Missing Classmates

 Where are you?

This is a list of classmates that have not yet signed in to our website.  If you see someone's name on this list and you know how to contact them Please let them know that we are waiting to hear from them.  On the home page is a section that will let you put in an email address and the invitation to sign-in is sent automatically. You can click on the name below and do the same here.

If you contact a classmate via snail-mail or phone ask them to go to  http://johntyler1969.com and sign in.  If you know someone that knows where a member might be, please contact them and ask them to pass this address along.  

If they are not the computer type,  please have them mail us at  JohnTyler1969, c/o Tina Faulkner Cromwell, 3398 Darby Rd, Keswick VA 22947

Judy Bankhead
John Bass
Gary J. Blalock
Dennis R. Bowins
Ruth E. Brooks
Esther E. Broughton
Sherrell R. Brown
Mary J. Burton
Darlene Campbell
Peter C. Capach
Lynn S. Carter
Deborah M. Chambless
Gail Chapman
Henry Collins
JoAnn Cook
Michael L. Cox
Juan Cruz
Levell T. Davis
Claude N. Dones
Fonella A. Doud
Eugene Drawhorn, Jr.
James V. Driggers
Bleva J. Erwin
Cary C. Etsinger
Charles G. Farrell
Barry L. Fielder
Thomas L. Frisby
Susan M. Gardner
Gwen Gee
Loyd J. Gerard
Danny C. Gilbert
Willie Graham
Connie G. Granberry
Sophie Green
Paul J. Hallmark
Barbara J. Ham
Larry W. Harper
Dickie Hawkins
Rickie Hearon
Margaret Henderson
Michael R. Higginbotham
John R. Hood
Kenneth W. Hooper
James L. Hornbuckle
Gary Jackson
Booker T. Johnson (Jr. )
Karl B. Johnson
Oscar C. Johnson
Ramona E. Johnson
Elaine Jones
Rodney Jones
Kathryn M. Joynt
Nita R. Kennedy
Peggy A. Kennedy
Sandra T. Kircher
Thomas S. Kirkpatrick
Emma L. Lewis
Jeffrey C. Lewis
John D. Lewis
Richard M. Lewis
Linda A. Littlejohn
Dana R. Longacre
Erwin L. Loving
Ronald L. Luman
Michael R. Madigan
John Michael Mallory
Maria E. Marnell
Krista L. Martin
Letha A. Martin
Pamela A. Mason
Roy Marshall Massey
Donald R. McCrary
Pamela S. McMillan
Linda S. Morrow
Ken Murray
Dewey M. Odom
Suzanne F. Olson
Danny B. Palmer
Mary S. Palmer
Katherine Parker
David L. Parnell
Phillip R. Pence (Jr)
Laleta S. Porter
John G. Ray
Brenda J. Redding
David M. Redmon
Kevin Brent Roberts
Thomas E. Routt
Mary Sue Scarborough
James L. Shacklett
Mary C. Sigman
Nancy K. Singer
Ronald G. Singley
Sharon A. Smart
Lonnie M. Smith
William Larry Smotherman
Michael W. Sparks
Caroline S. Speaks
Floyd E. Stanley
David A. Sulser
William D. Swartz
Larry Tant
Deborah R. Taylor
Gary Taylor
Sheila A. Thompson
Teresa A. Tingley
Charles W. Treadaway
Peggy S. Underwood
Mathew M. Walker
Mike O. Ward
David A. Warren
Everett L. Watson
Charles V. Wheeler
Stephen L. White
Stacey Whiteley
Lloyd W. Wood
William E. Wood
Claudia Young