Leneave Cemetery
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Directions:  Hwy 274 (Rockcastle Rd). First road on right, north of Boat Haven Boat Ramp.
D.L. footstone only
H.L. footstone only
M.L. footstone only
Crisp Mary Louise, Aug. 17, 1919--Nov. 30, 1920
Cunningham Mrs. Eva (nee Leneave), dau, of EW (Euel Whitfield) & Jane Leneave, Feb. 27, 1863--June 17, 1940 (wife of Alfred Perry)
Joiner Alfred M., May 3, 1893--Feb. 12, 1895
Joiner Joe N. (Joseph Newton), Sept. 16, 1855--Feb. 21, 1897
Joiner Senora (nee Holland), July 1, 1860--May 2, 1908 (wife of Alfred M.)
Leneave E.W. (Euel Whitfield), June 6, 1836--Nov. 26, 1901
+ Leneave Jane (Mary Jane) (nee Mershon), Sept. 11, 1839--Oct. 7, 1902
Leneave J. (no more data)
Leneave Virginia Dare, dau. of G & BL, Sept. 27, 1904--June 7, 1907
Oakley Arlenia (nee Mabry), wife of T. (Thomas Owen), November 22, 1847--Feb. 24, 1890, moved to East End Cemetery
Oakley Eliza Jane (nee Leneave), 1887-1925, moved to East End Cemetery (wife of Hugh)
Oakley Louise, dau. of Hugh & Lizzie, Nov. 22, 1909--Jan, 24, 1911, moved to East End Cemetery
Oakley Thomas Owen, May 19, 1844--Oct. 23, 1926, moved to East End Cemetery
Tuggle Ivan Grace, son of JG & Lina, Jan. 8-9, 1909
Wood Artie M., 1865-1905