• These cemeteries were transcribed by Betty Sellers, David Sumner, Kim Fortner, Pam Metts, Charles Morris, Judith Maupin, or myself.
  • I have inserted maiden names, and full names where there are initials into the listings in some cases.  My inserted data will be shown in parenthesis next to the name as it is listed on the stone.  I have done this to help researchers identify who it is exactly in the listing.  I have also included the family and child number (ex. 3C3F) if I know it
  • I have added death dates in some cases, where there wasn't one.  Death dates were found through the following ways:  1) Social Security Death Index, matching the name and birth date as it is listed on the stone, and area of death.  2) Death date was seen inscribed on the stone during a visit to the cemtery.  3) KY Death Index, matching the age and name, and area of death. 
  • Again, ALL OF MY INSERTED DATA (explained above) will be shown in PARENTHESISPlease double check and confirm if you plan on adding any of these insertions to your file. 
  • Please EMAIL me for corrections or to inform me of a non-working link.
  • Double and Triple stones are marked.