1991 Reunion



Nancy Gurney and David Beach Clarke

Bob Arbasetti

John and Kathy Burr

Mike and Lorraine Cafasso

Carl Levi and Damie Nelson

Richard and Carol Nasto

Ron and Leann Parente

Pat Casey and Phil Ruggiero

Ellen Rowland and Charlie Ferarra

Mike and Carol Schoenfeld

Gary Chanatski and Janet DellaCasa

Jim Devor

Barbara Filippini

Pete and Sharon Wall

Susan Marshall and Bruce Rudolph

Jose and Kathleen Ortiz

Barbara Day and Jeff Miller

Beach and Gurn

The "Bogotatones" - Pete Wall, Nancy Gurney, Phil Ruggiero, Susan Springhorn, David B. Clarke

Carole and Buddy Ajalat, Nancy Gurney, David Beach Clarke and Pete Wall

Lizanne Gately and Susan Marshall

Pete Wall

Phil Ruggiero

Phil Ruggiero and Pat Casey

Pete Wall, Mike and Lorraine Cafasso, Linda Meisse, Frank and Angela Rattacasa

Pat Schuber and Monika Klotz

Steve Kregstein,  Charlene Kleis, Mike and Carol Schoenfeld

Jack Speary and Karen Prisco


Bruce  Rudolph!

Larry and Susan Novak

The Novaks and the Pauszs

The Cafassos and the Rattacasas

Garry Galatro, Kathy Lindsay and Jerry Nissen


Jerry Ahearn and Damie Nelson







Bob Arbasetti and Janet DellaCasa