James Cunningham

James Tank Cunningham Cemetery
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This cemetery was moved by the Corps of Engineers during the impoundment of Lake Barkley, to the Little River Reinterment Cemetery.
Cunningham A.P. (Alfred Perry) (7C7F), June 23, 1847--1909
Cunningham Artis L. (Lee), son of JT & EL (Jasper Thomas & Emma Lee), Sept. 22-Oct. 1885
Cunningham Clint, son of JT & EL (Jasper Thomas & Emma Lee), 1892-1925
Cunningham Emma Lee (1C5C6F) (nee Hendricks), wife of JT (Jasper Thomas), Oct. 30, 1867--Jul 4, 1917
Cunningham Inez F., dau. of JT & EL (Jasper Thomas & Emma Lee), May 18, 1896--1898
Cunningham Jasper T. (Thomas) (5C5C1F), March 3, 1864--Feb 13, 1919
Cunningham Jim, no stone (James 'Tank') (7F) (1808-1888)
Cunningham John K., 1846-1864
Cunningham Loyd, 1906-1908 (son of Hodge & Mary)
Cunningham Lucile, 1909-1911 (dau of Hodge & Mary)
Cunningham Lucy L. (Lurline), dau. of JT & EL (Jasper Thomas & Emma Lee), Aug. 20, 1902--Aug. 18, 1906
Cunningham Nicholas (5C2F), no stone (1835-1914)
Cunningham Polly (3C7F) (nee Cunningham), no stone (wife of Nicholas, 1840-??)
Cunningham Sallie (nee Wimberly), no stone (wife of James 'Tank') (1815-1882)
Cunningham Sarah (9C7F), 1854-1860
Cunningham Sarah C. (Catherine) (7C8F) (nee Cunningham), wife of AP (Alfred Perry), May 30, 1849-1891
Cunningham Virginia D., dau. of JT & CL (Jasper Thomas & C Lurline), 1916-1917
Gray Isaac, born 1856, no stone (Ike)
Gray Narcissus (3C5C1F) (nee Cunningham), 1858--April 4, 1933 (wife of Isaac)
Gray Ora Ethel, dau of I & N (Isaac & Narcissus), no stone (1889-ca1900)
Hinson Maxie Wade, no stone
Lancaster Bird (5C2C7F) (Birda Queen), no stone (1877-1962) (dau of John & Melissa)
Lancaster John T. (Tyler), no stone (1841-1880)
Lancaster Melissa (2C7F) (nee Cunningham), no stone (1839-1922) (wife of John)
Leneave Ruby Ida, July 20, 1902--August 24, 1909
Mitchell James O. (Oatman), no stone (1897-1897) (son of Alonzo & Roxie)
Washer infant, no stone (probably a child of John & Ollie)
Washer Ruth, born & died 1891 (dau of John & Ollie)
Washer Undine, 1893-1894 (dau of John & Ollie)