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Arlon Rosenoff

I started painting diligently in May of 2008, and have done about 200+ paintings as of Jan 2010. I absolutely love it. It is a great diversion from my day job. I am currently represented by eight art galleries, and also do commissions. I plan to do about 100 paintings per year and work ranges from small works 5" x 7" up to large works 48" x 72". Everything I do I paint with a palette knife. No brushes. Lot's of impasto texture. Please visit my website at www.ArlonRosenoff.com

Issaquah Famer's Market - Fall 2008

    Scorpio at Rest by Arlon Rosenoff Palette Knife Oil ~ 11" x 14"


Julie Bunday Hardin 

I have recently started singing jazz again and am having a ball! You can find my latest performance at: