Savells Cemetery
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D.E.N. footstone
G.M. footstone
M.E.S. footstone (could POSSIBLY be Mariah Elizabeth (Savells) Joyce Smith)
Bush infant, died 1900, no stone
Colson Charlotte (nee Savells), Mrs. John T. (Tandy), March 1, 1852--March 17, 1899 
Colston Charlotte, died 1905, no stone
Higgins A.J. (Andrew Jackson)., Jan. 11, 1818--Feb. 14, 1892
Higgins Rachel (nee Hubbard), May 7, 1822--Nov. 5, 1884 (wife of Andrew Jackson)
Higgins infant, died 1880, no stone
Higgins Francis M., KY State Trooper, born 1852 (died Sep 4, 1907), no stone (son of Andrew Jackson & Rachel)
Joyce Henry, died 1880, no stone (born 1840) (husband of Mariah nee Savells)
Kilgore Tommie, son of James & Lou, Jan. 11, 1895--June 29, 1897
Mitchell Mrs. Mat, dau. of James Richards, died March 15, 1902, age 30 (born ca1872) 
Mitchell Stella, dau. of Charles, July 10, 1900--May 29, 1901
Mitchusson Lige T. (Tim), May 24, 1867--April 4, 1900
Mitchusson Martha ('Mattie') Colson, wife of LT (Lige Tim), 1872-1911, no stone
Mitchusson America Isabell, died 1846, no stone
Nunn Ethel Daton, died 1901, no stone (born Nov 9, 1899) (dau of Charles Thomas & Aletha)
Rhodes William Henry, (Feb 11, 1846--Mar 27, 1922) no stone
Rhodes Lurana (nee Savells), Mrs. William H. (Henry), (Feb 26) 1848--(May 18) 1880, no stone 
Savells Almurdy, (born & died Nov 15, 1891) (dau of George Rolson & Nancy Jane) no stone
Smith Parale, died 1882, no stone
Smith infant, died 1882, no stone (POSSIBLY children of James Irvin & Mariah Elizabeth)
Ward William (William A.), died 1883 (born 1827), no stone
Ward Mary (Mary T.) (nee Joyce), wife of William, Sept. 25, 1829--March 7, 1883