1964 All Choral Spring Concert

BHS 1964 All Choral Spring Concert

Girls’ Glee Club

Mister Banjo

Night Herding Song

All the Pretty Little Horses

Junior and Senior Choirs


Rock-a-Ma Soul – solo – Alvin Yates

Boys’ Quartet

Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl

When Pa Was a Little Boy Like Me

Alvin Yates, Chuck Herfurth, Roger Strube, Ben Hawley

A Cappella Choir

Low Lands

I Love My Love

Open Your Hearts to Spring

Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair


bass solo - Jeff Fitch, 2nd sop. solo – Linda Fennimore, 1st sop. solo – Linda Renken

The Glee Club for Tenors and Basses

Choose Something Like a Star


tenor solo – Chuck Herfurth

Row, Row, Row