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08/30/11 04:25 PM #52    


Robert Duncan (High Life) (1982)

Hi folks;

I regret to say that my wife and I will not be attending the reunion due to extenuating circumstances. Mom, 86, took a fall and fractured a vertabrae and is requiring constant care. She has been there for us through thick and thin and now it's our turn. Prayers for a speedy recovery would be welcome. Thanks.

10/10/11 11:33 AM #53    

Mary Sherman /Cameron (Pascua) (1982)

Thank you to our wonderful host Mr and Mrs Kutsch and Stan. I had a great time during the reunion! Everything was great, seeing so many fiends at times the years melted away, can'wait for the next one

12/24/11 08:35 AM #54    

Larry E. Henderson (1977)

We are our own worst critics, and that goes without saying when an event as was the reunion this year was missed.

The plan is to make San Antonio, which is just down the street from Ft. Worth.

Now to the really important point: Merry Christmas; Happy New Year to one and all fellow Enrouters.



08/12/16 03:21 PM #55    

Earl Martin (1972)

Reading about the reunion and saw a old name I remember from the C5 test team at Edwards in 1959, Ted Clay was the test pilot and I've seen him fly test flights with 50 pages of open write-ups. Now what other pilot would do that? We had a ball and learned a lot about FAT ALBERT (GO HOG). The team from Charleston AFB was a great crew and I also remember drinking beer and listening to country music every weekend in the dorm room at Edwards. 

08/13/16 10:34 AM #56    


Stanley Miller (1980)

I never knew Col Clay, but I always heard, he was a great pilot.
He is sadly missed.

Any chance, where you in Enroute?

If you were at Rhein Main, you are welcome to attend the Rhein Main Reunion being held in Dayton OH

28 Sept - 02 Oct 16. (Not an Enroute Reunion)


08/14/16 10:34 AM #57    


Richard "Fig" Figueroa (1976)

HELLO  ENROUTERS...  COL CLAY was our DCM  during those golden years of ENROUTE.  I was out on a C5 that was ready to block on pit 4, #3 engine with a START problem with another Enrouter trying to hold the COWL DOOR OPEN.  I think it was AL WINZERLING or RORY ALLEN.   THEN  I remember, I was up on a B5 maints stand with the wheels not locked.  He drove up in his KARMEN GHIA VW to the nose of the C5, walked to the NR# 3,  locked my wheels on my B5 maints stand, climbed up the ladder, asked me a few questions.  Col CLAY was  dressed in his 1550 uniform, he went down the ladder to go the flight station to deal with the flight crew.  I was  worried that we were in trouble because He found a unsafe condition with the use of the B5 STAND.  ANYWHO!  we got the  NR#3 to start, with a disturbance CHECK (SMACKED the START CONRTOL VALVE with a HAMMER)..  and got the C5 to block out.  YEAH!  I thought  we were in  allot of trouble.  But COL CLAY thanked us and he said nothing about the unsafe method of the use of the B5 stand to the OMS ENROUTE BRANCH OFFICE.  We all liked Col CLAY.  He protected us ENROUTERS from the RM BASE Commander.  Plus he would drop in at some of our ENROUTE functions.  But best of all he was out on the RAMP fighting with the C5 flight crews and backing us OMS ENROUTERS maintenance FLIGHTS....


08/14/16 11:07 AM #58    


Stanley Miller (1980)

This picture is from Richard "FIG" Figueroa.
COL Clay, CPT Belmont andd David Sanabrina

08/15/16 02:36 AM #59    

David Hunter (1980)

Hi guys and gals, A tribute to Col. Clay.We had been working our butts off all day.We kinda missed lunch but aircraft had to be fixed and launched and recovered.We finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.It was also nearly the end of our work day.When we got everything under control we went to the Hauptbanhoff outside the gate for a well deserved lunch.Sadly in our greasy,oily,dirty fatigues.Some people don't understand how you get those fatigues dirty,example an NCO from CBPO.After starting to ask us what we were doing off base in fatigues,he was approached by a Full Bird Colonel ,telling him to leave these people alone,they work for a living.Exit CBPO NCO with tail tucked accordingly.Col. Clay took care of us he understood the hard job we had.He is only one of three Full Birds I would follow to Hell.And yes it is unnerving to be on a B-5 stand on a launch,cowling open,working as fast as you can and look over your sholder wondering who the just came up, to see the big eagle ,only to be told to continue ,you're doing a fine job.St.Peter's got a good guy!

08/15/16 12:07 PM #60    


Richard "Fig" Figueroa (1976)

DAVE WROTE!...........(Some people don't understand how you get those fatigues dirty, example an NCO from CBPO. After starting to ask us what we were doing off base in fatigues, he was approached by a Full Bird Colonel, telling him to leave these people alone,they work for a living.Exit CBPO NCO with tail tucked accordingly).-----------

YES!  I fully CONCUR DAVE....   This is true.  We lived this daily at RHEIN MAIN.  YOU could tell an ENROUTER from an FMS or a C130 OMS troop or from any other RM SQ troop.  Like I told STAN in an EMAIL..  COL CLAY was our version of Col. PAPPY Boyington (USMC)  from the TV show BAA -BAA BLACK SHEEP TV show.  Remember that  (ha, ha,)..  It aired in the MID or late 70's,  and ENROUTE BRANCH was COL CLAYS  BLACK SHEEP SQ..  Thanks DAVE of reminding me of this on your post...............  FIG


08/15/16 03:35 PM #61    

Gary Belmont (1977)

How about Barry Wilder in C Flight

02/17/17 01:48 AM #62    

David Hunter (1980)

Hi all you Enrouters . Don't see much activity on this site.I know I'm at fault too. I don't do facebook. My sons a federal agent and says to stay off,it's dangerous to your private info.I was on "D" Flight from Nov. 1976 till 1982.I had some of the best years of my life there.I've seen Chuck Holmes who lives west of Phoenix.I guess everybody else doesn't like the heat and hasn't moved to beautiful Arizona.Still can't seem to make the reunions.If the wife ever retires I will.We have eight grandkids,it's a money thing with grandma.I have my E-mail on profile.Let me know you're still alive.It's going to be a cold 73* F tomorrow for those living up north.Take care to all. Dave Hunter

02/17/17 08:59 AM #63    


Richard "Fig" Figueroa (1976)

HELLO DAVE.   I noticed the same thing..NO ACTIVITY!..  must be we are getting the  old age effect.  I lived in the Phoenix are while I was at WILLIAMS AFB, AZ.  after ENROUTE.  I loved the area but hated the assignment working in the beginning on T-37's Aircraft.  I totally agree about FACEBOOK,  I am not on it.  I remember CHUCK Holmes.  If you run into him , FWD my greetings.  During my stay in AZ I ran into CARY HOLMES.  I don't know if you remember him.  Plus I ran into GREG McQUE.  I think he is still in the AZ area.  I have been to every reunion so far.  I recommend you make an effort to attend this year.

02/17/17 09:03 AM #64    

John M. "Mike" Jones (Jones) (1982)

Hey Dave,

It's just better up here in Flagstaff...been here for 20 years. Fixing to retire again and move to the Florida Panhandle in May but you are right AZ is a beautiful state.


02/18/17 12:08 PM #65    

Peter (Pete) Pehoski (1984)

Yeah, there hasn't been much activity on these pages.  For a one-term enlister like me, these posts are a walk down memory lane which serve to reinforce my conclusion that I made the right choice getting the hell out.  Like I post on my resume for 'reason for leaving': 'Successful fullfillment of enlistment with honorable discharge'.  By the skin of my teeth, as Dave Morphis, Jeff Fullerton and several others can attest to. 

My time at TheRoute was, like others have said 'the best in their careers'.  Like I say, it was the best AND worst, having met people I would storm hell with if they were leading (Dave Morphis, Mark Daly, the late great Ben Ady), and those of whom I would dance on their graves. 

I follow, but seldom post, since I feel this is for those who had much more 'espirit de corps' than I was ever able to muster.  It also seems to follow the reunions, which, although I'd go for the venue, I have no interest in trying to remember people or incidents. 

Ta, all y'all.

Pete "P-6" "Polish Rocket" (and others that can't be typed here) Pehoski

Any hear from or know the whereabouts of Max Pinkerton?  He is one of the smartest dudes I know.

02/19/17 04:37 PM #66    

David Hunter (1980)

Hello Fig,John and Pete,   Fig ,I went to Willie when I left Enroute,1982.I was the Hydraulic shop chief in FMS.I left there in 1984 for beautiful RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge.Germany was so much better!When I retired I left Pease AFB,cold in the winter ,New Hampshire for Willie. I worked there as a civilian hydraulic wrench turner until our enlightened government decided to close it.I loved working on the TWEETS ,especially the HELL HOLE. Where else could you start your day clean and in minutes think your clothes had just wiped down all the oil and hydraulic fluid on an aircraft?I liked the T-38's but they were a little small compared to the C-141 and C-5.I don't think I could climb the ladder in a C-141 T tail today,probably couldn't get to the ladder.Pull an elevator pack out of it's hole.Yeah,Hello!My body was in better shape then.Too many Twinkies under the bridge.Standing for hours on a C-5 refuel in winter.The things we did for our country and the guys and gals working beside us.The good feeling that our efforts made a difference!The best feeling= the people we worked with!                                                    John, I'd like to have the money to move to Flagstaff.My wife couldn't deal with the cold.Moving to the panhandle.I was stationed at Hurlburt Field,auxillary of Eglin AFB.At the time the most highly decorated wing in the USAF.We used to say,yeah through the blood and bones of it's people.I've never worked so many hours in my life except for the closing down of Vietnam.I didn't like the weather there,too many huricanes.The food was good.I hope your move goes well and you enjoy life.That's what it's all about.                                                     Pete, I missed you by a few years.Enroute was changing as I was leaving.I used to tell the people who worked for me that to do it beyond four years, that you had to enjoy what you were doing and expect a bunch of bullshit from above.In my opinion there were too many people wth time on their hands and with alot of "NEW" ideas.I'm not opposed to change as long as there's reasoning behind it. I spent 22years,1 month and 2 days. I would liked to have stayed longer and by the rules could have.I couldn't deal with the base closures ,reduction in force and the mindless bull coming from above.I stood in a hanger and watched the guys and gals who worked for me being told by SAC headquarters that they either re-enlist for four more years plus what they already had left or they would be discharged and out the gate  in two weeks.Politics! This is  not the Air Force I joined in 1968.We took care of our own then,we didn't dump on them.The Air Force has one of the most important jobs our country requires .I'm hoping that with the new president that our military will return to taking care of it's own. You served your country and I think that makes you a better person.All of this just an opinion. Off my soap box. I hope life treats you well. Take care all who read.   An old ? D Flight greeting," Eat pooh and bark at the moon."The word wasn't pooh,sorry ladies. ?, has Gary Kutsch eaten all the chingasahs in Delaware?  Take care Enrouters,good health,and long life! Dave Hunter                                               

02/20/17 10:12 AM #67    

John M. "Mike" Jones (Jones) (1982)



If you think it was bad then you should talk to my daughter.  She is an SP, I guess now know as Security Forces.  Holly calls and asks advice and some of the BS she tells me leads me to think the inmates are in charge of th asylum for sure.  Basic is full of time out cards, PC is rampant and heaven help you if you speak your mind.  It parrallels the Carter years and the Clinton years in many ways.  I too hope that things change because we are not worse off than post Vietnam. 

The reason we are leaving Flag is part politics up here and mostly to get away from the cold.  Took today off from work as I too see so much change in private industry, where you either do what you are told, whether it makes sense or not, except our teaching you how to behave or leave.  Sorry, there is something called integrity that made me just say "Eat pooh and Die" and move on.  I was told I was too blunt with people at times and well found out you can be very dangerous to snowflakes...they melt with truth and a little directness.

But we are moving south of Panama City, Fl to Port Saint Joe, FL.  Glad to hear we have something in common with Hulburt Field but I was later and in a different AFSC at the time. I did not understand from the realtor why she told us we were in the "golden triangle" ( miss 90% of hurricanes) there until after we closed but, what the heck.

Best to you and Fig and Pete, never know when we may run into each other.  Will stay in touch as best I can, hopefully seeing you at the reunion.  Regards all,





02/20/17 10:39 AM #68    


Richard "Fig" Figueroa (1976)

HELLO JONES..YOU are correct about the new USAF PC bullcrap on your last message.  My son is stationed at BARKDALE.  He tells me the same thing about the modern USAF cant get nothing flying or on schedule..  It sickens me.   YEAH I speak my mind too.   My first time after leaving ENROUTE going to WILLAIMS .  I noticed the begining infection of the PC climate that has infected the nation common sence.   AFTER WILLIAMs I went to ALTUS AFB.   I felt much better stationed there working on what I knew best.  I came across a few ENROUTERS there.    DONT forget to make plans to attend the 2017 REUNION.  .....FIG

02/20/17 10:57 AM #69    


Richard "Fig" Figueroa (1976)

HELLO DAVE & JONES & PETE...  DAVE,, I liked reading your long essay on what you wrote.  I too agree.    I had a big adjustment to go through when I arrived at WILLIAMs AFB AZ after ENROUTE.  I loved the area but the job lacked the love of  working the weapon sys A/C, no Camaraderie with the work force like the ENROUTE GANG had on our weekends.    It was a civilian job in uniform.  I do miss the southwest area.   During my stay in AZ there I travelled al over the state.  Now, I am living in KY.  It is a good home  but lacks a beach, a VOLCANO with high mountains.   Here we have many streams and rivers and BLACK BEARS are starting to show up here were I live.................FIG


HEY PETE!  this got my attention.........( Like I say, it was the best AND worst, having met people I would storm hell with if they were leading (Dave Morphis, Mark Daly, the late great Ben Ady), and those of whom I would dance on their graves.)

I remember those..   GUYS...ha, ha, ha,  

02/21/17 11:02 PM #70    

John Walters (1978)

To Dave Hunter, I think I was there when Col. Clay came to our rescue. I seem to remember he even bought  a pitcher of beer. Never did get back to enroute that afternoon. John Walters C Flt.

02/22/17 08:32 AM #71    


Stanley Miller (1980)

Hello John,

Great hearing from you. Hope to see you at our reunion in San Antonio -- 4-8 Oct 2017.

Stan Miller

02/22/17 02:26 PM #72    

William (Bill) Walters (1977)

Hi John Walters, Hope all is going well for you. Are you getting in any ice fishing? Guess you're still in ND? Bill Walters



02/23/17 08:45 AM #73    

John Walters (1978)

Have become snowbirds. We are in Southwest Texas on the Frio river. Then we go to Destin Flordia for a month. Then back home. We both are still going strong. John

05/18/17 01:12 PM #74    


Carl Bodin (1983)

Hey everyone: I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions, to try and locate records that I need for this VA claim. I have to have it in by Nov. 15 so there isn't much time left. I sent an Email to Maxwell AFB.  but; no responce yet. I'm going to follow up with a letter by snail mail hopefully I find out something or other suggestions. I don't think I'll be at the reunion again this year getting harder to travel and Marie is not doing good with her knee plus my chemo. Again thank you.


01/15/18 06:58 PM #75    

Robert Evans (1982)

Greetings & Salutations Y'all,
Just chilling on my birthday in the "Valley of the sun".
Have a great day everyone!-):

01/16/18 11:14 PM #76    

Phillip Deitrich (1977)

Hello Mr Bob,

This is your former room mate in Okinawa Japan.  And your replacement every (well almost) when ever you changed station I came in to take your place.  I have seen your picture at Rhein Main AB lots of times.  I never thought you would marry that young lady Komico.  “Not sure of the spelling”  I would look forward to seeing you again at some reunion.  I live in Chicago working at a company that makes machining equipment.  The name is AMADA.  I have been a lot of places training and repairing their equipment.  I am on facebook so google my name and if you want to send a friend request.

Phil Deitrich


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