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Charee Deems (Tillotson)

Deems (Tillotson), Charee (Age 58)  

Charee left this Earth on Nov 25, 2020.  I am waiting for her husband to send me an obit for her and will post when I receive it.  Until then... my thoughts... 

There is a lot I didn't know about Charee's life because we were on different journeys.   Charee was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimers in 2012, at the age of 50.   I lost touch with her after high school and didn't reconnect until about 2013 when she moved back to Spokane.  She stopped by my shop to say Hi.  It was then that she told me she and Greg had moved back to Spokane.   A few years passed and we reconnected again, adding Colleen Davis, Lynn Humphries and DeeAnn Friedlander to our circle.  I am so thankful for the few years that I was able to be a part of Charee's life. I am thankful that she was a part of rekindled friendships.  And although Alzheimers took so much from her, it never took her humor, laugh or her beautiful smile.  Charee had a wonderful husband, Greg Tillotson, who loved her dearly. She also had a daughter, son and grandson.  

As I Googled to find information about Charee, I found several things. She had a blog.

Who am I?

I am a wife and mother of two young adults. I am also blessed with a grandchild who is the coolest kid ever!  My daughter Maegan is 26; my son Michael is 22. I have an awesome husband who truly is my champion, protector & best friend. For most of my working life I have been a radio broadcaster and voice talent

She also participated in a video discussing Alzheimers.  This is My Voice -  To Whom I May Concern 

Charee's career was in radio broadcasting... and she loved it.  She was an incredible artist.   She loved to travel.  She loved New Orleans.  She made people laugh.  She was a great friend.

I miss her terribly.









 Charee & Greg


Loving what she does!



Charee & Colleen Davis   


      Colleen, Charee, Julie, Lynn


  Singing "You Are My Sunshine"     




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01/07/21 09:21 PM #1    

Nicki Preston (Kamimoto)

I am so sorry to hear of Charee's passing.  Alzheimers is such a horrible disease that robs people and their loved ones of so much.  My heart goes out to all her family and loved ones.  🙏

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