A. B. Mitchell

A. B. Mitchell Cemetery
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Directions: Hwy 274 (Rockcastle Rd) to Parkview Shores Rd. Turn left on Cunningham Lane, cemeter is on left.
Byrd Lizey (Eliza) (nee Mitchell), wife of BR (Benjamin R), Jan. 11, 1862--March 5, 1885
Byrd B.R. (Benjamin R), died July 29, 1944
Mitchell Aurora (10C10F) (nee Cunningham), March 17, 1864--Oct. 17, 1908 (wife of Andrew Buck)
Mitchell A.B. (Andrew Buck), June 7, 1859--Feb. 19, 1905
Mitchell Patrick G. (Green), Dec. 15, 1852--June 24, 1916
+ Mitchell Martha A. P'Pool, December 15, 1861--Jan 24, 1924  (wife of Patrick Green)
Mitchell William Thomas, July 25, 1896--Nov. 26, 1916
Mitchell Henry (Patrick Henry), W.W. I., Nov 01, 1893--May 23 1921 (son of Patrick & Martha)