For your enjoyment, we have added a video that highlights the following:

  • A Wolf & Dessauer Christmas window in the past
  • A link to W&D's historic pictures
  • 2020 Christmas Activities in Fort Wayne

To view all three, just click on the blue links below.  When viewing the pictures, check out the Santa and his reindeer on the side of the W & D's building. The third link shows activities this past Christmas, which features the "Santa and his reindeer.


Wolf Dessauer Holiday display on Vime (You do not need to join "Vime" to view video, just click on the picture)

Wolf & Dessauer Historic Pictures (Click on more images at the bottom of the page for more memories)

2020 Christmas


May be a cartoon of one or more people, tree and text that says 'SMELTZER "Unless you have three hours to kill, wouldn't ask Grandma and Grandpa about something called the W&D's Christmas window."'

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