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1972 Senior Wills

Alphabetized by 1972 Last Name

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Crestwood Class of 1972 Senior Wills

We the members of the Crestwood High School Class of ’72 being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned in said articles.

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Cindy Acitelli being a 12th grade graduate leave the following: To Michele - one weekend up north and a driver’s ed. class. To Maryann – one P.J. Party and a pizza order. To Barb – one 1971 edition of Lock the Doors. To Sherril, Cindy & Debbie – 3 gigantic bugs that you can love for the rest of your SUNSHINE DAYS. To Pam – one homecoming game and one shiny new green machine. To Kathy – fruit and long johns. To 3rd hour Chemistry – All my A’s (right Maria?). To Dennis – one 6th grade blackboard. To my sister Wendy – 4 of the best years at Crestwood.

Colleen Adams will Rosey - A double date July 8th, a sapphire, a bottle of vodka, thumper, king of whales, homecoming week (wow) and Jerry O’Hara. To Lynny – one BA BA. A promise? Ring, blue Chevelle, valentine card, bottle of Seagram’s at Wellever. Catar – the record "Don’t Mess With Bill", ham award, broken rear headlight. Carmen (rug) luck with Michael P. Borts, voodoo dolls. Cheryl – a once valued friendship. Karen – Sophie and Jane forever. Bonnie – a bug (beadle). Debbie on Rick. Gary Brandt – treasured memories. And last to Ronald Craig Havener – I will myself and all my love (forever) I Love You. SENIOR RAISINS FOREVER.

Rose Addison being of mind and body do hereby will Cindy A. Dennis H. Jackie A. & Bob – all the happiness together. Mary A. – one October 17, and another white sox for your other leg. Michele D. – one H.D. Jim J. – another workhorse. Robin L. – one date with Frank. Maryann L. – all the fun we’ve had. Karen R. – Bob and a lot of fun at college. Reid S. – all the food I owe him. The first hour ban(?), Woodward and red cars. Mr. Weise –"Spill the Wine". Michele A., Karen G., Cathy B., Barb U. Sharon H. Sonia K. – a lot of happiness.

Rick Anderson will to Raskedo - a gear grabbin L-88. Alfonso – a dollar in his pocket, two balls one full weekend party and hot pants, the most beautiful pair she can get her legs into. Supas – a new pool stick. I also will to Ronie and Debbie 1000 ft of beer can chain and as much as they can drink in one night. To Willy – a new H.G. and most of all to Michele one fun filled weekend without her parents telling her how to spend it. And to Robin and Sue whatever their hearts desire out of life.

Allen Angel being of beautiful body do bequeath the following; To Peggy Sharp – one week with Chris alone, one dance before her at midnight. To Mad Schultz – one Wesson-oil party at Timmy’s. To Joyce Sutherland – one bottle of Tequila and a chocolate bunny. To Linda Jones – one bottle of whipped cream. To Chick – one night at the Gold Dollar and I will "dress up" one night at the Playboy Club and a couch. To Sonia Kohut – one night with me at a special dance.

Michelle Ashker being of sound mind and body will to Lucy my best friend, all the happiness and success in the world. Steve my brother – I will 20,000 pills of mallox for your future years at Crestwood. Mr. McNeil – I leave on big THANK YOU for your continuous smile, good luck always. Kathy – one million pounds of dog food and a "How to walk your dog" kit. Sherril – I leave 5,000 gallons of gas for all the trips to school activities, good luck at U of M. Cindy – a 10’ x 10’ locker for all your knick knacks!

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Pat Baldwin being of sound mind and body do hereby will and bequeath to Stanley a mini bike so he can run faster. To Mrs. Sorge a computer that a person talks into and the pass is automatically written out. To Mr. Miller a 1957 Chevrolet, for he will have better things to work with. To the rest of the administration I leave all of my schoolbooks and locker’s that were mine of old. I also leave some of the good memories and some of the bad that I’ve had here at Crestwood High School.

Kathy Bailey being in sound mind and questionable body, bequeath the following: and admiral for Debbie; an Osmond singing "Puppy-Love". To Suzy – a skipping pro-bowler; to Cynthia Marie; a locker to Robin, so she can be a "rockin-robin"; an uncrowded locker for Lynn; for Dawn, a 300lb German Shepard to accompany her to guitar lessons; a free ticket to "Corpse Grinder’s"; for Carol; an aluminum foil crown for Earl; a bottle of rum for Bill a paper mill for Jimmy so he may always have paper to chew and fond memories and wishes of luck and success for all my friends, always.

Dalia Bartkus will Cindi B. all the good times we’ve had, all the crazy things we’ve done, and happiness with Mike M. To Faye G. an apple, a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. To Denise D. a voice and lots of happiness with Steve. To Irena V. a great Senior Year and a good time at Dainava. To my sister Vida 3 more great years at Crestwood. I especially hope that your Senior Year will be as great as mine was. Last but most important to TIM, ALL MY LOVE and gratitude for making my last 3 years at Crestwood the happiest of my life.

Pat Bartlett being of sound mind and body will to my fellow Strohs drinking pal Gary Stec a certificate for all the Stroh’s beer he can drink also thanks for sticking together in troubled times. To Boner Taggart I leave one Bahama Mama on the senior trip. To the Swim Team my great ability to swim so they may win something next year. To my buddy Jim Frazer a Big Rat engine so he can blow his mind, while blowing off Fords. To Freak Thomas Monolidis a new jacket to hide his stash.

Donald Barton being of half-sound mind bequeath the following: To the teachers a 100-year contract. To the school board some bargains. To Richard J. Wiacek a muzzle. To Tony Enokian, speech lessons. To Rod, Bigger permanent Status as a Junior. To my dear brother Lawrence perfect seasons in cross country track and wrestling. To Dave Keiffer, 5 cases of beer and a kilo of grass for his next party. To Mr. Fletcher, my fat crybaby brother Alan. To my fat baby brother Alan, Mr. Fletcher. To Frank McKay 24 drunk wrestlers and 25 barf bags. To Mr. Paluchniak a razor. To Gaylord, new fins. To Carol Thorp, my brothers Larry and Bruce. To Ray Muscat, a last place finish for the Montreal Canadians. To Alice Lewandowski, an Instamatic 44.

Toni Bavarskos will to Sue Bjerke, a job up at Mac’s to be with Dave. To Ma, some sneakers to catch all the smokers. To Mrs. Parker, a page of typing with NO mistakes! To Ruicci and her gang, my place in the john and a pack of cigarettes but I don’t have any HA HA. To Miss Hart, thanks for being more than just a teacher and I’ll miss you next year. To Janie, a paid vacation for two to you know where. And to all my friends that didn't make it this year better luck next year.

Marsha Biek will Mo, all the luck and fun I had at CHS. Vicky, licorice and a fifth of vodka. Nina, lessons on "How to ski on your back without injury." Karen, a ride in a VW in circles. Michele, fun pool-hopping summer days and one big K. Lunk, (ya punk) old office memories and a deck of cards for dealing in Florida. Siemask, rap with Halina and a Doctor’s kit. Liz, nyuk, nyuk, and a house full of food at Joey’s (can ya dig it). Joey, newp’s, one bed in Florida. Richie, a ray of sunshine. Bob Shortt, support. B. Veraldi, X-large grub shirt. Mark Wyklige, Boop! Peggy, ripped off cigars. Janna and Watt, lifetime supply of casts in case of injury. Donna, un-concealable car insurance. Saxe Seven, a tank full of gas to go on forever. Rick Turvey, A place to stay one night if you can’t go home. Mr. Messner, Thank-you for making our 5th hour of senior year enjoyable. Girdie, #22 shirt.

Michelle Bisson do hereby bequeath the following: To Melissa, I will all the fun we've had and especially all the problems with the guys. To Rounders, an inflatable bra. To Ziroll, a private red phone for Harold to call you on. To Cindy, a lifetime pass to Washington DC To Mr. Claeys, a "perfect student". To Ray, I will all my love. To Tim, a big thanks for the rides to lunch. And especially to Mr. Nowak for helping me get through this year in one piece.

Sue Bjerke will to: Paula, one free pass to all our graduation parties (sorry ya didn’t make it). Whaler, "The Templetones Greatest Hits". Bob (Fuzz) the Vamp song and a "cheap-cheap-liar-liar". Nancy Petro, something nice to hang on your coat. Sandy, a new brush. Mrs. Howell, a big thank-you. Jan Ernst, a burp. Sheila and Ed, the best of luck. Nita and Sue – too bad we couldn’t initiate ya next year! To Dave, all my love for giving me so many beautiful memories I’ll never forget. To my other friends, thanks for being yourselves.

Pam Blackstone being of sound body and mind leave to Earl Coffman the best years of my life and a hangover after his next drinking spree. To Marcy Coffman, an endless supply of cigarettes. To Murlene Penrod, a lot of luck and happiness in her marriage. To Karen Govan, happiness with Don and no raw deals. To Mr. Clark, all my plagiarized English papers. To Gary Sexton, a bottle of tranquilizers. To Terry Estes, my shorthand notebooks and to Mrs. Ulman a big thanks for everything.

Cindi Blakian will to Mike a pass to come back to school and graduate, also all my love, you’ve made my senior year the best possible even though we’ve had our problems. To Dalia, all the happiness to her and Tim; remember all the things we’ve done together especially 10th grade. To Dolly, a pass for Gary to come and see her anytime he wants in school, and a way to get back here to see you after July 17. Also, a book ten feet high to write down all the dumb thins we’ve done together. To Deanne, to be with Norm all the time. To Anna, that special date. To Jane, to get Wess all to herself. To Kathy, that special guy. And to my sister Tina, a guy who will take good care of her and a lot of luck at Crestwood.

Mike Bolick will to Tom Grihorish, Rocky Fortura, Al Sarrivee and Steve Bolick all Driver’s License and to Tom Kearney my cottage and to Dave Zewicki a perfect girl. To Gina Fortura I will a life-size picture of Ranchera and ME. To all Ford lover’s “Junk St.” To Miss Klarman a clock so she can be on time and last but not least, I will King Mr. McNeil some perfect students.

Sarah Bordelon will to Rhonda all of our memorable experiences from that great year of '71 and all of our future memories that should be even greater!!! (and one big wish). To Nina, Karen, Peggy and the gang the memories of the famous weekend warriors. Especially to Nina that bogue day we found out about the certain someone in Chicago. To Peggy the hope that someday she’ll find her certain guy. To my very special guy, I will all of our memories in hopes that there will be a lifetime of them and all my LOVE.

Susan Bordner will to Rex, fish for his lake; to Linda and Ron, a chaperone; to Roseann, courage to talk to certain people; to Linda and Roseann, a I at State; to Pat a manual for fixing Corvairs; to Janice, one good “geek”; to Randy, the ability to talk properly; to Jan, ten easy lessons on talking slower; to Carol, a chauffeur for the Prom; to Steve, a good argument and some patience; to Randy and Steve, memories of drownings, haircuts, egg shampoos, birthdays, a perfect summer, and many more things; to Mike, memories of Cedar Point and my driving; and to all my friends, I will good luck and happiness in the future.

Barb Boss will Linda - happy memories, “secrets”; Ginnie - , my laugh, “remember that”; Martha - prayer; Robbie - chocolate chips; Sheila - private phone; Denise - sunburn lotion; Dawn – an apology forever; Craig – “Warsh”; Dennis – fish; Lill – a “Holda me tight”; Jerry – shovel; Cindy – our page; Farris – my hair; Karen Cetrat – talks about the name we had in common; Earl – B.B.; Mrs. P. – an award for “Sweetest Person in the World”; Reid – Miss America; Carlene – Mr. America; Tony Enokian – greatest friendship possible; Karen Pederson – a giant thanx; Chuck – “Something”, 50 miles, and me. Hillsdale, here I come.

Sharon Bowers will to Mrs. Treachler, Mr. Ghem and Mrs. Jaworski MANY MANY Thanks for all the help they have give me. To my brother Gary and to Signe I will LOVE.

Dave Brach will to my sister my parking space, a book of passes, my charm and B.S. line. To the halls and the rooms I leave many memories (not that they were good) unguided, and worthless in this school. To Helen Stell I leave a waiting diploma, and a log of good times and all my love. To Sue Slombinski I leave one wonderful winter and a January 1, 1971. To Joseph Ruicci, Robert Gaszi, Anthony Szuma, Larry McCartney, and Michael Szuma the best buzz and toke they’ll ever have. To Tony, Mike M., Nina, Maurice, Liz, Peg, Bob, Joe, Rose, Bonnie and the Gang, Michele and the gang, and the rest of my friends.- Graduation.

Bonnie Brady leave Diane K. – one never-ending friendship; Bill B. – my future and all my love; Rose Z. – a wash cloth, a jersey, some dirty books and another ticket; Cheryl F. – a date with Noel Burkitt, 10 lbs. Of blubber, and a nose cover; Carmen F. – all the luck with that certain guy; Cathy O. – one private brick wall and a “bronze” stool; Colleen A. – a dozen Christmas trees; Karen K. – a jar of honey and a Yes ticket; Roger Symonds – ten inches of height; Grace B. – a job; to my sister Mary – 50 lbs of fat and a lot of fun; Mrs Ulman a bandanna; Dad Berg, Mrs. Jaworski, Mr. Hamrick, and the rest – five more Brady’s after me. Good Luck!

Garry Brandt being of sound mind and body (?) do bequeath to Suzie – my ability to play the guitar in hopes that we’ll make sweet music. To Colleen – a kiss without a laugh. To Maureen – a laugh without a kiss. To John – an ever lasting contract with the Dearborn Drive-In, chicks and all. To Jan – more action and less talk. To Jim – a LID (off a peanut butter jar). To Debbie – one Ostrich feather. To Grace – fertilizer to make you grow. To Crestwood faculty and administration GOOD LUCK!

Robin Byrd do hereby bequeath the following to: Dawn – all the great memories together (Homecoming, thanks); Kathy – a brain tumor; Debbie – nights out with the girls up to August 25; Lynn – all the memories of physics class; Carole – bus rides to school; Sue – a pizza from our Trig parties; Jackie – all the fun that you had during your senior year, it doesn’t last long. Thanks for everything; Joe – another Ping-Pong paddle; Jim and Ken – a recording of “Puppy Love” and “Rocking Robin”; Cindy – a double date with our COMMON honey; and for everyone else that I didn’t have room for, Thank you.

C Return to Top

Tom Cady being of questionable mind and body to hereby bequeath to Mrs. Skyprick – a copy of Mein Kampf, some barbed wire and a shower room. To the school newspaper my brilliant literary ability. To Mr. Paluchiniak – a golden egg. To Mrs. Compton my brownie recipe. To Mrs. Sorge all the blue passes I’ve collected over the years. To Gary Sexton – Terry Sexton. To Mr. Smink a picture of Jack Benny. To Mr. King, - Mrs. Hulter, they were made for each other.

Dawn Clemente having sound mid and small body, do bequeath the following to Carmen –laughter and tears from the past years. Debbie – round trip tickets from Vignia valid August 25th. Robin – Homecoming dinner at the Top of the Flame. Cindy – A pair of noids,. Suzie – a 72 bowling average. Jim – parties with the girls. Carole – A future with your “Chicagoan.”. Lynn – Nights out with the gang. Bill – Cherished memories of Spinster Hop. Chatty Kathy – “Katherine McKenna” in lights. Barb – a Bill for my matchmaking. And to everyone who has been a part of my memories at Crestwood – One Big Thanks.

Earl Coffman being of sound mind and body do hereby will and bequeath: To Stanley a pair of roller skates. To Pat Baldwin a “57” g-ball, a pink brush. To Dippy a bucket to put over her head. To Mr. Ensign a big stage in the sky to see the stars. To Dan Wanamaker the world, To Mrs. Hulter a pair of Sun Glasses for the next time she falls. To Gary Sexton a rope so he can hang himself. To Mrs. Jaworski a right on! And to Pam Blackstone ME.

Craig Common will to Nina – an iron lung. To Johnnie B. and Mark W. – a good time at Crestwood next year. To Steve W. – my running ability. To Frantz – a round trip ticket back to the USA. To my little brother Keith – all the best of luck at BGSU. To Liz – the best luck in the future, and a trip to Florida when everyone else goes. To Oddie – a something to remind of her a big lollipop. To all underclassmen – “just pity”. To Patty – a big thanks for being my secretary. To the girls who visit me and Joey at Northwood – our beds. To a certain 4 girls in Chem. – So brains. To Ma – her own little prison and a whip. To fifth hour Chem. – a lower ceiling. To Lenny – a Rock n Roll Band.

Keith Common do will the following people: Brother Craig – Many years of success without me. Frantz – A new address, 6037 Dwight so he will stay. Rhonda – A leash with someone attached so she won’t lose him. Vicky – One “chuck”. Jamie – A one-way ticket to leave this place and be happy once again. Lunk – 365 turtlenecks to wear everyday and not worry about embarrassment, also an extra bed waiting at BGSU, and all the good luck in the world. Joan P. – a bottle of Sloe Gin and bucket. Mrs. Childs – All the cuts and bruised I wish I could have given you.

Linda Comstock will to Ann, an excused tardy for every day she is late. Also, as many good times I’ve had with my special someone that you will have with yours. To Debbie H., don’t get too impatient. Good luck to you both. To my little brother, as many bottles as he can hold. And, last but not least, I will to “Redfreak” all the love I can give forever. Also, many happy memories of the past, present, and future with me. Don’t forget 4 years. I want to wish all my friends here, the best of luck after we graduate.

D Return to Top

Wendy Diduck will: to Karen Katsarelas a book of long lost poems; to Sandy Posa a bottle of CANUK beer and the right to deport me: to Cindy Hangach a Johnny Carson fan club button and a chance to still back out of next year; to Lynn Kowal a hockey stick; to Karen and Fran a cottage of their own in Oscoda and my “Smile”; to Chick a hit of “___” (no way!); to Mr. Kimball the “good earth”; to Mr. McNeil a lot of thanks; to “the Gang” one summer pass to Woodstock (with CHHS); to all my CHS pals, good luck!

Elizabeth DiIorio do hereby will the following things to the following people; To Marsha and Halina all my famous imitations and impersonations. To Janna an empty booth at Whopper’s. To Mrs. Sorge and Mrs. Sen my 1,001 forged passes. To “the Man” Craig, no more sarcastic remarks, because I’ve completely run out of them. Also an opening as head waitress in “Common’s Castle”. To Keith, my writing abilities, for being editor No. 2 this year. To Patty the words, “so what” for all the effort we’ve put into our classes this year. To Bob I will my magical key.

Michele Dombrowski will to my sister Jo, one “Rockin’ Robin”, New Years Eve and a 5 a.m. and a driver’s license. To Karen W., some tape for her mouth. To Holly, the sod I took out of her driveway at Christmas. For Lonie a basketball player, Robin, one Algebra teacher that can be understood. Rita, a bus driver that doesn’t attack, and some Spanish cookies. Last of all, to my cousin Marcia, the memories of all those weddings.

Larry Domine just barely passing will to Paul Callam my musicianship, Foce and Sheldon; Mr. Kimball my theory; Ron Berry my hall pass, the Key Club, and a headache; Karen Walker, my pants; Ilona a book of insults for fourth hour; JoAnn a clock; Mrs. Remington my acting ability; the Key Club a bag of popcorn and the school; Mr. Ensign a lamp; Mr. Roose a “Peanuts” comic gook; and to the school and all the people I have met I will the echoes of good times past.

Linda Doughty will to Marianne Dziekan memories of crazy times, lifetime tickets to Tiger games, and stock in Fords – To Judy Weld a body like mine and her own book of “Who’s Who” – To Lynn Taylor our cheerleading routines and a Bible – To Sue Bordner and Steve Nagy the Chaperones-of-the-Year Award – to Mary Grden a composite of letters and a chauvinist doll – To Mr. Roose a special thank-you – and for Ron a lake for fishing, my letter-flower collection, a private phone booth, a barricade for Grand Central, a Ford to cherish, some nice dreams, y Roman dress, a Snuggums tag, my 1971 dairy, my ice-skating ability, Myself, my love, and memories of times together with more to come.

Connie Downs will one chicken, bottle of booze and a green Nova with a black top to Julie Lavey, all the Friday nights they can handle to Debbie Zick, Sue Kobos, Diane Love, Karen Wiec and Sandy Skeeters; to Debbie Patrick a black truck of her own, more customers, and my great friendship. Last but most important to Bill I will a lifetime of happiness with ME!

Denise Drey being of sound mind, will: To my boyfriend, Steve my trip to the Bahamas and all my love. To my sister Darlene I will my shyness and quietness to that she won’t give Mom so many worries. To Faye Garris a lot of fun and happiness with all her friends. To Sue a lot of pen pals in Vietnam and a lot of empty bottles. To Kathy Lawrence a direct hotline to Darlene leaving our phone free. To Pam I will a happy future with Earl. To Dalia happiness with Tim, and to Mr. McNeil lots of baby-sitting time. 

Ginnie Dulmage will to Denise – a lifetime supply of ice tea and lemons, big lonely cookies and many memories of a wonderful friendship. Linda – many memories of being the bobbsey twins and a can of paint for that special “streak”. Barb – memories of a week at Camp Dearborn and a “remember that”. Earl – one dinner and a Big Thank You. The guys – a “plant” that never worked. Mark – purple pants. Robbie – a chauffeurs license and a thank-you – and a wish for sunshine and happiness to all.

Marianne Dziekan will to Linda Doughty all our old good times in 9th grade, our great baseball spirit, Norm Cash, one of my pompoms, and happiness with Ron. To Freda Finess (L.S.) all my finesse, Steady Eddy and my secretarial abilities, also a classy car like mine. To Liz Taylor I will all of my sins, which she made me commit, my other pompom, our long conversations (potty breaks) and drivers-ed. To Laars Unger I leave my gym tracksuit and a lifetime job at Hudson’s. To my brother Jeff, I leave a varsity letter. And to Mer I leave my brother. To Mike, a new snowmobile, an I gotcha three, I woulda I woulda I woulda’s, all the rides you want in Nellie, some hot pants, a million gambling pennies and my friendship forever. To Miss B, I leave my instant smile, and my 36 shorthand lessons that I never used.

E Return to Top

Tony Enokian will: Jamie – 160 firecrackers from Florida, Mr. Carr, and some good wild time. Jim I. – That fox at Easter, a right-hand hook, and that night at my house. Dan, John, – a trip to Florida and a un-hassling mother, and Jill. Craig – one paper on his wallet. Bill – a Barbie Doll. Jim B. - $100 so he can go to Prom. Dave – al lot of liquor and Debbie Sandy and to Linda – all my love, all the time, one whole day together, that day at Camp, snowball, Mr. Tony’s and Herman.

Sheila Ermete do hereby will to: Mr. Hamrick all the cute, foxy chicks that will ever come to Crestwood to flirt with. Miss Hart – two dining room chairs to complete your set. Mrs. Remington one very loud voice to take the place of mine. To next year's homecoming queen a whole day of sunshine, happiness, and tears. To the students of Crestwood I hope you all find in life what you are looking for. To the Class of ’72 Good Luck and I’ll never forget you. And to Craig I will my hear, body, and soul to love forever.

Janice Ernst will to you “Kisses Kazoo” your own beer can wall to ram into whenever you get the urge and also one enjoyable evening ALONE with Hornn E. John. To Joyce, a miniature cop car-resembling car 84. To Deane, a Vicks inhaler converted into a roacher. To you S.M.R. chicks I will you each a fourteen-karat gold spoon. To Linda, a certificate saying “I AM A FOX NO MATTER WHAT LITTLE ROODY SAYS.” And to Peg, a TV dinner consisting of pizza, corn milk and yogurt. Ska betten detten to everyone I don’t have room for.

Jeff Etterman will: To Janis “spy” Marquart – a bottle of Boones Farm; To Tom Horton – a bottle of hair straightener for Karin; To Paul Robinson – a bottle of red hair dye. To Rob Bolley a pair of Joe Fraser boxing gloves; To Mike Tackett – a brand new sword; To Greg Mears – some of my hockey ability; To Randy Quirillo a lifetime supply of “Buds” at the Angry Planet; “Gorn” some hair.

F Return to Top

Carmen Falzon leave: Dawn – a whamo hat, watermelon seeds, a bruised shin and a barf bucket. Zagnut O’Rolly – spiked punch, a white mustang, a midnight dip and a pedestal. Whitey – cold turkey and bananas, and Memorial Day bubbles. Katrina – a wrestling match at a gas station, a night on the slide at Wellever, and a joint. Chairyl – a happy New Year, a wet sleeping bag and “the best one I ever had.” Bonnie – a bottle of Chantilly and a party. Bailey – a water buffalo. Marsha – Spaghetti. Liz – the frizzies. Samson – Lots of Luck. Michael Larabee – a rug.

Michele Fields will to the Saxe Seven – another trip to MSU & CMU for the weekend. To Lunk and Halina – a trip to Florida with…… and a place to crash at. To Marsha – all nite party at S.W.’s and a fifth. To Craig C. a nite at Levergood… remember. To Keith and Craig C. a pj party at your house. Johnnie B. – Love letters from a secret admirer. To Mark W. – a car so you won’t have to walk home anymore. To Frantz – a free trip back to Michigan at anytime. To Bill V. 11 points next year. To Nina – a case of Pall Mall Menthol, and all my running away’s. To Slick Vic – a yearly supply of shampoo and a tube of Lip saver. To Cheryl T. – I take away all your problems and have a good time. To Mickie Ceci – a date to a party. To Karen K. – another experience at Doug W. Most important – To Steve I leave all our good times, me, and all my love forever!

Vicky Folmar will: To Lezlie Daley., Happiness with John. To Michele Fields., a round ring. To Marsha Biek., a pair of navy socks, a co-editorship, and the name VICTORIA. To Karen Katsarelas.. a yellow brick road and a “beep bop beep bop beep boop bop”. To Debbie Lundquist , another birthday party, fun thoughts of what we went through those nine years of cheerleading, and what’s always on our minds (just my imagination). To Donna Lypka., memories of all our long talks. To Nina Zimmerman., Steve Wilkes., and Johnny Bitonti., one last “you’re smoking me out”. To Keith Common., a long lasting bet on your alcoholic problem. To the 72-73 Cheerleaders, Good luck, you have a fantastic year coming. To the Saxe Seven, visitation rights where we first began. Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Howell. the biggest Thank-You for putting us back together. To Steve Wilkes., Thanks for my new name. To Ellyn Newmeyer., A book on “How to Become a Successful Guinea Pig”. To Becky Williams. (my cheering partner), a home in the Heights; and to the Spastic Club, paid trip dues and a field trip.

Gina Fortura will N. Petro, “No. 3” when she’s out,her own “Landmark” and an embarrassing moment. To C. Storck, my porch where Jim first kissed you. J. Ernst, a bus schedule; M. Clay, a bundle of happiness; R. Ankofski, a mirror full of joke books; G. Mears, a book of yoga, and D. Berry (S.E.), a snowman. I will Rasky another tire to change, a special (watch rocks!) license for Camp Dearborn, and the beer he hates. To T. Gircharish, S. Bolick, P. Bolick, A. Larrivee, and T. Gabrivial, girl-friends for each of them and Fords to take them out. To Mike (sweetheart), his ranchero to be bronzed and me for as long as he wants.

Teri Frey will a great Senior year to my sister Becky and to Jean Fleming a great Junior year. I will the teachers of Crestwood a reasonable contract. I will the class of 73 the two spirit jugs, a winning float and a winning snow sculpture, which would make it the best year ever. And finally, I will to everyone in the class of ’72 a bountiful and rich life according to their wants and needs.

Cheryl Fraser will to Dawn – 6 inches and a bucket; Cathy – my Ram album, a Christmas tree, and a guardian angel; Bonnie – 3 musketeers, chicken _____ on an ego trip, and a mouth-guard; Marsha – 2 bottles of Strawberry Hill; G.G. – a French dialogue and Mr. McNeil; Rose – Commencement night, leprechaun, and my lipstick; Lori – an “A” in English; Amy – a flag ceremony and a book on self-defense; Rhonda – biology class and a dozen “brownies”; Carmen – a box of cracker jacks, midnight mass, gold van, doll factory, and an olive branch; and last of all I leave behind to anyone my raisin costume.

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Faye Garris will to Sandy Garris all the cool teachers. To Dalia Bartkus, a wedding ring from Tim. To Mary Grden, another day of splurging. To Denise Drey, her man Steve. To Sue Janis, her dream of tall dark and handsome. To Ruth, a Powerhouse candy bar. To Dawn, all her freedom. To all the people at Crestwood I will Jesus Christ as your Savior. I will to my best buddies all my love and sincerity.

Bob Gazsi of sound mind and sound body do hearby bequeath to the people who over the last two years I have shared a hi, a moment or even a thought, I leave a super-duper thanks. To the people that trucked down to Lauderdale, yea you special people, I leave a space in the future where we can sit down for games of Remember When and “Killer.” To Liz I leave a repair bill to pay for the dent that she left in my heart. To my sister Mini, I leave all the advice she ever needs to make it. And to all my other buddies (I dare not leave names) a graduation token that they’ll never forget.

Rhonda George will to Sarah Beth all past memories and something “new” to experience; one cheap party palace; Weasel forever; the memories of her grey suede Bis; and a giant thank-you… To Michael a thank-you for everything and a very friendly future for “us”… To Greg, thank-you, you’re a doll and I love You… To Nina-pie-Zimmerman a really big thanks for your shoulder, your ears, and all of your help; and a big HOPE that you’ll understand someday… To John, thanks for all of your warmth and laughs and friendship, hope they continue – you’re really sweet.

Bill Gillikin will Mrs. Childs, Mr. Clark and all the other teachers who helped us this year a BIG THANK YOU, to Miss McDonald a typing cadence, to Dennis a life time air card and a new scuba license. To Mr. Stolov a clown to keep his bookkeeping class alive. To the underclassmen, a Senior year better than mine. To the football team the spirit to keep fighting and a winning season. To Connie, a car to come and visit me at college, a long summer to look forward to, and my love always.

Jackie Gladish will Dale, a wet nag and a CANDY (who loves cherry LOLLIPOPS) for always. To Carol, my letters from Jim, happiness with my almost brother-in-law. To Lyndie, four years supply of popcorn for those nights. To Kim, my impracticality. To Kathy, East. To Janet, that darling Joe. To Keith, Cheery cheesecake. To Diane, another trip to Mr. Kimball’s via the gas station. To Ronnie, one squished peanut butter cup. To Davie and Pam, my tests to add to Maurine’s collection, and fun and happiness at Crestwood. To Gary, just ONE brown-eyed, long haired brunette. To Roseann, my true friendship for always, and a connecting door between two certain couples.

Sherry Gomoll will To Debbie and Earl, a camping trip and a finger to always keep close to your nose. To Joyce, another shopping trip to Ann Arbor, Ohio and a Ypsilanti hitch hiker. To Candy, another walk to the John and 12 free driving lessons for you know who. To Mel, my love, and another trip to the Holiday Inn with no little accidents. To Danny, my bedroom after I leave, because I know you’re waiting for it. To Jimmy, a fresh loaf of bread every morning. To David, the ability to cope with seven more years of school. To Glen, 100 girlfriends to add to your collection.

Ken Gorski being of sound mind and super human body, hereby bequeath all of my worldly goods. Firstly, to Greg Mears, I leave my last six-pack of Pabst, which I never had a chance to drink. Next, to Jeff Etterman, I leave my address and phone number book with the names of all of the chicks who work at the Angry Planet. To Rob Bolley, I leave my basketball playing ability because he needs all he can get. Lastly, to Ray Muscat and the rest of the Les Canadians, I leave my hockey ability because they need it.

Karen Govan will to Jim J. one bowsy wowsy; To Mr. Misyiak another question asker; To the first hour guys five willing girls; To Rose one Joe and a blind date; To Michele, Robin, Barb B. and Barb U. lots of happiness; To Carm a lifetime of peace with Dave; To Donna a perfect attendance record; To Sue safe Friday nights; To Bea one personal counselor; To Maryann happiness with Mike; To Pam and Earl much peace and happiness in the years to come; To Murlene and Mike a peaceful marriage; To Gary S. downers; and To Linda C. all my other left overs.

Mary Grden will a two-year supply of cheat sheets. To my sister Judy; an honorary lifetime membership with “The Pack”. To Linda Doughty and Ron Hadfield; happiness to Faye Garris because she deserves it; a one-way ticket to Chicago for Carole Stewart; a private graduation party at Tommy’s apartment for Alice; some weed to share in “The Tunnel” for the Hinge Staff; an evening in the Baker Room with Tom to Vivian Ceccarelli; Moon Child Groupie’s love – forever and ever – to Libra Superstar; and to Maza Enterprises; EAT BUGS!!

Elaine Green bequeath to Melissa all the memories of the “good old times.” I will to Marilyn and Chris the privilege to get their own candy. I will to Chick a St. Louis Cocktail, complete with apricot and Oreo, for the next five May Days, plus a wall size picture of Jerry Broom. I bequeath to Greg a license to qualify him to analyze people. I will to Tim my friendship (if he wants it) and all the happiness in the world. And last but not least, I give all my life and love to Denny

Debbie Gregory do hereby bequeath to Cheryl Kalil the one man she had been seeking and the night he found her, past memories and future times with him in the living room with pillows, soft lights, and “One Love.” To Carol Olsen an “Italian Whopper” and a party at the Esquire. To Debbie Sandy a sunny day at Camp Dearborn and a refund of “Airport” in case it rains. To Lee Quinn a date with the Puerto Rican Baby or should I say the Georgia Peach. To Nancy Piot permission to go to all the school activities she wants. To G.G. a chicken, To T.A. a gun that doesn’t generate. And to Dave a surf board, a football, a one way ticket to Michigan and Lots of Love.

Craig Groscurth do hereby will my Vice Presidency to whoever wants it; To Mrs. Childs one big kiss for being so good to us; To Lenny Rewekant a roll of film; To Mrs. Remington, 10,000 speech assignments so she can stay up nights too!; To upcoming seniors better luck than we’ve has at winning floats; To Miss Hart, from my other ½ and I, a set of six dining room chairs; To Mark Scott an everlasting friendship; To Dan Hopkins, lotsa luck so he doesn’t kill himself on his bike; To Sheila all my love and a lifetime of happiness together.

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Jan Hamilton will to Ellen a million “don’t worry it’s all right,” my “great?” driving abilities, a new “fox” and locker #80. To Ilona I leave my position of second chair in Band; To Rick I will a smile for all the times I haven’t been too friendly; To Mike I will one bag of grape Tottsie Roll Pops; To Sue and Steve I will much happiness; To Jeff I will a lot of happiness and fun in his remaining years at Crestwood and a free pass to come and see me anytime he wants; and To Dale I will my back tests and good luck in his last years at Crestwood

Cindy Hangach will “the girls” memories of Friday nights ad all our good times together; To Wendy (“Duck”) a free pass to a psychoanalyst to straighten you out after rooming with me at State for a whole year; To Fran, “enlightenment” at NMU; To Lynn Kowal, my promise that I’ll finish that blazer by next fall; To “Oiseau” I will Three Dog Night; to Dawn, all the tears and talks over Trig; To Katherine, a lifetime supply of rubber bands; To Sue Zdan, one short, fast “goodbye” to our phone conversations; To Debbie McAleer, much happiness with Lee; and to everyone else who didn’t fit into 100 words, good luck and thanks for the memories.

Tim Hartmann will the following: To Dave Kieffer, a SIT-DOWN!, “Fuzzy” statue to hang around your neck, my HASS, broken leg, blue and gold and a great time together at Hope. To Jim Johnson, an accident and a courtesy light…FINE! To Mike Nagy a chess set and all my laughs. To Ray Siler, a hillbilly accent and a gag to wear when you sleep. To Keith Madden, a chauffeur’s license and my thanks. To Paul Juengel my tennis ability. I know you’ll be #1. To “Professor” Parker, a certain dirty sock. To Kathy, my memories. To Mr. Klinefelter, a 1st place tennis team and twice as many J.V.’s to “help out the team”. To Mrs. Childs my thanks.

Sandy Hawes will to Sandy Haase, the exclusive right to my name after I graduate. To Frank L., one future sister-in-law. To Linda C., many thanks for being such a good listener. To Julie L., memories of that frightening joy ride after the Amboy Dukes dance; (thanks D.P.). To Debbie P., ghost of her Chevy station wagon to haunt her after graduation. To Connie and Bill, many more of those Bloody hockey fights. To my little sister Andrea, many more ripped sheets to come, and best of luck in her remaining years at Crestwood. Most of all to Steve, many more days like April 2, 1971, one 2-4, and all my love forever!

Jan (Chick) Henry being of insane mind and unsound body, bequeath the following: a lifetime’s supply of brooms and bananas to Elaine for May 1st celebrations. To Liz, I leave my black velvet jacket (lining included!). To Sonia, a “groupie” hair cut and an IOU for partying. To Karen, an unlimited charge card for her traveling excursions. To Joey, I wish the best of luck. My accident and a key to my cottage I will to Fran. I leave Wendy, our numerous discussions. To brother Bob, I will “Fargo” cologne and loads of luck for swimming. To Peg, a friend when you need one and pen with paper for San Quentin. And to Allen, a case of Patuchuly, a night out(!) and lots of happiness.

Bernice Herrick will Priscilla Kendall, John Allen. To Sue, what can I say, but I leave you Telegraph on a Sunday night, and God Bless ya! To Sherril Santo, I leave luck. To Carm, I leave Dave and Charlie. Mr. Hamrick, I leave you one Bird and a Aunt in Delaware, sorry about all the trouble I gave you, keep your head! To Mike Rohn, God Bless ya! To Carol A., Anna T., and Sheri, I leave you a free pass for a hamburger at Jack-in-the-Box. To G.T. I leave lots of gas for those nights on Telegraph. To the underclassmen, I leave a lot of luck!

Matt Hess leave to Bernie Sanden one lid of grass. To Ray Siler, a fifth of Seagrams. To Dave Alondis, one six-pack to get sick on. To Frank Federico, one bag to get sick on. To Don Loose and Larry Barton, a box of stockie cigars. To Tom Horton, a fifth of Lime Vodka; To Terry Zeppa, I leave the name chicken-plucker. To Paul Robinson (Keith), a book on how to fight while on the ice. To Randy Palk (Rudy), elephants to remind him about everything he forgets.

Nancy Hija will the 72-73 Cheerleaders, a year to look forward to, lots of pep and smiles. To Cindy, lunch bag, a bottle for English. To Barbara – friendship forever, my bracelet that was stolen in grade school, hours of tears and laughter, a new pool instead of repainting yours, job at Blazo’s, a few tanks of gas to visit me up North, a will since you didn’t write one, and remember YAGTBMMOHAMN. To Mrs. Childs, a big thanks for your help and close relationship, a second invitation to dinner and a great big smile. Grother, fun at CHS!? My Raymond, me and all my love!!

Dan Hopkins will to Paul Turowski one Kennedy-Crestwood basketball game, a ride to wherever he wants and a party he never saw. To Lezlie Daley, I leave one night at the drive-in and 3 drinks. To Tony Enokian, I leave one dance with me, and a 6’6” basketball filled with his favorite beverage. To Debbie Lundquist, I leave a thank-you for making school so exciting. And to Sandy Posa, I promise to help him wash one pair of pants.

Sharon Horn will to Pam Ion my Mickey Mouse “Countdown” watch and a book entitled “How to Learn Two Years of French in one Summer”. To Mr. Clark, I will an all-Female class and another 4th hour English. Thanks for everything. To Cindy, another 12 years of friendship. To Lorraine, a tennis?? Match, and a great time next year. To Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Kimball, all the good luck in the world. To the fearsome foursome in English, an English free discussion. To my sister Karen, hope and patience. And finally to all the people I haven’t mentioned my sincerest thanks, friendship, and love and best wished for happiness in the future.

Tom Horton do hereby bequeath to “Big” Matt some brains and a mask; To Doug, the Polish National Anthem; To Paul Robinson, all his little fans; To Herm, thanks for the L.V.; To Barb and Bill lots of luck; To Gorn, Etterman and Bolley, a Orunken Mears and Stachurski; To Charmaine, Grace & Jackie, thanks to making Physics bearable; To the cute Junior attendance girl Cindy, a date anytime; To Prince Valiant, a Mustache; To my sister Cathy, tape for her big mouth; and to “Kareem” and many other unnamed people thanks for nothing.

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Roseann Insalaco will to Mark all my mathematical ability; Little Berry recruits for church Choir; Diane, the answers to all those prayers; Lyndie, bolts for the car doors; Kathy, Tim, & Janet, decorations for a party; Carol, a pajama party; Kim, fun at Central; Keith, a taxi sign for your car. (Thanks); Sue, all the dreams we had in 8th grade; Mike, (my favorite trumpeter), a box of peanut brittle and lots of happiness; Mr. Roose, another “efficient assistant”; Karen, all the tears at the festival; Pat, all these years I’ve liked you, and Jackie my lasting friendship and that most important future.

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Suzanne Janis being of unsound mind bequeath to Bea, her king bee, to Sheri another March 24, to Denise, lots of lovin with Steve. To Pete, a pink balloon. To Carol and Anna, locks 29, to my little brother Dale enough passes to last him through the year. To Annie, a better 4 years here when you finally reach this lived. To Gary, a lot of memories. To Fay, a lot of happiness with her way of life. To Mrs. Ulman, one big thanks for all her help and understanding . To Dawn, a car that really takes the corners.

Jim Johnson will the following things: To Tim Hartmann, my laugh. To Mark Lecznar, a pack of paper. To Randy Palk, a book on right turns. To Barb Boss, a can of lemon pudding. To Diane Paul, a pair of crutches. To John Oliverio, a bottle of ink remover. To Tim Borne, my set shot. To Miss Kaiser, a bottle of tranquilizers. To Ray Siler, a new last name. To Jeff Borne, a book on how to dribble. To Kathy Zielinski, a season’s pass to all Garden City East’s basketball games. To Keith Madden, a new set of lungs.

James Johnston leaving Crestwood High School completely insane do hereby make this will. To Dayle Garret, a sound chamber and the cast from “The Wizard of Oz”. To Jim P., a book, “1001 Ways on How to Insult Someone”. To Cary B., a DSR Bus and the Hell’s Angels. To Joy K., a log and 10,000 munchkins. To Pam T., a pair of stilts to see me eye to eye. To Alice L., a free pass to the Swingers Club. To Cheryl K., a damned spot. To Miss Hart, sensitivity. To Rose A., a lamppost. To Sonia, a gum factory.

Frank Jones will to Tim Gabriel all my unused Whopper cards. Mr. Paluchniak, all my unfinished projects. Kathy Wacaster, one book on how to find the right man in you life. Maurice Scriberras, the name bad mother. Mary Anderson, all my unused jokes which should last you the whole part of your senior year. To my brothers Keith and Bob, I will all the pains and enjoyment that I have had in my high school years. To Miss McDonald, I will you a book on how to learn to type in 3 easy lessons.

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Karen Katsarelas will: To Marsha, ten pounds of cheese (aboo, aboo, abumma, abumma, how bogue!) To Halina, a scrutinizing finger. To the Jesse James Gang, six hours of unsolitary confinement. To Monica, a cat with a gun. To Nina, one ride to any apartment complex in Michigan without getting caught, lost or grounded. To Colleen, 5 peaceful minutes with Janie. To Joe, a telephone book. To the Fretter Appliance Freaks, Look out Washtenaw, here we come. To Vicky, a phone call in the office and a stolen roadblock in your living room. To Wendy, a courtin’ frog. To Greg, Ripple wine for Valentine’s Day. To Liz, Want a ride? To Bonnie, a jar of honey in the bathroom. To Michele, a manhunt for Robbie. To the “Saxe Seven”, a white lantern filled, for there will be a next time. To Lunk, Colt in the middle of the night. To Cathy and Rose, roundhouses at church and a shutdown. To Donna, a carload of people and a nature freak discussion. To Nick, keys to the car.

Denise Kay will to Tracy (Dale Kay) all my teachers, especially Mr. Claeys. Sue Bjerke, all the happiness with Dave Kieffer. Murlene Penrod, a happy marriage with Mike Gebhard. Denise Drey, a joyous life with Steve. To Sue Janis – Gary. To Gary Thompson a PUD and a slower car. To Greg Shewchenko, all my troubles and my love. To Miss McDonald my sister Tracy who cheats in Business Math. To Mr. Messner, many thanks for the help to pass my classes in the 11th grade. To Dean Kay (cuddles) to Teddy Bear and successful years at Crestwood High School. To Judy Tilke a good life with Bob. To Tom Tilke, a supply of beer to keep him going for a year. And to Sherry McGraw a way to mind her own business.

Cheryl Kalil do hereby bequeath to Debbie Gregory, no more “Biggy dates to DeLucas, also her great love – Dave – with his total body and soul for only her, and one beach island and Californian to go!!! To Barb Mruck, an extra ear for the one I talked off with my problems. To Mr. Clark, an all-female class with your favorite (ME) in every seat. (Some tragic flaw huh?!!). To Mr. Hamrick, a pair of fishing boots for all the B.S.!! To Carol Olsen one spicy Italian. To Denise Leeman, all my lectures that you never cared to hear.

Donna Kaza…..(See Debra Knight)

Priscilla Kendall will my teachers and counselor to anyone who will have the,, my parking space to anyone who wants it, my ability to skip without getting caught to anyone who needs it and all the luck in the world to all of the undergraduates.

Dave Kieffer As my last will and testament I would like to say thanks to my favorite teacher and friend Mrs. Howell. To Sue Bjerke I give a powerful four-letter word “LOVE”. To Bob Fazica a purple Challenger and luck with all the chicks. I donate my left leg to Tim “HASS” Hartmann – I owe him one. To Shelle Smith I offer those memories of nights at the drive-in when we were grosser than the movies (sorry Eddie). To all of Crestwood – good luck my sister is coming over as a freshman HA-HA.

Joy King being of sound mind hereby bequeath the following: To Carrie, the best of luck and lots of happiness to you and Randy. You’ve been the best friend and “sister” a person could ever have. Thanks. To the decay in locker #95 I leave a bowl of fruit each. You know what for. To Miss Balcer an automatic room cleaner. To future bookkeeping classes, all the luck in the world, you’ll need it! To the future Seniors of Crestwood happiness and a great year. And to Mrs. Childs a big THANK-YOU!

We the undersigned, Debra Knight & Donna Kaza being of sound mind and body do hereby write a last will and testament of our high school days. To Sue and Renee we bequeath the use of our word scuzz: have as much fun with it as we did. To Pam – memories of BJV, the Catalina, bombing around, trips to the library and one pap! To Marianne – one really, available, cheep-cheep blue light K-mart bombshell. To Silly Billy – one sweetart. To Alice – one Zorro shirt, a priest and a bass clarinet – good luck! To Tim – one time when he has the last word. To all the groups that clutter the halls of Crestwood – one can of air freshener so everyone can breath again. To Janice – memories of play rehearsals that stretched into the night. To Jackie – her own mirror. To Sue – some Chinese cooking and a boys camp across the river. To our Riverside guys – memories of a house on Vernon, a blue couch, and a bottle of champagne. Remember our first commandment “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!” To all our true friends – the best of luck always. And to each other – all kinds of unprintable memories!!!

Sue Kobos will to all of the “Weekend Warriors” the following: To Daren, one last run around the parking lot; To Debbie, earrings that will never fall off; to Julie, the answer to my question – Julie, Julie, Julie…: To Sandy, a date with every fox in Whoppers; To Annie, a spilled can of Ajax; and last but not least, to Diane, a lucky brush, and all the memories that go with it. I also will to the Crestwood school board and teacher’s 66 days locked together in a room with only four walls and each other to talk to.

Sonia Kohut bequeath to Nanci “Goof” a jar of pickle juice and all my old labels, permission to use me as her alibi, a lifetime of memorable occasions at EMU, and all the happiness in this life and the next! To Peggy Sharpe, I will a box of red cough drops – thanks again for the fast relief! To Chick I guarantee one “gay” time at Gigi’s! To Miss Sokol all my clay projects, if ya can find any that didn’t crack! To Sheryl Wall, “Hi Crazy”, I will an eternal supply of “qualoods”, the “Melody”, and an invitation to accompany me on many more roads that lead to “happy trails”. I will to the courts a garden full of “poppies”. And lastly a farewell and a wish for happiness for all!

Lynn Kowal hereby will, to the GANG, one free pass to the drive-in to see 3 horror films and one empty bottle of wine left at the end of Hass. To Cindy Hangach, my good buddy, one unfinished blazer, a diet, a hitch-hiking trip through Europe and all the luck in the world at MSU with your crazy roommate: Wendy Diduck my favorite Conuk friend, one party, one-way trip to Rose City and an autographed hockey stick by David; To Robin and Cindy, one coke we never baked; To Ginny Dulmage, one spastic attack and to all my friends, good luck!

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Julie Lavey will to Connie one yellow Cougar and everything that comes with it; To Sue, a plumber’s helper so next time she doesn’t have to do it alone; To Karen, a book of matches; To Debbie P., a car full of fresh air; To Diane, a worthwhile spent bottle of Spinada and some cherry cigars; To Sandy, one more waterbed party and to Deb Z., one shoe for her own ashtray. And to all the above a permanent weekend pass to CMU. To Mickey, the best of friends as I had and three more years of perfect Friday nights.

Alan Leszczynski will the following to Joan P., a Q, a Begley’s talk, a K.H. doll (ha-ha). Jamie L., one big cut for all the times you’ve cut me. Some of “the boys” a thanks for being such good friends. Carol O., one slab of port but still a thank you for one good time (I really mean it). Tracey, a free bowling lesson and a “Love Story”. Ken H., a racing form and a book entitled “Who to Take?” To Michele, another date, sometime; To R. Bolley, a trip to Woody’s Lounge with “The Ear”. To Keith C., a tape recording of “Hey Allan”. And best of luck Underclassmen (I hope you don’t need it).

Alice Lewandowski being of sound mind and body will: To Mr. Clark, six all girl English classes. To Mr. Ensign, a f-stop. To Miss McDonald, a smile. To Mr. King, some peace and quiet. To the Lancer Staff of 72-73, Powell Studios, because there is no photographer for next year. The band of ’73 Mr. Roose. To Debbie and Donna, a wedding with some Riverside guys. To the Lancer Staff Editor of ’73, a bottle of Excedrin.

Patti Lewis will to James Brady a long wire so we can always keep in touch. To Fran, Wendy, Karen and Debbie – Woodstock. To Pappa Craig I will a lasting friendship and thanks for making my school days happy. To Keith the same thanks and best of luck at BGSU. To Bob Evens’ I wish the best in life. To Liz, a permanent “work out pass” and memories of all our times together. To one Debbie Sandy a thanks for all her guidance and one song, “You’ve Got a Friend.” To my brothers Jim and Jeff best of luck at Crestwood and to a very special “idiot” I will a perfect life and family because she’s quite deserving of it.

Maryann Lipa leave Cindy the record ABC and S.P. To Michele I leave a magic carpet. To Ron and Pam I leave a divorce certificate for T & S. To Rose I leave a sweet guy with a Pinto so she may have little Pinto’s. Kathy I leave a chauffeur’s license for taking me home after school. To George and John, I leave my place on the bus stop. To Debbie I leave the book “Mechanism of the Mind”. To Michael class Lover of ’77. To Carol my locker #1. To Mr. Clayes a joke book. To Mrs. Childs a big thanks you and Underclassmen, Good Luck.

John Loudon being of sound mind and body to hereby will and bequeath a bottle of Boone’s Farm Apple Wine to Harry Martin. To Mr. Norris I leave my black brake job of my ’65 Merc. To Mrs. Boroditch I will my two years of Spanish knowledge and a French piñata. I will to my 4th hour English teacher Mrs. Haworski a zero hour class and a list of vocabulary words. To the teachers of Crestwood High School I will a contract, and the administration I will a protest.

Diane Love will to Debbie Zick one pair of gold loop earrings. To Karen Wiec a sign saying “PIZZA KEG”. To Julie Lavey, one “paid for” night at the Dearborn Drive-In with Mr. Fox in the Green Nova, also one pink snail. To Ann Winekoff a Mac’s cup filled with Sloe Gin and 7Up. To Sue Kobos a sink and some plumbing tools. To Jackie Gladish one trip to Plymouth. To Sandy Skeeters a certain double date on a Saturday night alone with a bottle of Seagrams. And lastly I will to the Weekend Warriors all the Friday nights and parties left on this earth.

Earl Luhn wish these things to a few of my friends. To Kathy Bailey a bottle of Bacardi. To Dawn Clemente a pair of stilts. To Carole Stewart a phone line to Chicago. To Linda Perkins a new pair of wings. To Barb Boss a New Love so she can’t say everybody hates me. To Ginny Dulmage a book on hot to make airplanes. My tuba to anyone that wants it. My loud voice to the 1973 Cheerleaders. And a great big THANK YOU to the students and staff of Crestwood High for making my last year of school a lot of fun and a success.

Debbie Lundquist will Joey, Bob and Tony, my “John Wayne” impression; to Steve (eh baby!), boompa boompas; to Lenny, a life supply of signed passes; to Michele, a bushel of potato salad; to Vicky, cigarettes, #12 (but in reality…) and memories of 8 years of cheerleading; to Biek (you sneak), diet booze and a Fordson quarterback; to Nina, a box of donuts; to Mr. King, MANY thanks for putting up with me; to Keith, the biggest CHUCK and a lifetime of friendship – I’ll miss ya; to Ken the chance to catch the biggest bass in the world, a parking ticket and to have the feeling of really liking someone, but never making it pass that - good luck at U of M; to Halina (janna), an open invite to MSU, one “punch” i.o.u., one big ben, and my lasting friendship. Remember Shemash, it’s a wild world – take care; to Crestwood, the strength to overcome next year’s problems and still come up proud.

Donna Lypka will to Janna – a last run down the hill, another “reagan”, a warped album, a blotchy house and a marco…Karen – a publisher so she can write a book on “ESP and How to Use It When You Have It”, and a red mustang painted blue…Marsha, Nina and Michele – an apartment equipped with a stereo system of “Layla”…Vicky – old “You Know Who” movies and a lot of fun at Central. Lezlie – an apartment in Florida…Rhonda – a blue contact lense and an award for the big break-away…Wendy – something “Uki”…Sarah – a visit to MSU and a long talk…Halina - a trick knee for all the ones you give everyone else…Whatley – a “Chrisie” doll…Liz – a trip to Boston…Mark – a new “wife”…Jim B. – I already told you…Sandy – fun at Brown…Lydia – a good senior year…Marianne R. – a date with ____.

M Return to Top

Deborah McAleer being thus far of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: To my very dear friends, Dawn, Kathy, Robin, Cindy, Sue, Carole, and Lynne, I leave my wishes of love, success, happiness, true friendship, understanding and patience. Also an open invitation to visit me in Virginia (or wherever). To Amy Rubadue, much happiness and pep in here new appointment. To Sue VanVlerah “merlleures amities et bonne chance.” To my newfound friends, I’ll never forget it, thanks a lot. And finally, to Mr. Raby and some other special teachers “Thank-you” – with love.

Sheri McGraw will to Joyce, one permanent seat in an orange duster. Gary, a charge card for Sunoco gas that he never has to pay. Ann, a new partner at Lindy’s. Carol, a portable john for her red car. Debbie, a six-pack of Colt and a bunch of memories at the drive-in. Mike Rohn, all the love and luck in the world for the next three years. Jim and Bea, good luck. Jerry, a great big hug and kiss. Thanks for the 5 most wonderful months of my life. Dale, my neck, thanks for March 24, 1972.

Linda McIntyre will my sister Janet, success and happiness in all that she may do and good luck at Crestwood. Too bad they are all leaving you. To Mr. Perry, one half broken down switchboard. To all the kids at the great “F.B.” all the fun you could ask for at all the parties and camps we have. To sixth hour Interior Decorating, all the crazy, do nothing hours we had. To Mrs. Ulman (Mo), one bottle of Excedrin for the headache we gave you. To Lee, an everlasting friendship and you had better come back for my wedding. And last but not least, I leave Fred….ME!

Gregory T. Mears (alias Rogstien Vachon) (alias alcoholic) Being of no sound mind and decrepit body. Do hereby leave to Gina Fortura one Denton Road. Tombstone because she never made it out there. To Bob Meyers, I leave any book on how to pick up girls. To Rob Bolley, I leave my black eye. To Ken (Hodge) Gorski, I leave a broken Hockey stick. To Jeff Etterman, I leave half a can of Budweiser. To Miss Hart, my cigarettes. To Cindy Cavill, 101 ways to be stuck up. To Ablay, Nothing. To Paul Robinson, a Keith Magnuson Poster G.B.

Brian Melvin will to Terry Estes all my love and two red and white straight pins. I also will Larry Melvin and Chuck Fenech all my unfinished beers. I also will Ann Lubera my brother Larry to keep until she tires of him. And also my brother Larry my extra credit because he will probably need it to graduate. And finally I will all the above people all the luck in the world in their future years.

Mary Ann Merglewski leave to all teachers a special thank you and the enjoyment of knowing you. To Laura, a scratchless pair of eyes; To Lynn, a pack of gum to last forever; To Linda, my pleasant attitude; To Claudia, our business courses; To Cindy and Kathy, all the good times we’ve had. To Jeff, a pair of skivees; To Pam, famous driving experiences, good and bad memories, my friendship forever. To Marianne, 1,000 reusable quarters for Nellie, our special secrets, a special someone, and my friendship forever. To Miss Byrum, 42 lessons I learned. To my brother Rick, my talent in auto mechanics and finally Michael, I leave you, ME!

Robert Joseph Meyers in somewhat sound mind and body leave “GT Mears” one book on “How to Band Gears.” To Dennis Andrezik, a red Pinto from the Waters Inn. To Louie Ratos, “J.C.” from Howard Johnsons. To John Powell, a Nova SS so he can drive a real muscle car. To Ken "Hodge", I leave a Frisbee from the YES Concert. To my sister a future varsity letter in cheerleading. To Fred Ansman, I leave one case of filled cigarettes. To Cindy Cavill, one “Stairway to Heaven” and to Sue Helek, a Denton Road Sign. To Tommy, a cold Pabst.

Sandy Minni will the following; to Petro, one John Wilkepolan, Gary Pauley, Richard Clemens, and Richard Holland (also one gun and all the bullets you want); the right to a Buzz; one bottle of gin and 3,000,000 G.I.Q.’s; one National guardsman for guard duty at the bathroom or wherever, and whatever else you need for happiness. Good luck always! To Fortura, best of luck with Mike and with everything! To Coleman, one free pass to any bar in Canada. To Perry, another bottle of Orange Driver. To Bjerke, a one-year supply of make-up, cigarettes, and anything else you desire. To Rick, all our memories, the happiness you gave me, and All My Love!

Kathy Minar do hereby bequeath to Cindy, a pair of shorter, wider jeans to try on and many more years of fun together. I will to Rose, a purple butt. To Sharon, an unbreakable mirror. To Pam P., a blanket for her green machine. To Pam L., a wet shirt. To Michelle, I will a Mother Morrison “Know It All Book”. To MaryAnn M., a ruined runway. To MaryAnne L., a fire to run to. To Barb, I will a French Polish degree. And to all my friends much happiness and a joyful rewarding future. To all my teachers a special thanks for helping me get through these four years. Lastly, to all the underclassmen and especially my brother Steve, Lots of Luck!

Melissa Moore will to Eric all my love and happiness forever and ever. I will to Elaine, all the crazy things we did throughout our high school years. Including all the infatuations. I will to Michelle “The Machine” wherever she may find it. I will to Lee Quinn an old pair of pants so he can hide in the pocket. PS - I’m not in them. I will to Marilyn my bottle of Boone’s Farm in hope she will enjoy it as much as I did. I will to Tim all the fun we had together.

Dan Morano being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To Leannn Feasel, I leave the responsibility of the auditorium and all the luck in the world. To Dave, I leave my keys and the parking spot. To Bill Pinkerton, one bottle of Segrams. To Debbie Lundquist, I leave two Harvey Wallbanger’s or one bottle of Gaillio. To Keith Madden, I leave on Key – the auditorium key. To Joyce Moy, my thanks. To Mr. Ensign, the secret of Head Centre. To that person promised a drink – a drink at Chip’s.

Debbie Morgan will to Mrs. Parker, many thanks for being such a good teacher. To Barb M., many more Avon orders and see you at HFCC. To Denise L., a bottle of NaOH2 for another “lasting impression” in Chemistry. I leave Martha, a year’s supply of peanut butter cookies and luck in steno. To Ginny, I will a shield guaranteed to ward off “lazar beams.” To Linda P., best wished for her and Rob and keep in touch. To Craig, a foot lower ceiling in Chemistry. To “Bosco” I leave Elvis and direction out of Northland. To Al, the memory of 3rd hour and all the talks we had. To Traci and Becky; all the happiness possible in your senior year. To Frank, I leave a promise to check my keys before locking the door, the lasting memory of Driver’s Ed, and a very special “echo.”

Ray Muscat will the following: To Pat Bolick, a true Muscle car 396 2-28. To Don Barton, a NEW BIKE and a winning Red Wing season. To Doug Kalis, a life time supply of NAILS. To Mike Gauvin, the Flame! 2nd hours. To Todd Heller, Mr. Miller’s auto class. To Dennis Russell a “GIRL”. To the Freshman, Nothing. To Mr. Clark better luck in the play-offs. To myself, the Best of Luck!

Lucille Myers being of sound mind and body, do hereby will the following: To my best friend Michelle Ashker, I will my Cadillac with all the extras. I hope your future is filled with happiness and success. To Monica Skrzypek, I will all my books – page by page. To Steve, I will an electric blanket for a more enjoyable ride in the Cadillac. To Dearkeart (Kathy Jones) I will two more Trishsetters and the memories of Mr. McNeil’s class.

N Return to Top

Steve Nagy do will the following to the following: To Pat-Ricky, one broken down Corvair to drive to Garbage City Ace. To Mike, The FBI to catch him for forgery and my last name. To Rex, one varsity haircut and a leaky boat full of apples. From Tim, I take one head of hair. To Randy, one college and to keep him busy, I leave him my brother. To Mrs. Childserns, one tape recorder with “Hay teacher, got our tests done!” repeated 138,675,412 times on it, and to Suzie, I leave three things – love, joy and happiness to have forever, and to Carol, one square bowling ball. To Bill, one sinking sailboat. To everyone else, I leave everyone else.

Michael Nagy will the following: (in alphabetical order of middle names); to Janet, an ice cream cone, a kite and a ticket to the senior party. To Tim, a refrigerator full of laughs and a really big Ed Sullivan impersonation. To Randy, a locker full of junk, a can of Latex paint and a box of crab grass. To Steve Nagy, the last name of Smith. To Sue, a bottle of spot remover. To Janice, a salami sandwich. To Bill Pinkerton, a “I am a teetotaler” button. To Bill Parker, a picture postcard of Ed McMahon. To Jim Johnson, a bottle of baby shampoo. To Jackie, a partridge. To Roseann, a Pear Tree. To Carol, a pole. To Kathy, a copy of Action Andy. To Kim and Lyndie, 2 rabbits with silver lined ears. To Keith and Dan, an auditorium. To Ray, a megaphone. To my sister Nancy, my favorite teachers like…Mrs. Childs, Mrs. Remington, Miss Hart, Mr. Hamrick etc. To everyone else, a ticket to our 25 year reunion.

O Return to Top

Cathy Obdzinski will to Rose, red punch, a full gas tank, a book on backing up, hickey remover and a dog from Egypt. To Carmen, lime vodka, a common bedroom, a slide, a Mother’s Day card to C.M., and a guy who’ll appreciate you. To Colleen, the ability to keep secrets, whole calls to anyone deserving, an orange snuggie, hickey remover and a Christmas Tree. To Cheryl, a “Driving Made Easy” book, and my soul to convert. To Karen K., a permanent pass to get in the Stock Exchange. To Bonnie, a driver’s license, licorice and a bed for 5. To Miss Byrum, a permanent ME for all your classes. To the Underclassmen, I leave a raisin costume and this (?) school.

Candy Ordroniec will the following: To Debbie, one Strawberry Hill, one ball, no hassle’s, and an everlasting scent and C.B. To Joyce, one smash proof ear, wedding bells and friendship always. To Gary, one trip to hidden lake without any problems, Thank You!. To Handles, one pair of wadding boots and a good student-teacher relationship. To Ron, a convertible, a foot long, 500 inscribed parking blocks, a Milkbone and our own island. To Sherry, Mel, hairy little petey, and one unrockable car. To Mary, a pass to Riverside rink, a case of C.I.T. and my ear.

Janice Orstadius will to Denise a cork to stop her running mouth. To Evil Magician, 3,000 or more years to Practice the art (latex and spirit gum). To Pam (Ponnie), charms to keep PJV III away and a special thanks for wonderful times. (Bob & C strike again.) To Gwump, one trained Clyde for last minute substitutions. To Innocent Bystander, a specialty kit for the weekends (owungolama). To Steve, susceptibility to Geeks for a year. To Sue, the patience to put up with Steve and Randy (I could use some too). To Mike, a locker of junk. To Ray, a geek proofer. To Mr. Ensign, new set of slaves. To Patrick, a ball and chain to keep you tided down a little. Last but not least to Randy Patzar, a Loving Thank-You.

P Return to Top

Terry Pace being of sound mind and body hereby will to my brother Mark, all the friends and happiness I have found as a senior. To Terry Woehlke, I leave my sideburns and I will Mike Rohn to Terri Shonk. I leave to M.W. (Rex) one certificate to pick all the strawberries she wants. To Mr. Fisher, I will a successful operetta. I will my spot in the Madrigal to Mike McGoorty. To Nicki Hans, I will a sock in the arm. To Lura Canavan, the sweetest girl I know, I will one hockey game.

Caludia Paletko being of sound mind and body do hereby will to… Darlene, Cheryl and Cindy, one free ride at 8:30 a.m. to eat breakfast at the Landmark. To Barb, a new & “older” boss. To Maryann, all the “best” years. To Marianne, a drag race - - “Lemon Duster” vs. Orange Nova. To Phyllis, my books, a pool table & a game of Ping-Pong, and a seat next to “Chuckie Boy.” To Carol, Diane, and Debbie, all my dancing ability and my shoes. And to All future graduates, “Good Luck” and Happiness in the years ahead!

Mike Panagiotides will to John, one cloister pipe and a lifetime pass for two to the Dearborn drive-in, have fun! Be good. To Showalter, a 1-2-3 book of syllables and a red crayon. To Steve P., one “fresh” nerd – good luck! To Lee, some vitamins for a dormant dingus. To Mrs. Childs, a thanks for all the help I received, Thanks again! To Rhonda, thanks for your understanding: the relationship that we share. To Jackie, Pam, and Fran, thanks for letting me be your friend, good lock. To LeeAnn, more love and hope for us. To all my friends…”Good Luck”.

William Parker hereby will to the following unfortunates the following items: To Tim Hartmann, I give one clean sock and a new light bulb; to the Fearsome Foursome, one U-Haul truck and a bike rack to fit; to the very special Karen, my love always; to Mark Lesner, all the Mac’s and Dunkin’ Donuts he can eat; to the Pep Band, I will all the hassle and opportunity to go to the conferences with Doogle; to Mr. Fisher, one office, rent free. To Mark LaFever, one red couch. And to Mr. Montre, I will a box of pencils.

Debbie Patrick will to Connie either a yellow Cougar or an olive Thunderbird; to Julie, Debbie Sue, Karen, Diane, and Sandy many Friday nights with plenty of booze and good looking guys; to Mrs. Nash, I hope your future government students enjoy your class more than I did; to my brother I leave my good grades and to my sister, I leave my counselor – Good Luck in your remaining school years; and to the class of ’73 I will the power to get along with one another (not as we did!).

Randy Patzer being of sound mind and body do will to Greg another thrilling year of math and chem; to Hookick, a combination communist finder and circular slide rule; to Gary, a car even he can’t wreck; to Patrick, my savior-faire with girls; to Dave, the understanding to figure out Dawn; to Denise, a bottle of quiet; to Ma, a son that doesn’t worry her so; To Gay, my job at the store; to all my teachers, someone just as antagonistic, and just in case they don’t make it; to Mike, an electronic locker cleaner; to Sue, a geek to keep her wary; to Steve, a bottle of geek receiveability, and to Janice a lot of patience and a warm Thank You right back.

Carol Pearson leave to Mike, all my old papers; to Toni, one day at Haines; farm; to Loretta, Paul and Little Mike; to Michelle, some “Hot Dogs”; to Steve, a muzzle to keep your remarks to yourself; to Cassie, 7 boyfriends; to Barb, lessons in Polish; to Terry, a ride home; to Sue, 10 easy lessons in bowling and Steve; to Gail, a call from Mark.

Murlene Penrod in sound mind and unsure body bequeath to Mike, both my mind and body starting June 17th. To Pam, I leave the ability to say no to a “good” thing. To Earl, I leave a lot of red licorice for when he doesn’t have Pam or his guitar. To Glenda, I leave a lot of luck in case you have that certain English teacher again. To Mr. Claeys, I leave one full year’s supply of any candy bar he wants.

Linda Perkins will to Ginnie, (eegads!) an “ic” decorated locker, little cakes, and courage. To Barb, a Mustang that rolls down Telegraph, fine Ohio policemen, and “how’s your sewing machine?” To Sheila, the title of “official hassle solver.” To Denise Michelle, one girls’ night out complete with iced tea, “your people” cards, and lemons. To Debbie, whichever you “percher”, cherry lifesavers or the dog. To Gail, the hope that you find happiness at Crestwood and always. To Patty, Rover. To Earl, (perk, perk) one “Rob, cut it out!”. To the “real men”, some “real women”. To Rob, many thanks for a beautiful year, applesauce, chocolate chip cookies, and me.

Joyce Perry will to Ron 3 years of memories, one sapphire, a stuffed rat from the bowling alley, and a wish of happiness to you and Denise. To Neil, a walk in the park, a bag of marshmallows, and thanks for all the great times we’ve had. To Deb, a recorder to listen to everyone’s problems over and over again. To Sheri, a pack of blue passes and a truthful guy. To Nancy, one bottle of Sloe Gin. To Sandy, a bottle of range Driver. To the gang – one free pass to Pickney. To Joyce Moy, one rabbit.

Nancy Petro will the following: To Minni, a bottle of Sloe Gin, a trip down the stairs (Griffins), a drivers Ed course almost running into buses, rides in the country with Hanes looking at HORSES!. The memories at the Stock Exchange Nights hitting telegraph and the Landmark, and All my love to you and RICKY!. To Fortura, a new sheet from the burns (not from the candle); A day to go to Hudson’s to clean out the store; memories from Red Skin cheerleading and 5 dewes. To Coleman, 1 key and 1 John and a date with each. To Cameron, an everlasting friendship. To Doug, another summer school English class; and all the memories at the cemetery, and all my LOVE!

Pam Petty bequeath to Karen my gym shirt. To Cheryl, Janer, and Tina good luck. To Cynth, a head of hair to take to Lansing (good luck). To Maryann, good luck with Tom and Michael. To Michael, a pair of boxing gloves cause she walks like a boxes. To Cathy, a stepladder to get on the bus with. To Rosie, a case of S.H. To Debbie Patrick, a brain transplant (she needs it). To Mr. Claeys, a perfectly written business letter. To Dennie, a chair from my porch to take to State. To my 3rd hour gym class, the memories of the times you’ve driven me crazy on purpose.

Michael Piatak being of sound mid and body do will and bequeath the following: To my brother John, my brains. To Kim Stokloss, the book "“How to go thru 2 sessions of Driver’s Ed,” and my great driving skill. To Tom Pellerito I leave the book “The Bench Presser’s Manual”. To Steve Pankoff I leave a $140 piece of junk. To Mike Pankoff I leave energy pills so he can will all his wrestling matches.

Cindy Popp being in a fair sound mind hereby will to Sherri Santo and Sue Wainwright all the memories of the Fantastic past two years. To Debbie Hg a great summer vacation. To Cindy Acitelli, one night of free baby-sitting for Mary’s flower, and to all the underclassmen I wish them good luck in their remaining years at Crestwood.

John Powell will to Michael a lifetime pass to John’s bathroom every New Years Eve. To John a dream date with Debbie. To Rhonda I will all the luck in the world for everything she strives for. To Gary I will a guitar to further his knowledge of music. To Julie a bottle of apple wine. To Steve my reserved parking space for his new car. To Mrs. Childs I will another “fun” first hour and all of the thanks that I wasn’t able to show her because she’s a GREAT person. To all underclassmen _____ _____!

Carmen Prioriello will to Bea Herrick a new dog that talks seven different languages. To Debbie Halfacre, a polish marine and one bottle of Strawberry Hill of her very own. To Robbin Ronders, a home in Italy with Hoe Canella. To Karen Govan, a lifetime getting high, and last but never least to David I leave a promise and a lifetime of Happiness with me and Charlie.

Q Return to Top

Lori Quirolo will the following to Randy, another Super Star. To Donna, I leave a smashed car, a court, a giant mushroom, a night at Whompers Lake, one missing chair, and our Saturday afternoons at Mac’s. To Patty, one blue mustang, and Esquire magazine, another 3 Dog Night concert and a night at Cherry Hill Apts. To Patty, good luck in Chicago and J.C. at Mac’s. To Sue, a court and a ’72 black Duster with Dave to go along with it. And to Tim and Tom, I leave a New Year’s without getting caught.

R Return to Top

Fran Rabago will to Mary A., a bus ticket to Tawas. To Debbie Sandy, a rabbit farm. To Chick, a 10 year subscription to “Gross Unlimited”! To Wendy, Sloppy Joe’s without buns and enlightenment for next year. To Karen Y., a whole summer of fun in Oscoda along with my lasting friendship. To Patty L., all the wild adventures she can handle. To Cindy H., your luck back cause that’s the only thing that got you to school most mornings. To Debbie Sowersby, 20 attackers at Whopper’s. To Miss Hart, a taco dinner. To Mr. Claeys, my government grades. To Mrs. Parker, many thanks. To all the Crew, the Algere’s drive-in and our memorable weekends and lastly Crestwood, many smiles!

Janet Read will the following things to the following people: To Miss Byrum, a new assistant. To Kim a date book. To Jackie and Roseann, any guy you want. To Kathy, a job at Greenfield Village. To Carol who else but Ernie. To Lyndia, the one and only Frank. To Tim, a hamburger. To Mike, I will him a stage and a bag of french fries. To Randy, a hardware store and to Janice, Randy. To Jim, I leave a basketball. To Keith, a girl just right for you. To Bill, a bottle of ram. To Steve and Sue, each other. To my brother, happy days at Crestwood. And to all my other classmates, good luck!

Paul Robinson will to Pie Puss and Brown, a box of nails. To Paul Koss, men’s coat. To Bob Henry and Tony Pinkham, a life-size portrait of Keith Magnuson. To Diane Palian, Thomas. To Mike Treachler, a choker for his neck. To Nancy Ziegert, a surprise. To Mike Nagowski, a pool table. To Debbie Stefanco, my picture. To Tom Leeman, Guts. To Q.T., Laurey-Plunger. To Carol Hippie Okonowski, A book of good ways to cheat. To Tim Robinson, my swimming ability. To Ellen Newmeyer, boxing gloves. To those girls at every meet I leave next year’s superstar Bob Henry. To Mr. Hahn, a long whistle strap for those occasions. To Kareem Andresen, Thomas Horton

Robbin Ronders will to Cindy, my thanks and all your dreams come true; One anchovy in a piece of pie; a football trophy; a drive down Inkster at 90; a note on your car; a ride with your brother on Ecorse; a possible sucker on our walks home; our songs and private talks; a legal left turn; one bird to our so called friends! A trip up your stairs and all other memories and my love and friendship as a sister. To Tracey, all the love, luck and fun possible. To Mr. Hamrick, one giant apology. To Mrs. Jaworski, your motherly advice and concern. To everyone else, please read classifieds for the rest.

Karen Rotunno will to Michele Dombrowski my little stuffed dog I made in Home Ec. Remember all the fun in that wacky class! Imagine, actually baptizing a mouse called Pasquali! To Rose Addison, I will a great future and any guy you want! Remember all your guys-and my One hope!! To Cindi A., Kathy M., Barb U., and all my St. Linus chums, I will a super-sized Olivette doll for your dressers. Remember all our experiences! To Kathy Sarna, I hope that you’re last two years are great! I also will you a new summer tennis partner. To Lucy Myers, good luck up North! It was nice knowin ya! To all the teachers I’ve had at Crestwood I will a new bottle of tranquilizers for future kids here in my place! To Mrs. Stepp, I will a book in espanol on a new approach to memorizing dialogues. To all my English teachers, I give a big thank-you and to future seniors, I will a much more organized and fruitful year for all!

Joe Ruicci will to Debbie Fulton, all of my teddy bear qualities that she can handle. To Dave Brach a new set of index fingers and thumbs because of the terrible burns that you have contacted all of those mornings before first hour. To Halina, I mean Janna, I will a big John Sebastian doll. To Debbie L. and Marsha B. for any further trips to Florida I will them a private guard to watch them because of all their illegal antics that they pulled off in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a rip-off! And finally to my sister Marianne, I will her all of the fun and games that I enjoyed here at Crestwood?!?

Dennis Russell being out of my mind, will the following to: Todd Heller, a harem and my mother the green bay packers. To Ray Muscat, the Montreal Canadians. To Mike Gauvin, the flame and the Windsor Arena. To Ken Holda, my great basketball ability. To Mark Scott, a new group. To Marsha Biek, myself. To Halina, my Beach Boys albums. To Mrs. Claeys, Todd Heller and myself. To Matt Plaecy, some blue passeg. To Gary Sexton, Bob Dylan. To Myself, the Rolling Stones. To Doug Kalis, a lifetime supply of dessert; To Gary Thorp, a buzz saw. To the School, I will anybody crazy enough to go here.

S Return to Top

Bernie Sanden lie wasting away from seniorosis, I leave behind, in grief, the following: To Greg Zackrich (Thodpore), I leave a thodboat. To Ken Gorski, I leave it to the 207th place. To Hathew Mess, I leave one oversized wrestling headgear and to Rick Stanley, a Jimmy Durante autographed noseguard. To Ray Siler, a box of Twinkies, and to Nancy Grigsby, a certain Marine. To another Nancy, a Lewis Carroll book. To Cathy Gricus, my electric locker, Captain Beano, and all my love and hope for the future. With this, I can now waste away in comfort. PEACE.

Sherril Santo being of the soundest mind I’ll ever be do hereby will to Cindy Popp and Sue Wainwright the best of luck, a thousand memories of three musketeers and lots of stationary. To Bea Herrick I leave a bottle of pink Champagne. To Cindy Acitelli, one conversation with the bugs. To Pam Lewis, Telegraph and one acceleration pedal. To Debbie Ng, one good time in the Bahamas. To my brother Mark, all the girls and parties at Crestwood. To Cassy Ebert one terrific senior year. To Sue Heleck an acceptance to U of M. To all Underclassmen…GOOD LUCK!

Lynn Sanderson will to Colleen Adams one pint of Seagrams and another party. To Debbie Sowersby, one Friday night in a Mach I with a six-pack, my bathroom for use afterwards and a hangover plus a scrapbook on all the good times and BLAZO’s. To Carmen Falzon, one bottle of Bali-Hai that I owe you…remember when? To Rose Zaguroli, a repeat of all the all-nighters we pulled. To Paul Turowski, one Chevelle SS of his very own and last but not least to my sister Pat, the best of luck in her senior year.

Debbie Sandy will the following: To Kathy Bailey, one ringy-dingy and good luck at State. To Patti Lewis, a lasting friendship to a great buddy and all the fun at college. To Deb Sowersby, Wendy, Karen and Fran, memories of the drive-in (especially Woodstock); a good buzz, one rent-a-rabbit - RIGHT ON HIPPIES! To Cheryl Kalil and Deb Gregory, Dearborn High dances and all the fun we had. Good luck in all you do. To the Underclassmen a longer Senior Will, To the Cheerleaders, the ability to work out your problems and 2 “First Place” squads. To the Teachers, a contract. Finally, to Dave Dixon, February 19th, a 4.0 at college, and little Dixon and good luck at Central.

Reid Schornack being of sound mind and solid body hereby bequeath to my dearest mother, Alice Marie, a one-way ticket to “Big Al’s Peaceful Acres”. To the Couples Club, one lonely corner and the hope that everything for everybody goes well. To Karin, one rabbit and my driving skills. To Pam, all the time in the world and “Mother Goose”. To 2nd and 3rd hour, forty tons of gum. To my church buddies, 80 cases of Bud. To Crestwood, to its teachers, board, and to all it’s fakes, thanks for the laughs and good-bye…

Madeline Schultz being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to Allen Angel, a movie theater to show his smokers in. To Joyce Sutherland, one dozen lemons, one container of Morton Salt and one case of Tequila. To Peggy Sharpe and Halina Siemaszko, free front row passes to all the rock and roll concerts. To Mrs. Nesius and Mr. Kotulski, the right to use their imagination and run their classes the way they wish without having to check with the hokey administration. To all the Crestwood Freaks, a pound each and rock and roll…

Gary Sexton express to those-who know the night and day of the fires this shadow possess – that the material possessions of my household offer little of the treasures of my mind. To those-my friends, I offer in this poorly written malignant will-little else-save memories of deeds past done -– and a simple calling to the isthmus of my soul…..

Peggy Sharpe will to Chick, a MONKEY MAN and all the good times we’ve had. To Allen Angel, a night out to the Café GiGi with Willie Smith and a solid gold pointer. To Liz DiIorio, many more successful all nighters. To Bob Gazsi, how about 4:00 on the beach with the towel? To Joe Ruicci, what can I say but Thanks? To Craig Common, our many walks to and from school and the last three Memorial Days. To Wendy Diduck, a bottle of Tequila. To Lenny R., more before concert parties. To Dave Brach, 2 crutches and happiness. To Halina, someone to share the snow with and partnership with Larry in opening a counseling center. To Sarah, lunch at your house. To Mad and Joyce, a special parking space for your school activities. To Patti, all the luck and happiness you could ever want and Bob Evans. To Michele, your 1st bottle of wine and to Marsha, a B-O-O-P.

John Showalter will to John P., a book on “How to Get More Out of Your Sex Life” and a new Lincoln. To Mike and Lee Ann, a reserved seat in my Pine tree and a 100 yards of pile carpeting. To Pam and Fran, good luck always. To Lee Symonds, a lasting friendship and a raise for hard work at PRO car wash. To a certain girl in the senior class, a dozen yellow roses (Give me another chance). To Rhonda, a chemistry book. To Lee, Mike and John, a drink to the future for it tells a lot.

Halina Siemaszko will Mike, one BIG cookie from the Cookie Monster. To Liz, tea and Oreos. To Lenny, one Tull ticket. To Steve, one Rockin’ Robin. To Karen, a brace for that finger and a ticket to Showboat. To Bob, an award for being a perfectionist in “KILLER”. To Michele some pep to prevent petering-out so early and Mama Caro, C.T. “You Understand” and thanks for everything. To Joey, a purse rip off, my prescription and happiness always. To Vicky, a ride to Roze Z’s Party. To Dave, time always for our great talks, which have helped each other and hopes to find that someone special. To Joyce, one ____ of a buzz. To Allen, a pass for GoldenDollar. To Mad, a Doctor’s Certificate. To Marsha, one stuffed Petey. To Peg, more high moments in my room and dishes to be washed. To Tony, Woods Drive. To a very dear person, Deb, (Becky) my turtlenecks, more escapes to find your world, a person to share things with and a bike trip with no destiny and no return. Take Care at MSU for it’s a Wild World.

Ray Siler bequeath to Rick Stanley and Kevin Clark, luck with next years wrestling team. Also to Kevin, a bottle of energy pills so he won’t loaf in practice. To Uncle Teddy, I leave a few inches of growth and some hair. I leave my math teacher Miss Davidson a date with Herman Gullible on the Loop. To My favorite English teacher, Miss Klarman, a Webster’s Dictionary that I can use. To Tim Hartmann, a swim in the trout pond. To Jim Johnson, I leave my courtesy light. To Alexan Abla, I leave one boutonniere. To Glen Kish, some muscles. To Kathy Hans, a tourist guide to Dearborn.

Dawn Sisk will to everyone (whether in this school or not) a life of happiness and love. In regret (ha-ha) I also thank Suzie for her great sense of directions, coming home from Ann Arbor, and Sherry and Joyce for having the patience. P.S. I would will more on this but there is so much, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Sandy Skeeters will to Diane, all the memories of our senior year especially those two nights at you-know-where. To Debbie Z., another night with a certain gas station attendant. To Karen W., another 18th birthday. To Dar, all the memories of our camping trips. To Sue, the ability to pick up hunks on Telegraph. To Ann, a date with every fox at Big Boy. To Julie, my ability to blow smoke rings. To the whole gang, I will all the memories of our Friday nights. To the underclassmen, all the good times I’ve had the past four years at C.H.S.

Sue Slomzenski will Davey, myself and all my love. To Frankie, a maid for your room and a brush. To Sandy, cooking lessons and a good sophomore year. To Patty, the six you owe me. To Lori, a night with someone other than us. To Miss Hart, orange. To Mrs. Jaworski, secrets of cheating. To Rick, a ride to your girlfriends. To Robbin, a tree for when you feel the urge to go, and another wild night in a tent. To Mark, a steady girl. To Terri, a few more inches taller. To Darlene, good luck and happiness. To Dennis, a gas station of your own.

Linda Smetana bequeath to Laura Ann Unger, my book on Typing Tips. To Mr. Claeys, a giant heater. To Gery Hudson, a Betty Crocker cookbook showing 25 ways for preparing bologna and my everlasting friendship. To Lynn Kay Taylor, I give a “Whopper” restaurant, a Yahtzee game; a bottle of Strawberry Hill and my best wishes. To Mer, I leave my blue squishies and a friend named Michael. To my brother Ron, I leave Mr. Clark; my term paper and my ability to talk constantly. To Raymond, I leave my “trick” W.C. Fritos and 50 pounds of M&M’s. To Randy Palk, I leave my “talking” W.C. Fritos and my talent in passing quizzes (with a Q). To Mary Jane, I leave a broken “Slap It” paddle and an oatmeal cookie.

Debby Smith will the following. To Sunshine, all the luck and love from me to you when you leave. To Candy, one seduction kit to seduce handles with and a ride in Harry’s taxi cab with handles and one swing so you and handles can swing on in style. To Horney Dave, one unusually purple puffy eye and loads of happiness with Joyce. To Sherry, luck and happiness with Mel. To Rick, some of my height. To Joyce, one cuddly teddy bear too cuddly up to on cold nights, and love from me to you and Dave. To Grace, one 99¢ Dinner from Blazos.

Gary Stec do hereby bequeath, to my good buddy Pascual, a book of on-the-spot explanation we’ve used while in trouble; mainly, everyday for the past five years. To the fellows of past obliterated nights: Yogi, Jamie, Tony, John and Steve, a booth in Joe Shmo’s bar so you may forever retain your ability to become succumbed. To Laura, I leave sincere wishes and hopes that you’ll receive the best this world can offer. For without you, life wouldn’t be the same (I’d probably be a little wealthier, but it still wouldn’t be the same.)

Carole Stewart will the following: To Sue, the courage to make that important phone call. To Dawn, a certain someone from 2nd. To Debbie, a subscription to Bride’s Magazine. To Robin, all our talks on the way to school. To Kathy, one bottle of Vin Rose` to make up for the one you lost at Dawn’s. To Cindy, more Homecoming games like this year. To Lynn, thanks for putting up with all of us. To my “buddy” a crown to fit his head. To my brother Al, good luck to make it through the next three years.

Janna Stewart will the following articles: To Michelle Fields, a trip into Tri’s, a walk, fress and shoes. To Mine and Marsha, a lesson at Alpine. To Liz, a basketball game and fattening foods. To Wendy, 1 dz. butter tarts. To Katsarelas, “a spin in the pits”. To Shelly K., a certain boy at work, and a small-scale model of D.N.S. To Donna, “knobs and nuggies”, and a few Christmas presents from select individuals. To Mark A., “the wife” and a “john”. To Craig, his castle equipped with “foxy” waitresses to deal! To Mark W., an autograph from “Marcelle” his next visit. To Whatley, am. Scale Birmighan and crutches. To Amy and Sue, another ski weekend and bed. To Jim, my cast for his collection and “thanks”!!! To everyone I forgot and underclassmen too – Lots of Fun!!

Cindy Storck will Rockin Robbin, a broken car wash, a stalled car on Outer Drive and at Bunzies, Elvis pelvis, Nookie song, my farmer and GI Joe outfit, muddy shoes, a Mustang with no breaks, memories of drive-ins, and a wedding band. Cherish the most beautiful friendship we have. Question… “What kind of pie best describes your love life?” Italian anchovies? Lots of love Toots! To Mr. Hamrick, Talks between buddies and a penguin. Prepare for future Storcks and Ryans. To Denise and Barb, Memories of OUR page… sharing. To Gina, Lots of love and happiness between old friends… “Make new friends but keep the old!” To Myself, a lifetime of happiness with my Jim Ryan.

Bill Sutherland hereby will to the plastic people of Crestwood, teacher’s and students alike, a big laugh. To Reid, a pint of 7 Crown and a woman. To the gang, a party. To Miss Hart and Mrs. Childs, lots of pessimism. To Den, Craig, Rob and their girls, good luck. To Tony, a sober weekend. To Sandy, success. To Ken Holda a trophy bass. To Jeff Lis, army boots. To Bobbie, a thank you for being so nice, a magic wand to control my temper, a 50 mile drive every weekend, and finally me.

Joyce Sutherland being of sound mind (most of the time) and body will to Linda Reos, some Alice Dee. To Peggy and Halina, a gallon of Tequila and good luck. To Mad Schultz, a pound and the highest hopes for a happy future. To Steve, a 1972 Mach I and a happy life. To Tony, Dave and Joey, a 1,000 Buzzes. To Allen Angel, 100 Orange Wafers – good luck. To Mrs. Nesius, a trophy for being so open-minded and understanding. Thanks. To Mr. Clark, thanks and all of your dreams come true. To Mr. Berg, a funny cigarette. To Monica and Earl, good luck. And to all Crestwood “Freaks”, good luck. Be kool and carry on.

T Return to Top

Doug Taggart will a book of insults to the Swimming Team so that they may cut Mike Treachler down in practice next year. To Mike, a box of anticramp pills and a water proof Mickey Mouse stop watch so that he no longer has to rely on Eastern Treachler Savings Time. To Debbie Stefanko, anything she desires. And to the teachers and students the hope of a contract so you won’t confront the problems we faced as SENIORS.

Lynn Taylor will Green and Charcoal a chair and long stories. To Linda C., a Nestle’s Crunch, a WW of W, Felix and gossip, To Lee, a free do-it-yourself ski lesson. To Linda D., 8 years of torture, a blue and red medal and Ron. To Mary Jane, a flushable diaper. Jane Scott, Kendra and Carrie. To Bob, an eraser. To Kim, a hat and walking home. To Mike, a “Hit the Road”. To Marianne, gambling, crow-legs, a sparkling car, dan, as, sheet and hale and wonder-woman. To Gary, a Communist. To Ron, peach and quiet. To Laura, the Sports Department and its occupants, “Handsome Harry Harrison”, my typing knowledge, and ½ ownership in the ding-a-ling sisters. To Mary Ann, hot chocolate for her car. To Linda S. my sloppiness and clutzism, a harder head for diving, dirty sheets, “Apple goodness”, better eyes to be a cop and a good ol’ A-ER-ER-RU-RR!

Eva Tihanyi bequeath the following words to those who have helped pave “the long and winding road” with smiles. To Mr. Clark, I thank for the respect and knowledge he inspired. To Mr. Gelmisi, for the use of his patient ear; and Rex for the 101 witticisms that finally wore down my funny bone. To her I leave the laughter we’ve shared and the “accounts” we’ve gathered at the expense of Quibbletown. In conclusion, to one special individual I just want to say, “May your dream be realized, and may the afterglow of love warm your memories like it does mine.”

Denise Totten will Sheila and Craig, talks, dates, Goldie, Fitting crowns, a life of happiness and love and thanks. To Linda Jean, understanding, secrets, HAPPINESS IN ALL, special thanks for friendship and help. To Barb and Bill, Powderpuff, Spinsters, Cadillac’s and love. To Dawn, thick and thin friendship. To Bill G., SMILES. To Earl, Special dandelions. To Cindy, HAPPINESS. To Reid, Memories, fulfilled dreams. To Nancy, CONGRATULATIONS! To Mark, sunshine years, ears to listen if needed. To Mr. Leroy, a wink and Thanks! To Mrs. Childs, meaningful memories. To Mrs. Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Claeys and others, special thank-you’s. To Ginnie, little sister: lemons, iced tea, mail ladies, special songs, barefeet, my arm to reach out and help, thanks, a Long and Winding Road That’ll Lead to YOUR Door, and sunshine and snowflakes that’ll mix forever! To the Class of ’72 and Underclassmen, Best of Luck. To Dennis, Turtles, Sunshine, Ski weekend, my life, my LOVE, my EVERYTHING for ALWAYS.

Richard Traskos being of nowhere near sound, rip off the following people: To Pam Tackett, I leave me. To Janice Tackett, a pair of track shoes. To Gary Sexton, the best years of Eva and an Elderado. To Ken Nagy, a case of beer and a bottle of whiskey. To Ken Gorski and Tom Horton, a fish finder. To Rick Pajor, a Mopar so he can drive a real muscle car. To Mr. Miller, another 6th hour Auto class. To Dennis Smalarz, a charged 750 M.F.D. To the Senior Class, good luck. Finally to my sister, some passing grades.

Gail Trimble being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to Beth, a miniature Volkswagen (in choice of colors beige or blue), a pair of binoculars and a cup of black coffee. To Beth A., a gift certificate from “Sears”. To Linda, the answer to the immortal question “How’s Business?” Also a pillow for your rear, boots and a pickle or two. To Lee, a matching his and hers set of jumper cables and a battery, and a tiny little BOAT! To Nancy, a Landmark bus-boy. To Ken, R., a date with Miss Balcer. To Crestwood, Mark, and lots of luck to all underclassmen.

Paul Turowski will Dan Hopkins, a Vega GT and a life’s supply of gas which should last about a year. To Doug Taggart, a pair of hockey skates so he doesn’t tear up the ice when he stops on his toes. To Tom Leeman, the bra I got at the pep assembly so you can practice over the summer so you don’t lose your form. If I die, Sam Clay can have my shoes because he’s too cheap to buy his own. To Michelle Metzigian, a nose job, pierced ears and one awoooooo.

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Laura Unger will to Linda Smetana, a box of “tissues”, an invitation to drive “Billy Bomb”, one slightly chewed sock, coat, and mitten, a crash helmet for the next time she goes “diving”, and a 100 lb. Bag of cherry candles. To Lynn Taylor, 100 free passes to “Summer of ‘42”, J.L.’s own Harry Harrington, and my fantastic skating abilities. To Marianne, her very own car wash for “Nellie”, and both pairs of my brown suede shoes. To Jane Deinzer, a pair of contacts that really work. To “Mer” I will a sister-in-law named MaryAnn, and Mr. Claeys. To Mary Jane Peters, I leave some “magic typing fingers”, a trip to Ana Maria’s, and a suit of armor for protection against “you-know-who”, and the best of luck to her and the Class of ’73.

Barbara Urbanski hopefully being sound do will to Cindy A., a “choice” college and a pair of twinkle-toes. To Kathy M., I leave a “personal blood pressure counter.” Kim W. is to be the recipient of a pair of “binoculars.” I bequeath to Karen G. my oldest pair of blue-jeans. To Sue W., I leave one salt experiment and an “I’ll almost never see him.” My sleeping bag goes to Pam P. To Laura U. and Carol P. I will many “lifts.” To all my unmentioned friends I leave happiness and contentment in life. Between cousins Joe and Mike U., I will a split pair of “ski’s.” To my two future freshman brothers, I leave Mr. Kotulski and wish you lots of luck.

V Return to Top

Joyce Vahle will to Candy, a box of “Johnnies”; to Rosie, a set of towels from the Holiday Inn; to horny Debbie, a new finger, a pass for those certain two on lonely nights, and ID for the New Place; to Bonnie and Diane, the ability to stack books while rolling; to Ernie, Ditz and Michelle, the book “1001 Ways to Hitchhike to Whoppers”; to Grace, a full tab tank for Hardees’; to Monica a new ditto; and to Dave the ability not to be jealous over Bob and Paul and Doug, etc., and all my love!

W Return to Top

Susan Wainwright hopefully being sound in body, mind and spirit do hereby bequeath to Mr. Clark, one windmill “giant” and a lance. To Cindy, a year-round pass to Case, a 3-Musketeer’s bar. To Sherril, one rusted gas tank strap, and a promising med. student. To Diane and Kathleen, happiness at Crestwood; To Lynn, plates of “basketti” and an “underbrella”. To Barb, early Homecoming invitations and a flashlight. To Judy, Monday Bible-study class. To Donna, a better job. To Janet, Student Council. To Debbie, “Clive”, a Chicago concert and one WSU “skin flick”. And to George, a lifetime supply of yogurt and vitamin “E”, a September contract and keys to the MSU room of your choice.

Jim Wenclasky being of sound mind and body, will to Jim Ryan Tirey my great running ability. To Joan, Char, Grace and Becky, all the rides in the world to see the away basketball games. To Trace, a pair of big black eyelashes. To Kenner, the bass that got away at Jackson. To Kermit, my track shoes, and I thank you for all the help you gave me. To all the upcoming Seniors, I hope they have a better year than we did, but most of all – I thank all the loyal cross-country fans that came and saw me run.

Nancy Whatley will to: Irena, my shorthand buddy, one perfect speed take at 80 w.p.m. To Janna, a healed ankle so we won’t have to be cripples together. To Patty Lewis, 100 hours of “Ain’t No Mountain High enough” To Halina, Vicky and Marsha, one bad night with a fire in the back seat of my car. To Sandy Posa, the “teaser” of the year award. To Mark W., Johnny B. and Steve W., one last party with the Seniors before we go. To Nina, one more pack of cigarettes on credit at Martin’s. To Mr. Hamrick, a fantastic future for a fantastic person. To Donna Lypka, a three-day suspension. To Lover Lundquist, another turtleneck. To Keith Common, one very super special thanks and a fantastic time at BGSU.

Carol Whitefoot leave in my last will and testimony one bat, baseball, and an American Beginner’s book on baseball playing to one Alexan Abela. To Jackie Gladish, a summer full of fun and adventure wherever she decides to go. To Alice McIntyre, many long and happy hours with that special someone. To Kathy Hans, cheerfulness for many other 7:30 trips to school. To Keith Madden a book of date passes with whoever he wants to go out with.

Karen Wiec will to Sandy another bush to hide it behind. To Diane a big thanks for the trip up North. To Julie, a match that will never blow out. To Sue, $100 so you can have some money when we go to Burger King. To Deb, my car with all its squeaks and a door that will never lock. To Rob, a book on “There are other things to talk about besides music.” To the Band, a “1” in everything they do for the years to follow. To Mr. Roose, one silk screen and a very special thank you for all you’ve done. To my sister, all the fun years ahead of her.

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Karen Yeager will to Wendy, “Those _____!” will do it every time. To Chick, I will a sno-cone whenever we find one. To Deb, I will one free pass to Woodstock and all the luck in the world with Dave. To Sowersby, I will a ride to Birmingham along with a couple Chinese fire drills. To Patti, I will all the Budweiser she wants “to shoot”. To Fran, I will many years of happiness and someone to keep her warm in Marquette. Lastly I will to Rick, (much love) and Russ lots of luck the rest of your years at Crestwood.

Z Return to Top

Rose Zaguroli - will Carmen Carmen (Curly Top), a rug, the Wayne Drive-in, footlongs, and a book on how to lie and stay out of trouble. To Colleen (Whitey), luck with Ron, couple of pj parties, Seaton and Laird at 3 a.m., some pretty fast explaining, and some Mi Mi talk. To Cathy Punk, one row your boat, car 12, Cathy, Bill, Buttons-Woops!, one dead bull and a Bud. To Cheryl, lipstick, a few tears, your first dirty movie, and a AA award. To Bonnie, a license, a couple parties, a toothpick, and my red rose. To Lynn, Bleu Cheese Salad and an all-nighter. To Karen, a round house and some I.D. To Lezlie, hand cream. To Dave, a drag race. To Jerry, a new car, an IOU for my expenses and my love.

Sue Zdan will the following: To Miss Weber, undisturbed classes, the famous “tpd” rule, my parochial punishment stories and some good times of just goofing around. To Joanie, all my basketball talents that have been wasted. To my cabbie I leave Ron. To Debbie, I leave my sincere congratulations. Really! To my “bowling team” I leave one promised ride to the bowling alley and Kathy Bailey. To Dayle Garrett, a million “BUCKS!” To Cindy Hangach, a map to Jiffy Printing. To Dennis, I leave a very special thank-you for some very special memories and truly great times.

Debbie Zick will to Karen, my censored diary and all the memories that do with it. To Sandy a hunk from the Pizza Keg. To Di, a “Hicki remover kit” including erase and a supply of turtlenecks. To Larry, 2 free tickets to see the “Corpse Grinders”. To Jerry, a big graduation kiss. To Julie, a free ride down “The Long and Winding Road” (Telegraph). To Deb, a fast moving blind date?. To Connie, a Friday night with the wino’s and a bumpy ride over Strawberry Hill. To Annie, a fox to love you for the rest of your life. To Sue, one good buzz in a blue Mustang, or was that green? And to Dawn Parra, a Senior year as terrific as mine was.

Kathy Zielinski will to Kim, 500 feet of yellow crepe paper. To Janet, our days (and nights) at the clubhouse. To Steve, a smile for all he’s given me. To Jackie, a mirror of her own. To Keith, a book entitles “How to Talk to Touch People”. To Mike, some “fun”. To Rip, cotton for ear-sore organ listeners. To Carol, a life of happiness with “E”. To Tim, a special Tree. To Lyndie, Frank. To Roseann, “Two Guitars”. To my “little” brother Mark, my athletic ability to help him lead Crestwood to victory. To my Friends, Teachers and Underclassmen, all my memories, laughs, and tears at the thought of leaving this behind.

Nina Zimmerman will to my sister Karen, good luck at your new school and all the good times I had in high school. To Karen K., all the memories of our good times and an armadillo. To the Saxe Seven, a ride to Central and back. To Vicky, a package of No-Doz and a pack of cigarettes. To Michelle, one night of holy terror and the will to not run away. To Marsha, a life time supply of spaghetti. To Sarah and Rhonda, all our high times and memories of certain people. To Dave, thanks for all the rides home. To Craig and Keith, the memories of our PJ party at your house. To Mr. Messner, thanks for understanding.

Darlene Ziroll being of somewhat sound mind, bequeath the following: To Jamie Long, I leave two Ursula Walker Concert tickets and my rocking chair whenever he wants it. To Dingbat, Bijou and Spaghetti, three more “fun-filled” years at Crestwood. To Cindy and Michele, I leave the hope of never writing another letter or application form. To Robbin, a round trip ticket to Freeport (via Italy) and all the happiness in the world. To John Powell, a pair of blinders. To Mike, an “M-G” and luck always. To Showalter, a new outlook on life. And finally to Diane and Skeets, a “case” of anything.

Teacher's Return to Top

Mrs. Childs will to the class of 1972, a few things I hope they might be able to use in the future: First, courage to face and accept other challenges in the future; Second, honesty to perhaps see situations as they really are; Third, patience to perhaps wait for proper moments; and Fourth, love to perhaps soften some of the hurt.

Miss Hart - "If you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill, Be a scrub in the valley, but be The best little scrub by the side of the hill; Be a bush if you can’t be a tree. If you can’t be a bush, be a bit of grass, Some highway happier make, If you can’t be a muskie, then just be a bass – But be the liveliest bass in the lake! We can’t all be captains, we’ve got to be crew, There’s something for all of us here, There’s big work to do, and there’s lesser to do, And the task we must do is the near. If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail, If you can’t be the sun, be a star; It isn’t the size that you win or fail – Be the best of whatever you are!" By Douglas Mollock

Mr. Messner - September, 1968. You were beginning your high school years; I was entering those high school years, also, but as a green, beginning teacher. Because it was a time of "beginnings" for both of us, I have found a strong attachment to your class, of '72. As your years here are nearing an end, you have been as much an influence and education for me as I hope I have been to you. There are many of you whom I have never met, but that does not stop me from wishing you the happiness of just BEING and ENJOYING. The words from Carole King’s "Beautiful" would be good ones to follow. To those, especially my "gals", who I have grown especially fond of this year, I appreciate your daily smiles, laughter, and continued thoughtfulness. If you would but take the lyrics of "You’ve Got a Friend", to heart, you would know my deep regards for ALL of you. You, truly, are BEAUTIFUL people I’m going to miss you very much.

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