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03/25/10 09:19 AM #11    

Charee Deems (Tillotson)

Great list! See you at the event!

04/10/10 09:30 AM #12    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Does anyone know if Mr. Toutant is still with us?
My brother, who graduated in 1974 named him as his favorite teacher recently in an email to me.
Candy Gremler

05/03/10 09:35 PM #13    


Angela Byrd (Johnstone)

Greetings Everyone! 

We need your contributions!!! The Reunion Committee is constructing an "In Memory" tribute of classmates who are deceased.  We are seeking submissions of fond memories, "short" stories, humorous recollections, and photos of our classmates.  Please send these submissions by way of posting on the In Memory site.  You can also send them to Julie Fender Shepard too.  Thankyou for your assistance. 

05/05/10 10:28 AM #14    

John Angelo

Hey folks.

I spoke with Greg Pangborn last night.  We would like to do another casual get together.  Maybe a few beers and some fun.  It was great to see everyone at the pre-event and we think everyone would get a kick out of another get together.  Your excuse to do this is picking each others brain for folks that have not comitted to the reunion.  

Greg and I were thinking the next couple/three weeks after work or on the weekend.  Any and all suggestions for location and times are welcome.   You can contact me at 509-475-5833 (cell) or email  JEADWS@AOL.COM if needed.  Or contact Gregg at 509-991-3873

Lets do this.  Greg and I both feel that no matter how far removed from each other, we are all family.  

John Angelo



05/16/10 03:23 PM #15    


Julie Fender (Shepard-Hall)

Hi Everyone:

Can you believe it... our reunion will be here in less than 3 months!  Through the recent gatherings we have each enjoyed reconnecting and catching up about our current lives as well as reminiscing about high school, college, past reunions and first loves. 

I have heard from some people that they didn't enjoy high school and there really isn't anyone that they would like to see.  That's sad.  I have made some new friends while working on the reunion and have gotten to know classmates I didn't know in school as well as spouses. 

If you have been thinking that coming to the reunion would be a waste of time, I hope you will think again.  I promise you... you will have a good time, you will remember memories that make you laugh, and you will make a new friend. 

And if you can't come to the reunion, I hope you will use this site to say hello to a few friends, share a memory about someone who has passed on and boast about your spouse, your kids and your grandkids.  Keep your information current because there will be future functions that will be more often than the reunion.



05/27/10 10:38 AM #16    

Misty Link (Lee)

Hey Julie,

I agree, if you haven't been you will be surprised at how much fun the reunion will be.  Our 20th was great and we had the best time with old friends(Mary and Michael Wigen) and Ginie Puleo)!  Even my spouse who is not from Washington had a great time!  Just ask he and Mike about their tour of Gonzaga and the Boat show at the Courdelane boat show!  So I would encourage all to come who can and you will connect with new and old friends. 

Take care and thanks for all your efforts!


06/15/10 08:39 PM #17    


Ann Jenson (Vogrig)

Hi All-

I will have to be honest, I was hesitant about attending our 30th Class Reunion (I only went on the cruise at CDA ID on the 10 year Reunion and missed the 20 year Reunion) but after seeing some of my classmates at the Pre-Reunion event,  everyone was nice. I wish I could of stayed longer and mingled a little bit more with everyone. After 30 years I am sure we have all changed and grown up now and have our families.  I look forward to seeing everyone.  Time sure flies fast.  Please let me know if their are anymore get togethers as I would like to do that again!

Take care!

Ann Jenson Vogrig


07/17/10 10:49 AM #18    


Candace Little (Gremler)


I saw you in the 5th grade Mrs. Ingram class picture on the Do You Remember? page.

I hope you can come to the reunion. It's going to be great seeing everyone.

It was so wierd looking at the class picture for Ms. King/Ms. Lukich 5th grade Whitworth Ele. That was MY class, but why I'm not in the picture, I don't know. We had moved back that summer. I noticed Bob Quackenbush isn't in that picture, either. I thought he and Mitch were best pals in that class. I got 5th disease in 5th grade and was out for 2 weeks, so I might have been out of school when the pictures were taken. Thanks for sharing, whoever put that one in there. I have one from middle school - 6th grade-- I'll put it on if I can find it.

Candy Little Gremler


07/19/10 06:44 PM #19    


Ann Jenson (Vogrig)

Hi Candy-

Yes, I will definately be at the Reunion and look forward to seeing you and everyone again. 

I like where we can look at the photos of classmates and their families.  I can recognize most of them, they look great and the same, only a little older. 

Have a safe trip to Spokane and will talk to you soon!

Ann Jenson (Vogrig)



04/21/12 08:46 AM #20    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Oh my goodness, I just realized some day we're going to have an "80 meets 80" party! AAAHHHHhh, I'm not ready for that one. :) Candy Gremler


09/30/12 02:07 PM #21    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Gitte Hansen was actually considered to be in the class of '79. You can find her picture in the 79 yearbook. She lives in Denmark. Her husband runs a furniture company, and she has a facebook page. Search Birgitte Tange Ohlsen to find her. She and I planned to meet up when my family was living in The Netherlands in 2006, but we were not able to mesh our schedules. They were actually visiting the US while we were traveling to Sweden. I know she would love to see the class website, so I have sent that to her, as well. It is truly a small world. Blessings, Candy 

03/04/14 10:18 PM #22    


Dominic Kemp

Very neat, I have not been in here for awhile, liking the site, Great work to those building this, keep up the great work. Dominic "Pat" Kemp.

12/12/18 08:02 AM #23    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Does anyone know the whereabouts of our 1981 classmate, Michael Stueve? I lost track of him in 1990. He was working as an architect in Portland, Oregon, then. Thanks, Candy Gremler

01/18/20 12:44 PM #24    


Candace Little (Gremler)

If anyone is interested, I found Michael Stueve ('81) through Linked In. He's with an architectural firm in Portland, Oregon. But I cannot seem to contact him through the website. Does anyone have his email address?


01/18/20 12:45 PM #25    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mary Collins ('82)? 

07/08/21 01:07 PM #26    


Dominic Kemp

07/21/21 02:35 PM #27    

Karen Pooley

Okay, Graduates,

I've looked at the attendance for this weekend and it's sparce.  I have made calls/texts to everyone I am still in touch with.  I've, so far, added one more attendee.

I think the organizers have spent a lot of time planning, it would be great for all those attending to reach out to everyone they are still in touch with and encourage attendance.

I'm sad to say that Shawna Sanford, Janice Kautz, Kathy Nell, Brenda Mills won't be attending.  But, I think I got Janeen Truscott (Leachman) to come.  There are a lot of graduates that still live in Spokane, let's get on the phone, People!

Let's make the effort to get attendance up.  Let's all have a great time!  Look forward to having a great time with all of you this weekend!

Karen Pooley

07/23/21 09:03 AM #28    


Jill Pickens (Wiehle)


Have everyone, wish I could be there was just in Spokane for my Grandson's Graduation from Mead in June and am now enjoying Italy celebrating 60 and anniversary.


07/23/21 03:11 PM #29    

Karen Pooley


I must admit visiting Italy is far superior to coming to the reunion!  Great pic, Happy 60th!  And hope to see you next reunion---50th!

Take care, Karen

07/26/21 05:59 PM #30    

Karen Pooley

To all the Graduates at this weekend's festivites:
Thank you all for the love and laughter! It was so great to reconnect! We all look so great despite being 59! ;)

To the reunion volunteers:
Thank you so much for your hard work putting this all together! We all appreciate your dedication to making our get together a success!

Much love,
Karen Pooley

08/09/21 02:43 PM #31    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Hey, does anyone have a photo of the 2nd grade Rocket we built at Whitworth Elementary in 1969? My family moved to Texas the week before we launched them (mid or late October). Would love to know what brand they were, and what color, etc. I remember them being white, but I don't have a photo of them. Can't find any on eBay. Thanks for your help, Candy Gremler

08/09/21 08:37 PM #32    


Candace Little (Gremler)

...also, I've never had a class picture from 2nd grade at Whitworth Elementary. I have my individual photo but not the class photo. Does anyone have their 2nd grade class photo that includes my mug in that pale yellow blouse? UI sure would love to see it, and make a copy for my baby book. Thanks

08/19/21 01:06 PM #33    


Julie Fender (Shepard-Hall)

MEAD Classmate Meet-Up for Portland/Vancouver area

Joy & Misty would like to plan a meet-up on Saturday, Sept. 11th.  They are thinking about 4:30pm.  If you would like to join them, please email them before Sept 1st. through this website and they will figure out the best location based on who will be attending.



01/05/23 11:28 AM #34    


Candace Little (Gremler)

Hi all,

Does anyone know a classmate from 1982, Mary Collins? I've tried to look for her on Facebook, but to no avail. Elizabeth Genest remembers that Mary's family attended the same Catholic church, but has no up to date info. Please let me know if you have contact information for Mary. Thank you, Candy

11/28/23 05:42 PM #35    

Brad Johnson

So, there I am teaching Organizational Behavior and Leadership to a stellar group of Naval Academy midshipmen this semester and one of my sharpest students, Jordynn, happened to mention she was from Spokane. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she and I had both graduated from MEAD :)

Today, she returned from Thanksgiving break and said, "Sir, I think you graduated from MEAD with my dad and were my dad's roomate during freshman year in college!? Then it dawned on me that the student is Midshipman Jordynn Hutchinson and her dad is none other than the illustrious Bob Hutchinson. Such a small world!

Bob, if you're out there my friend, your daughter is something else. A brilliant student, a tenacious division 1 athlete, and a fierce future warrior for the nation. You should be incredibly proud of her. 

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