Thanks to Bill Lusk for sending these class pictures!

Names sent in by Bill Lusk.  If you can fill in the missing names please email me through the website!  

1st grade Miss Schmitz  pictured below
Upper left corner : Tommy Mathison
2nd row Ronnie Coriea, blank, Vicky Holmes, Bill Lusk, Karen Geradono, Doug Minie
3rd row second from left Sharon Stone, 7th looks like Joetta Fazio
4th  row 1st 


2nd grade Miss Fink, pictured below
2nd  From the left Tommy Mathison, Don't know then Ronnie Coriea, 2 more don't know then Karen Watkins, don't know then Vicky Holmes
2nd row, don't know then Joette Fazio, 5th in is Larry Aguello, don't know, Don't know maybe me, Karen Geradono, 
3rd row don't know, Ralph Rose, Alice xxx, Doug Minie, Sharon Stone