Tom Cunningham

Tom Cunningham Cemetery
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Directions:  From Cadiz, take Hwy 69 (going toward Canton) to Hwy 164.  Turn onto Hwy 164.  A little ways down on the right, you will see a Sock/Hosiery factory (I think it is out of business).  Turn in here, go over the little bridge and up the gravel road to the house.  This is the owner of the land the cemetery is on.  They are very nice people and do not mind anyone going to the cemetery.  If they are not home, just leave a note on their door.
If you are standing facing the front of the house, you will want to start walking to the right.  Follow the creek/stream down a ways, and then up the hill on the left is the cemetery. It isn't real hard to find, just a lot of walking, and not good terrain, so plan on walking and a little mud, etc. 
Calhoun Louis, Dec. 19, 1914--Feb. 8, 1933
Choate Carl Julian, Dec. 3, 1929--Jan. 1, 1930
Choate Cecil Earl, June 22, 1931--July 30, 1921
Crawford Albert T.,1912--1912
Cunningham E.A. (Elias Alexander), May 12, 1844--March 22, 1921 (Co, G, 4th KY, C.S.A.)
Cunningham Tom, 1838-1915
+ Cunningham Mat, 1844-1912
Cunningham Betty Stallons, 2nd wife of EA, dau. of Reuben Stallons, no stone (died February 1881)
Cunningham David D., Oct. 4, 1867--Oct. 2, 1942
+ Cunningham Nancy Mahala (Rutledge), Oct. 5, 1866--August 7, 1947
Cunningham Margaret E. Hendricks, lst wife of EA, dau. of George & Jane Boyd Hendricks, 
                                                     no stone (died January 1877)
Cunningham Susan F. (Robinson) (wife of EA), Feb 14, 1854--Nov 4, 1901
Cunningham Susie V., 1871-1906
Gentry Doloris, died age 2 years, 2 months, no date (Aug 12, 1919--Oct 16, 1921)
Gentry Geneva, died age 9 months, 7 days, no date (Jun 6, 1923--Mar 13, 1924)
Robenson Charles, father of Susan, no stone