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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis


Mike passed away in March 1991.  If someone has a copy of his obit, please forward us a copy.

Thank you,



Mike and Shannon Maroney

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Shannon Maroney (Kelly)

When I think of Mike I smile.  His sense of humor paired with his kind and compassionate nature made Mike a one-of-a-kind individual.  One example of Mike's humor was when he came to school dressed as a pig for Halloween.  Mike, being so tall and in that pink pig could you miss him!!! To have such courage...that was Mike.  Another example was his "joke of the day" he would tell me in Gourmet Class.  I'm reminded of some now and it makes me laugh out loud!  They aren't "G" Rated, so will keep them to myself right now.

The picture here of Mike and I is one of many memories I have with Mike.  Looking at it I am reminded how tall he was.  He always felt a little self-consicious for his height and wished to be shorter. I think his height allowed him to rise above (figuratively and literally) some of the adversity he faced in his life.  To me, his height was an asset.  Mike saw the good in all people and tried his best to treat others with respect.  I can't recall Mike ever being angry at anyone or saying a cross word towards another person.  Mike loved his mom and sister very much and was evident in his closeness and devotion to them. 

Mike: Funny, courageous,intelligent, talented, kind, giving, compassinate, deep-feeling, loyal, hard-working...will always be my friend.  I look forward to seeing him in heaven.  I'm sure he and Jed are "whooping it up" with all God's heavenly angels.


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