Babies & Children

Our darling one
hath gone before
to greet us on
the blissful shore
(on stone of Vanga P'Pool 1887-1888)
(and Ethel Jackson 1887-1888)
Sleep on sweet baby and take thy rest
God called thee home he thought it best.
(on stone of Ocolia Burnam 1882-1883)
Remember friends as you pass by
that all mankind are born to die
Then let your cares on Christ be cast
that you may dwell with Him at last.
(on stone of Amos Lee Cunningham 1900-1903)
At rest
(on stone of Charlie Lee Stallons 1912-1912)
(and Cunningham Mylus, son of V.D. & Florence, born & died March 29, 1902)
(and Finley Layton Burnet, son of Burnet & Myrtle, April 25, 1922--June 3, 1923)
Our little one
(on stone of May Guier 1908-1908)
Unto you is paradise open
(on stone of Luticia Cunningham 1883-1883)
Our Darling
(on stone of Clifton T. Allen 1953-1953)
(and Baker infant son of Marvin Bishop & Bessie Monroe, born & died March 3, 1910)
Gone but not forgotten
(on stone of Charlie Joyce 1946-1946)
(and Marie Joyce 1931-1931)
(and Robert O. Smith 1946-1952)
(and Artice Lee Cunningham 1885-1885)
Here lies one who in this life
was a kind mother, a true wife
She was by many virtues blest
and piety among the best
(on stone of Sarah (nee Adams) Guier 1851-1900)
A light from our home is gone,
a voice we love is still.
A place is vacant in our hearts,
this world can never fill.
(on stone of Fatha (nee Lancaster) Cunningham 1833-1891)
A precious one from us has gone
a voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
that never can be filled.
(on stone of Laura J. Cunningham 1846-1926)
A loved one is gone from our circle
on earth we will meet no more
She has gone to her home in heaven
and all her afflictions are o'er.
(on stone of Dicie M. Grant 1824-1886)
Faithful to her friends
even unto death.
(on stone of Mattie Loreen Cooper 1907-1913)
A loving wife and mother dear
lies buried here.
(on stone of Emma Lee (nee Hendricks) Cunningham 1868-1917)
We love you
(on stone of Mattie M. Fowler 1900-1984)
(and Lilly Mae Stallons 1941-1987)
Thy memory shall be cherished.
(on stone of Captolia Eugenia (nee Meredith) McWaters 1863-1907)
In loving memory
(on stone of Martha Rogers 1901-1975)
There is no parting in heaven
(on stone of Mary A. (nee Terrell) Cunningham 1858-1904)
Beloved mother
(on stone of Lois Velma Page Cunningham 1918-2004)
Gone but not forgotten
(on stone of Eliza Bell (nee Cunningham) Colley 1872-1966)
(and Virginia Lee (nee Malone) Colley 1908-1990)
(and Lula P. Elkins 1895-1909)
Sacred to the memory
(on stone of John Cunningham 1796-1854)
Remember me as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you will be
Prepare for death and follow me
(on stone of John Cunningham 1796-1854)
The pains of death are past,
labor and sorrow cease.
And life's long warfare closed at last,
his soul is found in peace.
(on stone of William Cunningham 1822-1901)
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep
from which none ever wakes to weep
(on stone of John F. Guier 1848-1925)
And is it true? Is he no more?
Are all his pains and sorrows O'er?
A loving husband, a father dear.
How very soon with earth he's done.
(on stone of Richard T. Guier 1819-1899)
A precious one from us is gone
a voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
that never can be filled.
(on stone of John J. Cunningham 1848-1903)
A precious one from us has gone
a voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our hearts
that never can be filled.
(on stone of Meekins Carr Cunningham Sr. 1839-1910)
Dear child unto your mother be kind
must go and leave your body behind
and may Jesus deign your souls to raise
to join and sing his lasting praise
(on stone of Casander Williams 1830-1880)
Although he sleeps
his memory doth live
and cheering comfort
to his mourners give
(on stone of John K. Cunningham 1846-1864)
He was a kind and affectionate husband
and a friend to all.
(on stone of Virgil Wade 1904-1935)
He was a kind and affectionate husband
a kind father and a friend to all
(on stone of Jasper T. Cunningham 1864-1919)
A loving husband and father dear
a faithful friend lies buried here
(on stone of Andrew Cunningham 1804-1874)
Have faith in God
(on stone of Albert W. Henn 1912-?)
(on stone of Alfred Perry Cunningham 1909-1972)
In loving memory
(on stone of Sammie Lee Cunningham 1908-1979)
(and Jack Rogers 1901-1927)
(and Earl W. Cunningham 1912-1996)
Thy memory shall be cherished
(on stone of William Calloway McWaters 1849-1927)
Gone to rest
(on stone of George Washington Cunningham 1860-1936)
Gone but not forgotten
(on stone of Mickens Carr Cunningham Jr. 1874-1953)
(and John Lewis Colley 1939-1995)
(and Lewis Carr Colley 1906-1980)
(and Vernon Hopson Choate 1944-1967)
(and John William Cunningham 1869-1952)
(and James F. Malone 1900-1996)
(and John 'Jack' C. Cooper 1861-1943)
(and Alfred Cunningham 1867-1906)


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