1962 Christmas Concert

BHS 1962 Christmas Concert

Senior Band:

Panis Angelicus

Crusaders overture

Quiet Christmas

Themes from the Nutcracker Suite…Tchaikovski

Spirit of Christmas

Junior and Senior Choirs

Welcome Yule

Adoration of the Magi

Mary and the Child

Solo – Alvin Yates

Now Let Us All Right Merry Be

Girls’ Quartet

Czecho Slovakian Dance Song

Linda Fennimore, Linda Renken,

Lucrezia Funghini, Sue Springhorn


Combined Choirs

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Sop. Solo – Diane Tedesco

Alto Solo – Linda Uecker

Tenor Solo – Chuck Herfurth

Bass Solo – Dennis Tirsch

Speaking Part – Marilyn Gerard, Lauren Fraysee

Oh Holy Night

Sop. Solo – Linda Renken

Tenor Solo – John Peterson