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1970 Senior Wills

Alphabetized by 1970 Last Name

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Crestwood Class Will of 1970

We the members of the Crestwood High School Class of ’70 being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned in said articles.

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Joyce Adams being of sound mid and heart (most of the time), will the following to the following: To any Junior who wishes to be late to every senior class during his/her senior year, I will locker #1 (dents and all) which I have hardly managed to get open 8 times through my whole Senior year. HINT: IF YOU KNOW JUDO, THE LOCKER IS QUITE COOPERATIVE. To the G.A.A. executive board, I will my taxi (Patti Lewis can be the new driver). To Miss Gruda and Mrs. Hales, I will a can of Raid in case they decide to serve potato chips at next year’s initiation. Also, I will them my most sincere thanks for making my Senior year a fun one. To Mrs. Christine Childs, I will on bottomless pit to dispose of one Rich Gillikin just in case he flunks, and it becomes possible that she might have to put up with him another year. To Sue Kraske, I will one “less” so that she can become Sue-less as I am Joyce-less. To her I also will best of luck for the future. To Mr. Fisher, I will one new all-girl stage crew and best wishes to him and his family through all the operettas to come. To Carol Welty, I will and 8x10 glossy of M.J.; to Ken Rewekant, I will one new organ. To Mark Johnston, I will one pain in the neck (with the initials S.K.). To Joy Hawson, I will a new eyeball and two new buddies to sit with in choir. To Page Hamilton, I will one new pair of ears to replace the ones I’ve talked off her during the 13 years of our friendship. To Gary Lundquist, I will one bottle of spirits to enjoy the night of graduation. To Paula Koss, I will all my admission for being such a fine person and for having such a neat brother. To Roz Bash, I will all the rest of the luck, love and best wishes that I haven’t already used up on the will. To my “little” sister Carol, I will the hope that she will grow to love her school, teachers, and classmates as much as I do. To Irene Angel, I will one new clock so she can properly count off the minutes left in Government. To B.J., I leave one large aspirin to get rid of the headache I’ve given him all year. Last of all, I will to all the Underclassmen ad many prayers as they think will be needed to get a senior trip after we took ours.

Rodney Alexander leave Barb Hains one whole locker to put all the peace signs and rabbit ears she wants to put in the locker. To Mr. Miller, I leave one 351 engine to put in his Cougar to try and beat other 390 engines. I leave to Mr. Montre, one Daryl Clay to keep him company next year. To Mrs. Jaworski, I leave an arsenal of squirt guns to shoot all fifth hour classes she has in the future, and to Mrs. Sorge, I leave all my pink and blue passes and all my techniques in cutting classes. I, Rodney Alexander, being of sound mind, (what’s left of it) and short body, leave the class of ’71 the right to catch all underclassmen going out for lunch.

Kathy Alexsy being of sound mid do hereby bequeath to Mr. McNeil another 5th hour class (like the 68-69 school year) full of thirty beautiful gabby women. I also bequeath to my sister, Terrie, and exciting time at Crestwood High School, especially in her Senior year. To Terry Pace, I bequeath all the gum I chewed in choir this year and never got caught with; and to all the people I met in the hall during class hours, I bequeath twice as many hall monitors who really do their job. To all future classes of CHS, I bequeath a Senior Lounge with rules such as…..”Don’t talk, don’t’ walk, sit peacefully, and enjoy the Senior Lounge.”

Vicki Ashker will to my sister, Michelle, one face to embrace and to my cousin, Sheryl, all the good looking boys at Crestwood (if there are any), and to Karen K., a year’s supply of Polish-made underwear. And to a special teacher, Mr. McNeil, I leave the kindest regards anybody could give. And to a real nice teacher, Mrs. Flint, I will all the happiness in her new home. To Mr. Hamrick, I will one lesson on how to vacuum the auditorium for him to give someone else! Last, but not least, I will to Mary Spiteri, one organ player with a broken left arm. And to all my friends at Crestwood, Good Luck.

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Ilene Bacer being of sound mind will to Loretta Iannetta a new overhaul on her nose that she can use to go swimming and drinking without any pain, also one new mother that won’t ground her. I also will to Linda Bowers her old personality, and the ability to drive better and one Friday night at Toledo that should have stayed the way it started. I also will Loretta the right to stay out after 2:30 a.m. To Sue Comstock I will my money and nerves along with a license and a house with only one mouse and a P.M.R.V. to fill it and no cats. To the former Judges that posted their judgment on a bunch of senior girls a one way ticket to Hadies, and I hope they stay there and burn. I will to Denise Hall a zipper for her mouth that she should have had on New Year’s Eve in 10th grade. To Debbie Wolski the 10th grade memories that were so great. Too bad they didn’t stay that way. To my cousin Devar all the great times in 10th grade Bookeeping and in 11th grade Typing, and the secret we hold between us, and lots of luck. To Barb J. I will Bruce K. To Barb J., Diane K., Margo K., Mary M., Linda O., Linda B., and Loretta I., all the great times we had during football and basketball season. I hope there are many more to come. To S.J. I will all the happiness and luck in the world along with one pipe and memories at the Hilltop. To Brad M. I will a better life in the future and more rights at home. To Mrs. Jaworski many thanks in helping me with my problems and the sweet memories of her 5th hour class that has certain screams of “kick him out” or “This is stupid,” and a sound of a sneeze and wearing glasses on the bridge of her nose. I liked to thank you for being so nice and the best teacher in my eyes!

Chester Baran bequeath Locker #6 in the Senior Hall to janitors Mr. Hoot and Mr. Gallup. I bequeath a drafting folder and T-square and pencil and courtesy to Mr. Skaigir. I bequeath English IV with Mrs. Zibro to any student who is looking for adventure, excitement and pleasure. I bequeath my football spikes to Junior, Dave Silski, if he still thinks he is a professional football player. We both had something in common last year, didn’t we Dave? I bequeath to Mrs. Remington another 6th hour class just like ours. Especially my sense of humor. You’ll need it next year.

Cynthia Bare will my locker #6 in the senior hall to any lucky junior who has a lead foot and a lot of patience. To Jerry O’Hara I will one basketball hoop for him to swing on, because he has never had the privilege of doing so. To Bob Fayz, I will my reserved parking spot at Wellever. To Sue Gilpin I will the biggest “Twanger” in the world. To Sue Comstock, I will the phrase “There is more than one way to skin a Cat.” To Chester I will my ability to control my temper, my “Tremendous” will power to keep from flirting, another eye patch for his other eye, and one white shirt with BOSS written across the front. To Karl Koss I will confidence and good luck, also my book of advice. To Chuck Turvey I will my last name and a jar of honey. To Mr. Laich I will another 3rd hour retailing class with “all seniors.” To Mr. Claeys I will another 5th hour class and one book of “Gross jokes to tell them.” To Mr. Montre I will another 1st hour senior math class. To Mike Quirolo I will one squirt gun and my tremendous ability, to do math problems. To Evi Lochner and Dennis Colensky I will the ability to keep from fighting. To Jo Falzon and John Hughes I w8ill good luck in the future. And to Bob Totten, Gary Ainsworth and Jerry O’Hara I will one more year at Crestwood High School. I will one senior trip to the Jack and Jill Dude Ranch to the class of ’71. Good Luck!

Kathy Basala, will Pat Swingle all my orange yarn for crocheting bathroom outfits, and my orange scandals which are your style. I will my sister Sandy all happiness this world can bring, which I will be receiving in September. I will Sue Comstock the apple tree in my front yard. To Debbie Pahl my friend since elementary fun times I will that black thing we always fought over. To all seniors and underclassmen, good luck!

Bob Bashawatybeing of sound mid and body would like to will a few things to a few people. To Gary and Beanie I will all of my friendship forever and wish them all the luck in the world cause they deserve it. To my sister I will nothing since I can give her all she deserves when she gets home. To pretty “little” Diane I will the remembrance of me forever when she’s low and the radiance of my beauty when she’s glum. I also will her my address so she can write to me at college. To Sherry I will myself and all my living. That’s all I can say. To the rest of the Senior Class I will a fair portion of my beard when I shave it off and also a shovel for the above. To Mr. King and Mr. Smink I will all my gratitude for the tremendous help they have given my class, and I hope in the future that they will always consider sentiment in their work and maybe stick their necks out once in a while for another class like they did for ours. To Mr. Diaz I will another good class like ours and another pair like the Bashawaty’s to get into his hair as he goes along. To Mr. Gehm, I will the razor blade I use to shave my beard. To Mrs. Simpson I will the biggest hug and kiss for all the tremendous time and energy she has put into keeping our class organized. She’s something else. To Marc Keshishian I will my grudgingly forfeited compliment that he is the greatest Vice-President ever to walk the halls of Crestwood and probably many other schools. I hope he keeps his responsibility and level headedness all his life. To Mr. Hamrick—what can I say? I think I’ll just will him one great big thanks and hope that he’ll realize the symbolism in that word coming from a jerk like me and going to a “great” man like Mr. Karl d. Hamrick, Senior Class Sponsor. Lastly to the Junior class I will absolutely nothing except the ominous greatness of the Class of “1970” hanging over their heads and giving them an impossible dream to strive for.

Roslyn Bashawaty, do hereby bequeath an honorary Lebanese citizenship to Debra Koivunen; to Karen Grden the most coveted position of yearbook editor; to Genie Pelc a Michigan tan; to Mr. Hamrick 1,000 children and Bozo the Clown; to all my favorite history teachers (D.B.)—all my love and to all forthcoming Seniors the patience to stick it out until that final day of high school. To Mr. Kotulski I will a very special thanks and to all 1970 Graduates a prayer for everlasting success and happiness. A final gift of love and many thanks to those very special friends - Richard Ceci, Mark Wee, Barbara White, and Debra Saez—to mention only a few. May God bless the individuals of the Great Class of “70”!

Tom Bednarczyk, will to the underclass girls a set of crowbars in various shapes and sizes; I will to Colleen Cosgrove a pack of “Fizzies”; to Marilyn Sarookanian, I will a hope that she'll be ready when she takes over the mob!; to Jane Gunton I will Hawaii Five-O; to Andy Stoner I will “Hummer” from L.A.; to Mrs. Jaworski I will a great “Peronna” for her fish bowl; to Dave Miller I will a take it all off Gillette razor and about 100 courtesies; to Charlie Federico I will a wire brush; to Randy Quirolo a “bippy”; to all administrators I will a course of zoology; to Mr. Miller I will the next album, “More sing-a-long with Mitch,” and my notes; to my sister Cathy, I will all of my good looks and charm, and all my English IV theme papers, my stick shifts, if she ever learns how to drive. I also will her good luck in her senior year and with all the (slurp) boys.

Al Bellovary, leave all my good times and the knowledge I did obtain to some unsuspecting 9th grader, just entering Crestwood. I also leave one value puller to Mr. Miller (MITCH) because he’s been bugging me all year for one.

Beverly Berrydo hereby bequeath one complete collection of dirty looks to Al Walker, all of my luck charms and lucky outfits to Diane Porteous, my raincoat to Sue Kraske to hide her short skirts, and a hole in his money picket to “Miser Jack Ghannam.” (Say hello to your fiancée, Lizzy Mature for me). I also will the attendance card and mirror in Mr. Fisher’s office to Ted Thuis so he can undo the damage each morning. To Janet Green I will one petite shrunken clerical collar, and to Don Moron I will half of my ability to get out of bad situations plus my new album and butterfly pin. To Sue Swift I will “it” if she ever wants “it”, and if not I will her the “perfect date.” To Lynn Quackenbush I will my solo in “Hair” if she has the lung capacity and to Kevin McCormack should go one egg, one mouthful of water, and one box of staples—all to be dropped on the above mentioned’s head at any available time. Finally, to the Junior Class I will one more year of endurance and confusion and the hope that they will truly enjoy it.

Mike Biek, will my brother Denny, one years supply of J.B. to keep him off the streets at night. I will my brother Tim Wilkes, my brand new pair of suspenders. Use them in good health. To my brother Vic two extra weeks of school which he was SICK for. I will Mrs. Flint one complete hour of attendance along with Tim, Denny, and Victor. To Jill McDonald one mini bike ride. I will Gary Marley one new pair of eyes. I will Karl Hamrick 30 seconds of my best. I will Bob Bashawaty a years subscription to Playboy. I will Jeff Brown a flame thrower to keep the flames going. I will Jerry O’Hara my clam.

Steve Bosh, will to “Big Red” Montre the hassle of first hour. To Mr. Skagir I will my one and only(?) Jackstand. To Goose I will my many unfinished projects. To Miss Balcer I will the good times in art class; to Mr. Miller I will my courtesies; to Mrs. Ziobro I will the pen I never had in class; to Bernie Gauvin I will Moe Burns; to Dave and Rick Brzys I will one senior trip to Jack & Jill Dude Ranch; to Maurice Scibberas I will the fun of destroying woodshop; to Joyce Adams I will my Polish coordination; to Frank Jones I will the name “Bad Motha”; to Cheryl Turvey and Sue Stover I will my locker door; to Cindy P. I will permission to stay out past the time the street lights come on; to the class of '71 I will best wishes for a great Senior year and a trip to the Jack & Jill Dude Ranch.

Al Brandtbeing of sound mind and tough body do hereby will my favorite teacher, Mrs. Jaworski, 2 dozen eggs for future use at her desire. To Gary Globish the ability to call fellow team mates “retards,” and a good 2 handed future varsity club pledges my ability to sing the school song at lunch as well as I did and to collect enough money to make $5-$10 profit. To Ron Havener the ability to get along with “Blue Berry.” To Donny Rousseau, teachers who don’t like “BROWNIES.” To the Juniors, a week suspension from the Senior Lounge. To anybody who wants it the quickness to stop behind cars on rainy days. To my sister, Barb, free passes to all the football and basketball games next year. To my brother Garry, a record in swimming and track. Last but not least to Carol Olsen, a memorable next two years. P.S…To next years Basketball team a league trophy. The school needs one.

Linda Brewerbequeath to the 1970-71 Cheerleaders, the excitement and fun I had the past few years, which are now just memories. Best of luck! To Joanne Westenberg and Chris Kurowsky, all 31 flavors; to “Happy” Hamrick, another fourth hour; to Marilyn Sarookanian, a morning hello; to Keith Dalian, a Holy Bible (you might have to use it more than I,); to the first-hour Chemistry class, a box of candy; to future seniors, an early college application; to Chris Allan Nickerson, forever happiness with ______; to Kathy Hill, Jo Falzon, and Denise Hall another hayride. To the graduating class of '70—good luck in your future.

Vicki Briggswill to Terry Pace a longtime promised Senior picture and a dance; to Janet Adams I will a date for the next Winter Festival; to my little sister Rose Addison I will all the fun and happiness I found at Crestwood and remember to keep all the halls lively and friendly and remember to say HI!; I will this also to Michele Dombrowski; to Diane Pahl I will all the 707's in Crestwood (RRRRRRRRR); to Doc Holliday I will a set of my fingerprints on his contacts and a cup of pickles from Mac's; to Karen Grden I will a peaceful and quiet chemistry room and a trip up to Whoppers after the Winter Festival;; to Daryl Bennets I will a BULL-dozer for his next class with Craig Forquer; to Mr. Berg I will an apron, vanquish, Alka Seltzer, and any other pain relievers for his next American History class; to the seniors of '71 I will the Senior Lounge and candy machines and the best of luck in keeping the underclassmen out; to Ken Castel I will the lighter I gave to Mr. Berg and to Mitch Shusta a bottle of No-Doze.

Jeff Brown, will to Mr. Wiese the responsibility of keeping an eye on JR’s plaque. To Mr. Montre an oversize air conditioner to cool down the flames for next year. To Mr. Miller I leave all of my chrome valadiums, canewton valves and bent wobble shafts for Auto II, also I leave my Corvette (The Abortionist) for demonstration in the paint room. To Marty Metzigian all of the sayings I’ve constructed in the last three years and one big here it is! Last of all, to all the classes of Crestwood High, the flames are yours.

Linda Bowers, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the following people. To Kathy H. I will an award for being the best nurse. To Karen N. one long playing record of “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.” To Denise H. one book on friendship. To Candy G. an invitation to another of my parent’s parties. To Denise F. a book of speeches and an ant-eater. To Don Laird a year’s supply of chap-stick for all his games. To Dave Seaton a plane ticket to Ireland for one record. To Gary L. one Karen N. To Tom T. an award for always making me smile. To Greg R. one huge star. To Ilene B. one Spinster’s Hop and a lot of happy memories. To Kim M. one buck eight and an apology. To Mrs. Jaworski one dozen sneezes and many thank-you’s. To Cheryle Johnson millions of great memories and good luck in your last year at Crestwood. To Carolyn McCubbrey my ability to sing. To Monica Sen, Linda Stanier, Linda and Denise Dytyniak, I will a hope that their remaining years at Crestwood will be as pleasant as mine.

Maureen Burns, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath Miss Weber a stop watch that doesn’t stop and a year’s supply of round balloons for her sagging bulletin board. To Mrs. Jaworski I leave a Doug Fairbands, a Daryl Clay and a Tim Hille to cheer up her boring moments. To Mr. Laich I leave my two sisters, Kathy and Betty – have fun! To Cheryl Turvey a goodbye kiss from Bernie Gauvin. To Chris Giocondini and grace Bolonia all the fun times next year. To all the Juniors, have a fun time at Jack and Jill Dude ranch!!!

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Robert Cady hereby bequeath to: All you Candy addicts—-change for a quarter. Dennis Lewandowski—-a picture of Dennis Lewandowski. Mr. Clark—a sheepdog so he can move to New Zealand. Next year's Election Chairman—next year's elections. Mr. Diaz—-my brother Bruce and the comforting fact that he is the last one. Mr. Kotulski—a bunch of Barium di Sodide (figure that out, all you Chem students!). Mrs. Ziobro—-a guide to “Symbolism in the Writings of Mark Twain”. Gordon Callum--nothing.

Lorain Carrier, do hereby bequeath to Mrs. Compton my sewing machine because it does not work right half the time. I also bequeath to all the future students of Crestwood all the luck in the world.

Rich Ceci, will to Al Papperelli my hair lick, to all the hippie underclassmen my realistic outlook on life; to the establishment, a large pair of scissors to cut all the red tape in this school; to Dr. Schroeder, the computer terminal; to Mr. K, my successful race Predictor program, to big some of my hair; to Uncle Morgus, a brain and working knowledge of our planetarium; to Mr. Klinefelter, the ability to once again stump his history classes with the identity of Fred C. Dobbs.

Chuck Clayton, being of sound mind and body do bequeath my sledge hammer to Bob Bashawaty which he never gave back after the senior carnival in October. To Pat Mulkern, Dan Lizon, Kevin McCormack and Jim Rought I leave my car radio that specialized in the song 2+2=? To Mr. Hahn, who loses me as a swimmer I leave Doug Taggart and to Doug Taggart, I leave my swimming ability. To Jim Gates, I leave my two wood and to Mr. Tate I leave the rest of my clubs.

Dennis Colensky, will all the class of 70's cans to Alcoa Aluminum in hope they will find some use for a new design. I will Tom Bednarczyk a bib and apron to wear on Friday and Saturday nights to keep him dry. I will Mike Quirolo a stomach liner to protect it from harmful elements. I will Tim Wilkes a brand new sleeping bag so he doesn't have to sleep on cold bathroom fixtures (H. Top). I will Mike Biek a set of 16oz glassware to replace old mugs. I will Victor VanMeerbeeck two new wallets for all his business cards and letters. I will Tim Hille a memory book to write down all his old Experiences. I will Evi Lochner a new set of ear plugs. I will the Cestwoods's female grapevine 50 new telephones for business purposes.

Susan Comstock, will to John Mulkerrin the patience it took me to make it through the last year at Crestwart High. To Betsy Greenough I will a summer with a Danny Group. To Kathy Basala I leave a bronzed statue of Jim. To Sherry Patzer and Andrea Kandilian a thanks for visiting “Poor Paul” and good luck at college. To Ilene Bacer I leave the ability to not pass on everything she hears between two disagreeing people and a large medicine chest full of cures for her ailments. To Linda Bowers a hopeful wish that she may find her old personality. To Barb Jordan a “be nice in spite of everything” award. To Gail Nida I will anything as long as she puts me up for a day at CMU next year and also the ability to keep her ring on her finger. To Al Brandt the ability and the chance to hold a grudge. To Diane Kachinski I will one half of one minute of my life for her to swallow her pride and admit that she's been beaten by her own materialistic ways of evaluating people by what they have in materialistic things instead of personal values. Also, I will to Diane her own personal will from me and sympathy, sympathy, sympathy. To my Secret Pal, I leave an opportunity to let me know who you are when I least expect it. To Paul M. Varga I will a letter for the days he didn't receive one from me, our 1967-68 Art Class, all our troubles and good times we've had together and will have, and a thank-you for being so good to me in spite of what the cats and dogs say. Have a good Summer, Paul..... Goodbye Crestwood..... Good Luck “71”.

Diane Cornila, being of insane mind and unsound body, do hereby will: my barely -passing Algebra grades to my brother, Keith, who I know will use them well (ha); my “cast-iron stomach” to Nancy; some dry mice to Karen, Kathy, and Candy; my ability to stay clothed on Cream-Puff Point to Julie; Tammy's first letter to Chris in the hopes they'll match his furniture; one reserved seat in the lounge for Leonard first hour; my diploma to Terry as proof I really graduated; some massaging lessons for Zuhair; my poetry to Mr. Hamrick; the memories of 9th grade to Keith, plus a reserved section in the trailer camp; three walking, talking tomatoes to Nick; some stuffed cabbage, Romanian-style, to my beloved husband, Eric; and one “Here comes da Judge” bumper sticker to the wonderful “men” who started the W.A.W. To Bash I leave the following: my ability not to take things grossly (to be shared equally with Mr. K.), a lawnmower to trim his beard with, a nude mermaid for his aquarium, and all my undying love for him that he doesn't know I have. To the 1970-71 cheerleaders I will my ability to compose cheers at 3:00 AM and the hope that next year after try-outs, they won't be set aside as we were. And lastly, to any underclassmen who dare insult the senior lounge, the (but growing) senior privileges, everything else we (& Bash) have worked for, I gladly will on pain the the neck.

Sarah Cunningham, will Mr. Hamrick an hour tape of me singing, “Yes, We Have No Bananas.”

Tony Czuchra, being of almost sound mind do hereby will to my brother ob, a pair of worn out shoes from walking the halls of Crestwood and to Mike Piatak a sweet suit so he can finish his remaining years at Crestwood. I also leave my driving skills to all the future drivers education students.

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Keith Dalian, will to Gary Marley 1-lb of pork since “pork and beans” go so well together. To Tom Wynychuk 1 gallon of Bondo to use wherever he needs it. To Greg Ratliff a “dead raccoon.” To Bob Gheesling my car since it is so much faster than his. To Jeff Brown a permanent butane lighter so he can always see the flames. To the “Big Red” my clown hat because he'll probably use it next year. To Don Rousseau my book on “How to Hip and Thigh”. To all the clowns in Trig, 1 big “AH”. To my favorite freshman Amy Rubadue the best of luck. To the next year's football team, 9 big victories. To my buddy Chris Nickerson, 1 large package of wedding invitations to be used in the near future. And to the class of '71, all the privileges we had and the best of luck in their senior year!

Jo Anne Dallaire, bequeath to my brother Tom – luck, and a pair of his own jeans; some dead batteries and stalled cars to anyone who wants them; to Corky, one do-it-yourself twin sister named Carolyn, and Greg, Fred, Dennis, Ken, Roger, and John, a years supply of paper plates and one hand-painted miniature replica of the fender-less VW with a red, authentic Czechoslovakian shawl and a broken windshield.

Nancy Davidson, do hereby will: to Kathy Hill, 2 undernourished blueberries, a $7 formal, a “blissful” afternoon downtown, and a trip to Windsor; to Angie Sarkisian, a bowling ball, and a tape recording of “Do Ya Wanna Skip?”; to Keith Dalian, a space between your front teeth; to Linda Brewer, one very obvious, mean character sketch; to Karen Newmeyer, three days of intravenous feedings for mono, a lighthouse, and the square root of Pauly Q's bathtub; to Diane Cornila, Vicki's glasses, a Clark bar, all my beautiful water paintings, french splits, a dozen eggs for the “right” red car, a sanitary glass, and “What did you say?”; to Brenda Sabuda, friendliness and the ability to swallow your pride; to Gary Lundquist, 12 no-trump; to Gale Cearbaugh and Lin Lawson, co-chairmanship of “The Club”; to Andrea Kandilian, thanks for your lectures in French; To Julie Swartout, a dozen do-nut holes to eat 4th hour, a baseball coach, and Cream Puff Hill; to Denise Fraser, an over-ripe banana, a “vacation”, a funeral precession for a bat, and a diploma from C.D.I.; to Mr. Hamrick, my sincere thanks for helping me graduate; least but not last, to J.D. Many thanks for the Key to MY heart. And to Robert S. all our good memories with more to come, Heather Ann, all my love, and me, forever.

Bob Day, will to Millie a life supply of rival, instead of that hamburger she's been using; to Paul Turner a red pen for retailing; to Craig Edwards, a season pass to the Red Wing Games; to Don Rousseau, the biggest bass and the best sports show in North America; to Bob Fayz, a comb.

Ed Dembinski, will to Dave Rapotec a dozen eggs and a map of Inkster, to Dave Seaton a recording of King of the Road (Rally), to Kevin McCormack a checker cab when ever he needs a ride, to Russ Nieves a recording of himself shifting from first into second to be played only at 5,800 RPM, to Mitch Radon a parachute in case his breaks should fail him for some unknown reason and to all the clowns in Trig a fire extinguisher the next time they see the flames.

Renee' DePaulis, being of very sound mind do hereby bequeath all the bad rules I received from the great stereotype society (mainly Seniors) of Crestwood, because where I'm going I don't need any memory of it. I hope my school chumps find peace within themselves, and the courage to stand on their own two flat feet, not with the support of the “click” anymore. To Mrs. J., sincere thanks and appreciation.

Mark DerVartanian, will all of my guitar playing talents, my sideburns and mustache to Mark Scott.

Emilio DiConcilio, bequeath all my good grades to Zuhair Tarazi, also I leave all my trouble to Crestwood High School and my locker to Garry Wolansky and Zuhair Tarazi. I don't know whit I will leave to Mr. King, maybe I will leave to him my soccer ball. To Mr. Diaz, I will leave all my report cards because he is a nice guy.

Susie Diebel, will all my knowledge to Ricky, so he may graduate in '71. To all the old A&W Boys I leave my precious “Air Hammer” & Tommy Hawk.” To Mr. Tate and his good friend Mr. Poole, I leave on good Quarterback. To R.V. I leave the ability to say Hi!, and to T.B. A buyer for Saturday nights. To Carolyn McCubbrey, I leave another night and waking up at the Airport at 4:00 a.m. For Jill McDonald I leave my ability of keeping my cool when I'm gone. To the 70-71 cheerleaders I will 10 gallons of hot chocolate & Pepsi. I also leave them the luck of winning the Tri-River League Competition, and the ability of working together, under “any” circumstances. To “Give Me A Kiss Baby”, I'll a kiss after school hours. To Mr. Stolov, I will my knowledge of bookkeeping to his next year students. To KLD from Bronzo another night at HFCC and a free pass to cruse Hass. I will one date with Bob to Bo. Finally to WLA a life-time pass to Top-Hat's.

Karen DiMambro, will the good stuff out of my locker to my brother Rick. I will another union to Angie Sarkisian, for her pleasure and to Toby his ring. I will to Crestwood another rapper like Sue Diebel! I will to Wendy Allen, Johnny Luca. I will to Carolyn McCubbrey and Mike Larabee one day without getting in a fight. I will Jill McDonald a new clutch for Dave's car when she's threw with the car. I will to Jerry Folmar a pot of gold and to chuck Englemeyer a car to get around with. I will to Ginger Wolynec a pair of brwon swedes. I will to Miss Bailey a job at Vista teaching a 6th grade class, and to Mr. Claeys I will him another group of class brownies for his 5th hour. I will the person who stole my class ring, the ring.

Ilona Dittmar, herewith give, devise and bequeath to a certain junior, my class ring which lies in state at the bottom of the ocean placed there by said junior (no hard feelings). I further give to Diane Hader, Sandy Moore, and Sandy Korow, a reservation for a table at the Caroline Kennedy Library once a week to do a little getting together. To Barb Jordan I leave my room full of letters plus one-half of a Vernor's ice-cream. To Doug Fairbanks I leave a giant cheat sheet and all my tests. To Michele Licari I leave Pam and Billy for her to listen to and the record “Don't mess with Bill”. To Mr. Claeys I leave “Lily Marlona” and all my excuses for being tardy.

James Dominiak, bequeath the following items: To Nick Vendittelli, Tim Wilkes and Steve Jolly my newly published books; “How to Have Fun and Save Money While Staying in Florida”; “How to Catch Your First Snipe or Piece of Wood”; and an all time favorite, “How to Keep Everyone Awake 'Till 4:00 in the Morning”. To Sandy Jamroz, a pill small enough for just one head. To Kim Mitchell, a bottle of Apple wine hidden in the bushes. To Mr. Fletcher, a long-haired, football chasing water-boy just like this years “All-Stater”. To Al Keberly, a softball mitt so you don't have to use your eye. To Fred Ebert, a book on how to agree with what your friends say. My “KOOL” packs to anyone who wants them. To Shirly Donawick, a pair of elevator shoes. To Ted Fazica and Vic VanMeerbeeck a nice 10 day vacation. To Claudia Jones my ability to understand Algebra II problems.

Denise Drummond, leave Miss Balcer a year's supply of hunting and fishing tackle to help her capture Mr. Messner and a key to the closet that contains all the equipment that has disappeared during the last two years. To Mitch Shusta I leave a bottle of sleeping pills to help hi get through Art 4. And to Dana I leave my sister Nancy.

Dale Duhl, will my golden locks to Mary Sahara, my wrestling abilities to Coach Joey, my legs to Al Paparelli, my humorous jokes to Mr. Clark, my understanding of Trig to any desperate soul, my perfect body proportions to Pam. Ron Deluca and a pair of middle eye-brows to Sue, and to Debbie, a dam to hold back the floods down in the valley.

Beanie Dunham, will the following: my gratitude, love and lasting friendship to Mrs. Childs along with my apologies and regrets for falling down in my work and disappointing her; The respect I lost for a certain sponsor on the “Senior Trip” to anyone who feels he deserves it; all my hatred and eventual indifference toward Crestwood High (ha ha) School (ha ha ha) to my brother Chip in the hope that he won't soften during his “senior year” as I did; Some good sportsmanship to a few members of my opposing team in the Powder Puff Football game; Good weather and a good time in Seattle to Flint along with anything else she wants just because she is so cool; countless solid hours of typing to the imbeciles who wrote 4 page wills; Whatever he wants but doesn't yet have to my good friend, Bobby; November 8, 1969 the words that I haven't yet found along with the feeling that I discovered some time ago, and “that girl up there” to Gary, the one and only love of my entire life.

E Return to Top

Craig Edwards, will first to Mark Scott all my street hockey and football talents, and one Mary Jane. To Joe Ruicci I will Doug Barkley so Dave Ringler can't take him away from Joe. To Mike Menz I will a cat so he can throw it on a roof, and also the combination to the back door. To Jim Ryan I will all “MI MITCH” points. To Mark DerVartainian on an “out of sight” reef to keep him going, and a steel glove to protect his lead fingers. Last, but not least, to Mr. Clark one of my favorite teachers, a NY Yankee uniform in hope that they will build another dynasty, and a #1 place patch because its the only place to be.

Jerry Elandt, do here bequeath Mr. Miller all my blue passes; to Mr. Haines a watch five minutes fast; to Dave Miller a 392 Quad Setup; to Mr. Skaisgir a new car and his own lake for fishing stocked with piranas; to Mr. Miller a faster 390 to beat Rodney; to Mrs. Jaworski a new dictionary for vocabulary tests and the opening of a new Ace; to Mr. Lammers a baseball team; to all underclassmen, a parking lot without the laws of teachers; and to Jim Markowica an engine for the Morris,

F Return to Top

Jo Falzon, will a SMILE, a book called “Spelling and Punctuation Made Easy.” lots of luck at MSU, and ALL MY LOVE TO JOHN; one year free of complaining and the picture in my locker to Bob; lost luck at cheerleading and with Bob to Debbie; the best of luck in her high school years to Carmen; visits with Mom and Dad to all my kids and Uncle Charlie; lots of thanks and lots of luck at State to Tom; Greg-minus-John to Gail; a piece of gum, a green B. cake, and some “brains” to Nancy Petro; a senior picture to Mike Bartlett; an olive, all my coordination in coed gym class, and some waterproof eyeliner to Neecer; twenty-seven twangers to Sue; and an open invitation to my house to Sandy; an apple to Kathy Michno; one sandwich free of mayo to Kathy Leech; a leigh to Kerry Leech and Gary; Lots of happiness and a bridesmaid;s dress to Chow Main; a muzzle to Rodney Alexander; a bad attitude to match mine in shorthand to Denise Hall; lots of sympahty to the new Freshmen Class of '74 when they go in for their first counseling session; lots of luck to the swim team and Mr. Hahn; a burglar alarm to Mr. Claeys; and lots of thanks to Mr. Hamrick for making us the greatest class.

Phanton Wood Assistant -(Darrell Farmer), will Gosse one point and one good hammer and Tim Keohane for one more year of Wood I.

Robert Fayz, being of almost sound mind leave for the purpose of repayment all my receipts from the Flame and Landmark restaurants from all my breakfasts. All my pink slips from first hour to Mrs. Storge, Mr. King, and Mr. Montre. To Mr. Miller I leave a mopar that blows off Cougars and a hundred courtesies. To Mrs. Jaworski I leave all the essays my mother writes.

Denise Fraser, will to Kathy Hill my secret recipe for potato salad and my jam to Candee Guerriero; my skiing abilities and a chemistry book full of sad notes to Bradford Boone “Just Brand” Marquardt; a map of the MSU campus shortcuts and a red neck to Karie Lee Newmyer, a trip down the hill at Hines Park and my tube of Ben-Gay for all her karate bruises; to Mike Biek my junior Homecoming corsage and a thanks for being my big brother; to Jo Falzon an empty can of deodorant and Dr. Shools foot powder and the sweat in the locker room; to Diane Cornila a dry mice; to Dave Seaton my co-ed swimming T-shirt; to Bob Bash my Doberman Pincher; to Angie (Sept 3) Sarkisian a State Fair Zipper and a voodoo charm that only works for her; to Sue VanVlern a china dish from Hungry and a cup of burgers at the back of the French class; to Julie Swartout my vice president's card of the famed S.A.; the record “Pandora” to Bernie Gabriel; to Sandy Jamroz some white lipstick so her lips will never be red; to Lynda Bowers a check for the tap, ballet and jazz lessons she gave me and one ant-eater; to Barb Jordan one Lone Ranger mask and a copy of the Gettysburg Address; to Nancy Davidson the last tootsie roll from our “vacation” and a thank-you note for making sure I never said anything at Julie's party I may have regretted, and to my little sister Cheri, I will Jo Falzon's secret body building plan, all my cheerleading ability and all the happiness she can possibly have.

G Return to Top

Bernadette Gabriel, will Sue Gilpin a giant size twanger to get her out of the trouble she always manages to get into. To Sandy Jamroz a skirt that fits properly and doesn't bulge. And a deck of cards to play with while your in Hines? To Loretta a half way decent guy (sorry Doug) just kidding – I hope you gt all the good things out of life. To Kathy Hill a huge paper airplane, and a five year supply of typing paper. To Barb White another fourth of July like the last two. Plus a life size can of Proctor and Gamble soup. To all my friends and a lot of others in this school I will a lot of LUCK. Oh yea, to Bob Kruk I will ME.

Karen Gale, do hereby bequeath Terry Doody one box of Kleenex, one box of popcorn, one filled glass of unspiked pop, a dill pickle and no more see you in September's. Marianne and Carole I will a friendship that will grow and make you happy; to Mrs. Jaworski I will a better first hour class and all my love and thanks; and most important I will to Donna some of the happiness I have found, a tank of gas, a carton of cigarettes, and lots of luck not getting caught at doing wrong. To Kathy I will an engagement ring from Mike, one baseball field with bat, ball and players and you can have J.C.D. Plus one happy life. To Patti I will one set wedding date, peace in the family and one house in england. To Steve I will a book of green passes in case he can't make it to class, a book of term papers in case he doesn't have time to write one, a ride to work and my help whenever needed. And to the classes to follow I will the ope that you can do a little better job in putting peach, love and understanding on this earth and great years ahead.

Bernard J. Gauvin, being of sound mind to hereby bequeath Cheryl Turvey my locker door and a magic marker so whatever she writes will never come off. I bequeath Rick Brzys my drafting equipment and drafting talents. I leave Sally Slomzenski my finger that got stuck. And I bequeath all the fun I've had here at Crestwood to my little brother, Mike.

Donna Gervasis, do bequeath all my dateless nights, which are few as he knows; to Gary Ainsworth I will 100 handshakes; A 1000 thanks and a together mind to Ron Elder. I will to Marianne and Carole one lasting friendship in which they share all things. Good Luck!! its hard to find. To Patti, Kathy and Steve, Tena I will a lasting bond between us after graduation, Thanks for helping me get thru this year. Good Luck in the future, happiness and God's blessings. Most of all to Karen, I will absolute happiness in life before death and one head of gray hair, a bright married life, and all my love. To future Crestwood classes I will that they come closer to world peace, and peace of mind, and that they strive for more love and brotherhood, and find a way to get together with man.

Jack Ghannam, will the headaches of being a senior to any Junior who never gets headaches, and the joys of being a senior to any Junior who doesn't know how to get his kicks. To Marc Kesheshian, I will 80 blinker buttons. To Kevin McCormack, I will my swimming abilities and my aqua-man Halloween suit. To Mr. Smink and Mr. King, I will an easier coning.

Bob Gheesling, leave a ball of string to hold down Jeff Brown when he's higher than a kite, and one fishing pole so he can reel it it; to Gary Marley, a sturdy tree and a year's supply of BEANS; to Al Walker, free postage on all postcards; to Margo Keenan, one locker poster; to Keith Dalian, one official yardstick to measure flames; to Mr. Montre, tickets to the circus; to Greg Ratliff, “VEINLESS HOTDOG”; TO Tom Wynychuk,lousy game of “Hide and Seek”; to Marc Keshisian, a 4 speed laugh box and a AJ FOYT School of Driving Certificate;... and to the whole class, a plaque to it's memory of the Hilltop, the Fazicz's and the Schenkel's.

Richard Gillikin, being of sound mind, leave the following items to teachers and students of Crestwood – To my dear English teacher, Mrs. Childs, I will all my little remarks about her friend!! in the history department. To Mr. Kimball, I promise to send the first copy of my book “A Thousand and One Insulting Remarks for High School Students (grades 9-12). To Mr. Klinefelter, I leave .25 because milkshakes don't cost .50 anymore. To my tennis partner, I will the only tennis ball that he didn't steal from me. To my cousin Don, I leave my cool temper so he might stay on the courts long enough to win a match. To brother Bill, to you I leave a great school with really great teachers, good luck in sports and keep the name going; you can have my old sweatshirt too. To the girls of Miss Gruda's 6th hour gym class, I leave the ace bandage I had to wear after being pushed under the net on the volleyball court. And finally to Susan Kubik I will to you two Crestwood Juniors who will follow your footsteps into your Senior Year.

Sue Gilpin, will one alarm clock to Vic, so that he can start being on time; to Paula Novelli, three million oranges and three cans of Pepsi; to Mr. Hamrick, a new chalkboard and some new chalk since I used his all up. Also to Mr. Hamrick, I leave my word “Twanger” for him to use whenever he sees fit; to Kim VanMeerbeeck I gladly leave one nice quiet pair of slippers; to Frank Kupler, one plaque reading “Seniors are the Greatest”; to Mr. Fletcher one house in Peduka, KY for when (if ever) he retires. To Jeff Hearn and Gary Kimball, one whistle so they can use it all next year. To Debbie Tutt, I leave Micky Lolich and to Carol Urso I leave another “certain athlete”. To Mr. Claeys, a bottle of Excedrin for his No. 27 headache; also to Vic the best of luck at Ferris and a special thanks for understanding all of my “crying spells”; To Tommy Lee Wynychuk I leave one shoulder for me to cry on the night of graduation; to Tim Wilkes, good luck in two years (if he waits that long. Right Kris?) to Jo and John the best of luck always; to Bernie Gabriel, a great deal of thanks for everything she has done for me; to Kat, a book on how to solve all of her “problems”; to Dave Mabrey good luck in California; to Sandy Jamroz I leave the memory of all the “Twanger” times we've had together; to Nancy Petro I leave my eyes; to Al Brandt one pair of rolling eyes, to Ted Fazica enough money to pay everybody back from his card playing days; to Mike Biek an extra set of eyes to keep on his “Brother” next year. To the Class of 1971 I leave all my Senior Spirit Buttons and most of all I hope they can have as great a year as I have had this year. Good luck '71 and have a great year!!!

Greg Gondek, will to Gary (Hillbilly) Collins on year's supply of track shorts so that they will wear out in good use. Also to Mr. McNeil one year's supply of order forms to Blackburn's Shoe Store and a bagful of marbles. And to John Chipala one girl mechanic who he will always love to talk to. And to Craig Common a dictionary so that he might learn some more words besides his favorite ones. To Janet Adams I will one jar of anti-freckle cream and a drivers license starting 17.

Dave Gossiaux, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath, to Mike Piatech on package of BB's; to Bernie Sanden, one slightly used shirtsleeve, one empty package of ketchup and one “scarecrow”; to Ray Siler, I leave one Timex watch so he won't get his “schedule” mixed up; to Curly Top Matt Hess I leave one extra large wrestling head gear and one book on how to learn to wrestle in 5 easy lessons and to Dave Larson, I leave my egg throwing abilities. To the chemistry department I leave one free “egg fou youg” pass at “Hosimoto's Hut.”

John Grden, will to Gordon Callem all the fun and misery that I've had working in the Auditorium this year; to Mr. Fisher, I leave one master key so that he may rid himself of the ones he now has. To Mr. Ensign, I leave charge of the auditorium. To my sister Karen, good luck with the yearbook (she'll need it). And to Richard Ceci and Bob Legowsky, free use of my Computer terminal. And last to Mr. Fisher, I leave all the band equipment that I have borrowed during the year.

Chris Gruber, being of sound mind and body will to Mr. Kotulski a can of Dunlap tennis balls, to Mr. Montre, a deflated, plastic clown, to Mr. Ensign, a bottle of soap bubbles, to Roger Remnant, a pair of worn out knee pads; to Al Tumas, 100 points for Chemistry; to Cindy Hangach, an alarm clock and to Robert Legowsky and to all the other classmates of the Class of '70, a parting ... “Shalom.”

Candee Guerriero, so will and bequeath to Doer a lifetime supply of plastic lined paper bags for the weekends and the record “I Could Have Danced All Night”; To Heiser tenth grade, salt and an egg, and the accident she'd rather get in than...; my sot carpeting and driving book titles “It's Okay I always Do It” to Leeca Leenie; to Larry Leech my album of the Irish Jig recorded live and the ability to believe me next time; to all of the above “more guitar”, my pumpkin seeds, a gallon of orange juice for the weekends and four Chinese men; a one way ticket out of Dearborn Heights and a free course in Swifts Charm School to Maggie; to Angela her favorite part in every song, a route may, my sense of responsibility, and my ability to drive on the right side of the road; my green “leprscisy” jacket to Jose. To Denise Hall her baby bottle my father found in my car; my prized photographs of his late brother to David Seaton; to Thomas a kissing bandit disguise kit; to Billiam a cure for his romantic fever and a summer membership in the Weathermen; my bent towel rack and a new patch for his kissing jacket to Larry Leech; to Donald Laird my glasses to freak with and a trip to my store (get the point?); to Curvey Turvey a pair of tap dancing shoes and the craziest person award; To Gale Cearbaugh another black contact, a few of my past weekends and all my school spirit; to David Silski I return my name my George and my sympathy for your having to remain in Crestwood one more year; and last and least important a salty root-beer, a two-way mirror so she can see both her faces at once and my can of breath spray for “bad” girls in case her halo should slip to Sherry Patzer.

H Return to Top

Denise Hall, will to Leech II (whose a chip off the old coliseum a few hankies for when her to-be D.J. Goes away in August even though she knows it will be true love in college; to Doer, some “pep pills” because she does everything so slow, and a book on “How to Make Decisions”; to Chow Mein, a new for all the parties the girl's version of the brotherhood and brotherhood had there? To Duff, a receipt for a new class ring, a book on “How to be True to Your Steady” and a football with a lot of sold memories behind it; to Tom and Dave, all the memories from the night before Thanksgiving, because I haven't been to successful in forgetting them; to Debbie Lundquist, my cheerleading jacket in September; to Debbie Stefanko, the hope that she gets Mrs. Nash for Government; to my crazy sister, my grades (cause at the rate she's going, she'll be in Crestwood for more than four years,) also lots of luck and have fun with Donald Richard cause the time really will go fast; to K.J. More great times,... like on St. Clair River, and please forget I'm as old as your sister; to Mr. Claeys, Mrs. Jaworski and Mrs. Oberg, many thanks for the knowledge and experience (ha ha) I gained while working for you and I'll be back next year to do the bulletin board; especially to Mr. Clark, I may not be perfect, but I'm ORGANIZED!; to a few Junior Girls,... right there Bozo, and what are you going to do next year when the senior boys are gone!; to Gary Lundquist, a little friendlier attitude and a necklace and thanks for the talk and A&W; to J.F. A little better attitude in Shorthand; to Kim, a road map for after fifth hour, a new tape deck, and a rug for the next time we go to Eastown, a jar of Dippity Do and a COLD; and last and least, to the friendliest boy in the class “ER YURAS!”

Page Hamilton, will to any underclassman whose big mouth gets them in trouble, my quietness. I also will my ability to never miss a day of school to anyone who can take the pressures. To Denise, I leave a shoulder to cry on and someone to help her drive. To Joyce, I leave a million “tomorrow's another day. To Irene, I leave the memory of the “ride” and a jar of spiders to someone who collected them. To my sister Jan I leave all the great times I've had at Crestwood and my long hair. Last, but not least I leave my sincere thanks to all the teachers at Crestwood who have made these years more enjoyable.

Bob Hamzey, do hereby leave Mr. Wiese some extra credit points to clear up his defugality, to Mrs. Childs, Rich Gillikin's mouth; to Mr. Kotulski time; to Mr. Skaisgar I leave 50 courtesies, to Mr. Lammers, by brother to do his dirty work, and finally to Mr. Paluchniack I give any story that I have that will top one of his; last but not least I leave all my 100,000,000,000 brownie points to Chris Krowicky.

Jim Hanes, will the ability to rip up courtesy's in Mr. Skairgir's face to anyone whose got the hair to do it; to Big Red, an un-cooked raunch hamburger, and to Ron Havener one large bottle of lemon juice. Along with that I bequeath to the two teaser's of Camp Dearborn (Jim “Pie” Ryan and Dave Silski) all my teasing abilities of last summer for this summer up at camp, a turtle to Donita Colson on large turtle made by S.S. (the Homecoming??)

Richard Hangach, will my International Affairs teacher to my English V teacher; an experiment that works to Mr. Kimball; to Mr. Montre three rings to hold his circus in; To Dave Treachler a portable cot for his college classes; to my sister a class as great as ours; to Mr. Diaz better luck next time; and to our class of '70 the good luck they deserve in the future.

Sandy Hart, being of sound mind hereby bequeath Mr. King all the phony passes used by the senior class. I will Mrs. Jaworski all the Virginal Farrell hairstyles she needs and all my fake eyelashes.

Debbie Hatzis, will my great teachers through-out my Crestwood years to my brother Andy. I also will to him my great athletic ability I have in all sports. To Debbie Knight I will my great singing ability and wishing her a lot of luck in choir class in trying to hit the high soprano notes. I want to thank all my teachers for all the help they tried to give me.

Gloria Hawkins, will Joyce Sutherland my luck in not getting caught skipping and more luck in not getting caught in the parking lot. Also I will Kathy Burns the privilege of going out for lunch next year, since she is too chicken this year to go out. I also will a year's supply of cigarettes and matches to all the girls in the johns. Good Luck to the future Crestwood students.

Ed Hazelrigg, will my ability to keep my cool and don't get upset about anything to Miss Karen Lynn Brennan (Madison High), one autographed picture of Harry Theofliedes to Dave Krauser so he can wake up to his here every morning, my Friday and Saturday nights to Terry Farmer and Sandy Skeeters because they deserve to find out what it's really like to have fun either alone or together. To Mrs. Flint I will all the fun in the world with all of those good boys she will teach next year, they're gay company. To Chuck Turvey and his cast iron stomach I will an eight by ten picture of his favorite girlfriend (you know who Chuck, 65.00). All these things I leave because it will make the world a better place to live.

Janice Herrick, will my intelligence and my blue passes to Bernice May. I leave Carm the horns on Ford Road. To everybody I would like to leave better luck than I've had.

Kathy Hill, will Kerry Leech bus fare to get to... boarding school and one dozen headbands that she can share with R.W.; to Doer- one ticket to see “Marmalade” (again) and one album by F.W. Featuring “Love Grows”; to Neecer- at least 95 more code names and a purple cape from our adventures as the :.A.S.; to Charmaniac- my ability of understanding, a few more stones from the residence of F.W., my talent for “knocking on wood” and one squirt gun for 5th hour. To Bernie- another airplane and all the paper I owe you; to Jose- $1 for gas so we can go out for lunch and lessons on how to make a sandwich without mayo; to Lynda- another ride downtown to pick up some H.K. Papers and dance to the tune of the bells; to Michael- my brother, one Whopper Kit and some brains; to the Brotherhood- 3 cases of... dry mice breath spray for her trips to Grosse Point – just in case she getss to be one of the “badgirls”; to Mike Sherbaty- 4 wilted dandelions; and last but never least, to Dave- all my best wishes happiness and love, the shortest 6 months from August to February that ever was and the biggest thank you for Jan 27, 1970 and every following day.

Tim Hille, will Paula Novelli one 8-track tape deck and all my Temptation's tapes for further use in her Mustank. To Karen Yeager my '64 Plymouth Sports Fury, not because it runs good, but because the glass-paks make it sound so mean. To all underclass girls the record “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”. I will to Marty Metzigan 1 nose job, and to Andy Stoner one can of “Hair Straightener”. I will to “Millie” a brand new cookbook.

Kerry Hlady, will the following; to Tom McCormack my socks; to all future drafting students that take trig next year an answers book that shows how to do it, not just the answerers and “Big Red”, they can also have my “A” average in there; an experiment to the “Doc” that will work no matter who does it; to Mr. Skagigar, I am sure he will enjoy my drafting and electronic knowledge so that he will be right once in a while; to Fred a pair of shoe laces that match; to Larry my tennis ability; to anyone coming out for the team all of my workout balls; to anyone who needs a pair of shoes all of my worn out tennis shoes featuring taped toes; and to all underclassmen all th fun I had here.

Barbara Holda, will unignorance, my prowess and athletic ability, Little Duke, someone to do homework for you next year, and best of luck in all to my baby brother, Kenny; to Karl and Gerwin one deceased turtle, a tickle in the “tutu” to Greg Ratliff; a U of M football victory to Keith Dalian and Andrea Kandilian; a train for Tom Bruce, and Pat; a special thanks to Bob and Marc; many many fond memories and a lasting unification to “S.S.S.”; a graduation wish to Mike Bartlett and good luck to CHS.

Richard Holland, will to Mr. Tate all my perfect abilities of class participation; to Denise Hall the better times in love to come, and to J.P. all my great working skills. To Mr. Messner all my last year's coffee breaks. I will to Mr. Lammers, another 4th hour class just like this year's but with about 10 John Youngs; and to Mr. Hahn a new car and a set of Gold Scuba tanks. I will to Pensyl and the guys all the beer they can drink; I will to Sherry my picture; to John Hughes some money from Uncle Howard. And to Mr. Diaz, a handshake.

Joleen House, will to Mr. Gerwin my typewriter and typing ability (which he needs); to Gary Kimball 95 words per minute; to Gail Nida, many memories and long talks; to Sue Swift a riot of laughs to Barb Holda the ability to find the “man” of her dreams next year; to Donna Morosky my frizzy hair; to Andrea Kandilian my ability to play the drums; to Lynda Brewer my tanable skin; to Sue Westenburg a free baby-sitting job; to Mrs. Oberg all my English papers as a keepsake; to Barb White 12 frozen bananas; to my sister Val, all my happiness at Crestwood and the hope for a great senior year; and to Doug Read, ME!

Brenda Howell, will to my sister Carolyn one semester of trials and tribulations in Mrs. Nash's government class. To Al Walker the best of luck at Central College. To Angie Sarkisian, one wish to help her relax and forget the harassment of school if she shares it with me. To Karen DiMambro and Wendy Allen the many times we attempted to attend a dance and never made it. To Dave Mabrey my knowledge of one Business Law class. To Sue Diebel one “Stone” free day of school. To Dennis Colensky one wild party on a “Hilltop”, To the class of '71 all the great times our class had, and to the entire Class of “70” Best of Luck after graduation.

Therese Huczek, do hereby bequeath to Silent Dennis my vocal chords; to the great Booga a purple people (preferably male) to love and cherish forever; to Uncle John the High Chancellorship of the Polish Corridor; to BJS Susie, Joannie, Spits, and Marilyn all the luck and happiness in the world; and to all the future graduation classes of Crestwood lots of high hopes.

John Hughes, hereby will the following; To the “most deserving juniors”, who worked so hard and paid so much for the Senior Furniture, I will my share of it. Take care of it juniors, if you can. To the teachers of Crestwood, a grading scale. To Mr. Tate, a case of golf balls I didn't get this year. To Mr. Berg, a lot of useless homework and a minutes worth of lecture notes. To Mr. Hamrick, a heck of a lot of thanks for all he has done for this class. To the rest of the sponsors, a lot of thanks also.

Karen Hurst, will my outstanding grades and the offer of being my maid-of-honor to Colleen Adams; my school spirit to Judy Heugal; some of my hair to Gary Globish; to Candy Odroniec I will Vicki Briggs' mouth; to my brother I wish the best of luck in this place; to Cheryl Morris I will one Daryl Copely; to Liz Grybowski the right to go out to lunch; to Nancy Petro I will all my Mother's weekend meals; and to all underclassmen of the future I hope that they can prove their greatness as the great class of '70 has done.

Mark Hysinger, alias Toby, will Mr. Paluchniak one Wilbur and Orville Wright easy to follow flying instruction booklet; to Steve Bosh 50 McDonald's straws; to Mr. Miller one 14 second time slip, Gary Kimball Sox and Martian. To Pam Slatter I leave a 1959 Fiat that looks like an upside down bathtub. To Sue Gilpin I leave all the fun we've had in all the classes we had together and especially those are classes we had. To Larry Libeau 100 cases of Nutriment. To Mark Scott an ounce of Coke. To Wendy Allen I leave all my works. To Dennis Olsen I leave all my brownie points with J.P. To Robin Jolley I leave all my Auto Mech. ability.

I Return to Top

Loretta Iannetta, will to Mrs. Jaworski a lot of “Thanks” for trying to help me out in the one thing that meant the most to me. Mrs. J. your a fantastic teacher and I'll never forget you. To Dennis Penneta, a “hot” car and a lot of gas ($1.00's worth). To Ron Smith, the courage to ask out any girl he wants, I'll even pay for the date Ron. To Bernie Gabriel, all the fun and problems we shared. To Jeff Hern, our little that no one knows about. To Sandy Korow, one diamond ring and a wedding invitation within two years. To Margo Keenan, the ability to drive a car and to keep her hands of grade books. To Linda Oliver, the friendship we use to have. To Linda Bowers, her old personality back. To Ilene Bacer, I leave Virginia Farrwell and all the fun we've had in the orange crate; to Mary Mistake, the ability to get drink just once. To Janice Herrick, a private gas station for her personal use. To Gary Ainsworth, a bog chumply so he can go bananas. To any Junior girl who thinks they can take over where the W.A.W.'s left off. Good Luck. To Doug Jakubiec, all the fun times we've had, the bad one's will be forgotten, all my love for being such a wonderful guy, and also one great big bucket of water so he can refill his squirt gun and use it on all dips next year. Last to everyone I missed who made high school a riot, the best of luck.

Linda Isaacson, will all my unread books purchased for English V to anyone who dares to take English V, and one toilet plumber for the Girls John near the cafeteria to those who use it.

J Return to Top

Rich Jackson, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath to Chuck (Fly) Clayton a new pair of water repellent wings and a permanent hanger at Metro Airport. To Mr. Skaisger, side molding for his beat-up old Chevy, complements of Dennis Nurzack. To Kim Mitchell some black dye for his goatee so someone can see it. To Mr. Fisher a life-size Teddy Bear and a joke book. And to Dave Rapotec I leave a carton of throwing eggs and $200's bail.

Sandy Jamroz, will Kathy Hill one years supply of typing paper; to Diane Kachinski a one way ticket to Texas; to Al Brandt two tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters; to Margo Keenan one clothes hanger in case her sun glasses fall in the toilet again. To Sue Gilpin many more twanger times with Victor and all the memories in English class. To Bernie Gabriel all the luck in the world, although she'll never need it, and a date with that certain someone. To Carolyn McCubbrey my ability to pass Government by the skin of my choo-choo! To Jill McDonald one quick response to “Right there, Bozo”. To John Chipala the ability to teach a History class on senior control day. To Tony Enokian one .25 ticket to enable him to have a chance at the Giant Jarco next year. To Sue Comstock I will one statement back that a certain someone was a cheapskate! To Jo and John all the happiness in the world in her station wagon with their 27 kids! To Mr. Hamrick the ability not to pick two twangers next year to teach his American History class on Senior control day and always have the great memory of Ruth Buzzy and Goldie Hawn! To Dave Ringler one Pig's head and to Kim Mitchell one 7th grade picture of me. To our favorite English teacher, Mr. Claeys, one handy-dandy, super-duper pooper scooper and one burglar system me and Sue never figured out and also the English he taught us that we never figured out either. And to Baby Face all the good things in life!

Sally Jane, will the following items to my good buds; to Denise, I will incentive to keep painting; to Mitch, I will a tune-up and a vacation; to Kathy, I will luck in freaking people out; to Renne and Ron--- “tea” for two; to Diane, a gold plated joint; to Jim, a star on his forehead for his (?) continuous efforts; to ? To get his art projects in; my underclassmen buds to get the Intestinal Fortitude to finish school; to all the good people, I will a good life trip.

Bryce Johnston, being of sound mind and questionable body to hereby will and bequeath my job to anyone who wants a few laughs and My car to anyone who wants a lot of laughs. To Carol Welty one little brother and some other couple to bug all year. To Mr. Fisher I leave my rank as sargeant. To my brother Mark, I leave my nickname “The Flash”, my seat in the senior lounge and all the girls he can get his hands on. To Joyce Adams my love, some armor for her neck and a prescription for her comples; sixty years of peace and quiet on an old maids' farm. To Mrs. Jaworski one foreign correspondent (wish me luck). To Gail Trimble, the money to buy me a ticket to the next operetta, and to Beth Trimble one postcard and a ride in a 1970 Gremlin. And finally to Sally Slomzenski and/or Jane Ghannam the title assistant grouches and what's left of the newspaper.

Steve Jolly, will a good time to anyone who comes to Florida; my ability to find out about surprise parties to Dan Sarna; my ability to dance at pep asemblies to next year's football team; but most of all, I left a lot of good friends.

Barbara Jordan, do hereby bequeath to Diane Kachinski one nice guy permanently unlisted from any military service to help solve some of her many problems; and also my ability to gain weight; to Margo Keenan I will the nickname “mk” in the hopes that some day the whole world will call her by that nickname and forget she ever had any other name; to Bob Gheesling and Keith Dalian, an official appointment to the position of Supreme Court Justice to which they feel they adequately qualify; and to Greg Ratliff I will five years of friendship; to Nancy Davidson I will my emerald ring; a ticket to the _____ strip and a can of mosquito repellant to Don Laird; a life-time subscription of the “Lone Ranger Meets Hawkeye” to Denise Fraser; to Bruce Kramer I will a round-trip from Saute Saint Marie to Detroit on March 7, 1971, 72, 73, 74, and 75. I also will him $3000 and a lot of happiness to follow. To the Juniors of Crestwood I will a lot of luck and Happiness in their senior year. And also the senior privegiles with the hopes that the underclassmen will respect them as much as we truly did.

K Return to Top

Margo Keenan, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath to Angie Sarkisian one joy ride I owe her; to Brenda Simpson and Chris Giocondini I will on package of blueberry cigars; to John Hockney my ability to drive without getting tickets; to Tim Wilkes “the best babysitter of the year award”. To Mike Biek the memory of one party; to Michelle Metzigan and Karen Breen my ability to gain weight. To Jerry O'Hara I will one clark bar, three months of not speaking, and an apology and to Chuck Turvey I also will an apology. To Gary Kimball one bronze dipped loafer. To Doug Jakubiec a lot of thanks for listening to all my problems. To Jeff Hern I will one night out at Denton and “Max”. To Gary Ainsworth I will my sister; to Frank Kraus I will one bounced out trip to Toledo, to Jane Ghannam a week back in her childhood, to Mrs. Ziobro all my blue passes from junior and senior English classes, to Marilyn Sarookanian and Terry Estes the hope that all they find from now on in Crestwood is happiness. To Debby Sandy one Saturday night date with Jerry O'Hara and an orange tree I have in my possession. To Larry McCartney the privilege of setting up my Saturday night dates, to Jim Ryan the ability to tell the truth. To Tom Horton I will all my knowledge of French I; to Al Paparelli the day we tripled; to Bob Gheesling the definition of “certain Words”, to Mary Mistak one prom dress; to BJ I will one nickname forever and ever; to Cat a ride through all the parking lots she went looking for certain cars; to Susan Comstock “true blue Paul”; to Linda Oliver, Mary Mistak's dogs naval; to Sandy Jamroz thanks for helping me find my lost glasses; to Mrs. Compton one grade book with a long string attached to it so she can hang on to it for dear life; to Mr. Smink a little bit of justice and to this school a little bit of forgiveness because it needs it.

Tim Keohane, wish to leave some of my decency and well behaved manners to two guys who are badly in need of it-- Bob Hughes and Tom McCormack. My wood-working abilities are among my prized possessions but for Mr. Paluchniak's safety and well-being I leave a little of my ability to Ed Duked and his close really close associate class who are probably still checking oil together. To the rest of Crestwood I leave memory of me and hope they're pleasant. And to my little sister Deborah, I leave her Nothing.

George Kereji, do hereby bequeath 50 courtesies and a wore size calculator to Mike Menz, and a new lab partner for John Chipala if he makes it to Electronics II. To Mr. Ensign my auditorium keys and to John Grden a dozen key blanks so that he may continue his career. To “Random BOB” (The Doc) Quick Kimball and Rich “The Pirate” I will my newest book “Not to Win at Chess”. To Mr. Skaisgir I will 40 fuses to replace the ones I blew and to Mr. Montre I will the Bozo of “Clown Corner”, Dave Seaton.

Marc Keshishian, will to Rosyln Bashawaty, a sports section in the 1970 Lancer, not a spectator section, a kind brother, an argument with me about something sensible and my friendship; to Bob Bashawaty I will all the work I have done that he has received credit for, Lulu sucking a lollipop, not a wolf on a road runner and not there, my honesty and my thanks for all he has done; to Mr. Hamrick, I will a certain raffle ticket, 1,000 missing candles, Bozo the Clown, two carnivals, the weight I have lost, and my gratitude to a great man for all the advice he has given me and all that he as done for the class of 1970; to Gary MacDanold I will my temper and my stubbornness; to Mr. Klinefelter I will my tennis ability and my appreciation for putting up with me for three years on the tennis courts; to Mr. Diaz, a traditional ring; to Sandy McAleer, a list of all my problems; to Mr. Smink and Mr. King, I will another class with the greatness of the class of 1970 and my thanks for all the privileges they gave us this year; to any deserving, my ability to officially never be absent, while yet miss half of my classes, to the people in the class of '71 and all underclassmen, I will as much fun as I had during my senior year to everyone of them and last but definitely not least, to all the people I have met during my years at Crestwood, I will to them happiness and the best of luck in the future.

Sandy Korow, will all of my school spirit to Loretta Iannetta; I will my SS390 Comet to Brad Marquardt so he can blow off everything on Telegraph. To Kim Mitchell I leave a supply of brown paper bags so he won't have to steal them from people. To Linda Bowers I leave one box of “Party Pepper” to keep her from sneezing and keep the crowd laughing. To Margo Keenan and Janet Reska I leave all the Beeline lookalike clothes. To Michele Licari I leave the bushes and ironing and the “E” Room 221. I leave everything else to Tim.

Bruce Kramer, do hereby bequeath to Craig Common not much since he never had to much to begin with; to Liz DiLarria all my sob stories; to Barb Jordan 1 460 days and 12 round trip tickets to Sault St. Marie per year and a hope chest full of ashtrays etc. Etc. To Mike Menz one speaker one register and transistor and one cartridge in hopes that he may continue his fabulous already growing knowledge.

Susan Kraske, will “A little here—A little there” to Carolyn Williams; my raincoat to Bev Berry which she knows how to use; my first chair in Band to Wanda Kramer so she can talk to Cheryle better; Better trampoline and mat-sliding abilities to Kathy Grouch” Wacaster; one lost P.E. Class and a part in any Shirley Temple movie to Colleen Molloy and Janice Turowski; one locker to decorate and muss up all she wants to Donna Morsky; one never played tennis game to Rich Gillikin; a “guaranteed to make coffee every morning” coffee maker to Mr. Fisher; my bowling skill half a bottle of cream soda a “little” head, two parking spaces for Herbie and a new house to Mrs Hales; my ability to “leave with things and not come back with them” a trophy for the fastest 50 yard dash, a bottle of that good tasting “Wildfire”, my band uniform, my metals and my saxophone (all of which she admires) to Miss Gruda; and as many good times as I have had at Crestwood to my sister and future classes of Crestwood.

Francine Kunkle, will one of the greatest years of my life to my fiance, Steve Grasela in hopes that every year to come will contain happiness for our life together. Also, aside from this, I will a perfect attendance record for Donna Pelot along with some of the wishes and hopes she has, to come true. For Brenda Simpson, I will the happiness she seeks with one of the greatest guys, Al Gaszi. I also would like to thank my cousins – Mr. And Mrs. John McClosky for helping me make ti through this year with the confidence they have given me. And a very, very special thanks to my future father and mother in-law for their patience, understanding and guidance. To my parents, thank you for the beautiful wedding to come.

Karen Kurosky, bequeath to Mariann and Dwayne peace, love???; and happiness in the halls of Crestwood High School; to Sally and Rita of fifth hour, lots of throat disks (for all the talking we did!!); to any Co-op student the job as a “switchboard operator” at the board office; to Mary Spiteri a bible; to Vicki Ashker a belly button jewel; to Sarah any Clay-Mans body; to Jeanette, lots of luck with Bert; to all future seniors the privilege of being a senior; to all future seniors the senior fountain, the senior court, the senior lounge and all the senior privileges; to Jeanette's little helpers in the afternoon Steve and Joseph, all the mail bags; to Diane an undershirt factory; to Elaine a Henry Ford catalog; to Mr. Claeys $5 in an envelope.

Deborah Kwatera, will to Billy a permanent green pass, much happiness, and the color of red; to Jeanette Nicpon, the “I am what I am” award, and the best luck in her next years at Crestwood; to Jo-Jo, one simonized bottle of turtle wax, and a broken lawnmower. One walking stick to Barb, and all my love to Mark.

L Return to Top

Don Laird, will to Brenda and Mr. And Mrs. Sabuda, my diploma from U. of D., the keys to the next car I get, a free life time dental care, the names and addresses of all the girls I used this year, and a dictionary so they can look up the word “Cheap” to see what I mean, also a thank-you note for their sympathy; to Denise Hall I will one Crestwood class ring, the other set of keys to my car, and a list of the ten greatest male sports heroes in the U.S. (one of these to Brenda, too.); to Kim Mitchell, I will a book that contains all the facts of life, and a manual that describes how to fix dented cars. He also gets a certificate for being a great friend in times of trouble; to Gary Lundquist, a plastic bag and a bottle of Pepto Bismal, and he gets all the marks that are on the wall in my hall from Christmas Vacation and a copy of “Don't Worry”; to Dave Seaton, all my frogs for the times he's had to listen to my troubles, and a kick in the rear, but only if he drinks again; to Bill Schenkel, a free trip to any place his heart desires, a bag of morning glory seeds and my copy of “Journey to the Center of the Mind”. To Tom Taino I will a gas mask to make life a little easier for him, a trophy for being a good guy and keeping out of trouble, and a free night at the Hill Top. Sue Diebel gets a free trip to Toledo any time she wishes. To Jill McDonald I will a miniature replace of car 81 and paid in full vacation to the church parking lot on Beech Daly for next Thanksgiving vacation.

Louie Lambert, will to Mr. Miller a Chevy manual so he can buy a good car; to Rodney Alexander, I will a tape recorder with the saying “This is Stupid”; to Mr. Hamrick a pair of boots; to Mrs. Jaworski I will a Drivers Ed. Manual; to Mr. Fulton I will a full class for study hall; to Mr. Skaigir I will 10 billion courtesies sheets he gave out in 70-71; to Mike Quirolo I will a bar of soap for his mouth; to Linda Bowers I will the funniest sneeze of the year award; to Greg Ratliff I will a bib; to Dave Rapotec and Dan Sarna I will 6,000 cases of eggs for this summer, and to all the Juniors the great fun they'll have in their Senior year.

Mary Landelius, will to all the future students lots of luck.

Kathy Lechwicz, not being of sound mind and body, will my Polish Brain to Jeff Sharp; my shorthand grade to Jenny Pelk; and my peace sign to Mike.

Michele Licari, leave Sandy Korow all the luck and good fortune in the world— she deserves it and much more; to Bob Varley, a shovel; to Sandy Hart, her own silver-plated parking space at Blazo's and the “E.M.”; to Sandy Moore, a diamond in hold for her to get out at her convenience when she's ready; to Brad Marwuardt, a kick in the ___ for all of his annoyance and weird noises and a mussell for his mouth, but a hug for his personality; Ilona Dittmar, a new 1970 Cadillac; and last but not least and most important-- to Nick, I leave all my LOVE forever!

Gail Locke, do hereby bequeath Terry Face and Steve Gardner a new book of jokes; to Terri Alexsy a new nickname, Linda Doughty a bag of nuts; to Jackie Gladdish a bathing cap that is guaranteed not to leak; to Doreen Taglioli, more time; to Casey Ebert, my Psychedelic Shack record album Cover, and the second row clarinets the privilege of being a senior.

Gary Lundquist, will Brenda Sabuda one BRENDALLA; a fifth to Don Laird that I usually borrow on weekends, a one-way ticket to Florida and one of three parts to Kim Mitchell; last year's pool party, all my forged passes, and all the luck in cheerleading to my sister- Debbie; to Chick- one PONY; a singing course to Nancy Davidson; a trip down a hill to Denise Fraser; a new bathroom towel rack to Candd Guerrerio; all the luck with flat tires, and all my cycling patches to Monty Wulff; a ginger ale to Jim Rought; to Dan Lizon, all the booze he wants and my bank account to pay for it; one Karate chop to Bill Niblo; one pair of blue jeans to Bill Schenkel; two different fingers to poke eyes with to Tom Tianno; to Brad Marquardt, my fine accident abilities and my coin collection to pay for the gas; a Florida tan, that I lost to Joyce Adams; all the winning bridge games to Kathy Hill; one doooo to Linda Bowers; a pair of contacts to Rick Zabrosky; a punching bag and sixth grade memories to Karen Newmeyer; a dozen strawberry donuts and one class ring to Denise Hall; a toy boat and a car card to Keith Dalian; one Brad Marquardt to Karen Pederson; a few of my driving lessons to Angie Sarkisian; one helleva sunburn to Tim Wilkes, Jim Dominiak, and Nick Venittelli; a vomit bag for 1st hour to Barb White; all the excuses you gave me to Page Hamilton; and to Dave Seaton, one used VW, a pack of cigars, an Ad Manager, and an AAAAAAAAAAAAHH !!!

Betty Lundy, will to everyone a few joint sessions with Mr. King and teachers. Peace be yours.

M Return to Top

Dave Mabrey, will my “great” driving ability to any underclassment who has good car insurance and doesn't bruise easily; to Jeff Brown I will a gallon of flame red paint and a brush to paint his Corvette; to a certain special Junior I would like to will her a very happy senior year; I also will to her the last four years of good times and many cherised memories; and last but not least I will to my girl, Kathy Hill, a one-way ticket to San Francisco, CA. Usable anytime after I leave (hopefully the day after I get there).

Gary Marley, will the following; to Mr. Hamrick I will four walls and a guilty conscience and one free lesson on how to be tactful in front of a group of seniors; to my friend Bob Gheesling I will one ride to my house the special way in hope that the girls will be out; to Keith Dalian, another friend I will a rubber stamp for his senior pictures saying “Who, Me? Willie Heston?1?”; to the clowns in third hour Trig, I will a job with Barnum and Baily under the Big (red) Top; to my classmates who are all so jealous of one another, I will June 11 as a day of Armistice; to Bob Bash, Mrs. Childs and Mrs. Navarre I will a thank you; to Beanie I will a lifetime of happiness since I caught her when she jumped and the rest she already knows!!!

Brad Marquardt, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the following people: to Gary Lundquist I will the memories of the quick trips to Ohio, the two pool parties, the nights and nights spent trying to solve each other's problems, the torture of riding up and down side streets on garbage night, and of course this year's Homecoming. To Debbie Lundquist I will my slightly used cheerleading tennis shoes. To Karen Pederson I will some fond memories. To Cyndie Sheldon I will my seat as President of the “Lonely Hearts Club” (time for another meeting). To Deb and Chick I will the right to share lockers in the senior section for one more year, and a round trip ticket to Muskegon. To Ma and Dad Hughes I will my Boone cap. To Sandy Korow I will a ride to school, finally, and a 1969 Chevelle, blue with a black vinyl top. To Michele Licari I will a year's supply of Dunkin Doughnuts from her favorite dough-boy (Nick) and a big hug and kiss for just being so cool. To Diane Cornila I will the 9th grade memories “beep”. Also a big hug and kiss for being so sweet to me. To Loretta Ianetta I will one day of fun in Business Machines and a pinch in the cheek cause “you're just so cute”. To Mary Sahara I will all of my memories of 6th grade Brainard, 7th-9th grades at Haston, and all of the fun here at Crestwood. I send her all my love forever. (See ya' round big sis). To Neecer, Doer, Leech a leen, Kerry Leech and Di, I will one big hickey pinch in the neck. To Kathy Michno I will one new voice box that can finally make her be heard. To Bob Bash I will the physique of Mr. America that he never had. To Gary and Beanie I will the best of luck always (seriously). To Sherry Miller I will one free trip back home to Louisiana. (Have a nice trip “you-all”). To Mr. Fletcher I will one new student manager to go through all of the “fun” I went through. To Mrs. Jaworski I will my fish bowl. Finally to Frank E. Kupler I will all of my beautiful lawn jobs and the B.S. Bucket and shovel award.

Dennis Marzec, will many material, physical, and mental goodies to Frank and hand shake and many thanks for his help, and my old camera? To Ron my thanks to his help and encouragement. To Bruce Ward my old holly shirt. To Mr. Weise a big thanks for his helping me get through Intro Algebra last year. And to someone I will never forget, Bennie, may it stay with you always and I will you many returns. Peace.

Sandra McAleer, bequeath the following items as listed below. To my younger sister Deb, I leave my class spirit (or whatever is left) so that she too can be carried through three years of school. To Paz, I leave the past of a long friendship and the hope that it will remain. I also leave one large psychiatrist notepad to keep all of her “cases” straight now and in her social work. To Marc I leave a little confidence, a thank you note for all of the rides home and a lot of everything else. To Kevin I leave a new deck of bridge cards and a score sheet equipped with one grand slam. To some unfortunate junior girl I leave one unused yellow prom dress complete with matching shoes. To Janet Green, I leave a stronger voice and another cast just like us for her next senior play. To all the underclassmen I leave the overpowering memory of the Class of 70 and the hollow feeling that's left behind when we are gone. To the Class of 70, I leave the best of luck to all

Gary McDanold, will to all the plebeians remaining in Crestwood, professional and criminal and to relations, friendly or mutual, do declare the below items to be transferred from my possession to be named person or persons with die obligatory acceptance. For the betterment of his social and mental attributes, I leave Dan Ulfig a “Bartender's Dream” only that which remains when the time comes. On June 25 (not before or after) he must rent from me for a sum of money to be negotiable. Since the “hacker trophy” is retired to anyone after consecutive years of undisputed possession, I must give 49 tennis balls of all makes, a pair of moldy sweat bands, a pair of permanently yellow stenchy sweat socks, a pair of blessed hold Jack Parsell tennis shoes with only 50,000 miles of wear, and last but not least my first racket given to me by my father, Orville, because he thought tennis was my game. The afore-mentioned items will be given to the new hacker award winner to be named at the end of the season to one of the following still in contention-- Tom McCormack, Hugh McKenty, and Gerry Baydos. I further bequeath, to all those stupid enough to learn French in a French class, a field trip down the Rhine River in a garbage barge with Marianne Ciccoretti and company. To any band member but mostly Janna Stewart, Karen Katsarelas, Donna Lypka and Dan Ulfig, I leave a permanent space on the Demerit Leader of the Year bulletin board. To Kathy Michno, I give one jumbo pack of lined paper to make up for all that she has borrowed from me. To Mill Kathleen Kazsa, I leave one confidence chin and a brand new book by Amy Vanderbilt that she used to try to put some manners on me and in which she holds so dear that the old one's cover fell off. If there is any other Kathy's that I missed please let me know. Last and least, I give to any lame duck all my luck at Crestwood.

Kathleen Michmo, will to anyone who may have some useful need for it all my shyness. To our dear Mr. Hamrick I will one International Relations Course to do with first as he pleases! (hopefully he'll discontinue it.) To my brother Dave, I will one pair of scissors. To most of the student body of Crestwood, I will copies of “How to Mind One's Own Business” and “The Proper Usage of the English Language”. To Mrs. Oberg I will the 6,000 books I bought and hardly used for her future classes. And to all the future seniors- Good Luck!

Roy Middleton, (being of sound mind), do hereby bequeath Mr. Paluchniak one goose for his pet. One bag of cookies for Mr. Laich. One pack of pink slips for Mr. King so he can suspend everybody he wants. To Mrs. Jaworski, one saying “I'm not going to let it bother me,” for her next year's 3rd hour class. To Mr. Fulton another formula for his algebra classes next year. I will Millie a different type of hamburger meat instead of the horse meat she uses. I will all my outlines and notes that I took in government class to Mrs. Nash. I will all my cheat notes to Mr. Laich.

Pam Milhan, will to Bill Blackwell all my kisses and hugs; to Mr. Caleys my wonderful attendance record; to Sue Morgan I will one Plymouth “Hemi” engine; to Sharon Young I will my place in the big john; to Sandy Moore I will one coffin in the shape of a cigarette; to Steve Gardner I will a band-aid for his mouth; to Mike Gardner I will a silencer for his bike; to the cooks in the cafeteria I will a Funk & Wagnall's Cookbook entitled “How to Cook for the Family”; and most of all to Bill, I will all my love and happiness forever.

John Miller, do hereby bequeath my handcuffs and shotgun welts to Dave Rapotec. To Leonard Paul I leave my fron collection. Finally to Dan Sarna I leave all my choice insults.

Mary Mistak, hereby bequeath to Bruce Karmer on B.J. to have forever and ever; to Dave Miller, I leave six compliments to make up for the time I cut him. To Doug Jacubiec, I leave a set of keys of his own to my car. To Gary Ainsworth I leave one certificate saying he really won the Peter Fonda look-a-like contest; to Margo Keenan I leave one prom dress, two free driving lessons and one slightly bent stop sign; to Jeff Hearn, I leave one 8 track tape that plays Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Kim Mitchell, will to my sister, Tracy, one body guard when I graduate to make sure she behaves herself for the next three years while I'm away and can't look after her; to Dave Rapotec I will all my strength to lift weights and arm wrestling. Also my mustach to replace the one he had to shave off. And most important all my Led Zepplin and Frost tapes so he can throw away his Psychedelic Shack and Four Tops tape; to Joanne Westenberg I will one weekend at my trailer in the summer and all my mathematical genius for Trig next year; to Bev Berry I will a practical joke on me so she won't cry for the rest of the year thinking of how she can do it. And also an award for being the most Gullible person; to Sandy Jamroz I will one seventh grade picture of her when she looked like a curly cue; to Linda Bowers I will the class consumption award for the smallest amount of liquor consumed; to Russell Nieves and Mitch Raydon I will two of the biggest shovels that I can find to see who can shovel the moist in one hour and then a luxury ring to fight it out with. (Muscles Raydon in one corner and Hypo Nieves in the other;) to John Salva I will a young maid so the next time he gets sick she can throw him in the bathtub and turn the shower on to revive him instead of me; to Nick, Jim, and Al I will my talents in music and a congratulations for opening new doors to life; to Bob Sowinski I will the car keys to any package that Zuhair gave me after; to Diane and Renea I will all my love beads and a year's supply of tickets etc. etc. for the Eastown theater and my plantation in Mexico which is a world wide import-export company; to Dave Seaton I will the other half of his two front teeth and the bill for the one chipped floor tile and six loose bathroom ceramic tiles. (P.S. And one movie full of his escapades on New Years at my house); to Gary Lundquist I will one lop lap for our next trip to Florida. Also two cans of Solarcaine for one swollen baby to stop him from crying on the next trip; to Tom Tiano I will the glory of beating me at road rallying and also a shake and a pat on the back for having the strongest will of us guys; to Bill Schenkel I will the keys to Don's house so he won't have to spend his nights in front of his house. Also one pail to barf in instead of our basement floor; to Don Laird I will a girl that likes to do the same things he likes to do that will be true and give him all the tender loving care he needs. I also will him my memory banks of all the things we did together and two special times that can never be mentioned; to Denise Hall I will the knack to talk to cops politely so we don't get in any trouble. I also will her a homemade comb for a certain school (G.W.) and one wrestling match thats to take place at 12:00 pm plus one cold and a sore throat which I received from her which I'll give back to her at Camp Dearborn.

Sandra Moore, leave to Brenda Simpson all of my make-up and other possessions to break at her will. I leave to Barb Varley 24 alarm clocks set one hour apart to keep her on her feet. I leave to Sandy Korow one 1970 Malibu 454 so she can blow Tim off the road. I leave Tim Landlous one long stretch of Telegraph to ride up and down all night.

Susan Morgan, will to Mr. Berg the remains of our Driver's Ed car; to “Hot Dog” an empty Oscar Myer package; to BJS .50 for gas, to Mr. Claeys, Joanne's voice box; and to Mr. Raby that streamlined beauty of a typewriter. Good Luck to all Future Seniors.

Donna Morosky, will to Susan Kraske, every paper wad to be found on the floors of Crestwood, to be delivered in l lump sum into the aforementioned's ear. To Mr. Montre, I would like to will a moment of peace and quiet after 3rd hour Trig class is gone. I will to anyone who wants it, our permanent corner in McDonald's at lunch. I will to Douglas Read the bottom bunk in our room next year at U of M. (Central is just too far away!) I will to Rosyln Bashawaty the first place award for problem solver, and for Jack Ghannam, the blue ribbon for the best “stories” I've every heard. (Congratulations to Elizabeth Mature!) (She's such a lucky girl!!!) Now, let's get down to brass tacks. Sue Swift and Bev Berry can have my gold chain necklace and earrings. To Janet Green, one slightly used official nun habit. And finally best wished to the Class of '71 !!

Ron Moul, will all my hard times be they financial, car trouble or chicks to Dennis (John) Hockney, who rightfully deserves it. I also will Nookie a complete set of proto-tools (rah-rah-rah). And to Robin Jolly my ability to beat Hemi-Road Runners with his 390 pure stock Mustang, and as many tickets as he can collect. I also will a lifetime of happiness to a chick at Fordson. Good Luck Underclassmen.

N Return to Top

Patricia Nalipi, will my brother, “Rusty” an air of vapor with Mr. King, and a senior year as great as mine. To my favorite Crestwood people, Mrs. Childs, Mr. Gehm, and Miss Balcer, I will a lifetime of gratitude for all their guidance and understanding. To all the future Crestwood classes, I will a generous supply of understanding and compassionate classmates so that their high school years might not be made unhappy by cruel and vicious gossip. To those people who stand by in times of need, I will my everlasting gratitude.

Karen Newmyer, will to Denise Fraser another record of “Mr. Spock sounds from outer space.” To Thomas Tiano, I will forty dollar magazine. To Kathy Hill, I give a book of perverted proverbs and an autographed picture of R.W. And L.L.; Linda Bowers gets a pair of tap dancing shoes and Kath's father's T-shirt. To Dave Seaton, I give a can of metrical for his dog and a pair of steel reinforced socks for his next walk “through the fields.” To Bradford, I give an easily inflatable bridge made for jumping off of and a lifetime supply of pipes. Chuck Turvey gets the Bozo award and a trailer with eights on it. Denise Hall gets a pair of wooden roller skates. To Charmania, I give some cement for the hole in her living room, a date with “good lookin”, and a can of yellow paint so she'll even look more “Chinese”. Julie Swartout gets a gust of wind for her throat and an autographed picture of the “girl from the grave.” To Diane Cornila, I give a permanent pair to cruise up and down Hass and a toga with a pair of matching tongs. Don Laird gets 15 pounds and another arm to replace the one I had to cut off. Bill Schenkel gets another swinging party at Candee's house. To Gary Lundquist, I will one bicycle helmet and my little brother.

Chris Nickerson, will the following: to Jeff Brown, 3 board feet of hermwood (brown). To Jerry O'Hara and Bruce Kramer two sexy sweathogs in Florida. To John Hughes one towel with the words “The Hunter” engraved in red. To Tim Hille one lump. To Jose everything it takes to be a wrestler since he doesn't seem to have anything. To Tom Wynychuk one truckload of KDH's bull sessions and one carload of KDH's candles, candy, and senior class! To PW Ratliff, one DW Gail Nida. To Keith Dalian one Pontiac Lemans 1st gear. To Craig Edwards one pimp job, one Dave Wallin record “Who Cares”. To Sue Gilpin one Brother. To Sandy Jamroz lamb chops – BIG ones. To Bob Gheesling one muskrat read end, one spin in the next stick I have and two drinks at the next senior party. To Doug Read, 4 negatives to some pictures of a few of his better hours with Jerry and his girl, Bruce and his girl, and of course Doug's girl with a few cans of booze spread here and there. To the guys that play poker on Friday and Saturday nights the reason why Eric Stairs wins so much – (would you believe he cheats?) ha-ha. And last but not least to Lynda Brewer-- I will her everything.

Gail Nida, leave one slightly use book, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY to Mr. Hamrick; my favorite typewriter to Mr. Gerwin; to Bill, I leave all my inspirational thoughts and advice from last hour class; to Michelle, a reminder of the $1.00 she owes me; to Jo, a boyfriend that doesn't like my boyfriend; to Karen Pederson, my many thanks for all the things she has helped me with; and last, but certainly not least, all my love to Ricky the Clown.

O Return to Top

Steve Ochenas, will to Zuhair Tarozi my office of Lieutenant Governor of the Key Club (I hope you have less apathy). To Gordon Callam all the luck in the Key Club. To the Ski Club, I will, even more snow than this year. And lastly I will peace and tranquility to any person seeking it.

Linda Oliver, do hereby bequeath to Gary Ainsworth, one lie detector so I will know when he's telling the truth, my ability to stay home at least one night a week, an apology and one big kiss and hug; to Dave Miller enough courtesies to last him till he graduates and one bag of flakes. To Rich Borrusch, one pair of granny glasses; to Tim Landelius one Chevy II with a trunk full of nails; to Mary Mistak, and Dave Miller one tube of hand cream to squirt on each other during their fights. To Jeff Hearn, a back axle for his Corvair and a Ford so he doesn't have to walk. To Dennis Hockney, one box of cracker jacks with a license in it. To Marilyn Sarookanian, one crushed Corvair; to Margo Keenan one telephone recording of the time, Beep!; to B.J. One dish of butterscotch pudding that she smashed in my face at work, and the ability to squirt me with the hose when she's doing the dishes. To Lynn Schrock, I will one Dave Miller. To Doug Jakubiec the privilege of washing my car when it gets dirty; to Loretta Iannetta my ability to hear a story and tell it the same way; to Tim Wilkes one squirt in the rear with a stolen squirt gun.

P Return to Top

Linda Pace, leave my brother Terry to all the girls who thin he is so handsome. I leave my brother Mark to Mr. Diaz for four years. To both of them some of the good teachers I've had. To Steve Gardner I will a muzzle for his big mouth and to Tim Borne, a bag of marbles. To Pam Smith I give a year's subscription to Good Housekeeping and to Kathy Jones, a “real live” George. To Rose Addison I give Mr. Ensign's attendance card from 2nd hour. To Terrie Alexsy I leave more polkas and pool games and to Michele Ashker I leave my high I.Q. in Algebra II. Also to the Juniors all the privileges I've had as a Senior and the best of luck in your senior year.

Debbie Pahl, will to my sister, Diane an automatic note-writing 34 computer so she will not expend the use of her hands; to Wiz I will all the most hated bugs in the world to make jewelry out of; to Pam Smith and Linda Smetana I leave all the smelly feet in Crestwood; to Rich Gallagher I leave my dead thumb; to Pat and Ray I will the marshmallow heads; to Craig I leave free use of the faculty's cafe-deal; to Clara and Kim, Nadine and Debbie, I leave free use of all the old lady dresses in the world; to Louis I leave an always open telephone line; to Holland I leave information on the setup of a New Edition of the Spanish Inquisition and a clutch for the Wild Plymouth; to Chris I leave a gold casket for the Corvair; to Jan and Kim Esleck I leave the cool “Bronsons”; to Mitch I leave a shorter process of contact-popping; to Corky and Jo I leave Kenny, to Vicki Lea I leave the free pass to the class of “How to be perfect 707”; to Old Lady I leave a free pass to the Old Folks Home; to Donita I leave a spare, gold-plated navel; to Dennis Panetta I leave all my best-loved pic's of Mickey Mouse; to Kathy B. I leave the booklet, “Stripteasing Can Be Fun”; to Sue Morgan I leave a shorthand Medal; to JoEllen I leave a dang free passes; to Karen I leave my big toe; to Mitch again I leave good luck for a future bod; and to Mr. Clark, I leave Donita! And to Crestwood, I leave my hope for a better administration-faculty-student body relationship.

Richard Palaikis, will to Mr. Fisher two new bassoon players that aren't quite as good as me. To Carol, an electric clarinet. To Rich Jackson, a baritone that can play a steady tone and to Bill Parker I will a mute to shove up that trombone. Cheryl Fil, you can have my bassoon because it will never do me any good now that I broke it. To Barb Frazier I will one oboe reed on the day of my birthday if you come to my house and..... I hope Larry Finds out. To Mrs. Jaworski I will a whole authentic green pass from English to Band. To the JV band I can't say in writing what I will them. To Marianne I will one Picture of me because I know that you want one for your dart board. Your cool and stay that way or you'll be sorry. To Pam Troeder, I will one pair of dirty gotchies. Some day I'll tell you why. I fill like I've forgotten something! Oh yeah! To Diane Miller, I love you and you can't change that so quit trying to. I'll pick you up in my new car but I won't tell if you won't; Be good because you know how jealous I get. I LOVE YOU!!! P.S. Good Luck with the bands next year Mr. Fisher because I know you'll need it without me there to tell you what to do. It's been fun and thanks for all the help you've given me with all my problems. You're cool but you don't know it so don't get discouraged. It's just the old years catching up with you.

Terry Peden, do hereby bequeath one pair of socks to Robert Dale Totten, and one “Happy Hour” with Mr. Hamrick to my sister.

Chris Phillips, hereby bequeath to the future classes of Crestwood High all of the Senior privileges which the GREAT CLASS of '70 has fought for and won. Even though you never can be as great as '70, I wish you luck in the future and the years ahead in school, and whats left of the world after we get done with it. To Mr. Hamrick, lots of thanks and gratitude for helping our great class be what it is, and to, Mrs. Jaworski 10 easy lessons on how to spell Haster Luego.

Tom Pomeroy, bequeath to one Spanish teacher a taco with 1 razor blade in it; to Randall Varga I leave a key to every garage in the city; to my younger brother Steve I leave 6 pairs of stolen Aidas three stolen bikes, Zhernias, 2 cases of bronchitis, and my beautiful legs. To the bad mother I leave one engineer they can pull more trains in the future. To Barb, who never ceases to amaze me, I leave the book “1,001 Dirty Jokes” so she can get the punch line. To Craig Common and Ken Holda I leave a bucket of worms so they may become Master Baiter's. To whomever I missed, do hereby leave 1,400 A&W foot longs, heavy on the mayonnaise.

MaryJane Portell, am leaving all my Chequita bananas; my pretzels; my special sound Va-Vum! I know that no one will forger my happy lucky Smile everyday. Also my favorite teacher Mr. Claeys my most special phrase VA-VUM!!; I plan to leave Miss Weber with an encouraging grade after Typing II. For Mrs. Nash for whom I've tried my best and tried to show as much effort and enthusiasm in her class. For the library, helping the books in their proper places at all times I'm leaving Mrs. Frysinger. Choir, I'm leaving Mr. Fisher, my gorgeous singing voice. Last but not least I'm leaving Mr. Laich all my agony for selling the plagues. Who was so friendly and interested in all my questions about Co-op.

Q Return to Top

Lynn Quackenbush, will to my sister, Ann, all the great times as a senior next year and to my brother the ability to either study or fake it. To Sheri I give ten boxes of photo-copy paper and another assistant for next year plus all happiness. To Mr. Fisher all my dreams and hopes for a I and to next year's flute section- lots of luck! Somebody has to play first chair! To Rich- another Charlie, to Carolyn a student waitress ribbon (we'll make our own!) and to Bev everything.

Michael Quirolo, do hereby bequeath to the class of '71 enough gas for them to get to breakfast each morning. To the guys and gals who are in school for real adventure, I leave all the fun weekends I had with my good friends, also I leave to anyone who can take it, the keys to Greg Ratliff's house for a fun loving time. Last but not least I leave to Mrs. Jaworksi, My vocabulary I used in her class throughout the year.

R Return to Top

Mitchell Radon, will two pairs of hands to Dave Pas and Frank Kupler for their shopping sprees. To first hour drafting class one big roll of masking tape. To Harold Moulton one brand new squirt gun. To Bob Bargowski, one pair of six foot stilts. And last but not least to Bob Sowinski, fifty free days to Camp Dearborn with the girls of his choice.

Suzanne Rainko, never of sound mind and not of sound body, do hereby bequeath to Pat Swingle a little black thing and a case of squeezable soft Charmin. To Mary Sahara 4 years of laughing, a whaler with heavy heavy pickles, a penny and a pair of hats. To Debbie Wolski an appendicitis and an art supply store of her very own. To Michele Lacari, Barb Varley and Ilene Bacer a reserved booth at the Flame. To Ron a pair of elevator shoes and a “Side Door” of his own with the band. To Nick Venditteli a belt loop and six buttonholes with the buttons. To Tim Wilkes an autographed deck of cards from the gin (rummy) champ of the Senior Lounge. To Miss Balcer, 20 straight days of attendance, a pair of drums and a gong. To Mrs. Sorge my book of 1001 excuses and 5000 yards of polyester knit. To Dale Duhl a pair of middle eyelashes, 2 towel rolls, a bucket of ice cubes, 2 dozen sexy light bulbs and the one I owe him. To Mr. Fletcher a bottle of nerve pills and a parking space next to my car. To Evi Lochner a remembrance of the good times we've experienced. To Bob Bash a bottle of Murine, a giant mirror so he can fix his contacts. To Mr. Weise the answer to the question of the year, my secret on how I made an “A” in Algebra. To Mr. Berg my very special good bud I do bequeath 8 dozen donuts, 6 gallons of coffee, and memories of a Saturday Morning Drivers Ed Class, a 2nd hour American History Class, one on me at the “Leather Bottle” and a very special thank you for always listening and being around to help out. And last but not least to all the underclassmen, a chance to enjoy and make the most of their senior year—it's the greatest!

Greg Ratliff, bequeath the privilege to the following: Mike Larabee my pass catching and high jumping, one set of Western Union telephones used for strategic (?) football plays, one pair of football shoes that have made permanent tracks to and from the sidelines and my “Uncle Mace Award.” To Rick DiMambro one can of STP. To Jane Gunton one slightly eaten GRINDER. To Michele Fields free rides to school and a picture of BOZO; to Lynn Sanderson a golf rule book in order to understand ARNOLD. To Pat Sanderson, Greg Faitel's McDonalds apron. To Debbie Fitzgerald one years supply of PUSS-N-BOOTS kitty food. To Craig Common one slightly used clown suit. To Mr. Fletcher my abilities and good attitude on and off the football field to give to any deserving CLOWN! To HONEY Childs 1001 excuses why I couldn't come to cheerleading practice, a date I NEVER got and my love-n-kisses. To Mr. McNeil a book titled “How To Sell Worms for Big Profits”. To Mrs. Jaworski a book titled “How I Got Smashed in Georgia.” To Fred Leese “Disciplinary Actions of the Young Track Coach.” To Don Rousseau one red snapper. And I further more leave my body to Science!

Andrea Reaver, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath to John Huyck all my old excuses and passes, that he might have a chance to use, especially if he gets Mrs. Ziobro or Mr. Claeys. To Wendy Allen a pair of gloves for typing and working her cash register at Sundog. To Ron Elder, all my symbolic poems for him to teach 9th graders. To Diane Hader and Sally Averill two free ice-creams from Good Humor. To Renee' DePaulis free dry-cleaning, if she gives me free medical ex-rays.

Jim Reinke, will the following: to Mr. Smink, many more successful years as principal of Crestwood. To Mr. Raby, the old “Sucrets” box as a token of thanks for his gracious help with N.H.S. To Mr. Kotulski. Another year with D.K. To Mrs. Ziobro, a giant cobber bean plant just outside her window. To Mr. Fulton, another year of Algebra with my sister Jackie and her friends, Cheryl Turvey, Mary Schmittling and especially Allena Brzys. To Mr. Ensign, the sky. To Mrs. Oberg, all the books and notes I brought for her English II, Psychology, and English V classes; to Mr. Montre, a more cooperative trig and geometry class than this year's third hour. To Karl Hamrick, all the “happiness” in the world. To my sister Jackie, all the success and happiness I encountered here at Crestwood. To Dave Robbins (alias Burt, Wally, Guts, Dirt Squirt, D.G. Wheeler, Wiggles, etc...) the continuation of his scholastic-ism throughout high school and college. To Rick Brzys, special “hello's” from Edna Flannery, Kitty, May, Sarah, Jerry, Jan, Marian, Herbert, Ann, Russ, Grace, and “Apple.” To Dave Brzys, a purple heart and a pink belly which he really deserves. To Leonard Paul, a mouthful of tomato juice and a pair of rotted gums. To Larry Wenclasky, an entire library of physics books. To Debbie Saez, her continued success in college. To Bob Bashawaty, the Presidency of the U.S. To Genie Pelc, one smashed Ding Dang, a box of freshmen chips, a melted ice cream sandwich in her purse, and DK's key. To Karen Grden, all the kuck in the world with “you know who” next year. To John Grden, a Santa Clause key to the city. To Marc Keshishian, Mrs. Oberg and Mr. Ensign as English and Physics professors respectively, next year at Michigan. To Rich Aci, the control and censorship of all memories everywhere. To Rich Gillikin, his “big mouth award” everywhere he goes and to Debbie Koivunen, D.L., N.C., and D.B.

Pat Remnant, do hereby will to my brother, four more years at Crestwood; To my cousin Roger, I leave the family tree and all the black sheep. To the boys, in my sixth hour class I will them each a book by Emily Post and a charm course. To Lyn Lawson, I leave my government book and all my notes if she can read them. To Debby, I give my Auto Shop book and a lot of luck living through the course. To Mr. Hamrick, I will one slightly used banana cream pie that missed its mark. To the Senior Class of 71,72,73, I leave a senior lounge and all (?) the senior privileges to date. To Northern Michigan University, I give $1,572.75 per year for the next four years.

Janet Reska, am leaving Jane Portell 1 bag of pretzels & 1 bag of barbecue potato chips; to Mrs. Compton my seam ripper, and all my problems in sewing. To Mrs. Balcer all my water paintings and all my art work except my piggy bank. To Mr. Clayes I'm leaving my GREAT HELLO everyday. To Mr. Stolov I'm leaving all my regards, Especially in the future.

Dave Ringler, hereby will my spot as president of the Pimp Club to any worthy juniors who have been pimped 20 or more times by the good looking girls of good ole Crestwood High. (choke) I will all of my hockey abilities behind for Bob Sowinski because he needs them. For Joe Ruicci, I didn't mean to take Doug Barkley away from you, you can have him all to yourself. To one of my old friends Paula Novelli, I will one big metal brace to hold your nose up and a good looking guy to go to the Senior Prom with next year. I also will a good looking Freshman Pat, a book on “How to make Decisions” and a free date with the cat. A free date for Maurice after she breaks up with Tate so she can pimp me again. To good old Vic, I will to another last six weeks of his Senior trip. A years supply of Kitty litter for the Kitty. Willie, I will you another night at the Hilltop to try and make up for the last one you had. To my big buddy, Al, the only member of the Pimp Club besides me, a date to our Homecoming Senior year because that was your main reason for getting into the Pimp Club. Feel so sorry for Julie, I will her a shovel, and boots to listen to all of Angie's stories. To Mr. King, all the problems he can handle next year. Also to my brother, Mike, a book on “How Not to go Back With D.H.”; Best Wishes to the Class of '71 for a great Senior year!

S Return to Top

Mary Sahara being of insane mind and unsound body do un-humbly bequeath to the following: To Mrs. Ziobro one 8x10 glossy print of myself so that she may throw darts at it, instead of picking on some innocent Senior English student. To Mr. Hamrick, one slightly worn pair of “precision cut” cut-off blue jeans that he so definitely approved of; one do-it yourself kit entitled “Bulletin Boards can be done in seconds”; and last but not least one “Rotate” stencil so it may still appear on his chalkboard after I leave. To Mr. Raby I will all of my past World History awards hoping he has a container big enough to hold them all, and relics from a “gypsy princess” caravan which may be used for aid in teaching or otherwise donated to any museum, whatever the case may be. To Debra Kay Wolski one U.S. Certified bun warmer with automatic control, one Hawaiian print shirt which turns her on so much! Also one book entitled “It's been real, really”. A kit containing genuine Opal Kadett parts with “do-it yourself” instructions and one free ticket to attend any local S.D.S. Rally. Also ½ dz self induced “cardiac arrest” pills- know what I mean Deb? To Charmainiac Guerrio one book entitled “How to get ahead at your local drugstore”, and one free dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant with her favorite Chinese friend. To Ron Elder all my love and sincere affection, also ½ dz kids and for each of those kids one free coupon entitling them to a charm course given by S.K.S. In hopes that they may be as pert and saucy as her! Also one book marker sort of elongated shaped and slightly twisted at both ends. Oop! To Jerry O'Hara the “chick” of his dreams and a million bottles of anti-depressant pills in hopes that he will endure his senior year. Good Luck!

To Brad Marquardt publishing rights for his book “Grossness Made East” and lots of love for my little brother. To Bob Bashawaty a million wholehearted thanks for his hard work and long hours spent making the class of 70 such a success. To Michele Licari a big container to hold all of her donut holes and a private vault in a Swiss Bank for all of her money. Also 1/5 of my estate if I should ever inherit one. To Duane Nichols all of my left over brownie points from Miss Balcer and one autographed copy of the book “Baky-Hip”; also all the hopes that he will have as much fun here at Crestwood as I did. Good Luck! To Sally Averill 2 red velvet bows for her hair and 1 book entitled “Hungarian Made Easy” and 1 coupon entitling her to see me “trip” down the stairs! To Charles Leslie Turvey 1 set of monogrammed Bozo towels and a “moose hat” when he reigns over the independent Order of Moosers. To Bob Legowsky one heartfelt thanks for “you know what” and lots of luck in future years. Also you are now free from the Mafia on probation?! To Joe Magurutz (Phil Lena) one drawing award and a thousand free car washes including “hot was”, also 1 case of baby food in assorted flavors. And last but not least I will to the whole school the hope that they will start thinking with their minds rather than with their selfish hopes, wants and fears.

John Salva being of very (stero) sound mind and without any regret, hereby bequeath my P.W. Points to be divided evenly between Bob Smelewski, Jim Dietz, and Dennis Panetta. Bob is to receive by most, Jim the least (he's the king). Also to Jim I will endless ammo for his puttering beaver gun, and to Bob a new laugh, and finally to Mike Szuma, I will all the unpainted ceiling that he can find. (POP)!

Christine Sanden will all the times I've spend in the gym to my sophomore brother plus his wrestling matches and my worn out tennis shoes. To the Juniors, all the luck in trying for Senior privileges. To Terry Wiewirura all those precious days she missed (skipped) in Child Care and Interior Decorating, that she may still pass.

Angie Sarkisian do will and bequeath to Kerry Lee Newmeyer my grandmother;s mustache; to Mr. Hamrick my level-headedness and responsibility; a deck of poker cards to Sue Gilpin; to Mrs. Flint my promptness and my new novel entitled “Me, Degenerate”; to Denise Fraser a free all-time pass to ride on the zipper and a map illustrating the best route from Wellever to Spinoza; to Karen DiMambro a membership card, a step-by-stem, hot-to-do pamphlet compliments of the Union, provided she “plays” by the rules (and tells me about all her games. To Al Brandt and Ted Fazica, I will all my sympathy and pity for being so far in debt and not even caring; to Kathy Hill a key to my apartment and a map of all the dead ends in Dearborn Hgts.; to Chuck Turvey a level pebble; to Mrs. Treachler many thanks for the many ways she has helped me out this past year; to Jerry Folmar a new experience; to Wendy Allen my grandmother's hair; to the basketball team my backyard man-made basketball court, and one more chance to win a big game to collect on our little deal; to Julie Swartout 5 isms; my wonderful ability to reason sensibly and not do things just on impulse goes to Charmaniac Guerriero along with 63 tickets for speeding during the rush hour; to my very dear friend Jerry O'Hara I will 13 tons of rocks to fill my yard, my uncanny knack for skipping and my deepest apologies for the many times I've bothered him; to Nick Venditelli and Sue Swift a recording of all the things they swore they never said; to Chuck Englemeyer 20 hours of solid rapping; to Miss Gruda all my memories of being a cheerleader; to the administration and faculty a little forgiveness for a big but honest mistake; to Brenda Howell tickets to see Joe Cocker and Three Dog Night if she takes me too! To Jane Gunton a wall I once borrowed; to Al Walker the permission to lecture me on what I once lectured him on; to Rick Dimambro a pair of green sunglasses; and to Sue Diebel a ride to the Eastown-she has to drive back. Last but not least to all my dear friends who are underclassmen, I will amendment A.S. '70 which forbids them to ever forget me.

Dan Sarna to Mr. Klinefelter I bequeath the Fred C. Dobbs Award and the invincible Chicago Black Hawks who really blew it. To Mr. Clark I grant a book of English poems with all the iambic pentameter Italian verse, Spenserian verse that you could possibly want. To Mrs. Stepp I grant a “Fidel” tractor complete with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, automatic trans, and a tape deck. Go pick up a few hippies from Ann Arbor and help them harvest sugar cane. To Hockey Poo, all I can say-- well, here it is! To Crestwood High I leave all the favorite memories that you gave me like Christmas vacation, Easter vacation, Summer vacation, etc.

Bill Schenkel do will and bequeath to Kim on rubber car; to Dave a “Stop the Music” button; to Tom one he can keep down; to Gary and Don a trip to all Melvindale basketball games; to the track team lesson on how to get slow; to Mr. King on invitation to a hilltop party; to Rich Schenkel a permanent hall pass; to Chris Schenkel a date with his true love, Wendy; To Mrs. Flint a good trip; to the Brotherhood many safe trips; to Sue a dozen eggs; to Denise another brother; to Candee at least one friend; to Kathy free dancing lessons from the Brothers for next New Year's Eve; to Maggie a tree to pull; to Karen, Gary's jean; to Jo, bowling lessons; to Cork some Morning Glory seeds; to Mary Margaret a date with a freak; to the entire school, a wish for peace and love for all.

JoEllen Schmittling do bequeath to the teachers and administration of Crestwood High School, the remaining nine (9) Schmittlings who will all be attending Crestwood High. Good Luck All !!!!!

Art Sciberras bequeath all of my car expenses to my brother; all of my pennies to April; all of my troubles to Crestwood; more blue slips to Mrs. Sorge; another assistant to answer the phone to Mrs. Drey; to Brace Bilonia, Gorden Grima. To the class of '70 look for the spirit in the sky; to the class of '71, spirit in the dark. To the class of '72, wipe out, to the class of '73, if you want it, come and get it in '73.

David Seaton do bequeath the following articles: 1 pair of gold shoes and 2 cardboard sideburns (red) to Mr. Big Red Montre; 1 broken window to Mr. Ensign; 1 thermos of coffee and all my Cliff Notes to Mrs. Ziobro; 1 rickshaw to the Chemistry Dept.; 200 flies and 1 praying mantis to anyone who works at A&W; 1 shovel to Sue Dieble (to dig up her clothes on the beach at Camp Dearborn); 1 free trip to Houghton Lake to Tom Pomeroy and Kevin McCormack, 1 piece of bubblegum (for his windshield) to Al Walker; 1 sausage (unsmoked) to Ed Dembinski; 1 doorknob from Arlans to Bob Gheesling and Keith Dalian; 1 pitcher of spiked Kool Aid to Debbie Lundquist; 1 warped record from Ireland and 1 book entitles “How to Throw a Successful Party” to Linda Bowers; 1 trip to a church parking lot (redeemable the day before Thanksgiving) and a ringside seat at my next fight to Denise Hall; 1 autographed picture of Quimny, a double whammy burp and a free ride to Henry Ford C.C. To Kerry Leech; to Gary Lundquist I leave all the mugs from A&W he can steel, one '64 Dodge and one recording of “Don't Worry”; to Kim Mitchell I leave one bottle of hair-grow for his face and one new undershirt; to Don Laird I leave on recording of Herein; to Chip Dunham I leave all my old French notes; to Tom Tiano I leave all the old parts of my car that fell off during road rally's and one date with the girl from Jake's; to Candee Guerriero I leave one buzzzzz; to Bill Shenkel I leave one date with Lucy; to Pisty I leave a list of all the cars he never beat, and to Crestwood High School I leave a super duper extra loud AAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Robert Sensoli do hereby bequeath a powerful squirt gun to anyone who will have Mr. Montre's 1st hour class; also to Mr. Skaisgir an unsinkable ice shanty for his winter outdoor adventures; to Mr. Miller I leave a collection of sing along with Mitch Miller albums.

Joanne Sobota will Mr. Claeys some more quiet students like me; to Luch I will a handful of confidence; I will all the memories of our “fun” times at Haston to Barb; and I will a great time in their Senior year to all the future students of Crestwood.

Christine Sobka do hereby bequeath all my good grades from Home Economics to the junior girl Sheila Walker. In hoping that she does as well as I did with all the boys and hope that one day she takes her pick out of them. To the Juniors I wish all my luck and hope that they pass Government. To the Sophomore class, just try harder.

Barbara Sowa will to Mr. Claeys a great big SMILE; my job at Haston to anyone who likes a challenge; to Pamela, a carton of cigarettes (king size); all the luck in the world to Joanie, Hog Dog, Spits, and the ever popular S.M.; and the best of luck and happiness to R.W.B.

Mary Spiteri will all my old speed takes to Miss Weber's 3rd hour class, my worn-down typing eraser to Sue K.; An old unrolled typing ribbon to Cella; my grades to my freshman brother; a date with my brother to Michelle; to the Princess of Death (Vicki Ashker) all the happiness with the one and only Prince of Death (??), and best of luck to everyone at Crestwood.

Corky Stierman being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath to Mr. Diaz one freshman-a Stierman- to gime him the problems I never had the ability to originate; To Greg, Fred, Dennis and Ken, one bottle of Boones Farm Apple Wine to celebrate and add to their collection. Also to anyone who wants a VW, their phone number. To Jo, all the excuses she needs to get out of a class. To Moe and Jo and memories of “The Airport.” To Jeff E. all the encouragement and opinions he may need in any Art class he takes. To Miss Balcer one Art Assistant for her 4th and 5th hour Art Classes. To Ronnie I leave my peace and to Jim one black rose. To the class of '71 all the luck they could possible need and one small senior trip to Jack and Jill. And last of all to Billie I leave all the “stuff” he might ever want.

Julie Swartout being of sound body and no mind do hereby bequeath to my brother William all the ability to drive out “blue bomb” backward; to my brother Donald all my empty cigarette packs; to Karen Newmeyer, Nancy Davidson & Diane Cornila one police record; to Angie Sarkisian more skill at playing gold; to Patti Lewis my ability to score points in basketball, to any junior girl all my good times on the Manistee River if they have enough “Hair”; to Ginny Mussey all my ability to skip classes; to all the Senior judges who made my year just a little brighter, one bit Phoney, and to Crestwood High all my memories because I have no use for them!

Sue Swift would like to will to my sister Janet, unlimited happiness and fun while in high school; to Barb Holda, Dukes' leash, six in a bag for a buck, and the “your aren't are you?” feeling; to Donna Moro sky I will life's continuous light of happiness in hopes that she will never have to ask someone to turn the lights on; to Joleen House a package of M&M's and la gratisicido (Spanish for a bursitis remedy); to Jack Ghannum a life of sheer ecstasy with Elizabeth Mature and a key to Fort Knox; to Mark Keshisian a sister to go shopping with and one blue pin-striped vest; to Kevin McCormack a deck of cards and a spittoon; to Bob Legowsky one belting; to Greg Ratliff a ticklish tu-tu; to Valerie House happiness with Mark; to Paul Storck a sock in the arm; to Bob Bashawaty a ticket to next years Senior Prom; to Ken Holda a tour around his pool; also a hand holding excursion on a hot summer;s night; and last but not least – to Al Walker, I will “readiness” for Europe.....Love, Sue.

Pat Swingle will my dear friend Kathy Basala my blue crocheting hooks and orange yarn to crochet a pair of orange night slippers and an orange nightgown, (floor length) to keep her warm. Also I will Sandy Basala my finger nails and Dan Combs a pair of ears (I am sure you know why Dan!). I also will my pencils and paper to Joe Green along with a pussy cat drawing of mine.

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Kathleen Thurston do hereby bequeath to my sister Diane, my front row seat in Sociology, to Mr. Laich I will my job of selling rings at Hudson's. To Mrs. Compton I will my culotte outfit that I made in homemaking. To Mrs. Jaworski I will two dozen gold fish. But most of all to my best friends Karen, Patti, and Donna a clean locker and much happiness and love in the future. They deserve it.

Tom Tiano leave to Leech and Leenie one dozen plastic head bands and a Brillo pad; to Debbie Lundquist, my superior drinking ability; to Dooer, a bag of pepper, and a case of one flavor pop; to Denise Hall a pass omitting her from having to cook Thanksgiving dinner and a Roget's Thesaurus, to Candee a TV for her living room...; to Don Laird three chicken wings and a Leonard gas station sign; to Dave Seaton, one bottle of Mohawk to save him the price of a dentist wherever he wants a tooth removed and a first and reverse gear for his car, to “BOOBY” a date with Linda and a WSU sweatshirt; to Gary Lundquist one gallon of A&W Root Beer and the “Safe Driver of the Year” plaque; to Kim Mitchell four stereo tapes for his car and a toe-truckers license for a day to get even; to Monty a job at Santieu's Funeral home and plenty of good luck; to Chancey a pair of sideburns to pull on and a shovel so he won't go under; to Russnell a first place bowling team and a LT 1; to Mr. Hamrick many thanks; and to Mrs. Claeys my “Best Teacher Award”.

Dave Treachler will my sprained ankle to Mr. Aches; to anyone on the swim team I will by bad mouth to anyone who has hair enough to use it; to Will three whistle chords; to Mr. Lammers one dentist appointment; to Brooks Dugas I will all my best wishes;l to Concert Choir I will 2,000 packs of gum; to Mr. Fisher I will all my gratitude, prayers, and best wishes; to Chuck Clayton a Flaming Torch; to Bruce Kramer I will a wet towel; to each of my teachers I will two weeks of homework; to the Penguin I will one banana; and best wishes for the classes of 71, 72, 73 and 74 with all my love to my little maiden aunt.

Micheline Trudeau being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath my love to Carl Beauchamp.

Chuck Turvey do will and bequeath all of my asinine ideas to Keith Common in hopes that he will be able to raise hell for Mr. King next year. I also will a can of Glade air freshener to Mitch Miller, the auto-shop teacher, so he will be able to get the smell of human gas out of the shop which was put there by Hemorrhoids Havener, Tinker Bell Ryan, Leg Lifter, Blast Away Bronson, Ed, Sideburns Monty, and myself. Good luck Mitch one of my prized possessions which I must also will away is the pair of tweezers I used to pick the splinters out of the anus end of my body while riding the pine (the bench) during this years basketball season. Those tweezers to the the Pine Brothers (the guys I rode the bench with) so they will be able to use them next year. I also have the honor of being Dictator of a certain organization within our school and since I am graduating, it is my duty to will this position of Dictator to an underclassman. Instead of telling you, who are reading my portion of the will, the name of this organization I will just explain to you some of the activities which some of my members did and then you can give our organization a name. My members did some of the following; Running the 100 yard dash with no clothes on, wading the Rouge River in the nude and various other things which I am not allowed to write down. This honorary title I will to Gary Collins because I think he has the brain to keep this thing going. I also would like to will a mirror to my beloved girlfriend, Michele, so she will be able to keep an eye on herself when I go away to college next year. The last thing I would like to will is the picture hanging up in my locker, this picture goes to the school to remind them of what this school will be like with the class of “70” around.

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Vic VanMeerbeeck will Sue a no pest strip to get rid of a certain PEST; to my brother Mike I will an old shoe horn I recently found in my spare time; to brother Willie a portable outhouse that he can put on a hilltop; to brother Denny a rattle for his trunk; to Sue a trap for every time she removes her ring and forgets t put it back on; to my wife Denise Fraser, a divorce; to Denise Hall a new page boy; to Sandy Jamroz a date with Alan K.; to Bernie Gabriel a bigger ear to listen to Sue's gossip; to Linda Brewer a continual smile; to Jill McDonald and Carolyn McCubbrey answers to all their questions; to Paula Novelli a new to carry out her gay old times in Sociology; to Marie Mock the name Foxy; to Mr. Fletcher a gym assistant who can make it to 1st hour on time; to Mrs. Flint a student in Washington to drive her crazy; to Mr. Skaiger 1,000 courtesies equivalent to the amount he has given me in the last three years and to Sue Gilpin manager who has enjoyed everything.

Barbara Varley will to Sandra K. Moore all the courage to do the things she likes and let her be herself. (all of my skip days which she was to uptight to take). Tell Chris I said hi and good luck to you and John. Most of all the happiness you deserve in the years to come. To Joanne and Laura all the happiness and fun I have had, and keep cool graduate. To Rick B., Dave M., Jeff H., John H., Michale L., Ron S., Doug J., Tim L., Terry K., and Frank K., (sorry if I forgot anyone) all the memories of our cool times everyone and together. It sincerely breaks my heart that I won't be here next year with you guys. To Moose a high school diploma. Love always—and thanks-to Mrs. Jaworski all the happiness in return, she has granted me the courage when I had the will to fail. She is the greatest. All my personal gratitude and love. God bless you always, you will leave memories imprinted forever, I'll never forget.

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Halyna “Ginger” Walynec will everyone my friendship and love.

Bruce Ward will my discount for auto parts to Mr. Miller, my brilliant ideas for art projects to Miss Sokol, the contrast between my brother and myself to Mr. Weise, my job and auto mechanical ability to Ron Gruenwald, the hole in the wall in the back room at Jordan's to Bette Lundy, my ability to go out to lunch illegally and not get caught to Tim Landelius and Ray Buttegig, and to Mrs. Jaworski I will an umbrella for 5th hour's gunfights.

Dennis Wenckovsky being of sound mind and muscular body do bequeath to Dear Cearbaugh one worn out chair from not doing anything in class “oh” (I forget you have your own chair). To Rodney Alexander a bunch of angle iron from that crummy trailer you gave me and to David Gacovix my only Zubida to play with. To chester Baran six more marbles to made a dozen to add to the one's I left in your old car's hub caps and to Tony Czuchara my 7 and a half Mercury engine to replace you 318 in your car (at least it goes faster). To Denise one good pair of shoes to walk to school from now on. And finally to the good school of Crestwood six big life boats to be placed at the discrepancy of men teachers

Larry Wenclasky do hereby bequeath 30 copies of the Scarlet Letter to Mrs. Ziobro; to the Lancer Staff, one roll of paper for their adding machine and a room full of potato chips; to Brad Marquardt, 10 magazine subscriptions; to Jim Reinke, Roz Bash and Marc Keshishian, the ownership of cliff notes, inc; to Debbie Lundquist, my good grades (requested); to Nancy Jones, some male logic; to Debbie Saez, the birthday card I promised you; to the Prude Club, I leave a years' subscription to playboy; to all French IV students, my copy of Cyrano de Bergerac; to Jon Stawartz, a silver dagger (stab!); to my brother Jim, a years; supply of lunch bags; to Janet Green, three prompters for her next play; to the snobs, some friendliness and best wishes to the future of all seniors, and good luck to the classes of '71, '72 and '73.

Tim Wilkes would like to will my brother, Steve Wilkes, all of the luck I had in sports, and a lot of will power to keep doing his best when everything looks bad. To Jerry O'Hara I would like to give one bag of ice to keep his temper from burning him up. To Dennis Colensky I will all of my J.B. (NO FURTHER USE). To Mike Biek I will one shoe horn and a little more time.

April Wilcox being of sound mind do hereby bequeath Grace Bologna all the fun times that I have had; to Chris Giocondini a pack of blue passes to get back into class; to the Junior class as much fun as we had on our senior trip; to Mrs. Jaworski another English class like our; to Mr. Laich I leave Terry Doody and Karen Gale; to Miss Weber I leave all my memories of her typing class.

Carolyn Williams being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned below; To RP – one pocketful of French fries; to MR one unused guitar lessons; to BB my Spanish vocabulary; to BJ some dirty silverware; to LD my medals and to DP three used reeds, first Chair, and some blind courage for “Pathetique”; to VP one ligature for one bogel; to LQ three black to go and a cup of ice; to KC one computer card, a tennis ball and 6 empty cases of candy; to RJ a free meal at Lindy's, and a solid wood baton, also, my uniforms, and a seat with the pep band. Good luck to Mr. Fisher and the band next year. Above all - Peace.

Mark Wood do hereby bequeath to Larry McCartney one locker in the Varsity locker room so he as a locker of his won; to Hugh McKenty a plane ticket to Arabia so that his harem will be legal; to Mr. Klinefelter I leave another left-right doubles tam which I hope will be a success. To Lin Lawson, I leave someone to listen to all of her problems; to all future trig students my ability to learn and a Greek dictionary to interpret the trig terms; to Mr. Kimball a lesson plan which includes static electricity during the winter; also I will a lot of good luck to the future seniors, so they can make it through next year.

Tom Wynychuk will my ability to imitate a penguin to Mr. Hamrick, since he can do the best job of it; an ugly sweater and any six idiots from next year’s class to “Honey” Childs; all my Physics knowledge to Doc Kimble. To Lynn Sanderson, I will a front row ticket to the next boxing match and a Florence Nightingale kit for the loser. To her younger sister Pat (Bill) Sanderson, I leave a skirt and an apron from her idol; to Mike Tate, all my extra strokes in the rough on the golf course; and my ability to play hockey on the greens to Mike Jakism and Larry McClelland. To Greg Fattal I leave a Brillo pad; to Michele Fields a book on how to walk straight; and to Sheila Causley, a note in her locker and a pair of lost boots. To Tom McCormack I leave a can of Faygo-brau and a frozen lady; one large moose to Sally Slomzenski; and a spot on next year’s football team to Paula Cairo. To Cindy Sheldon, I leave a “hey babe”, and a box of crayons (also a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning from a friend); all my hard times to Mike Larabee and a pine tree to Larry McCartney. I also will my physique to Jim Wenclasky and Mark Bolda; my laugh to Al Paparelli and my bowling form to Don Rousseau.

To Jill McDonald, I will my great drive. To the Common twins, I will my ability of not knowing which one I’m talking to half the time; and a free hamburger to Abel Gray. To Charlotte Jablonski and Mary Zammit I will a game of hide and seek and my Mr. Bubbles to Carol Olsen. My cheerful disposition goes to Nancy Whatley; my tears to Karen Pederson and the bruises on my arm to Amy Rubadue.  I will my voice to Colleen Cosgrove so she can call her father as good as I did and all my adventures to the departed Bob Earl. To Debby Fitzgerald, I will a date with her idol and a box of Kitty Litter. To Diane Fitzgerald, I will a love light and a kidnapper; to Sue Diebel a “Hey Man”; and to Lynda Brewer another fight with Chris. To Keith Dalian I will a muzzle for his dog; a caddie job to Mike Biek and along with Marc Keshishian, I will all my credit on things we did for the class to Bob Bashawaty. To Craig Edwards I will a pair of moccasins, a hat just like Scotty’s and a sign that says “I’m only 17”. To Sue Gilpin, I leave a twang and a trip to Malta and a double date with Amy to Jo Falzon. A free ride in the Navy for Bob Gheesling and Sally Averill’s overnight hippie kit to Denise Hall. To John Hughes, I will my wallpaper and all our girl-hunting adventures and to Al Kalita I give my Captain’s star. To Marc Keshishian, I will my ability to control my laugh and the book “The Boston Strangler” and to Tim Keohane, my organization and a comb. I leave my ability to English class to Karen Newmeyer and my trip money to Chris Nickerson. I leave my bowling trophy to Dave Seaton, Tom Tiano, and Monty Wulff; a plate of spaghetti to Luigi Venditelli; and Dave Treachler’s booming voice in the pledge to Al Walker. I will my front lawn to Eric Stairs; a recipe for cookies to Maw Westenberg; my dancing ability Deb Wolski; and my muscles to Tim Wilkes. To Vic, I will Rev. Jones and to Dave Ringler, a Bobby Orr uniform and a spring for Rocky. To Gail Nida I will a book that will break her up (her and Greg) and to my buddy Greg Ratliff, I will a trip to Judge Wickland and all the good times we’ve had; and to a special girl from Melvindale, I will something special. To all the future seniors, I will all the fun I had and hope they have a great time.

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Marilyn Young will whole heartedly all of my happy and fun filled school days to my sister, Sharon Young, and her friends hoping that they may learn to enjoy school as much as I did. I also will all of my love and happiness to Woody.

Z Return to Top

Lucy Zeppa do hereby will my 'trained” voice to Mr. Hamrick; my undying enthusiasm in Journalism and English IV to Mrs. Flint; two hair trims to Sue and Ilena (sorry, I kept stalling); to Vickie, I leave on Space Food Stick as soon as you blast off fro the moon; to my cousin, Lillian, I leave a few inches of hair to add to her hair plus my unbelievable grades through high school; to Carm, I will my unusual ability to hair styles and the the customers I will ever get; to Paul, I own one jab in the ribs; to Debbie, I will a drop of glue to keep your contacts in place; to Janet, I will a table reserved exclusively to her-n-Dave; to all the unbelievers in my Algebra II class and elsewhere, I leave a jar of peanut butter with crispies (as soon as I find one); to Joanne, I will a life-time pass to my pool and all the great times we had in the past; to Sue G., I will a half way decent memory for important facts in government; to all the future graduates, best of luck in the coming years; to the great class of 70, I leave the happy memories of my three years here and wish everyone all the luck they will even need in the future years. GOOD0BYE!!

John Zick will the Ski Club and all the old permission slips to Chrissy Sokol; and to Verla the entire Spanish Club and my heartburn from old tamales and El Sol. And to my tennis partner, Mark Wood I will a new pair of tennies and 32 victorious tennis balls. And to my only sister Debbie, I will a happy prosperous junior year and a date for the junior prom. To Mrs. Nash 2 tickets to see “Hair”. And to Mrs. Flint I will my one right ski leg.

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