55 th Reunion 2015

55th Class Reunion May 2, 2015

Covington Elks Lodge

Reunion Committee

Joe Neely, Gwen (Kitchens) Hammond,
Myrtice (Wilson) Farrow, Carolyn (Holifield) Maddox,
Larry Wagner, Wayne Hunt
Wayne Hunt MC

Memorial Service for Forty Eight Deceased Classmates

Carolyn (Holifield) Maddox, Cookie (Smith) Moss, and Gwen (Kitchens) Hammond Gwen (Kitchens) Hammond, and Wayne Hunt
R.A. and Carolyn (Holifield) Maddox Pat and Joe Neely


Barbara Hunt and R.A. Maddox Rita (Thompson) Parish, Cookie (Smith) Moss, Ernestine (Williams) Bell, and Sandra (CoadyBramblett


 Cookie (Smith) Moss, and  Ernestine (Williams) Bell John Howard and Myrtice (Wilson) Farrow



Henry and Norma (Brooking) Moody
Penny (Collins) Stewart, Frank Stewart and Sandra (Coady) Bramblett 
Carolyn (Holifield) Maddox, Linda and Alvin Stone


Daisy Richardson, and Barbara Hunt
Grier Holifield, Larry Wagner, and
John Richardson


                      Linda Stone. Rose and Nicky Hatcher


Gwen (Kitchens) Hammond. Joe Neely, Myrtice (Wilson) Farrow and
Carolyn (Hollifield) Maddox


Alvin Stone and Linda  Daisy and John Richardson


Stephanie (Ginn) Fortson and Billy Fortson


Coach Ronald and Jan Bradley


Henry and Norma (Brooking) Moody Penny (Collins) and Frank Stewart


Betty Sue (Taylor) Herring Barbara (Fuller) Beam


Cookie (Smith) Moss Myrtice (Wilson) Farrow


Mary Anne (Vaughn) Berry Sandra (Coady) Bramblett


Rita (Thompson) Parish Ernestine (Williams) Bell


Larry and Dianne Wagner


Rose and Nicky Hatcher


Gwen (Kitchens) Hammond, and Joe Neely


Donna McDaniel


Debbie and Don Dimsdale Billy and Joan (Lewis)Bailey 


Barbara and Wayne Hunt Carolyn (Holifield) Maddox


Robert Housworth, Grier Holifield, John Wayne Bowman and Wayne Hunt