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Mary Theresa Cutajar English

Profile Updated: April 20, 2017
Class Year:
Residing In:
Taylor, MI USA
Special Education Resource Room Teacher
Martial Status:



Elizabeth 1990 and Rachel 1992

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school:

I thought I would be a "famous singer," a wife, a band director, or an art teacher, of which I did teach Vocal Music k-12, private instrumentals students of piano, voice, and woodwinds, as well as Art. I did not think I would like Special Education, but I needed to have a good paying job, after my divorce, so I went to school, while teaching for DPS. (That is Detroit Public Schools). I have had 5 editorials published in 2 newspapers (News Herald, MI and Lynchburg VA Gazette) on smoking in public, abortion, election issues, how to fix our roads, and the National Endowment for the Arts (the payment of funds to art like "Piss Christ.").

I wish that I had the self-confidence to become an attorney, as now I see that I could have done more with my career. Teaching is not really respected by the public. If only people knew how hard we work behind the scenes, day and night. It is mentally and physically draining, especially in this age of entitlement, and parents acting like children, and principals who have no principles.

However, now I am assisting, not enabling, inner city students who have various disabilities.

Still have family around Dearborn Heights:


Which Classmates are you still in touch with:

Mary Averill
Cathryn Bronson
Cindy Isabel
Sandy Slomzenski
Brian Kramer
Russ Petraca
Cindy Isabel
Georgina Farrugia
Gisele Sidor
Linda Neal
My wonderful Facebook Friends, as well as many others.

What are your favorite memories of high school:

Music and Art activities, NHS, and MSBOA competitions. Looking back, we had a really good education, compared to many people. Plus, we had more than most schools with a nice gym, football field, tennis courts, swimming pool, art room with everything needed for pottery, jewelry, and music dept that was excellent, and an auditorium that was very beautiful, compared to all the ones I have every seen. Most of all, not one other school had the Planetarium. We were so lucky to have these features!

Too bad the teachers had to work without a contract and lost their jobs in the process. This is why I warned DFT presidents, so that this would never happen again. Many careers were ruined, due to the lies that they believed.

Favorite Teacher(s):

Doc Kimball, Mr. Claeys, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Mooneyham taught me life skills, Fine Arts: Doug Stan Roose,Mrs. Wachowski and Ms. Messner appreciatemy talents.

My Secret Crush:

Lots of them.

What street(s) did you live on in the Heights:


My Siblings:

Mike, Toni, Joe and Janet

What other schools did you attend in Dearborn Heights:

Other: St. Brigid School, Detroit and Noble School

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at CHS:

I have no regrets as I did everything right, as a true Roman Catholic girl. But I would have taken more math and sciences and maybe became a nurse.

What are your worst memories of high school:

No one asked me to Prom, but I had my own dinner dance in Malta, at the Pescadore Hotel, with my first love.

Favorite Song(s) from back in the day:

All of them

Favorite Group(s) or Artist(s) from back in the day:


First concert you attended and location:

BTO and warm up band Bob Seger, at EMU with Mike Spiteri and brother. We almost were crushed by the glass door, but all the rush of the fans. I started to yell, and they stopped.


Master's Degree in Teaching and taking more credits to re-certify AGAIN = 252 college credits thus far. Yes, I have more than a PhD.

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Elizabeth, Rachel and Theresa (Cutajar) English, at a wedding in 2013.
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Elizabeth, Rachel and Theresa (Cutajar) English, at a wedding in 2013.