1969 CARGO

 Going through the CARGO copies donated by Marlene Mirigian Svensson..... Here are some articles of particular interest~  an article written by the famous journalist J. Galbraith regarding a couple of our champion wrestlers (one in particular who wrestled us a great buffet at the reunion..... the blurriness you see is probably your eyes, not my scanning skills! )


Our good friend Jon Campbell had some insight into where the dress code needed to go.  Wonder what Jon would think about the dress of the Y generation?  (see aging humor page)  I don't know about you, but I've seen more underwear and butt cracks than I care to see from the youth of today! 

Appearing in the Cargo was an interview with John Miller.  John is now the Official Announcer for the SF Giants!  



 The article below appeared in the Dec 1968 edition of THE CARGO.  Sharon Wiseman took some heat for this!  Sharon was a bit before her time!  


 OK, if Sharon's article wasn't shocking enough, look what Greg Barrette wrote!   The wearing of thongs!  Who knew?  Oh, wait, they are talking about footwear..... never mind... 

Jill Fisher attended the inauguration of Richard Nixon in January of '69.  Jill continued an interest in politics and worked with San Leandro Native Bill Lockyer who was State Assemblyman, State Treasurer and Lt. Governor.  


Below is the entire class picture (well, those who wore white that day)  It was published in the Morning News. I recall that one of the guys was in the picture twice.  He did this by running around the back after his picture was taken on the left, and getting on the right side at the end.  Anyone know who it was?  You can see him on the top left row making a run for it.... did he make it? The pictures are posted again below the copies with the names so that we can see the antics that were going on.  Notice Joe Rodriques tying Glenn Smith's tie with Dwayne Montez's tie.