In Memory

Bill Fred Randolph


Woodward High School
Of 1959

Deceased Classmate: Bill Fred Randolph
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Classmate City: Cincy
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Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: I only know of Doris

a gentleman and the best pitcher I knew 

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08/30/17 09:20 AM #1    

George Bryson

 Bill Randolph... I just heard the news.  I played a lot of baseball with Bill.  He was the gentleman of the team.  Not crazy like the rest of us.  Bill was a man amongst us boys.  Great pitcher in school. I was proud to play infield behind Bill.  I will always cherish the memories of my friend Billy Randolph.    George Bryson

08/30/17 12:39 PM #2    

Sherman M. Kaplan

I did not know Bill well. But, he seemed like a pretty good guy. Reading his obit, he was that and more. Sympathies to his family and close friends.



08/30/17 12:53 PM #3    

Sterling L. Williams

Rest In Peace Bill.   One of the nice guys.

08/30/17 05:48 PM #4    

Richard Roots

Bill was one of my best friends starting in the First Grade at Mary Dill School in Carthage.  How has that neigborhood change?   I was best "buds" with Bill and Richard Roots, when Richard moved into Carthage in the fourth grade.  We played baseball every day, in the summer, at Caldwell Park.  Bill's father Fred was the coach of our knothole team, and his cousin Gene Barlow, was the assistant coach.  Those were the day's my friends...  I'll cherish the memory of his in peace...

This tribute from Stan Weiss was posted by Richard Roots.












08/30/17 08:28 PM #5    

Bruce L. Oliver

I have not been in touch with Bill since our high school days.  I remember him as an affable young man.  My best wishes go out to his family and friends.

08/31/17 05:29 AM #6    

Dan Carpenter

R I P Bill. Haven't seen Bill since our wedding days. Bill lived in Hartwell(Valley Dale) and we along  with Dick Brown, David DeBoard, and Bob Wiggelsworth played a heck of a lot of Basketball on the courts at Hartwell Park. I remember one of Bills hijincks predriving days when he and Dick sneaked his fathers car out of the driveway and preceded to cruise the Hamburger drive ins where the older guys would hang out. Needless to say thay got caught and I remember Bills Dad sayting he wouldn't drive till he was 21. At 17 he got a snazzy red and white Ford convertable. I remember trying out for the Baseball team my senior year and couldn't hit Bills curve ball in batting practice.. So much for my career in Baseball. Go in peace Bill, one of the ggod people in this world.

08/31/17 08:31 AM #7    

Jean Depoi (Ellsworth)

Well, I can't say that I played baseball with him, but I knew Bill well. He was a great guy and always a lot of fun in high school. My sincere sympathy to Doris and their family. They are in my thought and prayers. Doris was a friend of my sister Carol. I know Bill will be greatly missed.

08/31/17 11:07 AM #8    

Charles M. Campbell

I'll pass all of these great comments onto Doris and the family. I plan to attend the visitation Saturday. Anytime I fished Rocky Fork Lake I always stopped to see them if they were home.

08/31/17 02:30 PM #9    

Howard Lee Baum

I was saddened to hear about Bill's passing.   As Sterling said, he like so many in our class, was one of the really nice guys.    He always had a big smile and a great laugh whenever I would see him the hallways as we went to our next classes and it always made me feel good to see and talk with him.   RIP Bill  

09/05/17 03:44 PM #10    

Charles M. Campbell

I attended Bill’s visitation yesterday and saw Doris, Bill’s children Annie and Chad and 6 grandkids. I’ve attached some of the comments received from Woodward classmates to this e-mail and a photo I saw of Bill at the church. Everyone is doing well. Apparently Bill‘s health had been bad the last few years. I didn’t really discuss it in detail with anyone. Bill’s mother is still alive and living in a nursing home in the area.

I want to share a real blessing I got from going to the visitation. There were many photos of Bill growing up and many photos of Bill and Doris and their families. There were scrapbooks containing all kinds of memories and the ones I enjoyed were the newspaper articles about Bill and baseball and the Solomon class A knothole team. They apparently were a very good baseball team and Bill was listed as a pitcher. I saw other names that I recognized from Woodward that also played in that team. I started thinking about how we all went to various elementary schools and had our friends from those schools and all of us were all placed into the 7th grade at Woodward. A real melting pot of kids from all walks of life and with very few skirmishes blended into what I believe was great bunch of people that really cared for each other. I know there were a few that seemed to troublemakers at times but I know for a fact many of those turned out to be really good people. It seems the older we get, the closer we become. I always enjoy and look forward to getting together with our Woodward people.

In the comments, Bill is talked about as being a really good guy, a great guy, a really nice guy plus other good comments. In the photo I attached of Bill (I don’t know how old he was) you can see a very carrying, gentle and kind young man. Bill was that and more.

If you know other classmate’s email addresses, please forward this on to them. I tried to send the photo but it wouldn't copy and paste. I'll try again. 


Charlie Campbell








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