Do You Remember?

Julie Shepard - This is my birthday party...I don't remember how old I was, but I'm going to say probably 10.
I'm the birthday girl in the glasses... On my left is Susan Green.  On my right is Lisa Ward and Janice Kautz.  The girl by the wall is Sheila McKenna. 


I NEED SOME HELP WITH THESE PHOTOS:  Please share the names that you remember.


Mrs. Axleson's Kindergarten Class - Evergreen Elementary 1967-1968

Ms. Inghram's 5th Grade Class - Evergreen Elementary - 1972-1973


Front Row:  Sheila McKenna, Letitia Dick, Deanna Thomas, Rhonda Ruthruff, Theresa Zappone

2nd Row: Danny Myers, Lee Stickelmeyer, Tim Meechan, Doug Pennell, Ron Freeman, Jason Dixon

3rd Row:  Janice Kautz, Ann Jensen, Sherri Moore, Lisa Ward, Jane Alexander, Julie Fender, Kathy Mackey,  Becky Berg\

4th Row:  Ms. Ingram, Steve Sleizer, Aric Frank, Ed Anderson, Todd Dewitt, Mr. Brooks

Mrs. Johnson's  Kindergarten Class - Whitworth Elementary, 1967-1968

Mrs. Hudson's 1st grade Class - Whitworth Elementary, 1968-1969

Back row L to R: Daryl, Mark, Alan Phillips, Chris, David, Robbi, Monte Slichter, John, and Kirk.
Middle row L to R: Brenda, Candy Little, Lisa Angelo, Shayne Williams, Darlene Smith, Janeen Truscott, Shawna Sanford, Annette, Deborah, and Mrs. Hudson.
Front row L to R: Wayne Grob, Todd Barber, Gerard Palukala, Shane Johnson, Gary Becker, Pat, Warren, and Mike Crandall .
(Can you figure out the last names?)

Mrs. Cooksey's 3rd Grade Class - Whitworth Elementary 1970-1971
Front Row: Chris Bjerke,
2nd Row: Karen Pooley, Ginny Norwood
3rd Row: Mrs. Cooksey

 Ms. King & Ms. Lukich's 5th Grade Class - Whitworth Elementary 1972-1973

Front Row:  Chris Bjerke,

2nd Row:  Jeff Fawcett

3rd Row: Ginny Norwood, Karen Pooley,

4th Row: Ms. King, Mitch Jensen, Ms. Lukich

Mead Middle School - 7th Grade Mrs. Cantelon  1974-1975

Front row - Doug Strong,

2nd Row - Mrs. Cantelon, Terri Huckaba

3rd Row - Colleen Davis, Lisa Angelo, Linda Watkins, Brenda

4th Row - Mitch Jensen, Faith Nelson