steno books to my shorthand teachers;  happiness to Chris, Peggy, Paul, Tante, Burb, Sandy and Joe;  my daisy plant to BUGS;  my friendship and success to Denise; three happy years for Gary at SLH.


I, Peter Christian Paul Bierwith


Hereby will to Rich Silva, six more inches;  to Ron O., a summer fun of “rimmers”,; to Charlie S., a year’s supply of nutriment;  and to all the scrawny sophomores my massive physique and modesty


I, Penny Bingaman


Being of sound mind and soul, will Jim all my love, happiness,thoughts, and dreams; to Wally, I will Genifer to use as he sees fit; to Suann, I leave my clothes, my car and my memory.


I, Ken Blair


Will Dev, thanks, and Chuck Brown;  Carol, 1.6 miles;  The gang, look-out towers;  Kathy, unshrinkable pants;  Mrs. Hicks, my etiquette notes;  Jon, prufs;  The Cargo staff, happy times;  Janet, generalizations;  Brett, raccoons;  Bill, Kaddiddlehopper;  Steven, a trouney;  Wendy, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, to Lisa, cats cradles;  Beth , a beard;  Diane and Martson, sunshine;  Eade, my Dumb;  Douglass, my speller;  Nancy and Muriel, new lunches; Garyphyllisjoanduannesandyrichard H25; Ron a homer.


I, Steven Anthony S. Blasquez


My barins and charms to my little sister who seems to have lost her way ever since she flunked sandbox.  She’ll do well now. Good Luck.


I, Linda Bonini


Will to Donna, a glass of low fat water;  to Ken T., just a little bit of soul.  And some sweet soul music to Jennie.  Craig, a ticket to Washington;  to Betty, Pam, and Terry, no more P.E.


I, Jim Brandenburg


Hereby will to Dave, good luck next year, Steve , Greg, Rabbit, and Crabtree watch out for cops.  To Keta, more friend Bob Oliver to Cardella’s homeroom, forget Spanish; Mr. Hillis, a case of his favorite Amen.


I, Annette Brandt


Will to Mr. Jocz, Gary;  to Lynette, a baby grand;  to Mr. Peabody, dreams come true;  to Jeannene, San Leandro;  To Sharon, Rene;


I, Jim Brantley


Will,Clark, a new book of referrals to Billy, a bottle of 80 proof Gaterade to Rich, a bag of peanuts and to Kevin, an empty bottle of Ripple.


I, Mike Brodie


Being of sound mind and body (I think) will Doug the senior class of 71, my parents my diploma, to myself, freedom; and to Judie, a big white wedding.


I, Claudia Brooke


Will Chris, a supply of postage stamps; Sandy the Flea Market; Glen, a lifetime of happiness, a shiny red apple and me;  Mr. Foreman, the 27th floor;  Nancy and Greg, happiness.


I,  Duane Brown


Will to Jan my love; to Karen and Jackie, the best friendship I have; to Denny, Pam;  to Pam, a short engagement;  Julie, any boy she can get her hands on;  to Doug, Mr. Taigen.


I, Daren Brown


Will to Steve, much happiness and great success;  to Johanna, help and understanding; to Dianne, the realization of her fondest dream;  to Donna, the “Strip” on Friday nite, to my parents, all my love and thanks.


I, Johanna Buchell


Will to Ron, the memory of me; Karen, success and happiness with Steve;  to Lee, my love, understanding and tears;  to SLH another me, and my parents thanks for everything.


I, Betty Burke


Will Chick, pleasant dreams and better luck; Clarke, driving lessons;  Jan, my address; Joanne, a drum;  Moe a year’s supply of tootsie roll pops;  Elenora, table manners;  Brenda, “giraffe” and courage  Abel, shyness Ken, “coolness”; my parents, patience and understanding.




I, Randy Ray Byram


Will Mr. Munez, my respect and thanks;  Greek, guts, hands, .333 B.A.;  Rocky, speed brains, .360 B.A.;  My varsity teammates, sweet memories;  Keta, banana, me;  Oliver, desire hockey stick, puck, some ice;  Atlanta Braves with $10.00, me; amen


I, Denis Byrne

Being of unsound mind, banal sound, foist upon Mr. Johnson, neunschephaeleophraetism;  Daley, Gaelic superiority;  Brown, “In the Heat of the Night”;  Miller, my thoughts;  Hicks, mental stability;  Reynolds, punctuality;  Vassar, writing paper;  Williams, temperance;  Greg, a mental breakdown;  K.J.B.T.P.B.M.P.B.thank you;  McLaren, generosity;  Vaz, the cloak of martyrdom,;  Sally smiles;  Thayne, the father syndrome;  Capps, Olympic fame;  TELTA, SPEAS.

I, Debbie Calvao

Will all my love to Bill;  Greese, my car on Sat. nights and Gemain;  Marlene, Sigay and his cheese;  Penny and Jim, the best of luck;  Tina, a plane ticket to L.A.

I, Barbara Campbell

Will Buchanan, lifetime supply of Camels and coffee;  Mollins, Bob;  Guerrero, Terry, good times;  Lukanish, big “O” too;  Harkey, Wayne;  Laura, Glen;  Rene, Don, friendship;  Margie, good times;  friendship, success;  and to Jerry, my love forever.

I, Diane Campanella

Will Charlie and Renee happiness; Sue and Pete luck;  Randy, thanks for the good times;  Bob R., a free country and M.F.I.H.  To my mom and dad, love and appreciation;  my sisters, a new S.L.H.S.; and my friends, luck.

I, Evelyn Camacho

Will all my love, happiness, and tears to Mark;  a groovy summer to Bonni, Bill and Rich;  a year of memories to my teachers and MRs. Epler;  and life full of good times to all the seniors.


I, Jon Campbell

Will Deb M.,the Book the Daniel;Deb D., res recipis cum Caeruleus Assula Signis;  Alyse, neus omnis et nihil;  Bev, mea perpetua praesans;  Chris, mea perpetua amicitia;  Jeff, sordidus animus;  Linda, the art of living;  John, conservatism;  Mrs. Hicks, “prufs”;  Mr. Johnson, “punitive damages”;The faculty and administration, MCMLXXXIV;  Mrs. Brown, the proletariat;  Mrs.. Grove, meus seesundus papyrus;  Mr. Vaz-sic transit, etc.;Greg, Denis, sanity;  Kris, 106 ambush tactics;  Jill, decision;  Den, a D.D. flick;  Carolyn, her audience;  Kay and D.J. bona fortuna;  West, Bob, Larry, BUrce, Rich, a microdol martini;  Diana, the luckShe will need;  My ex-staff, relief;  Next year’s anxiety and stamina;  etalios omnis in aeternum.

I, Luray Canham

Will Peter Joseph Carbonaro, a love-lasting ME!  Ta-de;  Carol, rainy days, Bev, marshmallows and peanut carmel logs;  Michael, king-kong, holding golden walnettos,;  Art, Sharon, a Chinese torture!

I, Carolyn Capps

Will M.T., The Aggies and happiness;  Janet, M&M’s with peanuts; Kim and Ellen, sems;  Stacy, another dimple;  Gerry, the senior bench;  Galen, my court;  Mr.  Reynolds, another Keith;  The coaches, a neater office and sunshine.

I, Fran Carbonaro

Will the future the coming of Us.


I, Pete Carbonaro

Will to Luray, me and love forever;  to Monk, bad bananas and smelly peanuts;  To Robert, the gizzard, one pound flavored belly button fuzz;  and to Fearless Fly, Tonto’s horse.

I, Barbara Carcot

Will my heart, a life time of happiness, and a running car to Dave;  to Yvette, another day in San Francisco and a free caricature; to Pammie, an uncracked bottle from Berkeley


I, Marie Cardiasmenos

Will Karin, a kazoo in the city;  George, understanding;  Sue, a flashlight;  Ken, beautiful talks and Washington;  Fran, tangerines and sunshine;  Brad, another dance;  Nancy, peace of mind;  and Cathy and Tonie, my thanks and happiness always.

I, Donna Casalegno

Will Gary M., Suzette, who adores him, the phrase: “Ask me again” and a repeat of “first supper”.  Charlie and Walt, a big diaper;  Craig K. a new telephone;  Jennie and Linda friendship and happiness.


I, Denise Castellano

Will to my parents and teachers, gratitude;  Dave, three years at S.L.H.S. and good times;  Debbie, “daisies”, life’s treasures, blue eyes;  Peggy, a long happy life with Paul;  Joyce, Payyt, Chris, Friendship;  John, Nancy, Fenie, God’s blessings.

I, Art Castillo

Will Rick, a good senior ball;  Jim, a V-8 and Southern Comfort;  Bill, a night with James Borwn;  Sandy, some hooch and a smooch;  Stella, a boy;  Judy, contentnous;  Jardin, my violin case;  Pete, Sue’s love;  Frates, fire engine.

I, Gary Castro

Will Brad a beard;  Charlie, a tuna;  Gary, a new leg;  Carol, a giant play pen;  Guerrero, Daffy Duck;  Jorene, phone calls;  Mar, popcorn, soup;  Nancy, trust, love and my life;  my parents, thanks for being great parents.

I, Nancy Centoni

Will Karen, Fedingas’ Bydot;  Francine, more hair;  Debbie two “J”’s;  Tree-Joe, Terri meigh Friend, Roetta, Don;  Mary, my personality;  Ken, the miracles;  Judy, her future man, and to me Tom  Jones!  Bye-Bye Now!

I, Ted Chandler

Will Mr. Hager, another golf championship;  Galbraith, a scholarship to Utal State;  Bednar, a new ptter;  Elenore, a can of beer;  Desa, a girlfriend and a car;  Anthony, an El Camino;  Gera, all my love and happiness;  Chuck, marriage.

I, Pam Chick

Hereby, will Brenda, a  vet;  Linda, two inches;  Boop, the car and “our song”;  Velda, a stew job;  Ken, some happy thoughts;  Craig, some class; Kurt, June 3rd;  Pam, a home;  Judy, Flash;  Donna, “her own”.

I, Leigh Christopher

Will much love, thanks, gratitude, appreciation and affection to my family;  Dorrit, a promise;  Kleni, love and happiness with George;  Sue and Robert, happiness;  Jerry, fun;  Roberta, Holland;  Liz, a lead;  Judy, Art;  Linday, Rich;  Danny, a date!

I, Jan Ciminello

Will Ed and Ado, the Navy;  Burke, a first name,  Leo and Joanne, togetherness and everlasting friendship;  Craig, an airplane ride;  Castro, sweaters;  Ken, driving lessons;  Millhouse, happiness;  my parents, thanks,and John, me, love and our future.

I, Roxanne Clarke

Will to Burke, laughs and a ride to Jerry’s;  Laurel, a seat behind homeplate;  Glavan, poems and late copy;  Debbie, a Fiat and Dan;  my gymies to Moe, respect and thanks to Mom and Dad; Doug, his block;  and to Don, love.

I, Rich Coats

Will Coach Ed and Bob, winning teams;  Jerry, revolutions, 1:56 880’s;  Diane, a bathing suit;  Wilma, artificial gardens;  Terry marriage;  Tom S., Legs;  Rhonda, Linda, appetites;  Dixon, cokes;  Gibson, slower 2 miles;  Chris, happiness;  and myself, luck.

I, Lonnie Cohn

Will Anne my Physics book;  Arna, a new boy;  Wilma, baby rats,;  Janet, flowers and dolphins;  Larry,  two more years at San Leandro;  and to my parents and teachers, my thanks for all their help.

I, Roetta Collier

Hereby will to Mertz, Ken and early morning hours;  Nancy, Clear Lake and memories;  Liz, Johnny and another Pare;  Mom and Dad, love and understanding;  Don, patience, happiness, ADAIR forever, understanding, a new car, and especially LOVE.

I, Debbie Condensa

Hereby will Mickey, success;  Blanche, a guy;  to Devvie S., him;  to Bricker, the owner;  to Jerry, a deep understanding;  to my friends, everlasting happiness always;  and to my family, I will all my deepest love.

I, Kay Coriell

Will Terry a championship for Blue;  Jennie, more tuff looking dudes;  Denise, more giggles and boys;  Jackie, more time with Gary;  Joyce and Lynn, pickles!  To my sister, a mask;  to my craft class, giggles, giggles;  Jay, me always.

I, Lynda Cosgrove

Hereby will Gayl two “VW” fenders;  Merry and Pat, undraftable boyfriends;  Laurie “IY” forever;  Cheryl, my gym clothes;  Bobbie, lots of rhythm;  my parents love and appreciation;  and to Stephen, I leave me and all my love.

I, Ken Costa

Will Don a trip to club med, my body and soul to the TKE’s of Chico State, my future to the Oakland Fire Department,  my love to a girl I haven’t met named Patty from Walnut Creek, and to the two boys I have not yet fathered a charmed life as fire fighters.  I will my retirement to golf.  My one goal in life as I leave high school is to someday be the chairman of the San Leandro High 41st reunion committee.

I, John Cotter

Will Mr. Vaz a copy of the Bill of Rights;  to the students the guts to continue to fight for Civil Liberties, and the courage to butcher the Sacred Cows the Establishment revers so piously.

I, Fay Coyle

Will Cindy and Gary, love and best wishes;  Maureen, Linda P., Charlene, Rita B.  happiness;  Linda B.  fun guys;  Rene and Don,love and happiness together;  my parents, love and thanks;  Al, all my love.

I, Rene Coyle

Will Barb and Jerry, happiness, each other;  Fay, love, patience, A;  Linda, more long talks;  Bill, success, happiness, our friendship;  Jorene, Tonie, Marie, happiness, lunch;  my parents, thanks;  Don, the future, happiness, all my love forever.

I, Mary Crossley

Will Joanne and Karin, friendship, happiness, good times and each a Ken;  Carole, Mike;  Denis and Doug, a happy marrieage;  Carl, a good leg and Sandy;  Steve a tight head, patience, understanding, happiness, and especially my love.


 I, Larry Crowell


 Will the Aries everything she doesn’t already have, which may be nothing.  To the only uncomplicated, beautiful person I know, I wish to ask a question:  When can I come into your world?  What’s it all about?  I don’t know

I, Bobby Curry

Will new loves, happier days to Wendy;  thanks, love to family;  more groovy talks to Linda E.;  Jeannie, a guy named Joe;  Linda C., July; to Muriel, morning walks and ciggies;  to Jim, all my love and Disneyland

I, Charlene Cushera

Will Jan Greg;  Charlynn, happiness;  Bettie, Tom;  Esa, good times;  Wally, cats and dogs;  parents, thanks;  Linda, ?;  Alan, watches;  Dave, a happy life;  Carloyn, thanks;  and to Andy, teddy bears, luck, and more happy times together.

I, Diane Daniels

Hereby will Janet everlasting happiness and success;  Paula luck and love always in whatever you do;  Mom and Dad, all my respect and devotion;  Sam, success in all you do, happiness, and all my love forever.

I, Terri Daoust

Will Sue, everlasting friendship, white pants, happy summers, and beautiful flowers;  Nancy, meyh friend;  Karen, her hon;  Danny, donuts;  Mike, Canyon;  Devi, sistership, Tony and happiness always;  Lorna, patience, and life’s best;  My parents love and gratitude.

I, Carol Davio

Will Marianne, more birthday parties;  Sandy, Joanne Joplin;  Nancy, no more flats;  Sue, Santa Cruz;  Pam, Muscles;  Denise, “chic”;  John, Barry’s Spot;  Galen, pinched elbows;  Stacy, Take It, He Jude, Hellman Estate, and no more “hanging on”.


I, Debbie DeDomenico

Will to “Fatso” Yosemite; Harkey “pig nose”, Moyles, a back seat of a cop car (“F.F.”);  Dowler, love and self-respect;  Fran, Sacramento;  Kiel, 1957 Chevy;  Strehlo, Tullock and San Lorenzo;  Mom and Dad patience and understanding.


I, Julie deFremery

Will Nettie, Kathleen, Marlene Thursdays and just everything;  Roland, lemonade;  Yellow Man, world Power;  Janet, straight hair, Hoss;  Meredith, uh---squashed bananas, locked trunks;  Soupie, friendship;  Charlie, Smokey’s album I still;  Bruce, true grokking, laughter, tears, beauty, freedom;  the world, hope, joy


I, Thomas DeGuennaro

Will Silva and Erhardt the football field;  Marciel and Pratt, many more good trips;  Simpson, slot machines;  Cristy, love, raindrops, trips, don’t forget your bathing suit next time;  Ondeck, loading zone tape.


I, Bob DeMaria

Will my low rider to my soul brother, Randy Abenth.  I will Tom M.  his 20 dollars, to Pete P. and Bob F. (Fords do Rule)  To Bob Sardella, I will a false tooth.  I will to Mr. Walker my niceness.


I, Janet De Pace

Do hereby will Kalinowski, Olivero’s shooting average;  Paul, Rebounds;  Captain Clarkie, Enthusiasm;  Hidalgo, fleet feet, Lonnie, patience;  Anne, courage;  Wilma, creativeness and animals;  Rich, success or lessons from failure;  Linus friends, comic books, swiss cheese and pools.


I, Jerry DeVore

Will Ken, Terry;  Paul, 1st, man;  Don, diving;  Penny, Lin, Linda S., Riett, Sue and Donna, a great senior year;  Track and Cross Country, victories; Vonnie, Linda F. and Leigh, love;  Vargas the Buddah;  Diane, love forever.


I, Linda Dixon

Will to Devi, fn;  Katie, Volkswagons;  Becky, flexibility;  Kathy, Richard, Janice; CPA, license;  Marlene, a mechanic;  Mom, my thanks and happiness;  my brother, another me and lots of luck.


I, Debbie Douglass

Will Denise “The Gan’s” good times;  Linda, a Porsche and “chicken” soup” , Kay, happiness;  Deb, a “dispatcher”;  D.J. “THE BABY”, Jon, my Blue Chip Stamps;  Big brother, a frustrated lover and my phychiatrist;  Chris, great memories;  Melinda, My old homework, Greg, chicken soup; Joe, my rat fink award; Fred, love


I, Debbie Dowler

Will my love, God, to all my friends and enemies;  Rego, my locker;  Linda, lovingness;  Guerrero, Terry (U.S.A.);  Mazzei, warmth, truth, beauty;  Jean, happy trails;  Rich, 3rd period BOOGIE;  Tony, smiles that color skies, new life.


I, Mara Duarte

Will Dianne, green VW, metal skiis;  and the one and only Julie, my tap shoes;  Ken memories;  Jess, marriage license, promptness;  Jorene, back window;  Linda, friendship and happiness;  Jennifer, Steve;  Carol, another blizzard, my parents, love and thanks.


I, Joe Dutra

Will all my cuss words to Louie;  all my cuts to brothers Archibald, and Covorelli;  My stinky gym clothes to Elaine;  my dented right fender to Joan;  my wheaties and wonder briad to Lucy;  to me, lots of loving girls, girls I say.


I, Linda Eade

Will Kay Leroys and sapphires;  Laurie, new slippers;  Joe, a packing trip with back rubs;  Chuck and George, lisps;  Greg, chicken soup;  Larry, just messin around;  Kristi, a lover;  Deb, Sycamore;  a Marine, a “I’ll never be the same” and remember;  D.J., Italian boys, freckles, a “I’ll never the the same”, and remembers;  the World, LOVE


I, Jeff Edell

Will Gayle my love and devotion forever, air conditioning, and backroom; to Judy and Linda, Rich and Jan, love and luck always;Peter, Gary, ABC Conventions;  Rich, typewriter;  Joey, engine;  my parents, thanks for all your help!


I, Peggy Edster

Will Denise, old notes and exciting days;  Joyce, happiness always;  Ceva, food, success, and boys;  Chris and Debbie, everlasting friendship;  Lisa, two more years;  Mike, friendship, my parents, appreciation; and Paul, happiness, success, and all my love.


I, Wendy Efigenio

Will chocolate pies and July to Bobbie;  To M.J., a stick and a job;  to Werm, a fat lip;  to Greg, Doggie and rootbeer floats;  to Nnc, a foxhunt;  to Kerry A,B and C lunch; to C and P a vet and happiness.


I, Joy Elliot

Will Sue, pickle and more luck than I had;  Cindy, the whole bag and more discipline;  Pat, Rickey and licorice;  Dale, long hair;  Robin, friendship and chain say;  Joey, a continental, peace, and me; my parents, thanks.


I, Jennie Emard

Will to Charlie and Walt, the little dipper we couldn’t find;  to Craig M., a big 6 cylinder for his chevy;  to Doug, all the soul in S.L.; Linda and Donna, you get OPINIONS;  to the henpecking order, good luck.


 I, Ken Erhardt


Will to next years’ seniors my sympathy, I also will Dennis (who tries too hard) and Doug (who doesn’t try at all) each other, Whitney, lifetime member at Moonlight;  and to Mary, me.


I, Tom Esposito

Will to Sue, me forever, I also will to Sue my 69 ROLLS ROYCE, my motorcycles, an empty wallet, a pair of soul shoes, my mother, and most of all my love.


I, Greg Fanjul

Will the Bear, a reading book;  Hillis, w six-pack;  Uncle Dudley, a toupee;  Ken, much luck up north;  Tomatis, a Temps tape;  Jorene, Eleanor, Rene and Toni, the best of luck;  and las I will Wendy me.


I, Cheryl Farnsworth,


Will Sandy gas money;  Dee, those grovie, little white things and Glennie Bear;  Chris, Wolfy;  Marilyn, an alarm clock;  Shirley, any girl she chooses;  Liz, Johnny and memories of Brillo, Greg;  my love and understanding.


I, Don Ferguson


Do hereby will Mr. Munoz, a good season next year and thanks;  to Kitchen, a half dozen flairs;  Olivero, the back window of the bus;  Clarke, Gordo’s;  Fascilla, 35 pounds;  and Roxie, all my love and admiration.


I, Veda Fernandes


Will all my love to Steve Rapoza.  Will all my love and appreciation to my parents.  Thanks to Uncle Sonny, to Linda G. all the luck with “Terry”, to Linda P. a date with Jim, to Joanne, all the boys.


I, Jan Finke


Will to Pam, my ability to wear contacts; to Gail, my old P.E. tennis shoes and a fishing pole;  to Kathleen, my photo album, pregnant dog, and Eddie Arnold’s hit;  to Terry, Chicago;  Jacki and Gary, happiness.


I, Linda Fischer


Will Pam, a box of Kleenex and a spot on the roof;  Nancy, a driver’s license and success always;  Lorraine, happiness with Russ;  Pat, singing lessons;  Kathy, a good Freshman year.


I, Jill Fisher


Will Alan, luck;  Bob M., thanks;  Cindy, tolerance;  Kim, innocence;  John, patience;  Bob F., a radical;  Dan, fulfillment;  Phil, an open mind;  Greg, MoToDoRe;  Mrs.  Hicks, a creative genius;  Mrs.  Brown, Clarence;  Administration, action;  Mrs.  Hood, appreciation;  R.C., a divine thank you;  parents, understanding;  Bill, time and love.


I, Pam Fishman


Will Yvette, Berkeley, Twillies, and happiness;  Dave and Barbie, eternal love;  Janeto, butt races;  my friends, luck and happiness in everything they do;  my parents, love and appreciation, and Wayne, fields of red roses, luck and happiness.


I, Gary Flint


Will Ken the correct written pronunciation of ‘bathroom’;  Bill, my chemistry book;  Steve, an autographed picture of John Galbraith;  Wayne, a comb;  Shannon, this month’s “Playboy”;  Andro, a one-way ticket to Philadelphia;  Rhonda, sunny days.


I, Rich Fongheiser


Will Greg and Pete, music, friendship, success;  Carol, chubby legs, music;  Marilyn, broken dates, 25 lbs.;  Pam, boo-boo;  Bill, $10.00 receipt, Voni;  Margie, quick feet;  Maggie, fi and p.r.;  Thespians, many opening nights; mom and dad, respect and thanks.


I , Laura Francis


Will Clod another day at Santa Cruz;  Randy, all Clod’s love;  Jack, a couple of J’s;  Steve, my old gym suit;  Mike, me, whever convenient;  Jimmy, more fun together;  Lisa, all Dannys love;  Time, a red light.


I, Ken Frates


Will to Greg, the radiator;  to Basket hanging Bill, an A.B.A. basketball;  to Art, enough time for all the women;  to Anthony, a 55 that isn’t a rat;  to Tom, a chance to race.


I, Linda Frye


Will Jim, shake and Bake every Fryeday; Steve, Michelle;  To Marlene, Beefy Bennie’s love;  to Mike, a thousand wives;  to Jerry and Diane, happiness;  and above all, I will all my dearest love and loyalty to Russ!


I, Shelley Furth


Will be very glad to to get out of the insane, corrupt, perverted and ritualized system of San Leandro High School…”Stranger, stranger, lover of unreachable heights, why dwell you among the summits where eagles build their nest?;…Farewell…


I, Jolene Galati


Will Toni, thanks, happiness forever;  Wendy, Greg;  Chuck, more Friday nights;  Mara, ski instructors;  Diana, Nick;  Cathy, all the Excedrin in the world;  Marie, all the ---------meat;  Greg, thanks, happiness forever, Rich all the success in the world;  Rene, Don;  Renee, Charlie and thanks;  Lupe, friendship, Gary, friendship always;  Ken, love and thanks for ever.


I, John Galbraith


Will Rick luck at pool;  Cal, a good ship;  Newkirk, a good back nine;  Teddi, lots of silver solder;  Jardin, a pass to the Coliseum;  Bill, a wrist band;  and Elenora, more that I’ll ever be able to give.


I, Wendy Galvan


Will to Ket, 13 years of fun and sadness, Walker, laughs & good talks;Janet, the wonderful game of life & good luck always;Marcia,  $500 for a new toupe and bat-cats;  Mahon, Jon & happiness;  Roxie, late copy & well-written sports articles;  Brassey, Wimbeldon tickets; & to Greg, our future & all his other girlfriends.


I, Mike Garrison


Will Bag’s a used worm;  Alice Pouttu, love and apologies;  Fool, a Rusty Tweeker;  To Mr. Reynolds, used inspiration, and my respect for him as a true artist, Ah-so!


I, Marilyn Garrison


Will Gloria, joy;  Rick, suits;  my squad, smiles;  Mom, Dad, appreciation;  Zeep, blessings;  Cathi, packages; Gary, busterbars;  Sweetie, faith;  Rich, sunshine;  Carol, happiness;  Margie, secrets; Sharon, 5 years;  Sandi, friendship;  Charlie, laughter;  Pami, MHIY;  Steve, one “what-if”.


I, Jayne Gehrke


Will Jean, Fairbanks and luck;  Kathy, Kentucky and happiness;  Karen, Steve;  Arna, S.S.C.;  Diane, small purse;  Barbar, memories from Jefferson;  Donna, bookkeeping answers, friendship;  Carolyn, the 600;  Mr. Taigen, all my gum;  my parents, love and thanks.


I, Susanna Gessnerd


Hereby will to Bob, love, happiness, our marrieage, luck in the Marines;  our parents, love, patience and understanding;  Carol and George, eternal happiness;   Cheryl, happiness with Charlie;  Tom and Nancy, S.L.H.S.;  Mike, Kathy;  Trapp, best of luck.


I, Bill Gleason


Will Rick, himself and the N.B.A.;  Linda and Jen, Steves and happiness;  Jim, cars and Red Mountain;  Art, Chicks and “800”;  Rene, notes, my insecurity and Don;  John free throws;  Margie, goodnight kisses and more than friendship.


I, Sue Glover


Will Paul all my love and respect, Pam, chickens, Debby, school-wine?  Marit, understandable  Neil and My friendship, Pat, Jim, Francine, Gary and will power, Renee, David, Karen, Royal Crown, Nancy, wheels and P.C., Barbary, Jerry and happiness, Marilyn, etc.  Pat, Clear Lake.


I, Ben Goldberg


Will my golden voice to Becky P.  my sore legs and dancing shoes to Mr.  Soares;  to Mike H. my little coverless, (black) boots and all my best wishes to the future Notables of SLHS.


I, Merry Gotowka


will to Steve and Lynda, happiness;  to Pat, Sebastopol and a new car;  to Shirley, sanity and the best of luck;  to all my friends, whatever makes them happy;  to Mom, deepest thanks;  to the world PEACE.


I, Pat Gragg


Will Marilyn, a new “Sherman”, happiness on the Strip;  Margaret, Korea, and Craig’s love;  Chrissie and Wolfie, Clearlake;  Jenny and Jack, a future;  Kelly and Kevin, “Luck” on the “56”;  Kelly me forever,


I, Cathy Graham


Will Cooper, success and gratification; Tomatis, good people and satisfaction; Jorene, security and joy;  to Marie and Tonie, my companionship and love forever.  To these people my thanks, willing my friendship and trust.


I, Jackie Groover


Will Dennis and Terri each other; George and Linda, a happy marriage;  Cindy and Ray each other;  Evelyn blue baby booties;  Patti, Pescadero Beach;  my parents, thanks and appreciation;  Gary, a maico and all my love forever!


I, Mark Grover


Will a one-way ticket to France to G.A.;  my study habits to M.A.;  all the Edsels to Mike;  A muffler to terry;  good luck to Bob, and to Tom, ammonia.


I, Carol Guerrero


Will Kiel, everlasting friendships;  Mazzei, a better view;  Rego,  better neighbors;  Moyles, laughs;  Ronnie, Benedict;  Mertz, ken;  Abel, pictures;  Marilyn, understandings;  Nelson, Poo;  Bierwith, physiques;  Dowler, U.S.A.;  folks, less mileage;  Terry, love we once shared, happiness always.


I, Mahlon Hacker


Will the old soph gang my old Falcon;  Scott, Gong’s and a bucking Mustang, and Hummer;  Carolynn, my V.W., soul;  Joe, Wolfman, T.J., next leave;  Martha, a fly;  Diane, Georgia, times in January;  Kathy Smith, the future.


I, Michelle Hall


Do give Wakefield, an Eggo;  Arlene and Lyn, a very happy future, all underclassmen, my cell number;  Pat and Judy, iron stomachs;  Mike, my love for time and eternity;  Jeannie, Joe;  Arlene, Joyce and Lyn, a picture of Hidalgo.


I, Heavy Harley


Hereby sadly will my trustworthy goose to Steve, the top of my covered wagon to Ted, to don a running BSA, and to the “800” boys…lots of heavy.


I, Carol Havercroft


Will Woishnis Nirvan, Vias, incense;  Fran, TRUTH;  Paul, Berkeley;  Ehlers, Mendonca good will bins Dudich Waididi, Gibson, Gypsy, Thullen, tacos;  Geise, Eye;  Walker, Slurpies; Tom, matches; help to the weak;  respect to the strong ; LIVE every moment;


I, Ron Havercroft


Will to Denni Dame, my love until the “Twelth of Never”; to Coach hidalgo, a team of Bob Sanchez’s.


I, Donna Hazel


Will Joanie, successful marriage, discussion, good times, memories;  Sharon, strip, guys, catastrophes;  Chris, Cameron Mitchell, tennis shoes;  Jayne, bookkeeping problems on gum wrappers;  Dianne, zits, small purses, E.P.;  Karen, Steve;  Carolyn, exercise tapes in ten languages.


I, Lorraine Henares


Will Kathy, hamburgers, pizza, and happiness;  Sue, a new fan-belt;  Fish, a driver’s license;  Marlene, friendship and happiness;  my parents, gratitude;  Russ, Love, happiness, dreams, and prayers in Viet Nam;  my engaged friends, happiness.


I, Galen Heyder


Will John, a beach ball;  Dennis, German chicks;  Phil, some new rubber;  Rich, lunch cutbacks;  Stacy, Carol, trip to Cruz;  Devvie, horses;  Linda, boys;  Carolyn, room at Emerson;  Coach Ken, brains;  Vaz, a beard;  and Clarke, Utah.


I, Rick Hom


Will to Clarke, a heart;  K.G., Exlax;  Bob and Mark, Mmm.;  Vaz, twelve eagles;  G.O., glasses, sportsmanship?;  Lizardman, the world and sourkraut;  Bob H., ducks and weasels;  my friends, success;  to SLHS, teachers, miracles, RIP in Russell City.


I. Larry Huggins


Will to Steve, Diane and a dead end street, for Bill a chug a lug, two “57 fords for Schultz, a new car for Jackie, to Jeane, 17 years;  Acoat for Judy;  and for Janet, Love.


I, Janet Hughes


Will Gregory (Modey Bear) Robinson, my heart, soul. Life, happiness and success;  Carol, my best friendship and love;  Char, Andy; my parents, love, appreciation;  the world, PEACE.


I, Leafie Hunt


Will “All” my devoted love and kisses to Roger forever;  this school to Ed;  all the luck to P.P. with S.S. and K. F.; my best wishes to the future Mr. and Mrs. R.M.;  good luck to EVERYONE!!!


I, Nancy Inns


Will Muriel, Jody, 442;  Ron, love Fremont’s Sweatpants;  Jane, daisies;  Linda, Rick;  Taigen, practice set;  Ken, track medals;  my family, appreciation;  Sharon, American servicemen;  Chris, boys;  Gary, Garmurdilincy;  cafeteria, food fights;  Meredith, discussions;  Vaz, centerfolds;  ‘69ers, luck.


I, David Michael Jardin


Will my heart to Barbara;  my soul to God;  my body to U.C. Medical center, and my services for the next four years to Uncle Sam.


I, Ken Jardin


Will Rich, Laundromat;  Donna, a new records;  Marie, a Harley;  Gaobraith, new golf balls;  Eleanor, swimsuit;  Keller, a lid;  Sardella, a new tooth;  De Maria, Marizes;  Rodriquez, gas;  Costa, 20-20;  Simpson, get the ….. out of Dodge.


I, Anthony Jeffrey


Will all the fine booze to Sandy Scott



I, Jan Jensen


Will to all my friends, compassion, understanding and love, especially John, Mary, David, Tom and Vicki;  To the juniors – one more year.


I, Margie Jones


Will Moytz, blind dates;  Jen, happiness with Steve;  Michele, Lornadoones, Allegra, courage;  Craig, bruises and Hebrews: Pamelasue, Panoramic, mushmouth;  Campbell, frogs, Alameda;  Merideth, a book with no ending;  Bill, Mr. D’s waitresses and happiness;  Marilyn, “Pablo”;  Bean, Mexico.

I, Jessica Justino

Leave Mara, bruises, salami; Castro, hyena and green;  Trujillo, 25 cents; Diane, Bolacortadors;  Cueererro, more poise; Bednar, Smokey and 5 points;  Denise, hassapiko’s; Mertz, Keny’s wisenup, Lorna’s; Mazzei, a to “atring yo’thing”; E-gie, all my love.

I, Norma Kammerer

Will to Don Gardner, all my love, forever; Sandi and Brad, good luck; to Mom and Dad patience and understanding; to Janet Hughes eternal happiness with Moky Bear; to Linda and Barry, keep the car doors locked.

I, Robert Kalani

Will Dee Ann two of my most affectionate  and faithful spark plugs; Peter and Luray a year’s supply of chap stick;  Mike, the biggest banana flavored taco; and Art the cowardly lion, courage; SAandy, a little more brains.

I, Marcia Kapplar

Will Rita, 4 wheels; Keta flowers and her own street to drive down; Carolyn, the funny farm; Terry, a tennis scholarship; Wendy, bats and binder paper; and Janet, arguments, the cabbage and TTM.

I, Arna Kaufman

Hereby will to my brother Roger, Mr. Jocz; to Lonnie, luck; to Anne, some nutriment; to my parents, thanks for all the support.

I, Maureen Kaufmann

Will to Nancy, happiness and what she needs to get by; Shirley, air freshener; Yvette, happiness and better luck; Claudia, Scott; better health and happiness; to my parents, many thanks

I, Jackie Kaul

Will to Laurie and Jerry, babies; June 21 and future years; Jan, 13 years; Dennie, more cigs; Bob S., fun times; Leafie, Roger, laughs; Bea, long talks; parents, love and thanks; Gary, love, 4 years and me forever.

I, Nancy Kiel

Will Dana understanding, communication, beaches, a van and love; Lynette, private parties; Carol, telescope; Debbie, anthros; Nancy, Jeep; Pat, open beackyards; Sue, plastic bags; Lynda, Su; Marsh, 250 Triumph, Janice, mustashed cop; my parents, unexpressable appreciation; to all, eternal happiness.

I, Kathy Kelly

Will to Linda, FBI agents; Arlene, Jay; Lynn, Richard; Jean and Al, Happiness; Jayne, bookekeeping; Diane, Elzie; Barbara, Tony, Donna, Al or Cannella; Katy, Puppies; and to Richard all my love and Jubees for ever and ever.


I, Barbara Kendall

Will all my love to all I know; Jane and Jim, music; Jo, boys; Jane, Tahoe, Nevada; to Lanie and Donna, MYF; to Carol, Larry; Jerry, all the beer at Linfield; Kim and Diane, fun at Davis.

I, Craig Kitchen

Will Ken a cure for his speech impediment; Judy Ann, a paid vacation to Italy; Nuela, a Greek Goodie; Margie, a king size Barmitzfa, and the Kennedy left fielder more lucky catches; Olivero, more brains.

I, Dianne Koss

Will Mara Cambell’s Tomato Soup, a Green V.W. SPY 991, our long friendship; Jessica, Pat and a happy marriage? Carol, less headaches; Linda and Jennifer, Steve’s; Soares, gum; Nick, happiness and a 4f classification forever; my parents, love and understanding after I’m gone.

I, Steve Kouns

Hereby will B.A. to Ben, an application and a heavy handshake to Harv, fermented grapes to Mark, South Hampton to Smith and an unlimited supply of “800” to the boys of the third row.

I, Keta Kruger

Will Galvan-memories of friendship, bats unlimited, happiness; Janet – straight hair, new chiropractor; Marcia – wig; Don – one lesson on cheating in basketball; Dave – Free LOVE, Bob – brain, USE IT; Elenora – John, Airport, green bomb; Linda – wild week-end; Lou-Jerry’s; Brassey – tennis lessons; Walker – a quieter mouth; Deb – Keys, Flowers; Randy, pros; Nancy – invisible stilts; Mike – Detroit, good luck, summer tennis lessons, Mary, good times, 1/5.

I, Karen Munch

Here by will Gary, Germany; Debi, all my ho-ho’s; to Doug I will all the happiness he has brought to me; for all the luck in the world; all underclassmen, a smile!


I, Lynn Larsen

Hereby will to Terri much more excitement with Lloyd in your trailer; to Campanella, good luck with Randy, remember it’s no big thing, to Linda S., hope it’s a boy; to Renee, good luck with Charlie.

I, Debbie Leal

Hereby will to the Junior class another year of happiness, and the ability not to get caught cutting after going to Santa Cruz, and to the Deans to be very lenient on cutting seniors, remembering they were seniors once also.

I, Marily Lawson

Will Wolfie and Chrisie, peace; Kelly and Pat, tranquility; Sandypoo and Bruceybear, marriage; Francine and Butchie; ecstacy; Jenny, Jack; Demetra, Glennypoo; Sue, Flicka; Kevin, Kelly help, ’56; Mike, fun, basic; Bob, playmate; Henry, a dime; Craig, ’55.

I, Janet Lee

Will Wendy, bat-Packards, happiness; Keta, tact and some manners; Marcia, tacos and green Chevies; Julie one Chem book; Terry, zinc oxide; Walker, insanity; Net, Quinlan, and Co., laughs; Tome, wood shavings; Groovy Grove’s Group, memories, hot water, Southern accents, Cultural Shock, hard rolls, and woodies.

I, Scott Liebelt

Will Judy everything for happiness; Collins, my basketball talent; Janic, a giant hot dog; Charlyn, my humor, Cindy, all of me, M.F.B. a Mustang trip; Ron, my golden glove; and Patty, a king size taco and coke.

I, Sue Liederbach

Will Rich, everything; Lupe, a new Ed; Renee and Charlie, happiness; Diane, cigarettes; Tom and Sue, love; Happiness to everyone who made high school years so great.  Help to those left at good and old S.L. High be good you punks.

I, Nick Lopedota

Hereby will, to my dear Lorna, all my everlasting love, and an out of sight colorful bird, much much happiness; Phil, happiness; Gary, gold chopsticks and a black belt; Mike, a double set of Rogers drums.

I, Richard Thomas Lovecchio, Esp.

Will Ronald Haile Shaw, Esp., a glamour-stretcher; My.J., a vale of laughter; Kay Rogers, a Pasteur; :Roger-Dodger” Jocz, the Fruitveille Bridge; Dave Turner a CAT and Maggie, the croak of a bull frog.

I , Lyman Lowe

Will to Randy Mottashed, my Bo DIddly album; my Jimi Hendrix cooking spoonI leave to Larry Tonkin.

I, Linda Loy

Will to Bev, Janet and Debbie, memories of Sorrento and Tarrentela, discotechque; Mark, Rick, and Bob more pictures of Michelle; K.G. and F.S.L.l, my parents, my love and thanks; class of ’69 success.


I, Bob Maass

Will Alan, a cheery red targa; Mr. Hagar, another pee ridge; Rick, Jay’s friendship; Cindy, Flicks; Shelley Marquis de Sade; Jill, politics; Debbie J.R.R. Tolkien; Christy, life, me, a dune buggy; Coach Hull, moonlight punch; Rhonda, happiness, understanding.


I, Marlene Madeiros


Will my parents, love, happiness, and many thanks;  Kathy, four years of school and Paul’s friendship;  Judy, one year of school and Danny’s friendship;  Cecile, Bob’s love;  Patti, my friendship and lots of luck.


I, Lynn Madler


Will Baby McShane to Rich with all my love forever;  JaY TO Arlene;  Joyce, a dozen of “well, I don’t know”;  Mike, to Michelle;  Bob  to Denise;  And to my family love and happiness forever.


I, Marylou Magnuson


Will all my love to Robert; to Leafie, Roger’s love;  To Patty I will Ken.  To Linda, Carolyn, and Mary Ann, happiness in the years to come.  Good luck to the school!


I, Nancy Mahon


Will Wendy, Greg;  Keta, a solution; Linda, an extra pair of ears, thanks and a lot of happiness;  Michell, a multimillionaire;  Shirley, who knows? Pam, Wayne and to Jon, Love and me.


I, Steve Malone


Will Denny another “59”;  Mary Lou, lockjaw;  Diane, an ICE PICK;  Linda, a new head;  to Larry, Janet, Kathy, Nancy and of course Dona and a 5 gallon jug of reipple;  and Debbie, me.


I, Bonni Marion


Will Chris little bierdens, Barb creeps, Evelyn happiness, Mark, Rich, high times;  Mama Lo’s family, troups of Spearchuckers;  Scott and David, your morning parties;  Danny, old and new times together;  Jenny Eva Hager, my parents, much love!


I , Carole Marston


Will my parents and family love and thanks;  Kinnie, success;  Lynn, my kazoo; DB, WJD;  Eva, bullfrogs;  Mrs. Hager, healthy students;  Lonie, what’s his name;  Donna, males;  Randy, females;  Terry, leadership; and Clyde, me forever and ever.   


I, Debbie Martin


Will the staff, thanks;  Mary, great book;  Cagey, pills and thanks;  D.J., belts, mini barks, “the baby”,; Debbie, ½ of the corps, Porsches;  Kay, Gary, patience, Disneyland; Janet, Jonny, the southern delegation, P.S.; Ken, gratuities, friendship at State; Jon, eternal consulship, ½ of $20, luck;  Randy, everything good, weekends, happiness, foreverness, luv-; Beth, -er, airports, good Senior year;  Nancy, other half of that flower, memories, a certain person; Ceva, ACT; Linette, Vaz, the entry from the cave;  Keta, my P.E. grades; Roxie, the impossible years, Fort Ord, the dumps; my family thanks;  Dan, Europe, 20th century turtle, anti-procrastination, my B.A., curled toes, much love, thanks and understanding.


I, Mark Martin


Will Mr. Vasser, my little brother, Craig L. Martin, who is a true radical and a 9th grader;  Mrs. Geritz, my patience;  Mr. McGhee, a night-light, and all the rest of my consistency; to Deanne, “The Administration”, a tape recorder.


I, Yvette Marin


Will to Nancy, a free pass to city council meetings;  Barbie, a virus proof body, my appetite and a special someone;  Dave, a new year’s kiss;  Pamie, a pound of matzah, an appreciating boy friend with no undershirt and an everlasting smile.


I, Bob Matzen


Will to Charles my binder and Vaz notes; to Terry, a gas cap to an XKE; to Pete, my homework from the last three years; to Dan, my physics book;  and to Phil, the frogs and beetles.


I, Pamela Maxson


Will Love and happiness to my father;  PEACE, within and without to my Mom; opportunity to the unfortunate;  forgiveness to those who suffer;  PEACE between races, countries;  to Lindsay, enough money, understanding, and all my LOVE, forever.


I, Carol Mazzei


Will Sweetie, daisies, Terry;  Dowler, benevolence;  Marilyn, summer;  Rego, SOUL, an apartment;  Jenny, Fights, Jack;  Moyles, lunch table;  Ron, fast car, “good old times”, Castro, giant playpen;  Fongheiser, Italian friendship;  Dave, halfback, happiness our eternal love!!!


I, Craig McClure


Will Denny, money for a ring;  Chrisy, a Wolfie;  Marilyn, Sherman a II and all the boys on the strip;  Ralph, money for haircuts;  George, a hair transplant; and Lucy, her senior year and good times.


I, Carolyn McColm


Will Betty Shelter, all my old sewing thread, tied in knots;  my brother Keith three years of misery at S.L.H.S.; Donna, the rats in the Gym;  Maryianne, the moldy Gym showers;  and my parents, pure happiness.


I, Brenda McLean,


hereby will Kel, slow down pills;  Sue, a great time in Hawaii; Marianne, love and happiness;  my parents gratitude; Steve, more surprises, memories, our plans, and all my love forever; and God, for giving me life. 


I, Linda Merrion


Will Karen, two more years at good old S.L.; to Paul, a math book and speller;  Mrs. Ferriera, all my mailable letters; and to my parents, thanks and appreciation  for all their help.


I, Nancy Mertz


Will Carol, Terry;  Margie, Shell Stations, L.A.; Jesica, Pat, Marina;  Roetta, Don;  Pring’s; Ops, longer legs;  Meredith, cheat sheets;  Michele, cafeteria fights; Jeff, apology; Bill, better tapes;  Pat, vanilla wafers;  Ken, more good times!


I, Gary Millhouse


Hereby will my old hip cast and my static electricity hair reducer to Gary; to Donna, my pet squirrel, my cast sock and all the happiness in the world.  To Brad, forty of my many pounds.


I,Denise Milton


Will Debblie DeDominco a trip to a spa in Mexico, Alicia, 4 generations of woman on top at Cal.  Judd, corn on the cob all mixed up in the pot and a red speedo,  My Mom the opportunity to touch her foot on the soil of every country in the world, Stacy, a ski trip to Tahoe and my goal for my life is to be the treasurer of the 41st class reunion.


I, Denise Minion


Will Julie perseverance and hope;  Duanne, Dale and fun;  Jeannie, Joe;  Michelle, a license;  Bobbie, Arlene, Char, and Lynn, best wishes;  Annie, a gun;  Ken, that girl;  R.R. my devotion; everyone else, luck and fun.


I, Carol Minneboo


Will Dianne and I fun in our apartment;  Pete and Luray, happiness;  Esa, a safe trip home and to hurry back;  Tom, a pack of cigarettes;  Jerry a drivers license, Lorette, the boy she wants.  Have fun.


I, Marlene Mirigian


Will to Kathleen, Julie, Net, my beloved “Bel-Aire Girls” Album, Friendship;  Ceva, my sunglasses, smiles, a GOOD show!; Soupy, a new violin;  Meredith, my mole; Pam, Good times In the Halls of S.L.H.S.  I forever want, The “Ghosts” from Spoon River” to eternally HAUNT!!


I,  Linda Moll


Will my parents, love and thanks for everything;  Richard, clamdigging and my everlasting love;  Beatrice and Martin, (LUV); “the guys”, girls, vice versa;  Steve and Kathie, “mucho” little ones;  Marchello, June Seventh; and the Parkers, “ME”!


I, Linda Mollins


Will Patty, vacation; Sue, classes, Lynette, parties; Luke, beaches and bathrooms; Kiel, F.N.;  Cindy, Wayne;  Dowler, childhood;  DeDomenico, high times, Wiley, buffaloes;  Gregg, D.G.B., Mom and Dad, love and thanks; Bob, our past, present and future together.


I, Wayne Monez


Will Bill a sharp razor;  Ausmus, a year’s supply of city council agendas;  John, lots of luck because you need it.


I, Cheryl Monroe


Will all my love to Charlie;  my athletic skills to Keta;  my tennis to Wendy;  the great S.L.H.S. to Donna, Annette, Linda;  Sue, all the love, happiness in her world with Rob and Debi into Jim’s world.



I, Dwaine Montes



Will Hardly, a heavy goose;  Glen, bag lunch;  Ameil, something;  Vicki, my chest;  J.R., a Vet and Inflatable Emily;  Carol, my beautiful picture collection; girls at B lunch, the table;  Sharon, my legs, sideburns and pictures;  Paul, liquor license.


I, Phil Moody


Will Hidalgo, a permanent  Matzen IWE, Bob, tranquilizers; Snag, brains;  Spoon, a better slide rule;  Plunk, a spy kit;  Cluk, pickett;  Mich, a voice;  girls, my bod;  Chas, oil for his sandals;  Red, Sims;  Friends, coolness.


I, Rhonda Morando


Will to my parents thanks for patient love;  Linda and Terri, insight to happy hearts; Gary, rose-colored glass;  Wilma, her kindness returned to her;  Christ, all my newly found happiness and love, happy fulfillment for all.


I Kathy Morford


Will all my love and kisses to Albert Logan, may we live happily ever after.  Always remember Nov. 11, the day we met, April 13, the day we became engaged, June 11, the day we will wed.


I, Tom Morris


Will to Keta, a permanent case of laryngitis;  To J.S., Captain; to M.G., Lieta, Dietzgen, Mars, and his Double A FRAME;  and to R.A., a class of F’s.


I, Janet Moss


Will Diane and Sam, love and togetherness;  Diane, friendship, happiness, the red Toyota;  Judy, pink lemonade;  Joanie, the Merrit, long rides, and friendship; Jets, spirit always;  Beth, another year at S.L.H.S., my family, thanks, love and devotion.


I, Randy Mottashed


Will the nickname “Bo Diddley” to my brother;  Nomads, memories of high times on the Senior Bench:  to Vassar;  Winterland, to Hidalgo, Lyman and myself. Internal happiness to the SAD, and most, my love to Linda forever.


I Muriel Moulton


Will my parents thanks; Jody, love and picnics;  Jeff, racing and success;  Nancy, Ron and car;  Denise, happiness;  Sandy, Dave and luck;  Bob, Louise, Meredith, gum; Kathleen Kazoo; Vaz, Buddha;  Taigen, bug juice;  Class of ’69, luck.


I Henry Montez


Will to Row, a paint job; Jerry, his old friend; to Steve, a royal flush;  to Scott, his Chevy; to Emil, P.F.Flyers; To Bea, a Spanish movie;  to Patti, a Cadillac, and all the luck and happiness.


I Sue Moyles


Will Kiel, Guerrero, Rego, a Frisco Corner;  Lynda, Bay-O-Vista and laughs;  Patty, friendship and good times;  Marie, bottle cap;Lukanish, Driver Training;  Dowler, P.E.; Tina, Kelly, DeDominico, Estudillo;  Fran, understanding, patience;  Mart, Claremont;  Al, happiness.


  I, Karen Mudge


Will Nancy, bobby Perrin;  Francine, good times and Tahoe;Terry, M.G.: Theresa Joe, Debbie, a bydot;  Judy, Wheels, Sheile, one earring;  JOSE, A MAID;  Rita, a mide and Lee; my parents and friends, love and thanks.


I, Dan Nagle


Will Caesar 10 mongolian rats;  Bob, success;  Pete, destructo kit; Phil, self-control; Don, the presidency;  Charlie, my old slide rule; the football team, a championship;  Cindy, happiness forever.


I, Jenny Nelson


Hereby will Mitzi, fights and everlasting friendship; Marilyn, yum-yum;  Pat, vetless summer, Frannie, horses, Los Angeles, and good times;  Dougie, blue jag and happiness;  Al, vibrations; my parents, everything;  teddy bear, my love and more letters.


I, Steven Newkirk


Will to Keith, my pornographic playing cards;  Levy, Israel;  Ausmus, city council; Romero, Speedway Meadows;  Galbraith, my putting stroke; Albro, 100 pounds;  Patty, Italy; Serson, straight hair;  Turner, a miracle;  sophomores, my sympathies.


I, Joyce Nelsen


Will Butch, two more years; Keith, a fast mustang;  Susan, the 1920’s and Europe;  Ron, bananas, friendship and unforgettable good times; to my friends, good luck; to my teachers, one like me next year.


I, Jeanne Nickerson


Will Marla, my voice;  Roof, kissie face and huggy bear;  Betsy, less mouth;  my parents, a new lease on life; John, more dirty books;  Chez, the strip, stamps and vets; and my friends greener grass – me, more everything.


I, Craig Noble


Will to the swim team and Koach Ken, my book of 1001 jokes and famous sayings; the Block “S” concession stand to progress, self-service;  the cross country team, my short cut, with it your can’t win.


I, Joan Nordlander


Will Bruce, affection, and devotion forever, mushrooms, artichokes, Porsches, fulfilling life;  Parents, love, thanks;  Joyce, Dave, Pizza;  Marlene, Ben, apology;  Chris pickles;  Donna, memories, many lenses;  Sharon another Bruce, strip, collectors, Psssst; Remember, “Those Were the Days!”


I, Sue O’Keefe


Will the L.W.P., my apologies;  Bob, the athletic prowess of Bobby Lewsi; my big brother Bill, his debt;  and Shirley, a flamboyant stranger accomplished in the proper sport.


I, Ron Olivero


Will Rodriguez, a toboggan ride, Cooper, a flush-job, Young, Moonlight, Pat, new petit pants; Sheiks, Tahoe Trip;  Abel, speech lessons; Ferguson, hair;  Mr. Collins, his old job;  Rick, my basketball ability; to Laurel, all my love, and togetherness.


 I, Sharon O’Neal


Will Cathy, love and patience with Larry; Jim my everlasting friendship; Jane, sincere friendship; Mr. Soares, baskets of chewed gum;  Mary, a life of happiness;  Marty, laughter; Mom, tranquilizers;  Rene, a happy and successful life and me.


I,  Kathy Onstad


Hereby will Linder, happiness, luck, and a new gymsuit;  Roxanne, Joe;  Kelly, new shades and more freckles;  Debbie, her own hair;  Cousin, another happy year at San Leandro;  And tojmy parents, love and thanks.


I, Jennifer Ornellas


Will Bill, Margie, and sex appeal; Rick, conceit;  Margie, lasting friendship, success, happiness;  Linda, happiness, fights with Steve, success;  Wally, free driving lessons;  Mom and Dad, appreciation;  Steve, me,ever-lasting love, future plans and Bob’s party.


I, Pete Padilla


Will Sue, all my love and good times and a happy future;  to Lee, Jim, Art, Rick, Tom, and all of my partners, a whole lot of soul an a out a sight ball.


I, Patricia Parr


Will “Rod” to “kid”; S.L.H.S. to Bimbo; zits and small purses to Dian;  Ken, his old car;  Stamps to Steve;  Marylou to Robert;  my practice set to Mr. Taigen;  and my sincere thanks to my parents.


I, Linda Patten


Will Karin, “Buzz”;  Lynnette, Half Moon Bay;  Esa, spaceship; Car, appreciation:  Robin, our talks;  John, happiness;  Rene, a beautiful summer; Kirk, our outasite times; Greg, understanding;  Lisa, Ging and love;  Pete, our beautiful memories and a groovy life.


I, Brett Arthur Pavel


Will the class of ‘70’s the spoils.  Isn’t it great to be victorious??  To the faculty, I will the administration;  to the administration, I will the community.


I, Diane Pearson


Will Linda, the incoming sophomore class, dirty looks, willpower, and hunger pains; Pat, a gossip column, Wyoming;  Barbara, matchmaking;  Karen, friendship and happiness always;  Donna, guys with shaved heds;  Kathy, happiness; and memories to someone special.


I, Patty Peek


Will to Chris, my alarm clock; To Debbie, my vanilla wafers; to Denise, my daisies;  Pat, my gym suit; Ken, my rabbit;  Peggy, happiness with Paul;  to the world, peace, happiness and love for everyone.


I, Chris Peppas


Will Marilyn, promptness, a steady;  Sandy, Brucybear and Froggy; Pat, smiles for Kelly;  Lawson’s me;  Margaret, love; Craig, female barber; Rich, friendship;  Wolfie, booze, “T”, Riveria, kisses in Clearlake, Satan, little Wolfies, Chrisies, and my love forever.



I, Don Pepper



Will to JP, the big school;  GTS, Hawaiian postcards; Boy wonder, my good example;  Happy Harley, something;  Caroline and Julie, my matmobile; and to my understanding parents, my sincere thanks.


I, Claudia Peterson


Will Dave Farreira my old gym tennis shoes full of dubees; to Mark Lovestrand, my year old sandwich that’s in my locker;  to Laura, my muddy gym suit;  TO Randy, another night at Laura’s house.


I, Karin Peterson


Will Marie, Donovan days;  Joanne, Volkswagens and cadillacs: Ken, straight flagsticks;  Larry, good times and Otis;  Nancy, jazzy exercise tapes;  Cheryl, ecstatic relationships;  Toni and Cathy, happiness always;  Greg, Frisbee;  Linda, Ping;  Lisa, General Motors; Jessie, Broadway.


I, Sue Peterson


Will Kathy, Hume Lake, parking lots, The PITS! And friendship;  Nettie and Meredith, my bag lunches;  Julie, 6th period problem solving;  Gary O. a windless tennis racket and a wink;  Marlene, more sulmberer name;  Lyman, “the straight life”;  Mark, his own plane, happiness;  Carolyn, my love life;  Mom and Dad, appreciation.


I, Glen Pierce


Will to Cassie Browner, San Leandro High, my love and myself;  to Neal, my tennis racket;  to Dona, Dave; to Gary, some vodka;  to Mr. Hager, a yankee.


I, Patti Pimentel


Will to Tina two more happy years at San Leandro; to Carolyn, fun always with Ed; to Henry, my empty toy cookie boxes and the front seat of Cadillacs; to Darryl, you’re one and only STINKER (me!)


I, Terry Plunkett


Being of sound mind, ha, do bequeath to Brass. The tennis courts and the Boy’s Locker Rkoom.  To Hull, I leave the halls.  To Jeannie, I leave my fantastic reputation to live up to William Terrance Plunkett.


I, Rich Postma


Will all my friends and loved ones lots and lots of BOOGIE, and to MR. McInerney, more thanks than I can express.


I, Joanne Quadros


Will my brother Jim, a car lot;  Jan and John, happiness and understanding;  Betty, shorter dresses;  Rich, ninth grade memories;  Debby, Doug;  Cheryl, my thanks and a license;  Leo, all my love forever and a dream come true.


I, Kathleen Frances Margaret Quinlan


I WILL NOT!!!!  

(Amended 2010: I will to Nettie, dear friends forever, Jeannie, Marlene and Julie, eternal thanks, Meredith; to always be YOU, Jan Finke, lots of babies and that  your parents will adopt me! ) 


I, Shirley Rabello

Will Rocky and Bob 8” by 10” glossies of Bobbie Lewis;  to Mark, a one-way ticket to Canada; to Rich, many sparkling performances;  to Sue, a good psychiatrist; to L.W.O., I’m truly sorry.


I, Lynette Rego


Will to my friends, the world the way you want it, pure happiness, with a lifetime smile, a good luck charm, more teachers like Mrs. Brown, Miss sensyone, also “Mac”, and a radio that only plays “James Brown”.


I, Jim Reposa


Will to Sharon, Rene;  Jane, luck with Russ;  Steve, Stache; Marty, C.Y.C.L.E.; Carol, my car;  Julie, my pink ballet shoes; Liz, “O Holy Night:; Lynne, piano lessons;  Uncle Kenny, a hammer to break that mirror! Bat, bus stop.


I, Robin Richards


Will Pat, Ricky and a full tank;  Sue, a bag full of pickles; Cindy, mosquito and Wayne;  Linda, success after all;  Maryann, Doggie Diner, more parties;  John, his;  Joy, HJoey, friendship, and old times; my family my love


I, Marianne Riis


Will Pat, straight Seven-up; Marv, a love-bug;  Chris, rain; Linda, a can of Ban;  Rhonda, another glorious year at SLHS;  Carolyn, my English essays; Sue and Bruce, the future; and all of my friends, lots ofluck.

 I, Nancy Riley

Will Greg, my understanding, my love, faith, and a future life together; Chris, Irish O’Conner;  Dev, Dan and Old Berryessa;  Penny, Jim and happiness;  Laurie, step ladders, Geneva, a Japan trip; my friends, reunions; Mom, appreciation and love.


I, Keith Robertson


Do hereby disavow all action taken in SLHS.  Since boredom is art, to all my art teachers, the unerring ability to grant students 40 winks; to prospective math students, beauty, and pleasure of lying on a grassy knoll, staching their physics book slide over cliffs into a river, and washed to sea.  Mr. Jocz—fini, Mr. Reynolds B-; mr. Vaz-a barbeque, I, exeunt.


I, Don Rodriguez


Will my freezer full of dead bugs to the Future Entomologists of the World, I can see myself sitting by the dock of the bay in Ventura teaching young college students in search of meaningful curriculum how to count shore birds all day long. I hope to split my life between two states for as long as my weary body can handle it.  My goal for my 41st class reunion is to be able to pick up that yearbook and name every student in my class as well as I could back in 1969 and not be deterred by bald heads, wrinkles and a few excess pounds.


I, Joe Rodriquez


Will Dwaine, body putty and happiness with Sharon; Glen, my  binder;  Heavy and the Boys, a case of “800”, Vick, A drivers license;  Lisa, a basketball Hoop; Don, my pen; heavy Harley, the “GOLDEN” Goose- with feathers.


I, David Rose


Will Rich Postma, BOOGIE (ah…sweet boogie:, Rich Skoonberg, acting;  Gene Taqu, Pat;  Jenny Rosenbenberg, my corpse;  Joan Presley, armpits;  Mike Harrison, my charm and good looks;  Butch, a new autoharp;  Denise Healey, the library and all fruit;  Toni, my gym clothes;  Parents, LOVE; all my teachers, Pity, (except for Mr. Hillis… he gets a gallon of good wine).


I, Deborah Ann Rue


Will to Johanna, hair; to Blanche, bigger and better feet;  to Ray, the world; to Debbie, the brighter side, to the world, peace; and to my parents, my love, respect and gratitude.


I, D. J. Rumbell


Will my “shadow” to Snoot; Linda, instant blackmail; Kay, Zits; Deb, belts;  Debbie, Porsches; John, a slow pulse, Chuck, sly smiles; Ron, a Greek goddess; Jim, shy winks; Galen, emotions; Mrs. Collins, my cardiovascular system; and to Gene, a jinx.


I, Mike Salas


Will Lisa, my last years easter egg; Luray, a light bulb for her cheek and Sherman, a switch; Bob, our soft bread; Art, tell the truth book; Kris and Dee Ann, to split my greasy porkchop.


I, Bob Sanchez


Will to my parents, lots of love and less worries; to Donna, a happy lifetime; to Sherri’s parents, thanks for having her; to Sherri, all my love forever and a day and a lifetime together just as long.


I, jim Santos


Will to Stella, Sandy, Judy;  Southern Comfort; to Karen, Happiness and an out a site summer;  Loretta, my dented fender; and to all my partners, James Brown, and a good Senior Ball.


I, Bob Sbranti


Will to Lousie, a happy mood, and all my love always and forever; to big Bob, bananas; Ron, money; Sherri, her rings, Denni, old people; Jackie, good times;  Leafie, Roger; Patti, Ken;  Muriel, Nevada City;  Jan, gas.


I, Linda Schwartz


Jennifer, friendship, Margarita, and good times;  Bill, a summer romance, friendship;  Steve G., one years silence;  Mara, the snow and salami;  my Mom, appreciation;  Steve, me, trust, good times and a life time of love.


I, Pam Scott


Will Terry, my heart; to S.G., happiness with P.K.; To M.M. a boyfriend; To T.R., a new house; to M.G. a pack of cigarettes, and to S.L. H.S, termites.


I, Kay Seagren


Will Tom and Art, just one more year; Deb M., little boys and Dan; Linda, summer and Sweden;  Deb D., a Marine; D.J, a tan and long fingernails; dve, Nora and someone to listen; Gary, just me and my love.


I, Sue Segale,


Will my parents, love and thanks for everything;  Brenda, good times, Setve; Lorraine, fun together in Hawaii, Russ;  Marianne, success, happiness;  S.L.H.S., my brother (Tim);  Ron, love, happiness, a discharge from the army.


I, Sandy Seghetti


Will Chris, a nose warmer and Paul’s class ring;  Marilyn, my alarm clock and mirror;  Demetra, a diploma or a one way ticket to Burbank; and to Brucy Bear, me and all my love, and millions of frogs.


I, Andro Sergides


Will my book, Mission Impossible to Coach Hidalgo and the San Leandro High School Track Team.


I, Ronald Shaw


Will to Rick Lovecchio, a tube of Crest toothpaste;  To my brother Tom, another great musical to Mr. Barber, a year’s supply of HsS: and to Jackie Allen, another year of the joy of knowing Christ.


I, Ellen Shibata


Hereby will to Chris, Ken;  Hyperness and skinniness to Kim; brother Dave, joy; to Dave, a special smile; to Don, a lot o’ soul; to Milton, continued laughs; to my parents, many thanks; to the world, love


I, Richard Silva


Herby will to Charlie, a hot dog and a girldle;  to Ken, a day and Saturday night; to Don, some sleep; to Linda, Bob and his VW; to George, hair and Nancy.


I,   John Skoglund


Will Galen. A bigger horn and a spittoon for your monkey;  Stacy and Carol, a squab;  Phil and Dennis, Trappa:  To Rick, I will luck Peirre; to Sack, Lane 2; and Max a ball.and chain.


I, Dana Smith


Will pity to future generations who shall discover this institution’s crimes.  Understanding to the conservative and power to the liberals.  Where is freedom?  Stop rules and regulations!  Truth!  Individualism! Harmony! Equality! Let us pray?  Love to Nancy.


I, Donna Smith


Will Bill much understanding and all my love forever.


I, Glenn Smith


Will Ike, 3 quarts and a bunny’s head;  Boy Wonder, my paint set;  Heavy Harley, a feathered goose;  Peck, bachelorhood;  Walkie, another pen pa;  Third Row Boys, clean jokes;  Dwaine, “800”;  John, “Daniel’s Ranch”; Carole, Sue, Chris, happiness.


I, Sherri Smith


Will to my sister, a cadaver to practice on;  my parents, thanks and love;  and to Bob, myself and my love forever.f


I, Tom Syder


Will Karen and Teresa, two more years of torturous adventure in the hallowed halls;  to Dave, Steff, Maryann, Karen, another summer sometime; to Jan, all my eternal love (for what it’s worth:; and San Leandro High to the San Leandro Sanitation Department.


I, Diane Souza


Will Debbie, a new alarm clock;  Johanna, Jim;  Balnche, growth;  Kathy, my false eye lashes, Debbie, Jerry, to my stinker, all my love and happiness that I will share with him; and to my family all my love.


 I, Steve Souza


 As my last official act here (as if anything I’ve done here has been official) will my three year old gym suit to Tommy, Jeffery, Walter, and Konverter.  Have fun cutting them up.  Glad to leave. BYE.


I, Pete Spohn


Will Clarke Thunk, a house-rebuilding kit and an illustrated simplex teaching manual; Rich the Orient and one billion tracks;  Bob, a janitorial job;  and Dan, a firewatch on Black Butte with Raquel.


I, Kathy Stark


Will to Sue, crunched ice, the pits, a smile and a lasting friendship; to Sandy, H2S; to Ken, Seattle and a sunny Sunday;  to Stacy and Ann, 8 tons of joy; to Randy, good times; and to all my friends, life, liberty, and the pursuit of love.



I, Dave Stoker



Will everyone peach; Mary, Salem, Mass; John, Canada;  Jan, happiness;  my body to the JOINT HEADS OF STAFF, the highest success possible and Winterland.


I, Shirley Strand


Will Nancy, Jon and many more blind dates;  Maureen, gas and wealth; Nancy W., a swimming pool, Tim; my parents, understanding; Bob, little old me; and Kim and R.C., more dates and the Senior Ball.


I, Sue Strehlo


Will Cris, MR. Fantasy;  Carol, happiness; Carole, special occasions;  Cheryl and Bob, less hassles;  Randy, footsteps in the grass;  Debbie, water-skis;  Rich, my James Brown program; Vince, Sunny; Steve, endless summer; Faria, contentment; Dale, daisies, warmest affections.


I, Debi Supriano


Will LInda, luck and happiness;  Becky, Robert;  Debby, Jerry;  Linda, a steady boyfriend;  Cheryl, Charlie;  Theresa, Lloyd and all my thanks;  Keta, an F. in P.E.,; my parents, my love and appreciation; Jim, all my love.


I, Terri Sutlage


Will Lynn, her own private spot in Quarter Pound; to Lloyd, money, the galaxy, Money, and mow; to Robert, a lifetime supply of Colt 45;  to Debi, the right guy, happiness.

I, Maureen Thullenf


Will Janet, many happy hours with John;  Geneva, Wess; Kim, the happiness you once had; Carolyn, patience excitement and the success you deserve;  Carol, a greater insight;  John, many thanks for your understanding.


I, Mark Tibbits


Will to Mr. Vaz a membership in Tojo’s forty-ninth Kamikazi squadron and eight rusty samurai swords; to Mr. (Smokey the Bear) BOrad, ten pounds of Boscoe chocolate;  to Mr. Ausmus, a five pound chicken leg. 


I, Ken Tomatis


Will Abel unlimited soul;  Cooper, The power;  Kitchen, my black book;  Simpson, a case;  Castro, a Shell credit card;  Werminski, my sweaters;  DeMaria, a new nose;  Cathy, love;  To all out-of –site girls, ME!!!



I, Rick Trujillo



Will Jack my scoring ability;  Ron, big wrench;  John, comb; Bill, Janet;  Marilyn, weddings; Lunda, skinniness;  Debbie, Christmas Ball, Mr. Collins, respect and gratitude;  my school, bitterness for not playing;  all my friends, good luck.


I, Dave Turner


Will my locker to Jim;  to Steve, another happy year with Mrs. Aycrigg;  to Pete, two of my mystery stories;  to Dave, my board in chess;  to Mr. Reinhardt, a wonderful speech year with plenty of chess kids.


I, Jane Urish


Will Jim, a car;  Sharon, Rene;  Barbara, Lonnie;  Lynnette, success;  Diane, Jerry and daisies;  Marty, my laughter;  Kathy, my love;  Julie and Tom, musicals;  Ton, my thanks;  Everyone my everlasting friendship and much happiness.  God bless you all.


I, Renee Vecellio


Will Lupe, a beach and the love in this world;  Jorene, a money tree;  my parents thanks;  Steve, a new Vette;  Gene and Jeanette, kids;  Charlie, all my love, peaceful nights together, our happiness and me.


I, Sandra Vias


Will to the band girls, a decent dressing room;  future chemistry students, more experiments with H2S; stale, air-frshener for the girl’ locker room;  real food for the cafeteria; to swim classes, soft towels, my parents, love. Finis.


I, Sue Viramontes


Will all of my love and happiness for the future to Pete;  to Carla, the summers, Regal’s, Bill’s, and the best for the future;  to Helen, freedom and a good friendship forever; to the “clique” good-bye.


I, Chuck Vogelsang


Will George, a Hardly;  Linda, sssssss; Schultz, a Ferrari;  Jorene, ?yes!?; Lou, 800; Jan, an A essay;  Sharon, flowers; Carol, smiles;  Mr. Hillis and Mr. Crabbe, more wristbands (i.e. REALITY)


I, Suann Wagner


Will to Dana, Sider and happiness; to Penny, Jim; to Vicki and Mahlon, each other; to Laurie, whatever;  to Linda, Hawaii and a boy;  to Jay, a bike;  to my parents all the traveling they’ll every want.


I, Julie Wakefield


Will to Duanne, stationary; Denise, Fudgecycles; Michelle, a drivers license; Bobbie, paint  thinner; Mara, pleasant dreams;  Mr. Soares, a flat hobo;  Lynette, Henry, Jim, by tap shoes;  Charlynn, a larger thermos;  My parents, love and appreciation.


I, Carolyn Walker


Will Wendy, our little discussions;  Tim, my deepest apology;  Keta, maturity;  Patty, Darryl and happiness always;  Bob, memories of Les;  Janet, a great running ability;  Brassey, my intelligence;  Janet and Marcia, friendship;  Meraculous, consideration and the ability to understand; Ed, memories.


 Stacy Walker


 Will John paper bin;  Galen, compliments;  Pam, Chico, dances; Parents, patience;  Denise, sunburn, gluttony; Carol, songs, phone calls; Wyllie, Hellman gossip.  Ducich, driver’s training;  Nancy, giggles;  Bakko, brains;  Capps, Thullen, Geise, the lawn;  Ed, Bob, Glenn, Dave, eternal adolescence, less coolness.


I, Arlene Walters


Will Michelle-Mike, plus “bells and rice”; Lynn-Rich and “Ding Dongs” too!  Joyce-Ronnie, bubbly-gum; Jean-Al, happiness;  Lorraine-blondes! Kathy-Richard; Hidalgo, a lemon!  And all my love to Jay forever and ever.


I, Charlynn Wardrip


Will Genia, Happiness with that special someone;  all my friends, luck;  Mark, two years;  my parents, love and thanks for the 17 years of guidance;  and Dave, my everlasting love and our future together.


I, Marty Way


Will Craig– Mazzerati, Charlie, suds;  Jardin, walnetto;  Kathy, laughter to overcome;  Debi- 10 lbs.  Doug;  Sid, UCLA Avanti, bachelorette pad;  Vaz, our communication, hat pins, time enough;  Geoff and Chris, greatest folks you’ll ever need;  Everyone, faith.


I , Christine Wellman


Will Nancy and Greg, happiness together;  Claudia, SLHS mailbox and that Canadian;  Pam, the master;  Stevie, 2 more years at SLHS; my parents, love and appreciation;  Tim, twelve sons, the future, and much happiness; everyone, happy memories.


I, Nancy Welsh


Will Maureen, a smoke conditioner;  Shirley, longer dresses and less hassles;  Wendy, fat  legs;  Yvette purple skirt, blue blouse, green shoes and spiderweb stockings!!! Sandy, more loving friends like C!  Tim-little old me.


I, Michelle White


Will Patti, my friendship and luck with Rich;  Margie, contacts;  Linda, happiness;  Nancy and Ken Costa, another boss New Years;  Marilyn L., boyfriends;  Richie, Curl Free;  Gary, a steady;  Mare and Gib “A.A., Dennis, all my  love.


I, Alan Whitman


Will Jenny, my shrink;  Bob, the big R;  Joan, a flask;  Mr. Reynolds, eternal thanks for arousing my interest in drama and for the help he gave me with Spoon River; Denise, a wild flower and continued peace.


I, Sharon Wiseman


Will to Marilyn, friendship;  Glenn, happiness;  Pam, songs;  Rich P., fulfilled dreams; to those who have known me well, memories, my family, love and appreciation; to you, a smile, a tear, and a new sun to follow.


I, Kim Woishnis


Will El, someone hyper, dreams, Tools, fulfilled desires;  Carol, talks, Marston, diets, daisies;  Jilliam, peac, Donald, a super straight life;  Terry, stardom;  Mr. T., eternal youth;  Bob, no competition;  Zo, happy feelings;  “Precious Lovers”, trust, appreciation.



I, Sue Wyllie



Will Terry, forever lasting friendship, P.C.V.W.’s pineapples not tracks, Jermi Rai, parties, thanks!  Donny, S.T., Pat, S.F.; Bill, strength and old love; Buffalo, flowers;  Lorna, more talks, Nick, Lorna, Pam, gym?  My parents, love and thanks.


I, Joyce Yamashita


Will my lasting friendship and wonderful memories to all my friends since Washington;  Ceva, half the boys at college;  Mary, daisies, love and happiness;  Peggy, gratitude for her friendship;  and my parents and teachers, respect and appreciation.


I, Laurie Yerxa


Will Jacki and Gary love and happiness;  Linda, memories of P.E.; all my friends, success and happiness;  Jerry, all my love always;  Mom and Dad, great thanks, love and wonderful memories.


I, Linda Yon


Will to Randy, the right kind of girl he is looking for; to Mary and Robert, a true marriage. And for June 21st to hurry and come.  To Vera, I leave San Leandro High to her for the next three years; to Carolyn and Maryann and Scoot, I will all the happiness in the world.


I, Ken Young


Will Greg, a new radiator and swan; to Tomatis, I leave the “Temps” and five-free singing lessons;  to Silva, I leave a false I.D.; and to Goofie, I will you a life in which you may never become confused.


I, Marlene Zimmerman


Will Salami Pizza and Kite string to Sandy and Joe;  my cards to Sharon, and Sharon to Rich;  Diane my corduroy jacket;  Linda sewing lessons and happiness with Russ; the Fillmore and all my love to Ben.



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