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1971 Senior Wills

Alphabetized by 1971 Last Name


Crestwood Class Will of 1971

We the members of the Crestwood High School Class of ’71
being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned in said articles.

A Return to Top

‚ÄčI Kathy Anos will to Linda Childers and Nancy Soviak all my old bus passes; to Susan Rock I will a black belt in judo; to Chris Scaturo I will some french fried earthworms; to Betsy Greenough I will the rear-view mirror of her soon to be sold Riv. As a memento, and to her and Danny a parking ticket; to Nancy Rock I will a one way ticket to Central Lake for the summer; and last but not least, the best of luck to all future Seniors.

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Rene Bacon will to Lori Fraser, Henry, a hunk of Irish shark-bait and all the sunburn killers she can swallow in ten minutes; to Sue K. a life time supply of T.I.N.K.L.E.; To my old friend Clyde, I leave a prevention kit for hoof-in-mouth disease and a bottle of red mark remover for her neck; For my favorite snid, Marcella Sowa, I leave one ton of peanut butter and jelly so she can be happy for a week; to Phil Lena, I leave a stick of luminous chalk so he can see his dirty pictures in the planetarium next year; To Rita Day, I leave my tremendous, creative ability of drawing stick figures; and last of all, I will to the class of '72 a really great senior year.

Mike Bartlett will to Joe Berry the key to every tent and trailer at Camp Dearborn; To Tom Mono a can of sunshine that was lost while on probation on the Senior Trip; to Dan Ulfig and John Chlipala my gun and shells so we can practice cause we need a case of beer; to Arlena Monti a big pad-lock so she will have hold of Boner's heart forever; To Boner Hughes a big key to unlock the lock set by you know who; to Shanker Schenkel the keys for a brand new sports car, but since you're going into the Air Force, I'll only give you a key; To Nancy Hija a dozen bottled apples since you've never been drunk before (that will do the trick); To Joanne, since you already have a high series in bowling, I will you any other kind of high you wish. To John Mulkerrin two free shots in first hour while Mr. Fletcher is in the net; To Kathy Kasza my flight insurance from the Bahamas and the ability to notice the CRABS. To Ted Thuis (BUST) one free Zombie and Bahama Mama; To Sally Kennedy one McDonald's hamburger for ChiChi; To Colleen Adams a pass to get into all the graduation parties and also a pass to visit a certain someone one time within a year after graduation; To Chris K. my house for all those promises made at an away basketball game; To Maryanne P. one yellow mirror for the car she didn't want; to Camp Dearborn a reunion in 5 years-- same time and spot, everything is on me; To Nick Daley a big rubber band since you're always S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G things out of proportion, including your skibbies; and last, but not least, I will Barbie Brandt-- there's not much I can give a queen who has everything except for my sincere wishes and hopes that you will receive the best this world can offer in every way. Stay away from our B.B.'s and Stingers, plus I hope college is everything you dreamed it would be and more, and I hope you find your own Oliver Barrett. CHOW! You Fox.

Laurene Bauer being of sound mind do hereby will to Genie Pelc a return visit from the eel, a rematch of gnip gnop, and a dance with yes-yes. I will to Armilda VanBuskirk the 400 balloons we inflated for Homecoming. To Karen Grden I will a book entitled “100 Ways to Avoid Sunburn.” To Mr. Hamrick, I will many more senior trips and another group like “The Three.” To all the juniors, I will a very rewarding senior year.

Bill Beadle take pen in had to inscribe my Senior will in history. I leave to future and present students all the trials, hassles, and joys of Crestwood High School. To my fellow seniors, I leave my six months absence from their midst, with no regrets. I might add, to my closest companion, Herbie, I wish that all his goals are reached, for his satisfaction is mine. To Bonnie, I leave the wish that she gains all that is good in life, and also that she gains it the easy way. To my little sister, Terri, I wish one tall, dark, handsome guy, who will treat her the way she deserves. To all my savage buddies, I leave many good times, but some of the bad. (I leave Randy all the bad). Last, but far from least, I leave Miss Sandra Dumitru my friendship and devotion for as long as she needs it. One final thought for everyone-- Our life on this earth is too short for hatred and anger. Please try to love one another!

Marcia Beard will to Doreen Taglioli my driving ability along with one blue cop car. To Linda Childers I donate one good gossip session along with a ride down her favorite street. To Lee a swing around her favorite store (next time sit up). To Connie I donate one Bahama special, along with one stop sign on Telegraph. Try it once more, maybe you will have better luck.

Cathy Bednarczyk will to Jane Gunton a date with Tom Wynachuck so you don't have to beg or bribe him. To Marilyn Sarookanian a ticket to see “POOR COW” as a remembrance of all the “first” things we did together. To Pat Doyle a pair of hips so big that you'll never be able to walk by. Also two tickets to a hockey game so you won't “pork” me. To Cheryle Johnson a bottle of apple wine and a pail for after affects. To Colleen Cosgrove a very “true-blue” “DON Juan”. To Kathy Foreman the biggest “Thank-You” in the world for really understanding and believing me when nobody could or would. Also, a room of your own in our house. To Sandy Basala a invitation to my party so she can have all the guy's to herself. To Claudia Jones a lifetime membership to Biodies Muffler Shop. To Monica Sen an exercise to bring your head down. To Jim Deitz a new tobaggon and a ride on garbage hill. To Craig Common a free weekend at Shuss Mt. During Christmas vacation just so you can call Liz instead of me. To Doug Jakubiec a big FRENCH KISS. To Grankie Slomzenski a date to next year's Spinsters Hop for sure. To Jay Arney a double lock for your hands. To Denise Joseph a bottle of Solarcaine. To Richard Colensky a bigger mini-bike so we can both ride comfortably.

Robert Bedrosian will to Larry Stein one box of slug crunchies and a pair of stocks; to Mark Scott a new “axe”; to Mike Govan my fantastic ability to play the guitar; To Tom Horton the attendance card girls (“deal” them in good health buddy!); to Dan Combs a ride in my car the first day I get it; to Tom and Bruce Cady, coordinated fingers (you both need them); to Linda and Lee a ride on my chopper; to Joe Stachurski, a Monday only special; to the Cooks in Crestwood's cafeteria and part-time fertilizer plant, cookbooks; and to my sister Nancy my lucky toad.

Jackie Bellino hereby will the following: To Maryann Pierzchala I will some frogs and crickets. Our soft(?) shoe dances through Westland, and all the great times we've had. I also will you my picture that was taken in the shower! Remember “Chargers Can Do It.” To Sally Kennedy to you I leave my neighbor Dave Silski, and all the crazy times we've had. I leave you a bottle of apples and a large banana, “Stosh,” your ballerina picture and the tree in your neighbor's front yard. To Ginny Mussey I leave you all our memories of the Bahamas and the “secrets” we both share. I wish you luck in getting “what you want.” I leave you a Bahama Mama for the road! To Dawn Clemente I leave you a path crossing Simone, all my senior dreams and joys, all our funny and sad talks, my car if I should ever not want it, and my bottle of White Shoulders. To Mike Scherbaty I want to leave you with a happy feeling, so to you I leave all the memories that we shared, all our dreams, and the part of me that will always love you. To Ron Smith I leave you a wet rag with the hope that I won't be around when you get it. I also leave you with all my memories of the Senior Prom. To Roger Remnant I leave you a pumpkin, Captain Kangaroo, the position as Judge, our walks home from school, binoculars for the next time you're at the airport and can't find your car, and the best of luck and hopes that you'll never forget me. I also leave a wooden leg. To Dave Silski I leave you one shovel and a pair of boots, and also my whiplash brace. To John Chlipala I leave a ladder for the next time I lock myself out of the house. To Noel Burkitt and Bob Totten I will you the money you both threw into my fountain. To Bob I also will all the good times we shared and many thanks for my second baptism. To Terry Hollenback I will you my “secret admirers.” To Joanne Westenburg I leave you one drink of water a day for the next ten years. (valid only at the senior fountain). To Jill McDonald I will you notes which were found in the garbage can, one extra contact in case you ever lose another back to your earing, and some dandruff remover. To Val House I leave our “sneaky” walks. To Colleen M. I leave a closet to hide from Nicky. To Janice Turowski I leave a wild senior year and a trip to the Bahamas. To Denise Joseph I leave a quarter and a dish, full of pancakes. To the teachers and student body I leave my love.

Jeanette Bernacik will to my best friend, Sandi Dumitru, both right and left _____ and hope that she uses them the best she can. HaHa! I also give her my stars and stripe shirt so she can sit on the hill and moko moko moko. Also a permanent seat in Landmark to drink gallons of coffee and to meet Paul. (Someday?) or Mr. Special. (DAC); To Pretty Boy I will one really great weekend and hope that he enjoys himself! To Barb Hanes I give all of my tan so she won't have to look like a ghost and myself as a friend! I also will you one lizard to keep in your bathtub so you can't take a bath. To Ron smith I give all of my rum and hope that he can take care of himself on the rocks. To Bill Beadle one savage button to wear and warn all of the girls before they have to find out the other way. I also give him one bottle of Bacardi that I'll drink again. To Jo Sultana I wish her all the luck in the world with Lyndon. To Jill McDonald I will her one fish so that she won't be lonely at night and a few dancing lessons. Way to go Jill. To Phil Lena I will one contract with any record company that he decides. Good Luck Joe Magrox I hope you sell a million. To the Michael “porker” Mentz I will you one date to the senior prom that I will not pork you in 1999. Also I hope that your income will rise so that we won't have to bother your mom. To Paul Storck, one good drunk at our graduation party so that I can sit and laugh at you as you have at me. Don't know what I'd do without you at our drinking parties! With Donita behind the garage. To all the teachers I've had in Crestwood, I will my little brother and hope that he won't give you half the trouble I did. To my little brother, Bill Atkinson I will one float head, one 6 foot Mr. Tony and a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for your friendship!! To Cathy Bednarczyk I will one bathing suit that doesn't untie so all the savages won't go off the wall. To Chris (sexy) Larson I will one sexy button so you can let the world know. To Bahama MaMa I will about fifty of them so you can really enjoy yourself. To all of the senior trip Sponsors I will you a better group of kids for next year's trip and THANKS ALOT.

Joe Berry in a weird way of writing things, will my model plane 747 to Joel Zachrich. To Mike Bartlett all the records at Camp Dearborn. To Arlena Monti, three freckles if I can find them. To Bob Boyd a garbage truck full of seaweed. To Rich Priebe one power mower. To Mike Zdan a pair of Paul Bunyan Boots (with a good resale value). To Sally Kennedy a Vet shop in Alaska. To Chris Krowicky a bottle of tranquilizers. To Dan Griesaber one jar of dill pickles well aged in wine. To Val House I will a warehouse of canned tuna fish. To Mike Pantagoates on autograph picture of Zorba the Greek. To Mary Griffin one Hope fish and chip dinner. To Mike Bojko I will a Chinese laundry (my shirt proves your success). To Jane Ghannam a do-it yourself dissected shark. To Jerry Czar one leather worn by Jimmy Ruffin. To Maryann Pickellia a two size too small night robe. To Gary Ainsworth 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. To Elaine a year's supply of red light bulbs (BB and JB). To Petu Janosian one 12-inch for future use.

Rick Black do hereby will the following: My transmission-blowing talents to anyone who can afford it; My ability to consume great quantities of alcohol to Gary Thompson and Jerry Rohn; My chick-dealing talents to Donald Barton and Nicky Cynar; My slow-driving to Mike Govan; My calm, cool and collective manner to Ron Gruenwald; All my hang-ups to Ken Castel; My ability to forgive and forget to Mary Griffin; One room key #136 to Dan Combs; One atom bomb to be dropped on Pickney; to Jerry Rohn, another try at a happy friendship we once had; One Great Big Apology to all the people I have ever porked; and finally, I will one big bag of arguments, love, kisses, a big chunk of affection, and most of all, a large handful of hope to Miss Sheryl Lynn McGraw.

Mike Bojko will to Marcella Sowa all the great memories we had and a Fifth Avenue Men's clothing tag. To Sally Kennedy, I leave all the chickens and my very favorite plow for you to have and to hold and remember all the fun we had in math class freshman year, and also, a glass of cider and a stale donut. To Joe Berry, I leave a clean rag for his car and a St. Christopher medal, and an empty bottle of Gilbert's gin and a rabbit. To Denise Joseph, I leave my baby dancing shoes, and my accordion, and a nooky nooky between the lockers. To Jerry Campbell my Chickie, I leave a name so you always remember Chickie, and also a new set of nerves for highway driving coming home from Camp Dearborn. To Carol Urso I leave my bowling pins and balls, and my hair (on the lead). To Jackie Bellino I leave a book which contains all the talks we had in study hall Junior year. To Linda Dytiniak I leave directions to get to the airport, and a COLD plate of food, and all my governments notes and papers. To MaryBeth McNerney I leave a supply of candy and my psychology book and my left over experiment. To Terry Hollenback I leave my socks from trampolining and a Yatzi game. To Judy Noe I leave an instruction booklet on how to be a stuck up, sexy Real Estate Secretary. To Jim Ryan I leave all my algebra homework and a big cough from Harry. To Ginny Mussey I leave a can of Budweiser and my brother. To Val House I leave an automatic punch out machine for home use, in case the one at work is broken and a big smile underwater. To Arlena Monti I leave driving instructor booklet on how to miss curbs, trees and Mrs. Matsy's house. And a beach ball from the bummer picnic. To Paula Novelli I leave my big picture of Barbara Streisand and a ticket to the Barbara Streisand movie. And a box of stale Valentine's candy. To Lori Fraser (Lu) I leave all my ties all my fishing gear and a lifetime friendship membership card, good for a free rabbit or is it a pheasant? To Mary Griffin I leave a ticket for a free dinner at anchor Inn and a recipe for a cake that falls on the floor. To Bill Moy I leave my black cat and all my shaving cologne and I leave a good New Years nigh for once and my recipe for spaghetti. To Jerry Ernst I leave my dog Sabrina, a package of cigarettes and a can of STP and an oil filter and all my candles. To Neil Clothier I leave a big picture of Ruby a box of Kleenex, my records and a key to the trailer. To Maurine Gladish I leave a book on how to find contacts and how not to cut your feet on sprinklers. To Kathy Kasza I leave Prom memories, my sunglasses, all my stuffed animals, my long hair, and the whit Pontiac, cause I know you'll take care of it. To Joyce Perry and Ron Kincher I leave my locker and all its contents and and all my term papers and my Crestwood shirt. To Beth Trimble I leave all my home and garden books and luck on being an interior designer. To Sheri McGraw I leave my scrapbook, all my house plans and my typewriter. To Claudia Duff I leave a free pass to enter my backyard and my bathing cap.

Bob Boyd being of sound mind and body leave to Hank my secret for catching the big fish. To Jose I also leave my method of driving safely and a meal at my house whenever he is hungry. To Elaine I leave the hope that she grows up, shuts up, and has enough socket for her light bulbs. To Tarmel Francis I leave the wish of happiness and the hope that Jose and you will always be friends. Also I leave you any road except Telegraph and I hope you will never be able to find it again. Remember hours. To Karen K. I leave my friendship and I say good bye to a good friend. To Maureen I leave the fastest route to the cottage on Sundays. To Chick I leave everything else I own including my pet hippo and my home for as long as you need us and I need you.

Barbara Brandt in sound mind and body to do hereby will to Jane Ghannam a brand new book to fill up a check. For every strike and two for every spare along with a book on “How to keep score in bowling” and a lasting friendship. To Nick Daley a clock to be on time. To Mike Bartlett I will many thanks for the fun times, more creative words such as stingers and a friendship where we can still have our long talks. To Wanda Kramer a walk down the street to bother John Powell and an answer to the one and only question “what are you good for?” To my brother Garry an everlasting employment at the drive-in, hogs and all and to Cathy Bednarczyk a promise to visit you and a life long friendship. To Mrs. Jaworski many thanks for being such a different teacher and to Mrs. Sorge a lot of fun in the attendance office. To Joanne Westenburg I will a step on the accelerator for every time she wants to break, 2nd the words Hi ugly and to Ron Gruenweld an Oscar Homecoming movie and to Douglas Webber I will my catching net when your ego crashes.

Chester Buczek will the following to the school library; Jesus Christ was a New Yorker, “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung,” “The possessed, Idiot, Poor Folk and other Fyodor Dostoyevesky Classics,” “The Essential Lenny Bruce,” “Subscription of Mad” “Playboy” “Fifth-Estate,” and “The Watchtower.” All Pharoah Sanders albums and a Cannabis sativa plant.

C Return to Top

Paula Cairo bequeath the following to the following people; To Jerry O'Hara the records “Red Roses for a Blue Lady,” “Love the one your with,” and “Playboy stay away from my Door.” To Mrs. Childs the quick return home of her soldier and many years of happiness. To Mr. Kimball a better 3rd hour class for next year and a pocket full of smiles for when he needs them. To Mr. McNeil a lot of thanks for everything. To all the other teachers who have had me, congratulations for making it through. To Terry Hollenback, strength to stand up for what he believes. To Paula Novelli, Diaino and a higher fence for our next pool party. To MB McNerney, all the great times we've had, and lots of luck with your Charger. To all the other people who have added so much. Thank you.

Gordon Callam being of unsound mind and body, do hereby bequeath my keys, parking place, and control of the auditorium to Bill Pinkerton, Dan Morano and LeeAnn Feasel, respectively. To Mr. Ensign I leave an air conditioner for the auditorium and planetarium, and a new follow-spot. My other key and my ability to get out of class I leave to my brother Paul. To Larry Domine I will the best of luck for Key Club, and to next year's Honor Society a new record and flag. One year of edible lunches goes to Barb, Carok, and Mark B., along with my thanks for everything and best wishes for the future. To all my teachers and friends I leave my gratitude for a great four years, especially to Mrs. Childs, Mr. Raby, Mr. Gehm, Mrs. Welty and Mr. Ensign.

Terri Campbell will to P.J. A map of Detroit so we can find addresses easier, a new barrette, a handbook on how to drive a Simca, a signal to let me know when to shut up, a new whipping post to follow her around Central and all the luck and happiness in the years to follow. To Carol Add I will no more hurt from Danny Cloverdale, a new union card every year, with whole bunches of fun and luck at Henry. To Maureen, a union card to help keep her busy next year, with lots of happiness at U of M. To “Fox” a little black book with all the phone numbers of girls at Central. To Mike from his head “Chickie” a new chicken coop with the hope that he will never find a new head “Chickie.” To “Hawk” a fan book, from one of his many fans, a tube of Noxzema, and Grape's and my phone number at Central so you can call us at nite. Finally, to all the underclassmen I will good luck and the hope that they have as many great times as I've had.

Ken Castel do hereby will complete control of the Pep-Band to any idiot that wants it. I will to Mike Colson my job of keeping Mr. Fisher's ulcer active. I will the last chair in the trumpet section to Zorba Economu. To Ron Gruenwald I will Scotch and Soda for his next night club show. I will to the Atlantic Ocean and all the fish, one fifth of Bacardi's Rum. I will to Nicky Cynar a beer, a whiskey sour, a Bahama Mama, and a hurricane. I will a lot of kindness to the wonderful sponsors on the senior trip especially Mr. Hamrick, THANKS! Also a special thanks to Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Jaworski for making my last year so great. To the class of '72 I will a lot of luck and fun in the upcoming year. To the Greater Class of 1971, I will all the luck in the world, and a big thanks for making these last few years so cool. PEACE!!!

Gale Cearbaugh will to the following, these beloved possessions of mine. To Diane Porteous and Janet rhea, I leave one key to room 162. To Jackie Bellino, I will my crying towel. Remember this Bellino, “It's only Mrs. Claeys.” To Sally Kennedy, I will one bottle of “Sure Tan” for a sure tan and one sip of my Bahama Mama. To Karen Pederson, I leave the latest “scoops” which we will review in fourth hour. To (#5) Colleen Molloy I leave Coppertone in case you peel. To Brenda Sabuda I leave one pack of cigarettes so you won't knock on my patio door. To Hugh McKenty I will one ride to work. To Joy Hawson I will one hour of silence. To Betsy Greenough I will one typing eraser that I won't touch. To MB I will an extra set of Cuda keys in case we make the same mistake twice on a cold Saturday morning. To Paula Cairo I leave a record titled, “You Go Home Already.” To Mike Menz I will a cheery “good morning” for the next year. To Mr. Hamrick I leave one of the “Fabulous flame's breakfast and a little nipper to put your puzzle together. To Mrs. Claeys I leave all my thanks for caring so much on the Senior Trip. To Jerry O'Hara I leave one cann of beer, a small pizza and some long and complex discussions. To Ronnie Havener, I will a homerun bat. To Valerie Kim House I leave one hot fudge sundae, a ride down the sidewalk in front of the senior lounge, three rides to your driver improvement course, my electric typing, and last but not least one large Bahama Mama, How you say? To Chris Krowicky I will one free ride to T & C, a can of Florida Sunshine, one comb and a chance to talk on the phone to answer your own question, you Ukrainian sweat hog. To Al Paparelli I leave all the luck in the world. I hope and pray you do great at MSU and become the best dentist ever. You have been so understanding I could never thank you enough. I'll always be at 5725 Fenton.

Cathy Chambers being of sound mind and body do hereby will to my Bahama roommates three Yellow Birds (Sunburn Killers) because the rest of them are free. To the Junior class of '72 I will the hope that the class of '73 respects their Senior privileges more than they did ours. To LeeAnn Feasel I leave all the fun I had in my Junior and Senior year, and a hope that she has just as much. Last but not least, to all the underclassmen I leave a wish that their football or basketball team is one worth supporting. And to the 6th class to graduate from Crestwood High, the Class of '71, I will happiness and a fantastic future.

John Chlipala will to all seniors the best of luck after graduation. To the brothers I leave the following: Jim Ryan a screwdriver, a motorcycle, and a picture of Mitch Shusta. To Mike Menz I leave on Varsity jacket and a banana boy outfit. To Dave Silski, Jim Dietz, Dennis Panneta and Bob Smelewski, I leave a giant icebox, four sleeping bags, a button buck, four passes to Copmish dance hall and all the girls?? it has to offer. To Larry McCartney I leave memories of Goose Lake. To Dan Ulfig and Gary Collins I leave the platter and the song, “Grazing in the Grass.” To my little sister arlena I leave an open ear to hear her problems. To Steve dorais all the unpainted ceilings there are. To all the people who attended the Aunt Josie party's I leave invitations to many more. To next year's seniors I will skip days at Camp Dearborn, breakfast at the Bronze Wheel and the best of luck. To Jill McDonald I leave Nicky Cynar and $22.88. To Maryann I leave an open door, a trip to the Bahamas, a promise to remember September 20, and all my love forever!

William Gary Collins being of sound mind and body do hereby leave these honors to Rick Hargis my great running ability. To Steve, sandy, Ray and Karen happiness and success in all roads traveled. To Carol Steward somebody who can match you. To Dan Grieshaber a year supply of Drive-In tickets and a year supply of Cold Duck. To Al Thomas a bull whip so that he can be able to smack his rear when he runs. To sophomore Gary Bowers I leave him my track shoes so he will have an extra pair of he looses his. To Larry Barton a fly smacker so that he doesn't fall of the top of the bunk bed. To Roger Remnant a big case of Apple wine, a bottle of scotch in a pop bottle. To Paul Storck I leave him his wife and my kids. To John Chlipala I leave a BUILD like mine, so that he won't be afraid to walk down the street alone. To Marianne Gervais I give her all the love and happiness that I can. You have made my life more worth while and more meaningful. I will always remember the good times and bad times. I hope the future is as good as the past year, I give you my body and soul. Marianne Gervais, thank you so very much for being part of my Senior year. In closing I will the senior class good luck, a case of beer, time to enjoy life and may GOD BLESS you all.

Donita Colson want to thank Mrs. Ziobro and Mr. Clark for conducting the few meaningful classes we've had in four years. And I want to thank the most inept group of teachers I've every seen accumulated in one place, for the biggest thrill of my life, getting out of this school.

Carol Copeland being of sound mind and body will all the interns at Garden City Hospital to Rita Day. That is all but, Dr. C.B.; To Sue Grigorian, I will a thousand prescription pads for her fantastic prescriptions. Thanks doc. To Mr. Kotulski, I will my little brother, who is almost like me. To Mike Dow, I will one case of Boonesfarm for just existing through Government first hour. To Gary Ainsworth, I will my fabulous body. Does that make you happier? Last but not least, I will to Dennis Lewandowski, all the love, friendship, understanding and happiness this world has to give, for just being himself and for making my first and last year here really great.

Mary Cortis will my great bowling ability and all my Jewish friends in Southfield to Debra Fett; to Mr. Kimball I leave all broken eggs in shoe boxes; my “Learn How to Spell, the Easy Way” book and typing ability to Ray Siler; an empty tube of Solarcaine to Carol Welty and Barb Frazier; and all “baby, baby, baby's” to Mark Johnston; to Lori Fraser one tall glass of Bahama Sunburn Killer; and the best of luck to my brother and everyone else at Crestwood.

Colleen Cosgrove will Wanda the memories of our friendship which has been like this, Call me!; to Cheryle one guy that knows how to treat a girl and a weekend party at someone else's house! To Marylin, one freak, a bottle of pink champagne and a trip back to the Bahamas, Room 143; to Kathy Foreman I will a dime to call me with and hang-up, also one room full of guys and booze to relive the trip!; To Claudia a new neck and an extension at Foreman's cottage; to Cathy B. a solved love life, a ticket to Goose Lake and a case of Apple Wine also, a Bahama fly killer; to Monica another Memorial Day and a good gross movie we both can go see; to Jane a new pair of ears for listening and a telephone book with everyone's number; to Amy 4 little dolls to play with in a milk-shoot, and for you also to have a great Junior and Senior year; to Kathy B. a pack of paper fingernails and paper straws, also a great senior year, Good Luck. To Rick (Keeb) a solid door, a mouse, a new factory and a million thanks! Be Good. Hi! To Gary (Fish) appreciation and someone to help you with that girl! Also a back to hop on, watch it! Be Good! Spleen! To Harla, a 10 minute pass to the john! To Tom McCormack, Good Luck! To Richard Colensky a teddy bears permit to follow in his brother's steps, and a good Senior year! Hope you make it! To Dan, good luck with that gang and a 10 dollar bet for Unger! To Big Al L. a good season next year and a lot of fun times, also treat the girls good Al! To Mr. Gehm, a million thanks for your listening and understanding, and when the time comes, I know you'll be there to listen again and again. Thank You! To Al P. one big put down for all the ones you gave me. Score! to Paul S., the memories of math class, a bottle of olive oil and a date any blessed time. Be Good Sex! To all the seniors Good Luck and to the underclassmen, have a ball!

Virginia Cresswell will all this to the people names Mr. King. All the smiles I have found in the halls. To Sue Wainwright, a prom not preplanned as mine was. To Dawn, Ellen and Carol many more times like the ones we have had. To Roni and Dawn all my friends and fun at the “bike shop”. To Cindy, my nickname “Critter.” To Bill the kite we took kite flying. To Jerry, all the memories of the white car, “The White Chariot” of yours and all the fun we had. “Unhappy” the smile you never smiled. To Gary, the pit when you're bad. To Larry, one night with my two college roommates. To Sheri, good luck with Jerry. To Alice, a locker all to yourself. To Jan, a great senior year full of fun. To Bea, better luck with the guys.

D Return to Top

Daiva leave to Rhonda Edwards, a pair of shocking pink, well insulated long underwear for those cold fall nights at Levagood Park. On, and I hand over to her the “71” Whamo Award. To Fanny, I leave one huge winking shale and a two lb. Box of “Cherry humps” Also, a ten year subscription to the book “Mondern Biology.” to “Shirley” Kobos, “Murtle” Anderson, and Rhonda, I leave the record “Keep the Customer Satisfied” Also, the red light off a cop car. To Hubert I leave a big kiss and lots of love. And to all my other friends, “Bye and have a great summer.”

Nick Daley will to all my good friends success in life and the chance to really live; to my brother Dave, my fair ability to deal so he can have as much as I have had these past years at Crestwood. I will to my sister one new boyfriend, the keys to my car when I go on trips and the brains not to run out of gas. To Bonnie Mae I will all my used pants and sweaters with a big kiss. To Nancy and Barb, a new place where I hope I'm invited once in awhile. To Ron Poremba and his woman, I will one free honeymoon on me in the Bahamas when they get married, and the chance to see FREDDIE that night! To MJB, 1000 new pairs of Fruit of the Looms which will be nice and tight and not shot to heck, also a lot more times we can to drinking. And to Jane I will all my Love and a lot more hours driving in Dearborn stopping completely for every stop sign and light. Jane I Love You!! 1/22/71 And to the teachers and administration who helped me through school, a lot of thanks.

Cheryl Doan being of sound mind do hereby bequeath to Miss Weber a stop watch that works, a pointer and a box of cherries for next year when she plays Steno. To Mr. Claeys, a quieter Business English class, and the hope that after two years he doesn't get me and Chris Scaturo mixed up anymore. To Betty Burns, all the happiness with Randy Varga. To Carm Petrarea I leave one car and a favorite parking place at Macs. To Connie Katnik, I will her the ability of not running out of gas anymore, and some of my bad luck. To Loann Friend a great future with Rob Moran. To Nick Cynar a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes. To the class of '72 a great senior year. To the class of '71 PEACE and GOOD LUCK in their future years. To the underclassmen all the luck and fun they will ever need in their future years at Crestwood. And last of all to Mike, ME!

Shirley Donawick do hereby bequeath to my sister Linda one Prince Valiant with a Mike Inman haircut, a 16 Magazine so she can see the “real” Mike Cole, the privilege of being stoned out of town by a pack of greasers again, and 100 kilos already rolled to share with Bob Gibki or any other fine freak she might meet. To Ed I leave my trusting nature and all my love for as long as he wants it. To the rest of the school I will my Bible with the hope that someone may find the real peace only Christ can give.

Terry Doody will to Barb Hanes a fifth of 7 Crown and a case of coke so she can have all the drunken Saturday nights she wants, also a giant red napkin to match her two little napkins. To John Craig I will all the blue passes he can forge and to Mr. McNeil I will one broken toe to walk on for two days; to Ma and all the lunch ladies as many lunches as they can eat and to the class of '71 the best luck in the world.

Patrick Doyle will to Dennis Panetta one case of Smirnoff's Vodka and one case of orange juice for all the drinky-poos before 8AM at school. To Bob Smelewski on Polish shamrock. To Jim Dietz one marriage license. To Kathy Foreman I will one free dinner to WinSchulers in Jackson for all the papers that you wrote for me in 4th hour English. I am grateful to you for passing me. To Cathy Bednarczyk I leave you one free night to the Mona Lisa Motel, (box car 69) for its time for you to get down. To Joanne Westenburg one scholarship to St. Mary's in South Bend. To Monica Sen 8 lbs of bondo work for her face. To our Junior Sweaty Miss, one man that will even take her!! To Claudia Jones one heart. To Cheryle Johnson for all the great times on the Senior Trip. To James C. Ryan one ligver(?) license to use only at the Holiday Inn, in the Bahamas. To Debbie Mahon, one pork chop. To Mrs. Ziobro one baby carriage, and the song “See you in September”; to Mr. Winn one back seat driver's license. To Dave Zewicke I leave my favorite parking spot in the back of the school, my favorite drinking spot, and also my HABIT.

Claudia Duff will to all the gym classes one witch for class, to GAA another great year with the same crazy sponsor. To Poochie, one bull turtle to guard her house, a dragon, and about 50 completely done term papers for her next years in college. To Mrs. Ziobro a scarlet letter, and the wish for her not to talk as much as she does. To Lori and Henry, an alarm clock that doesn't go off till at least 9:00am. To Marcella, one crazy George, and Nick Daley, plus a jar of peanut butter; to Sherry a bar of soap for her mouth. To my brother, a ton of sugar, to make him just a little sweeter; to Holly her choice of Terry or rick; to Mr. McNeil, all the guts from the fish we catch this summer; and to all the Juniors, a lot of luck and a white sandy beach in the Bahamas to run their toes through.

Sandy Dumitru being of scrambled mind and questionable body, do hereby will the following: I leave to all the underclassmen the hopes that they will realize that these years will be the best they will have, and that they will appreciate and learn to treasure the friends that they make and the experiences they will have. Remember to keep your sense of humor and things will turn out for you. To all my good friends, I wish everything good. I want to thank them for all the help and kindness they have given me, and for all the good times we've had. I hope you all are around in ten years so I can come over and see your houses and twenty kids. (Peach, Barb, Jusa, Spook, and the Ziemba kid). I also want to leave some items which came in handy during my school years as educational learning materials: To Teri, I leave my FAVORITE mail-box; Mike Zacks, all the worms that come out when it rains, a “grasshopper”, a tear on senior Prom night, my roller skates, cigars, Muka-Muka's, my froggin' stick, and my ability to stay white no matter how long I rot in the sun. To Peach a bottle of Bosco (long live the Bosco Kids); to Rick, one acre of land somewhere free and wild; to Beadle a Bonnie B.; and to all the rest of my super insane class an insanity pill to take to help you get over all these maddening years successfully. God Bless Ye, and rest ye.

Earl Duncan will to Glenn Harla, one bottle of alcohol for his mosquito bites; and to Jim Augustyn, one book on “How to Fake an Accent.” To Greg Fattal and Karen Katsarelas I will one bottle of hair straightener and a permit to drive my car. To Dan Mancina, I will my skill at golf. To Paul Storck I will the ability to be as great as me; and to B.H. Mouse the ability to smile. And last but not least I will to my little Pooky all my love FOREVER.

Linda Dytyniak will to Becky, Val, Ted, John, Dave, Jackie and Terry, the best that life can offer because you all deserve it. Thank you for being such wonderful friends. To Arlena all the happiness in her new home with hope that we'll always keep in touch and be as close friends as we are now. To Becky the perfect boy who will really make you happy the rest of your life and as many good times and experiences to share in the future as we have in the past. You're one in a million. To Bob a new outlook with a bright future and a hope that we can work it out together. To my sister Denise as many good times and good friends as I've had and much good. To Ken Holda a life supply of water and friendship. To Linda S., Ginny, Maryann, Sally, Janis, Colleen and the other good friends who have made my four years at Crestwood unforgettable a special thanks.

E Return to Top

Jerry Ernst leave to Bill M. my checker set for your car. To Joyce P. my first place belching award. To Tripper my John Wayne cowboy boots and a safe expressway. To Albey my case of Bud. To Mike B. a trunk full of chicken manure. To Sally K. my best hand-shake. To Neil C. my crash helmet for your fantastic driving. To Maurine G. my megaphone for your loud voice. To Carol U. all my good times with a real slick chick. To my Sister all of the rejected Senior classes.

F Return to Top

Debbie Fett will to Mr. McNeil, one swiss shirt; to Mr. Gerwin, a thank you for all his understanding and a position as chaperon on next years senior trip -right KDH? To Mr. Weise, a Three Dog Night album, featuring “Eli's Coming”; to Mr. Kimball, “Physics is Fun” wallpaper for his room next year; to Lynn, a mirror so she can remember her twin; to Carol, determination to get through HFCC; to Jay, a personal interview with Mickey; to Larry, a thank you for an unsuccessful driving lesson; to Mary, a front row seat at the next Bar mitzvahs; to Peggy, a date with Phil; to Gary, just THANKS; to Scoop an award for handling three at a time and last but definitely not least, to Ralph I leave me and a million 88's.

Kathy Foreman will to Claudia Jones: a handful of jobs, and a shock absorber and license plate rim I lost. To Cheryle Johnson: my 4 hour maid service for after those all night parties and of course a date with Pat Doyle. To Pat Doyle: one 5 minute kiss and all of the themes and reports he needs. To Monica Sen: all of the SCOOPS I've saved and at least one more lunch at Big Boys. Also, may the Bells ring forever. To Jane Gunton: One large stick for up at Eastern and another night with Alvin to do your DT. To Marilyn Sarookanian (upside-down Christmas tree): One more spring basketball game with the men, and joy, luck, and LOVE, including my father. To Cathy Bednarczyk: To have another ball like the one on the Senior Trip and a nigh with good ole Dave. To Denise Joseph: One head full of rollers, 4 new Instamatics, and another Senior Trip with us. To Jim Ryan: One bottle of Cream de Cocoa, a case of Coke and slot machine #21, also a bed to hide under. To Jay Arney: All of th black-male pictures I took in our room on the trip. To Dan Ulfig: One longer left leg to reach the brake this time instead of the accelerator. To Stanley: One safety lock for Pancho. To Tom McCormack: All the beer he wants till I get caught, 2 plane tickets and a con of crazy foam. To Wanda Jean Kramer: Year's supply of tranquilizers and luck with Jim. To Sara Bordelon: Plenty of luck, happiness, and will being. Also the D-bag left at my house. To Wendy Diduck: A week of dog watching services. To Tony Enokian and Jamie Long: The kiss I've always wanted. To Jill McDonald and Mary Beth McNerney: All the blueberries they can eat. To Al Paparelli: one rain check on a big wenchi and another hour long confiding conversation. To Joyce Sutherland: all of the love and understanding there is. Thank You. To Rick Stanley: a wig and Murine for those beautiful blue eyes. To Franky Slom and Shawn McLachlan: four more inches (in height). To Lynn Sanderson and Donna Lypka: my roses and engagement rings. To Mr. Kimble: another year with me. To Mr. McNeil: the key to 147 and 350. To the rest of the underclassmen, all my love.

Lori Fraser will to Tim H. all my A's he could never get. To Burrhead, a lead collar to wear swimming and a cigarette so he can learn to smoke. To Amy R. my stopwatch to keep her from getting waterlogged. To Phil Lena, a rubber ducky and some scrap paper to draw dirty pictures on. To Rene' I will my memory and a date with Gorden at the Holiday Inn, Bahamas!! (Lay your head on my shoulder). To Tom McCormack, some deep magic and a free back rub for his sunburn, and some observations. To all the fellas who threw me in the pool, I will the bruises I received. To Joanne, hi Blackie and some suntan lotion. To Sally, Val, Marianne and Jackie, four Bahama Mamas on the house, wow!! To Mary and Rene, another 2 Sunburn Killers and time to drink them in this time. To Jerry, Donny, Ken and others, a glad medal for turning Nick into a wheeling-dealing boozer, I never thought you could do it! To each of the sponsors, a new pair of limbo legs. And last but not least, to my sister Cheri, best wishes for a great senior year and as much fun on her senior trip as I had.

Barbara Frazier being of unsound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following to these people: to Carol W. I will all the memories of our trials, tribulations, and especially all the great times we've had together. Also the patience to put up with a certain Gaylord Ravenal. To Mark J. I will a muzzle or his mouth, patience with “Ellie”, and also fond memories of our scenes in “Showboat”. And to both C.W. And M.J. Many thanks for being such great friends to me. To Mark B. I will a big jar for his tonsils and much luck at MSU next year. To Gordon C. a big thank you for also being a great friend to me. To Diane P. memories of the “Twinky” summers and all the other “Original cool” times. To Jim W. more peanuts to make me some peanut butter again. To Karen Y. the coveted position of choir accompanist. To Bill P. my piano and recorder playing ability. To Jan Horner and LeeAnn E. my oboe, some good reeds and the insanity to keep up the oboe. To Mr. Fisher all my sincerest thanks and a big hug. A hug to Mr. Kimball for putting up with the “FFP” (may they always remain friends). To Mr. Gehm and Mr. Raby an autographed picture of “Little Bop”; and to Larry, a Real 5'3” Velventeen Rabbit for his own.

G Return to Top

Jane Ghannam after 12 years of mental anguish do hereby will to: Barbara Brandt a CMN t-shirt for when you're feeling low; my little brother to slap you “5”, and the best luck in your ambitions. To Valerie House (my boss) I will a place to put the cigarette when I expectantly walk in, the ability to act deathly sick in times of emergency's—like when Henry's mother walked in, and a pair of green contacts in return for all the happiness you brought me through your great sense of humor. I also hope that Kingfish finally finds his Sapphire (right Amos!). To Maha Hanania I leave the best of luck and happiness your heart can hold. To Paula Novelli I will the word Paauullaaa! To Joe Berry I will all the money I owe from those bets and a knock on the head for every dumb thing you do. To Mrs. Knapp (as of the 17th) I will a promise to visit you and a lot of my admiration for your energy and great dedication towards your students. Thanks for being such a fantastic advisor and person. To Vicky Folmar and Marsha Biek the name Sylvia and some will power for your “Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard” Diet. To Rhea Youngs I will a legal ID card, a Spanish Joe and the best of luck at MSU. To Josi' Bartlett a pack of “works every time” trick matches. To Mrs. Childs my appreciation in trying to help out in a certain situation. To Mr. Hamrick I leave 2½ years of my best and some new chromosomes. To the comedy team of Molloy and Gebhart I will some pesticide to get rid of that pest. To Wanda Kramer all the tears during Homecoming and a patent to bottle your spirit and sell at an expensive price. To Liz DiIorio and Keith Common I will a lot of hard work together to make the Crusader better than ever-thats all it takes (and money). To Mrs. Claeys a lifetime supply of Fritos. To Chris Krowicky an eight year old April fools joke and a summer visit from you even when all your other friends are around. To Don Rousseau the chance to talk back to the bitty at the Leader and hopes to see you as sports editor of the News. To Jane Gunton the fun we had watching the specials Amen sermons. To Debbie Fett an Al-Fatch button to wear to one of those Jewish basketball games. To Mr. Clark I will a senior English class filled with 35 feminists, and my appreciation for being such a fine teach and never yelling at us. To all the people I left out (because Emily's making me pay) I will special thanks for their friendship and sunshine towards their way. To Crestwood – I bid a farewell – its been real.

Don Gillikin with all my swimming ability do hereby will to “The Coach,” Mr. Hahn to either throw away or something to that extent. And my long distance workouts plus my 9:45.0, 800 yard free style time, and my ability to do flip turns. All my tennis ability to Tim Hartmann. I know that he'll be #1 next year. And last but not least and most important of all I will that Becky Williams will make it through this school. Because I will be waiting for her when she graduates.

Maurine Gladish being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Carol Urso, I leave the memory of all the crazy classes we've had together and all the strange funny things we did with Terri and Pam—Those track meets and the nights “out”. I also will her a sympathetic ear and shoulder for use when mine aren't around. I will her, too, the very best of luck in all the years ahead and much success in all she wants most to accomplish an have in her life. To Terri Campbell, I leave all of the business at the rink that I can't take care of myself, a pair of gold track shoes, and the very best of luck. To Pam Welch, I leave a pair of blue track shoes and the entire Cherry Hill track team, plus all the Roma Hall guys she wants. To Mike Bojko, I leave a rub-down with Noxema or baby oil, your choice. To John “Hawk” Swerecki, I will all of the dishes and clean-up from a dinner of 950 Caldeans. To Neil Clothier, I leave some batteries for his flashlight and my sunny—even though his ears don't move. To Jerry Ernst, I will 1000 scented candles and my yo-yo. To Joyce Perry I leave the sincere hope that her Senior year will be as happy for her as mine was for me. To my sister Jacqueline and my brother David, I leave all of my old math tests to go with all my old chem and math tests that they've been using all of this year. Good Luck in correcting them! To Mary Griffin I will a sunlamp and some suntan oil to finally make her tan a little. To Ron Tincher I will a lot of happiness and much luck in the years to come. And, finally to Bill Moy I leave an extra eight hours of sleep every night that he needs it, a victory over Ron in ping-pong, and all the memories of the great times we had together this year with the gang. I also leave him the hope that he will find in his future success in everything that he wants and wishes for the most and that he will always be happy.

Gary (Fish) Globish hereby will to Ken Holda and Donald Barton some possession of Don Rousseau as an idol. To Mr. Gelmesi, the decency to run a scoreboard clock the right way. To Mr. Hamrick one fabulous Flame breakfast every 2nd hour. To Mr. Montre, a pet of basketball plays that lost more than one in one week. To Jim Izeluk, one technical for drinking and one awesome intimidation. To Al Leszczynski, one mental jack, and a senior Prom as great as his brother's was. To Mrs. Childs, a thank you for putting up with me for two years. To Mr. Berg, one “fish” net to catch all the gossip he can. To Marsha Biek and Halina Siemaszko all my gossip about our great seniors. To Joan Priebe, one driving lesson. To Carol Olsen, a datebook to keep track of those perfect men. To Ed Zabrowsky one Shick injector to prove a point with. To Danny Pederson, one trip “right on” down the sewer. To Greg tallal, on trip to Dan Gorski's, a way to find out that lost name, one Coke from “Andy”, a winning hand at cards, and a kick in the “Pad” for not quitting gambling. To my two idols, one hollow banana true. To C.C., W.K., M.S., C.S., and “gang”, one free ride to the Dearborn Gambling Grounds. To Gruenwald's brother, the ability to dribble DA basketball. To Glenn Harla one wedding band for Euqne. To Tony Enokian, one “impressive” behind the back pass—that connects. To C.F. Cosgrove, all those 17 point games, the green tie I somehow lost, 10 Watch it's – One “I'm the Goofiest” sign to wear in disgust, and one movie ending free throw. To the underclassmen who needed these; my size 13 Adidas to swim in, a warm basketball to sleep, eat, and dream about. A lifesize poster of Erwin Mulller to throw darts at.

Karen Glogowski do hereby will my nickname and its origin to the 2nd hour shorthand class and to anyone else that knows it. To Debbie K. I leave her a medal for eating her lunch in less than 20 minutes. To Connie J. and Vicki B. I leave them with change for $2. To Laurene B. I leave her one of my pictures. And last I leave the wonderful halls and lockers of Crestwood to my brothers.

Denise Golota being of sound mind and body bequeath the following---To my best friend Julie Lavey, the power to make your dreams come true, my foxy dudes and the “special” fox of your own, a book entitled, “How I hate Texas and a Hundred Reasons Why”, one first hour senior auto class and everything that's in it, and all the wonderful memories of 9 years of friendship. Good Luck and Happiness in your senior year. To Dawn Stark, one gold-toothed native name Gordon from the Bahamas, my ability to be riotous, a drink, and one pair of durpes. and burr. To Shelly, all the foxy dudes up at Central, a ticket to go bombin on Telegraph, a car so you can pull out of the parking lot at lunchtime, a Stingray, 2 guys in super-gross bathing suits, my ability to punch holes in ice buckets and my calm temper when thrown in the pool. Good Luck! To Pam Tackett a hand shake and a can of deodorant to fight of the natives. To Vicki Brendal, one forbidden drink and a one-way ticket to _____! To all my friends that I didn't mention I want to wish you all the success and happiness in life. Good luck to my sister as a future freshman in Crestwood and may she have all the fun that I did and more.

Mike Govan (Pie or Guppy) being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to Ron Gruenwald (Fred) a pair of non-matching sideburns on a pointy head. To Dan Combs one Laurie V. To Doug Whitefoot one Debbie T. To Larry in Pennsylvania, a steam shovel. To Randall Everette Edwards, 5 borrowed joys...Thanks! To Boober Matheson, Barb and a Big Mac. To Ed Zabrowski (Edvardo DeLeachy), my outstanding luck with Divine Child Chicks. To Rick Black, a date with Cindy... and Bob, Noel and Mike! To Cathy Bednarczyk, one cousin and her associates. To Bob Bedrosian, the rest of a band. To Daryl Bennetts, a moving car. To Betty and Cathy Burns, one Michigan cow. (Aren't you glad you listened?) To Ken Castel, many happy returns. To Gary Collins, a barnful of mountain oysters. To Nick Cynar, another Holiday Inn and a drink for the road. To Cheryl Doan, a big thanks for being so sweet. To Greg Fayton one Cindy Bectoll & company. To Gary Houghland one free guitar lesson. To Bobby Hughes, one Bahama hat. To Mark Johnston, one Magic dragon. To Sally and Maryann-- Dave and John. To Dennis Panetta (Beak), one fifth. To Sally Slomzenski, one dream. To Jeff Sharp, THANK YOU! How can I find the Rock? To Sheila Walker, Donnie. To Joe Wysocki, Brian, Noel, and Mr. Berg, one pocket sized “Govan's Golden Grossies but Goodies.” To Sue Bjerke, (Squeazy), I leave many more hours of laughter and marriage. To my sister Karen, my outstanding grade point average. To Todd Heller, a book of blue passes for 2nd hour. To Dawn Sisk, Ronda Edwards, Nancy Nagy, Wendy Johnston, Linda Sutherland and friends, Lots of luck at Crestwood. To Carol Berrimen, one jar of paint. To Rick Gadbois, thank you for the accommodations. To Mr. King, one Burger Kind crown. To Millie, some better food to work with and a case of Pepto Bismol. To Julie Hesling, one invalid in a wheelchair,... so she can make him better. To Mr. Smink, a hearty “thank you” for everything yu have done for our class, and gone unrecognized. To Mr. Clark, my ability to write Prose and Poetry that the world is not yet ready for. To “MA” and Mrs. Gallop, just one hour a day of peace and quiet in Study Hall. To Stanley-a new Senior class and all their cars to watch. To Mrs. Ziobro, another wide awake 1st hour. To Mr. Stolov, (Uncle Morris), lots of luck with the class of '72, and a big thanks for putting up with me for 2 long years; also some new jokes. To Mr. Hamrick a new freshman class for you and your aunt. To the Student Counsel, some non-obscene records for their Juke Box. To the Bolick brothers, a bottle of wine. To Rich and Joan Priebe one Toad. To Gary Globish, one carp with a basketball in it's mouth. To dan Mancina, a banana (mana). To Dave Wallin, a ride to Stroths Ice Cream Parlor. To Mr. Fisher, a replacement for Ken Castel upon graduation. To Ray Lafferty, one little sister. To Rose and Jackie Addison, one big smile. To Ken Korzynski, my extemporaneous vocabulary, and a dictionary to find out what the words mean. To Beth Weld one pair of contacts. To Franky Ravena, a haircut. To Chris Giocondini, one “Little Sister Award” To Mrs. Jaworski, a big kiss and hug and thanks for your concern. To Mike Antcliff, one spirit jug. To Jerry Folmar, one baby joke. To all of the people at Crestwood who have made one thing or another easier for me, I wish to extend my thanks.

Karen Grden being of sound body and mind hereby do bequeath the following: to Dann Treachler, a squirt gun fight with Mr. K.; to Debbie Koivunen, an A in physics and a free grinding of your contact lenses to tell Mr. Kimball from Mr. K.; to Mr. McNeil, another 3rd hour advanced Biology class; to Mr. Kotulski, a deck of playing cards and a lab assistant to grade all your papers; to Mr. Kimball, a lab stolen from Mr. Kotulski or Mr. McNeil for your 5th hour; to Mrs. Knapp, a debt free '72 yearbook; to Genie, J.R., film from our 2nd mother and a rider who is on time; to my half-sister Ann, one baptism in the Detroit River to complete your honorary polak membership and a freshman from Eastern; to Laurene Bauer, the correct spelling of your name and a Bahama sunburn; to Armilda VanBuskirk, run proof nylons to withstand air plane seats; to Dave Daley, another year of science with Mr. K.; to Chris Stawarz, one more year of math with your favorite teacher and an A in Algebra II; to Sue Grigorian, all the late yearbook payments; to anyone who wants instant insanity, the underpaid, overworked job of yearbook editor; to the school the other 3 Grdens; to Mr. Hamrick, 3 more musketeers to plague you for the rest of your years here at Crestwood, one hat from the Bahamas and one suitcase to put all your souvenirs in.

Mary Griffin being of sound mind and body (at times) do bequeath the following: to Sherry and Bill, a pill for Prudence; to Janet and Rick, ten lonely hours with nothing to do; to Neil, many thanks for 3 wonderful years of friendship and many happy memories; to Sheri, some boots and a shovel for listening to a certain someone; to Jerry E. I will Bojko's gun and to Mike a knee to pick as if you need it! To Joyce P. I leave one of my boulders in case she loses one; to Bill M. I will a boy scout fire kit; to Maureen, a girl scout protection kit. To Eric Williams I will a gold plated medal which he entirely deserves for putting up with me and also many thanks for a wonderful 6½ months (a record); to Mike S. an extra month in Freeport with a month's supply of your favorite “soft drink” packed on a Honda 55. To Jackie B. and Val House I leave 150 gold plated spoons from the Coral Terrace Room. To Joe B. a super cleaner for your blue “sportster”, or perhaps you could convert it to a hospital room; to Dan G. another week; to Mike and LeeAnn a pair of roller skates; and last of all I leave to my dear freshman sister, Debbie, many more wonderful years of high school (unless you can make it in the next three), a related brother, a hope that you'll stick to the guys a little farther south--(the cold ones aren't worth it)- and at least 150 more arguments before I leave.

Susan Grigorian being of unsound mind (after four years at Crestwood what do you expect?) and tolerable body do hereby bequeath the following: to Mr. Kotulski, I leave all my analytical Reagents, chemistry notes, a deck of pinochle cards, and the keys to the planetarium if he becomes that desperate. To Mr. Kimball, the knowledge that he had me in class; To Mr. Hamrick I leave an acknowledgment he is not the very worst teacher in the school, I know another, although it is easy to get an A in his class; To Mrs. Remington, I bequeath all the joys in the world, I can't say that my high school years have been the happiest in the world, although I will admit they have been an experience.

William Griharash do will to Kim all my Prom tickets that I ran into and that super fox; to Gary all the bottles that have been in my car; to Jan my parrot; to Carol learning how to skip class; to Sheri an unlimited supply of passes- blue or yellow; to Sue and Bea lost of luck and to all the underclassmen an A teacher who was a bummer.

Ron (Fred) Gruenwald being half crazy after spending a year running the senior class, do hereby bequeath: To Mrs. Childs, the biggest blessed “THANK YOU” I can for everything she's done for the unbeatable class of '71. To Mr. Gehm, another big “THANK YOU”, also the hope that he never has to contend with another nut like me. To Mr. Smink, Mr. King, Mrs. Westenhoffer, Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Sen, a new sit of nerves to replace the ones I've shattered with my constant interruptions of their offices, use of their phones, and unobtainable demands. To Mr. Hamrick, one scotch and soda that I almost ordered in the airport for the plane ride home. To Tim Hartmann, lots of fun at Boy's State. To Dan Morano, a new coffee pot for his backstage hideaway. To all the girls from “Sorry Wrong Number” especially Ani and Grace, a new pre-play lover. (But remember not to mess around in front of Mrs. Remington.) To Mr. Paluchniak, a new moon for the goose, compliments of Ward, Kelly, Combs and myself. To MA, a new microphone and whip. To Stanley, a new bunch of parking lot monitors. To Mr. McNeil, a dead frog and a new “little black book.” To Chuck Potter, a new pair of tennis shoes after his 17 mile hike. To Skinny Timmy and Russ, a case in Inkster-bought beer To Mr. Campbell, a clean driveway. To the Inkster Police, wood. To Dan, Cigarettes. To Guppy, sideburn trimmers. To Rick, a new transmission. To Castell, gas. To Randy, a net wo your mother can keep you in. to Doug, a haircut. To Freak, penicillin. To Globish, my brother. To the (ugh!) freshmen, the hope that a dragon “waters” all of your lawns. To Mrs. Knapp, 1,572 garbage bags, coffee mugs and candy bars. To Moxie, a new cab. To Mr. Stolov, lots of luck in '72. And finally, to the class of '72, lots of luck with Mr. Stolov.

Jane Gunton being of far-out mind and foxy body do hereby will to Monica Sen a lifetime supply of “Ding Dongs” and a little Spam to use as she so desires, and a personalized map to Eastern. To Denise Joseph, I leave my own recipe for spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, also carbon paper to run off any future petitions. To the one and only GANG, I will a very special parking permit to Ford Field (in order to avoid further wagon train escapades). To Tom McCormack, another fun date with Diane C. To Bubbles Remington, much success in next year's play. To Mr. Kimball, a flock of forevers and my well know singing ability(?) To Mrs. Sen, I leave a walkie talkie with a Michigan State radius. And finally to everyone remaining at CHS, the best of luck.

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Ed (Doc) Halliday being of sound mind and unsure body do hereby leave the following items: to Doug Smith, I leave an iron vest to protect him from ticklish situations. To Dave Kieffer, I leave a cold shower on those warm summer nights and the nickname “Super All” (no hair Dave). To Sue Bjerke, I leave a Bozo balloon and a lot on Park Ave. To Marlene Penrod and Pam Blackstone, I leave all the ingredients to make grape wine. To Bob Fazica, I leave the starring role in the TV show “Then Came Bronson.” To Larry Stein, I leave an autographed copy of my latest book, “How to Gross Out Your Friends” or “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex but were Afraid to Ask.” I leave some quietness in Mrs. Ziobro's room so maybe the Seniors next year can sleep better than I did. Last, I leave Shelle Smith a blue bowling ball to go with her blue bowling shoes. As a special added attraction, I leave my body to be stuffed and mounted in the main hall. Long live the class of “71”.

Maha Hanania give every guy that I know in this school a camel so I won't be the only Camel Jockey. To Al Paparelli, Ron Havener, Mike Larabee, Jerry O'Hara, John Mulkerrin and the rest of their gang, I give each one of them a gas tear bomb so they'll stop laughing at other people and it'll be their turn to cry. To Carmella Vecchio, I give a whole box of bobbie pins so she'll have enough setting peoples' hair. To Mrs. Jaworski, I give my old cheap camera so she won't spend too much money buying expensive films for her expensive camera. To Pam Puttin I give my Arabic accent. To Garry Brandt I give my black hair so he'll look like Liberace. To all my friends I give everyone of them a little space in my heart and wish them all the luck in the world.

Barb Hanes will my friendship with Mike Menz to any person who can handle it, a high time in the Bahamas. To the Junior class a cup of coffee, lizards in their bathtub and a right _____ to Teri Benarcik; The brick in my car and the little house on Cherry Hill to Mariese Zammit; To Sandy Dumitru THE getting stoned and my Marlboro ash tray butts and all; My palm tree to Steve Soviak and Pam Mercier; to Karen Katsarelas my Billy; to Mark Scott a million telephones; to Kathy Burns one hour in a hotel room, a brown bottle and a comfortable horse. To Terry Doody a new foot and a permit to smoke where he pleases; to Mike Metzigan a case of can bars; to Jill McDonald a new car with a radio and a full pack of Newports in a camera box. To Beard and Tag two seats in the baggage compartment of the airplane; to Jim Ryan a new rock; to Chris Larsen my books because he'll be needing them next year and to Zuhair love from Jane.

Joy Hawson will the following to these people: To Mr. Gehm, one toy poodle to baby-sit. To Mr. Wiese, our great driving from Driver's Ed. And the song “Eli's Coming” To Jane Ghannam, I leave two pens that somehow got lost. To Gale Cearbaugh, the many hours we sat in English and really never understood what was going on. To Debbie Fett, I leave the knowledge I had on baseball and of course our “hero”, the crushes we had on seniors a year or two ago, all the love you had for “sweat” last year, your driving after we had gotten our licenses, and all the luck in the world for a great future with a certain guy from Southfield Lathrup. To Lynn Skopczynski, I will one ticket for skipping out of 4th hour, your famous saying “ABAB” which has proven true so man times, all the Kleenexes used when we saw Love Story. To Carol Pomeroy, I will the time you came to pick me up and I had already left, driving in a snow storm to Farrells. To Mary Cortis, I will our many “honeys”. To Carole Stewart, the best of luck as alan comes here in the fall, and the hope that we will get along as good as we have for the past few months for a long time. To all underclassmen, the hope that they will all make their senior will the best they've ever had.

Ron Hazen being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: To all my teachers and good friends in the classes of 1971, 1972 and 1973 at Crestwood High School, a heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful experiences that I have been fortunate enough to share here. To Wendy Diduck, my job (maybe). To Al Tumas, one of our last two Buds for graduation on June 17, 1971.

Cheryl Hendrickson will to the Crestwood student body (except for my friends) one Big Boy in hopes that it makes them rot. To Monica Sen one foxy body, good looks, and a personality so she can quit thinking she has it, she'll know. To Karen Gurk one free pass to the Mona Lisa for two. To Vicki Ott a one way ticket to wherever my cousin (Lee) may be. To Delores Hendrickson one free pass to admit her to any class at any time no matter what the reason is, and just in case all the luck I had when I skipped this year and didn't get caught. To Joyce Kasputis one new muffler for her ford so we can ride in peace, and the best of luck with Joe. To Paul Raschke seven hickies to match the ones I had so his boss can get down on him instead of mine getting down one me, and a life time supply of whatever he might want. To Donna Pelot the power to be able to hack twelve weeks, and don't worry about this summer we still have a few years ahead of us. Don't forget all the good times we've had and especially the night of the Senior Prom. To Janet Hendrickson I will the best of luck in everything she does especially after September 11, 1971. To everyone in Crestwood especially the underclassmen the best of luck in your future years. To Joann Clark and Cindi Geigur the best of luck with Roger and Corky! To Charlie Isreal and Gary Wolewski thanks for putting up with me and Donna all those times you took us out for breakfast.

Janet Hendrickson leave to my sister Deloris the ability to stay in class and the ability not to screw up her credits. To all the clicks the ability to be friendly to everyone. To Joyce Kasputis all the luck in the world in her new life. To Cheryl Hendrickson one boyfriend and the ability to stop drinking every weekend, and a years pass to Alcoholics Anonymous. To Harold Bishoff all the luck in the world and hope all your plans work out. To Monica Sen I will I will a personality because she needs it. To Lynn, Coleen, Sheila, and Pam all the luck in the world in their future life. To Sue Lane a wash cloth, paint remover and water to wash her eyes. A little bit of dye to keep up her hair, a bandage to cover her face and a years supply of B.C. Pills. To Donna Pelot a suit of armor so you won't be so accident prone, a wheel chair to get around at Camp Dearborn, one case of Canadian Mist and a place to hit in her hospital room. To all the underclassmen all the luck in the world.

John Hess do will my old football jersey number “52” to the next great offensive center at Crestwood. I leave my little brother Matt my title bestowed on me “Freddy the Fox”. I leave my little sister Colleen, who has helped me through rough times, some tips on putting on weight and her own set of tools to keep that fantastic Falcon of hers running. I will a New Testament Bible to Ted, Terry, Dave and Bob to keep up my image of John the Baptist. I also will Ted a book on how to find a good used car and to Terry I leave one once famous philosophy. To Mrs. Childs I leave my best years as a cheerleader and I leave my brownie points in her class to Ted Thuis, who needs them more than I do. Last but most important I leave Diane all the memories of this last year we've spent here at Crestwood together and a free ticket good all the time, up to CMU.

Dennis Hockney will to Mitch Shusta my MoPed so he can get some gears. I will Jim Ryan a permanent buzz- “Ain't nobody going to stop me from getting a buzz.” Now to Jeff Hearn a sun tan. To Nuckey a 327 for his Nova. To Spunik a new Rally Nova. Van Pinto some ansens; and to Mike Lawrence a 326 Grand Prix. To Beaker a motorcycle. To Kathy Foreman a pocket size J.A.

Terry Hollenback being sound in neither body nor mind do bequeath, anyhow, all my physical and mental possessions from Crestwood High as follows: To Ted Thuis, my best and closest buddy thru these years, and the passage through which I entered into all my friendships here, I give my right arm whenever he wants or needs it. Also all the hours I've spent in the books here for him to use when he goes up to Central and many more movin; machines like the ones he's driven so far. Finally all the wine he can drink before Commencement. To Bob Totten I will my left arm (cause my right are is taken), for all the times he's come to help me and all he;s done for me. My friendship and all my possessions are always yours. Keep in touch even if you have to write. (You won't die). To Dave Tomoff and John Hess my long hair (which won't be long for long), maybe someday we can look like we want. And the best of luck with Jackie and Diane, (you've found something I haven't yet). Also all the memories from the great times we've had and will have. To Jackie and Diane I leave Dave and John, best of everything for all of you! To Arlena, Linda, and Becky my “little” sisters I will my time, ears and words of wisdom? Whenever you feel like talking. After Crestwood don't ever be embarrassed, I'll be there. Butch, hope to see you and Marmaduke in Hanover Gardens this summer. Leave your address so we can write. Thanks for always being there. For Colleen Molloy, Ginny Monroe Fonda, Val and MaryAnn Bridgette, my soul sisters, I leave a dance whenever they want one, (I can dig it anytime). To Paula Cairo and Paula Novelli I leave my desire that our strong friendship will continue and grow.

To Mr. Kimball my appreciation for his concern and enthusiasm. I hope you can continue to go on despite the apathy. Your efforts and example bear fruit. Dale, I leave you the three best years of your life coming up. Keep true to your friends, stick with sports, and try to push the books at least a little. I will help you if you ask. To Mrs. Childs the rest of my Jumbo Excedrin bottle, my torn blue cheerleading pants, two late sweaters, one case of leftover Crestwood mugs, and more thanks than anyone could ever express. Finally (can you believe it) to all the rest of the beautiful seniors and great juniors who I wanted to mention, (but couldn't afford to!) I leave my best wishes for a successful future in every way and hopes the people around you all will make your lives as happy as you have made mine.

Paul Horn will Mr. Lammers a pool table with one pocket and a cue ball and eight ball. To Mrs. Ziobro, ten free lessons from Betty Crocker on how to make brownies. To Mr. Berg a hair transplant. To Louis Fox Santo, who pops Cindy, fireproof hair spray, and chalk dust remover. To Mark Huetteman a full race cam for his Cuda. To Mike McDowell, a “He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother” record.

Valerie House hereby bequeath the following: To Colleen Molloy (#5) a splint to hold u her worn out middle finger, and a weekly pass to Standard for Benedict Arnold and so she may visit the “dirty old Man” to get daisies and gas for all the times we went out to lunch. To Paul Storck, millions of Graham's cartoons and a fight so I can choke him and mess up his hair too. To my sister Joleen- the words to “Impossible Dream”. To Mike Bojko a smile under water. To Arlena Monti- Hi, do you tie dye, /Di? To Arlena and Paula Koss, the fun we had in Driver;s Ed with Merwinn when we hid on him at the Standard Auto Part Shop. To Marsha Biek (Angelique) a letter in Francais about my summer vacation. To Linday Stanier breakfast in Rome, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Tokyo. To Joanne Westenburg (Hey! Impressive!) a certain night when we had one good dealing at 11:34 P.M. at the corner of Ann Arbor Trail and Telegraph. We must have been shook up from the jinx Riverside put on us (Polio). Also when we taught all those 40 (?) kids how to play poker at the Dearborn Inn and how to get drinks from the bartender! For your Red Fox, a new glove to fix the clutch and the resignatgion from me of my duty to go under the car to fix it. I hope some day you'll get enough money to get away “Class of '71” thru a hard year and to the Bahamas. I know your knowledge will take you far.

To my lover, Joe Ruicci, a Bahama coconut, a date when I'm not babysitting and the best skipper award. Also, a good laugh at the fake-out job we did in typing. I hope next time we go steady you don't hand your rings out to other girls—just me!!. To Joanne Westenburg and Phil Lena – YUK YUK YUK! To my boyfriend, Garry Brandt I will you a date to next year's Senior Prom and time so he can stop and talk. To my husband, Doug Taggart, you've been a great husband even through the hard times we had (like when Joanne was your wife too, you bigamist!) Remember there is always a great woman behind the man. To Bobby Hughes I will a tape of my singing for the one he never gave me. To Terry Hollenback, you're a great dancer – what can I say? Don't give me no hassle, after all, you worked three more hours than Ginny! You're a cool individual. To Kevin and Farmer Clark, you both win a Tony award or two. By the way, Mr. Clark you really deserve the award for most respected teacher. (Even if I go in the fish bowl to talk to Joanne.) If you need a babysitter, just call! To Joe Berry, I will a date with my mother. To Jane Ghannam, thanks for being around to help me and letting me use your _____ book. I wish you all the happiness in the world and I sure hope you get your way soon. By the way, do you have a Christmas berry? Don't forget me! (I still have kept the secret from Homecoming '70!) To Janice (motha) Turowski, I will you jitter bug socks and our fun in Sugar Lips class when all we did was talk and write poems about Billiam. Also remember Big Red's class and how we talked about his 6 foot tall baby kids!!

To Sandy Posa, (Sandy babe) a can of pop to spill on anyone Ginny and I don't like. Thanks! You and Tony are impressive! To Gale Cearbaugh, I will another drive down the sidewalk in front of the Senior Lounge is the big “AP”. By the way, next time we go to Sander's, you're eating the whole Sundae! (I'll eat the carmel topping!) Thanks for the Florida sun that gave me an instant sunburn. Thanks for your help, especially when we both had Hahn and for your honesty. Don't forget me and if you come to Central, you can room with me. Slap me five on that! Also, you can roll up this paper and _____! To my sister Pam, I will her all the spiders she scared me with and more. Also, free room and board in the summer when I have my own home. TRIP can mow the lawn. To Dave Tomoff, a steak so he'll come visit me and a girlfriend/boyfriend counselor for Jackie and you. To Chris Scaturo, a listening ear any time she wants one because I talked hers off in Chemistry (at the wee hours of the morning). Hope to see you as a fellow nurse. To Theodore Victor Thuis II (doorknob knees, weirdo), I will burnt toast to remember me by – if you're lucky I'll cook (burn) you some at Central. I also will you the hopes that I had built up inside of me a good ole Berwyn, only to hear Mr. Voorheis say you were the best player in the band! I ope you get everything and anyone you want because you're the best guy in Crestwood. To Lin Lawson, since our friendship has gone this long (12 years) I will you my everlasting friendship. Keep in touch and good luck with your future plans. To Linda D., I'm so glad things finally turned out for you. Good Luck!! (I'm positive you won't need it). To Beck Lewis, I will an early marriage. Thanks for all your help and guidance and always remember me as a faithful mail lady. To Gary Globish (you fish), I will my left over typing stationary, many smiles, and all the worries you gave me without knowing it. To Don Rousseau, I will the icing on the cake. To John Swerecki, I will the name “Fu”. To Menzie babe, my neighbor, I will a copy of all Raby's tests. Thanks for the earrings. Step across the street and see me (we might meet at a party again!). To Rick Schenkel, I will a big thank you and a hope for many more talks especially like the ones in 8th and 11th grades and the beginning of this year. Please come see me but if you don't, maybe we'll see each other in church like we planned to in 4 years. To Al Paparelli, I will the fun we had in Mr. Claeys class- thanks for getting me kicked out! I also will you many good cuts like you can give me.

To Robert Dale, I will you a great future with the one you finally settled down with. After the long wait I'm sure it'll be good. I'm glad you've grown up too, because now you're a great person as well as a great friend and I know you'll go far in whatever you do. Thanks dale, you've been great. Finally, to Ginny (motha, Missy Mussey, Fu) Mussey, remember the many many talks, discussions, and comments e had and still have. I will you the world- remember such great memories as driving in Mrs. Jacoby's class and playing driver's ed when I almost hit the garbage cans. I will you all the frosting you can scoop off of cakes and while you're at it, spill some pop on someone we don't like. I mean, after all, you worked three more hours than me and I asked you to get drunk (as in my phone call to you at Central). Am I cool now, perhaps #6? Because you work so much and never sleep, but you STUDY constantly (as in the hint under the table) you are impressive. We'll have to get together this summer and say hello, then eat jello on a mellow yellow pillow with a nice fellow (who, I might add, writes names on notebooks). Hey I mean hey! Don't ever forget me and keep in touch. Come stay we me at Central some weekends – then maybe I won't have to bother calling you at Julies. The best of luck to you!!

Marc Huetteman will to Mr. Paluchnaik, Red Baron. I think you should start planning to train some new recruits to work on the VW plane. It was fun while it lasted; to Mr. Miller, I leave one 10ft patch from the CUDA; to Mr. King, 50 courtesy's.

Bob Hughes will to Mike Menz, two nuts and a cup; to Paul Turowski, many waks with the whistle lavyard; to Doug Taggart, one hand print on the back to remember by; to Mr. Hahn, the right and fun to beat the heck out of Taggart and Turowski (and a lot of fun with them next year); to All Crestwood Coaches, I leave a cigar to each in gratitude of what they did; to Mr. Tate, many thanks for what he did for me; to Ray Buttigig, one lid; to Mrs. Ziobro, room for two on the plane to and from the Bahamas; to Bob Totten, Mike Bartlett and Mono, many quarters to shoot bombs at planes and ships at Cherry Hill Lanes; to Tom Monolidus, one dime to waste on a prank phone call, a book of two easy lessons of being P.W., a haircut, Murine for his red eyes, and a crying towel. To Bob Totten, all the luck with Lynda D. and being P.W. Like me; to Lynda Dytiniak, all the luck with Bobby T. and a free appointment to get her hair styled in braids; to Mike Bartlett, a book on five easy lessons on being P.W.; to Mrs. Claeys, not to crash her 5th hour class; to Val House, my hit tape recordings of Eleanore Rigby, You Keep Me Hanging On, I Wanna be Free, etc.; to Marianne Pierzchala, a peep hole to see who's out in the hall; to Arlena Monti, one cigar I owe her, and all that I have, especially my love.

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Mike Jaksim hereby will Dan Mancina and Rich Priebe, a spot at “Thee Wall” for the next season; to Larry McClelland, 3 free lessons on how to get down in 2; to Mrs. Jaworski, 1 hour of peace and silence; to Ed Dudick, the Lady Bug of 3rd hour English; and to Rich Gryzbowski, the ability to pull off a caper without being caught.

Cindy Jameyfield will a needle and thread to avoid being embarrassed by fuchsia; to Nancy Rock, I will binoculars so she will be able to cheat easier on the English tests; to Kathy Anos, I will a teddy bear to sleep with on the senior trip.

Robin Jolley will to Dennis, Cheryl, Sheila, and Devin, all of my pink passes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd hour classes, you guys need not worry because there's more than enough to go around, so Cheryl doesn't worry so much.

Mark Johnston do hereby bestow upon Mr. James Fisher, one shiny new Showboat with a bunch of little yeomen to guard it; to Mrs. Ziobro, she can have her choice of A Little Black Boy, or the Prince of Denmark; to Mrs. Remington, one quiet afternoon with my Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha, too bad it couldn't be during second hour; to Gordon Petty, a recording of Mrs. Remington giving him his awards so he can play them day and night; to Amy Rubadue, one box of Amy Joy donuts to be picked up at the snack bar of Monkey Wards; to Jack Caswell, a set of new tonsils and some breath spray to help you keep from splatting; to Barb Frazier, one rain-check for dinner at Saratoga Trunk with a special Larry Phillips and a fan to cool off that back seat; and for last, to my sweetheart Carol, love, happiness, my Oscar for best actor and one Mark Johnston.!!!

Claudia Jones will to Jane Gunton, the bill to fix our chase lounge and all the love you never got and the morals your stuck with. I will Monica Sen, a book on “How to Make friends” for all the one's you've lost and “How to get a Stick and Keep It.” To Kathy Foreman I will her my green Ford for one night without Dan Ulfig in the car, I will her all my love and my Canadian guys and one night to do our grossys for everybody. To Wanda Kramer, I will her a plaque for most desperate on the Senior Trip and a box of pumpkin seeds for Spanish. To Ron Havener I will everything he's always wanted, but never got. To Stan Odroniec a piece of pie for Pancho. To Gary Globish, I give him one night with anybody to live up to his nickname as Blowfish and a telephone call. To Cheryle Johnson, for what I did, I will her Pat Doyle for a night so you will talk to me again and a car so we can take off to Florida. To Colleen Cosgrove, I will her a flare to keep in her car for the next time you stake out on Michigan Ave. And another date with groovy Roger and his brother if your lucky. To Cathy Bednarczyk I will her a trip to my cottage and my ability to park cars because she can't. To Marilyn Sarookianan the ability to get rid of those Canadian guys when you don't want them and the top bunk for whenever she comes out. To John Hockney, I will him one pork job and a bottle of Jim Beam that he threw in the ocean. To Jim Ryan, I will one look behind the drapes the next time he gets the chance. To Kebb, I will one C.F.C. For a little more than a hockey game. To Greg Fattal, I will one slap in the face on every New Year's Eve. To Dave Tomoff, another visit to his basement to hear the song and to Ted Thuis, the secret I always told him and he never told anybody, and to Craig Forquer, I will a trip to Cass Lake. To Mr. Montre, I will a new typewriter for the math office and to little Lucia (Denise) another wonderful year of Spanish. To Tom Leszczynski I will a fishing trip he missed and another night at Kathy's cottage; To my sister, all the great fun I had at Crestwood; and I will to the great class of '72 all the luck in the world and one _____ of a senior trip.

Denise Joseph bequeath my most cherished possessions to the people below listed: To Jane Gunton, my oldest friend, I leave “the rope”, a golf-ball microphone, and my collection of “oldie but goodie” records. To Janice Turowski, I leave a space in the galley of United Airlines. To Sally Kennedy, (alias Diana), I leave a collection of Supreme Albums. To Maryann Pierzchala, I leave a “Perch” on a palm tree in Freeport; and to Jackie Bellino, I leave a “bell”. To Kathy Foreman, I leave a bucket of ice water and another wall to run into. To Cathy Bednarczyk, I leave a pair of pajamas and a ball to play with. To Cheryle Johnson, I leave a backed-up toilet. To the three aforesaid girls, I leave room 147 and another trip to the Bahamas. To Jim, Craig, Jay, Stan, Doug and all the guys that were on the trip and came to visit us in room 147, I leave a bottle. To Claudia Jones, I leave another night out on the beach and 3 hours detention with Wanda Kramer. To Marilyn and Colleen, I leave an adjoining room. To Mrs. Childs, I leave another senior trip to the Bahamas. To Mr. Gehm, I leave my love for being such a good foster father. My cousin, Mark Casper, I leave my wishes for gook luck in the future. To next year's seniors, I will that they too may have an opportunity to go to the Bahamas on their senior trip. To Mike, Bill, Jerry and Neil, I leave a tape recording of sound effects. And last, but not least, I leave my love.

Constance Juengel will the following things to those that be: to Kim Woerpel, I leave all my old art projects, if she wants them, and I hope her senior year (and trip) are as good as mine. To Marcia beard, I will a certain person-- yes, Marcia... no misunderstanding on my part. To Armilda VanBuskirk, I leave all my confessions for those Saturday—afternoon and nights. Also a thanks for the letters from J.S. To Vicki Brendel, I give the Bahama special – alias- the Sunburn Killer. Remember the potion and take it slowly. To Karin Hovsepian, I leave one eraser—use if and think of me. To my brother, I wish all the good luck I have with his tennis in the next years and congratulations to Hugh McKenty and him for making #1 All League together this year. To Karen Glogowski, my thanks for the flowers on my birthday. To Doreen Taglioli, I leave all the great memories of the Bahamas trip—especially Saturday night. To Mr. Kimball, my promise that before this year is over, I will come to class at least once on time. To my art teachers, my thanks for all they have taught me. THANK YOU.

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Joyce Kasputis will Sue Lane better luck next time, and also a big, red light. To Cheryl Hendrickson, I will enough bus passes to get back and forth to work (because I won't be able to take you). To Paul Storck, Ron Havener, John Mulkerrin and Steve, I will a little bit of manners and hope you grow up fast, and some better looks (you're not the best looking guys). To Janet Hendrickson, I will a lot of luck in her love life. To Lynn Lawson, I will more luck with Terry and hope you get along better (like I do.) To Cathy Chambers, I will a bandage to cover her face. (ha ha) To Carm Vecchio, I will more hair because you don't have enough of your own, more hair spray to hold it all up and more curlers to roll it up.

Connie Katnik will to Miss Weber 1,000 sheets of used steno paper and an empty pen; to Mr. Claeys, the glory of not having me for another year; to Carm a crop of tall green grass already rolled; to my brother John who will be a freshman next year, good luck brother; to Mr. Stolov, two years of Hell; to Alice Minassian, my so called “luck”; to Betty Burns, a telephone call to Randy from the Bahamas; to Jill McDonald the understanding of people; to Debbie Mahon a shadow named Nicky; to Lori Bolte two swollen feet; to Marcella Sowa, a set of morals and some pills; to the “straight people” of Crestwood, a joint to the goody-goodies, four years of feeling out of place while being around them; to LoAnn Friend, my parking space at McDonald's so maybe she'll be able to get out and use it; to Rob Moran, a smile and a ride home; to Cheryl Doan, my insanity; to Sharon Bowers, a friendship that should have been but never was; to everybody, my happiness and joy that I have found in life; to anybody, a saying that I strongly believe in: “Fear is the lock and laughter the key” - God Bless you all.

Sally Kennedy hereby bequeath these things to the following people: To Ginny Mussey, a voluptuous date with “Security” and the “Mother of the Year Award.” Also one cola-nut. To Linda stanier, a bottle of “Infatuation” to be used before June 17, and white socks for Jay. To Gale Cearbaugh, one giant scoop to top all of hers. To Mike Menz, a bird and a bee, but not to be swallowed! To John Chlipala, a P.W. Medal for his patience far and beyond the call of duty. To Janice and Diane, a ticket to Lakeland next March and all my match-making skills. To Dave Tomoff, the “Alexander Mundy look-alike-award.” To all the Senior sponsors my sincere thanks for making our great Senior trip possible. To Roger Remnant, one flame and a year's pass to Hardee's. To Maryann and Jackie, a bird for later, our memories of room 247 and a summer full of parties. And last, but not least, to Dave Silski I leave $22.88 to be used later, a new shovel and all my love for being such a great guy!

Debra Koivunen being of sound mind (?) and body, do bequeath the following: To Mark Bolda I will my peace patch; to Mr. Kotulski one 24-hour pinockle partner; to my sister Sherry I give all my brownie points so that she has a head start and also four wonderful years at Crestwood; to Chris Krowicky I will my title of Class Brownie since she is so much more deserving of it than I; to the teachers and administrators of Crestwood I will my deep gratitude for all their help and understanding; and finally, to the great class of 1971 I wish luck and success in future years.

Paula Koss do humbly bequeath the following with best wishes to: Jackie Stec, a tan to last all year; to Rhea Youngs, who suffered with me through my sunburn, lots of sunburn relief and a pair of prescription sunglasses; to Joanie Zdan, my autographed picture of Dick McAuliffe and a front rot seat in Miss Klarman's class. To Diane Swies, my partner in crime and other things, I will a winning season for Denny, a free ride to and from work and many successes at U of M. To Michele Abdo my seat on the beach and my total seasons production of 10 points. To Sue Zdan all the luck in the world you can possibly have on the basketball court and of course GAA. It's all your now! To Mrs. Childs a prayer for th safety of your husband (it'll be there when you need it) all the pictures D.L. Has taken of you in class, a wish for luck and all the thank-you's in my heart for the help you've given and the smiles you've brightened up our days with.

Sue Krajewski will my sister, Donna, all the luck with her high school years and as Treasurer of GAA. To Michele Abdo, a book entitled, “How to Treat a Friend.” to Grace, better eyesight for the unknown guy at Whopper's. To Rene, a speedy-super flea to get her to first hour on time. To Debbie, two five at one-hundred shorthand takes. To Judy, one white horse and 1,000 years. To Lori, an extra layer of skin after the blisters are gone. To Linda a book that is in alphabetical order to keep the guys in order. To all seniors the best of luck in whatever they plan to do after graduation.

Wanda Kramer will to next years Homecoming Chairman, a lot of work and I hope it turns out as beautiful as 70's did. I leave to Colleen one wish for her to get the one thing she wants from life. I leave to Jane Ghannam a lot of tears from hard work for our school. I will to Monica one true love that sends her roses once a week and the riot we will have at state. I leave to Jane all my memorized lines and my tap dancing ability so she can be a star. I leave to Kathy Foreman one metal filing box to file away her college cheat notes in, and the ability to stay awake forever and never have to sleep. I leave to Claudia my ability to speak Spanish in exchange for her verb no-how. And the knowledge that she can borrow any last minute snaps at State. I leave to Cheryle on used baton and gas forever, thanks. I leave to Marilyn all the rides by Cal's so long ago, her P.J. party memories, Corn, and a few of my side inches for her height. I will our gang to be reunited again. To Crestwood I leave my 3 ton roll of white poster paper, my acting career, my club offices, my complaining, and a wish for less apathy throughout this school. And last to Paula Novelli some manners and how to say please and thank you.

Terry Kraus will Sue Brown all of my love and hope in the near future she will graduate from her school so I can be proud of her as I am of myself. And hope she goes through school as happy and proud as I did. I will my brother Phillip Kraus, my parking place only if he becomes a senior as I did. Also I would like to leave my brother my great reputation that I leave behind and hope he can live up to it.

Eugene Kronkowski hereby will to Tim Kearney a pair of fins to use over the summer. I will to Linda Comstock my sparkling, always clean, car windshield. I will to Don Loose my French book and to Diane Truitt my autographed picture of Jane Fonda. I will to Charmaine Zewicke and Tom Kearney cab-fare for the next school year. Last and surely least, I will to Gina Fortura my pair of hot pants that she loves so dearly.

Christine Krowicky will to the following people: To Karen Pederson, some cream for her coffee, a bucket and shovel award for all you said about your man, a ride to his house anytime you need one, a hanger to put in your mouth to make you smile, and a bucket full of tears so you won't have to waste your time crying. To Brenda Sabuda, my lifetime buddy, I will one hundred dollars and ten points worth of pickets, one bottle of burgundy to spill, a case of apricot juice, and one wedding cake for the day you finally marry the “perfect” man. To Jerry “Rabbit” O'Hara, I will a trophy for being the smartest person in the school, a gold El Dorado, a car to fall asleep in, in front of my house, all the money I owe you, a cat named “moudka”, and ten post cards next time I go to Florida. Finally, a new head so you can make up your mind once in a while. To Lydia Lypka, I will one little blond bay; and some shocking pink yarn to put in your pigtails. To Arlena Monti, I leave a dollar's worth of gas for each time I drove your car, some Boonesfarm, a slap in the face for when we were at Marianne's, some freckle remover, and an Aunt Hosie party at my house with those same people anytime you come back over this summer. To Joanne Westenburg, I leave one sheriff fully equipped with badge, guns, black boots, and a sticker saying, “freak out.” Also, a Riverside basketball player, another blind date, a great big thank you for putting up with me, and a dictionary which translates all of our “opposites.” to Mary Beth McNerney, I will two dates while I'm up at MSU for a weekend, and a bottle of contact lens solution to you won't have to put them in your mouth every morning. To Ginney Mussey, I will one pipe screen with instructions on how to use it, a book of gross things to say, and a book of bleacher broad cheers.

To Tom McCormack, I leave one pork chop, a date at the drive-in the sum of $3.00 you spent on me all that summer, and a great big thank-you for that last phone call. To Tony Enokian, I leave an award for being impressive, and a “chest” to sleep on at prom. To Al Paparelli I will all the gas we used every time we took your car second hour, a brillo pad, and another book of 2001 insults. To Jane Ghannam, I leave one straw-BERRY, and thanks for telling me about recess in 5th grade. To Gale Cearbaugh, I leave one pass to see Mr. King, some popcorn, pizza, and some gum for your steering wheel. Also a jar of peanuts, and lots of luck with your buddy. (He's a good kid!) To Mr. Hamrick, I will one complimentary breakfast at the fabulous Flame, and all the work we didn't do second hour. To Mr. Kimball, I will all of my ugliness, and a promise that next time your have neck problems, you'll get yours. To Colleen Molloy, I leave one Hobie Submarine purchased by Betty Crocker or Raquel Welch, some yogurt, a new pair of shoes to get muddy, and three guys from Wonders. To Janice Turowski, a bottle of vodka for your back pocket, a book of obscenities for future basketball games, and a button saying “I am a Russian “vooman”. To Dan Ulfig, I leave one bowl of pretzels to throw up in. To Bob Sowinski, I will another chocolate football, and thanks for putting up with me as long as you did. To Donna Lypka, I will one man from Warren, and hope that you don't get mad on those Sunday mornings. Finally, to Steve Dorais, I will one pinch in the butt.

Rick Kwek in my last will and testament will first a girlfriend as great as mine to all the guys in the world. To Ron Smith a steady girlfriend. To Gary Ainsworth a big bag of bull. To Colleen Molloy a tow truck so she can haul her flapper to the junkyard the next time it breaks down. To Maureen McCullen a dictionary so she can increase her vocabulary. And last but not least to all future Crestwood classes as great a senior trip as we had.

L Return to Top

Sue Lane will to Nancy Rock a nose scratcher, and a trampoline to keep in practice. To Cindy Jameyfield I leave a map and tour book of New York!! To Kathy Anos I leave 50 hits of speed and some flannel pajamas. To Cris Scaturo I leave a fifth of sloe gin to replace the one I lost in the Marina. To Betsy Greenough I leave 20 mouse traps and a can of “flea” spray. To Mr. Claeys I leave a month old attendance card, a megaphone and a round trip ticket to Freeport.

Mike Larabee will to my buddy Mr. McNeil, my brother because without my brother I wouldn't have been your so called friend. A special will to Donald Barton, -- to Donald I will one box of Q-tips for that big candle in your ears. To Yogi, he can have my blooch, cause you'll need it. To Keith Common he deserves to have my Saint Peter because you've become so attached. To my real buddy Jerry O. I will another set of hands so he can write the many, many people when he goes on trips and someone to get him out of his jams like I have. To Jill McD. I will one set of elbows to walk down the halls with and a zipper for your big mouth, but I love ya anyways, but most of all to my hero Craig Common I can't will you anything cause you're “Down the Sewer”. To my Carolyn I will me and an engagement ring. To Ching I will a fishing pole and the bottle of Lemon-Lime Vodka you left at Carolyn's house.

Michelle Lavey will these to the following: To Mrs. Childs, Mr. McNeil, Mr. Raby, Mr. Smink, Paula, and everyone who was in Room 203 on April 6, my sincerest apologies and thanks for being so understanding. To Julie, a new Super Fox to replace the one who's leaving, my knowledge of English grammar, and three skinny-dipping tunas. To Mickey, no date to her Freshman Homecoming so that she may learn patience and humility. To Danny, Varsity Club Initiation so that he may once again become the Bold Hippy. To Ted, a nurse's uniform and a book on “How to Attach Garbage Bags to Chicken Wire.” To Dawn, a durp, a burr, Dordon of the gold tooth and “good” times, and all the Canterbury Tales in the world. To Pam, a key to Room 210, a handshake, and some durps of her own to hide behind. To Lori, Henry and a little card reading “Out of all my relations, sex my favorite”. To Denise, two Texans, the big B.S., memories of jello-butt and Hard Guys Incorporated, drivers-ed with it's daily kick in the rear, sunburned tunas and sticky fingers to catch another sting-ray, plenty of eggies in the year to come, trips to Zacks and Mac's a new drum and Gordon (I call him Mr. Sex Maniac). Also a sincere fox and my thanks and best wishes. To John (Hawk) a clock so he won't get out of practice, and my thanks for helping me through my Freshman year. (Merci, min, ami.) and finally, to all the people I didn't get to mention, my sincerest thanks, friendship, love, and best wishes for happiness in all the years to come.

Mike Lawrence will my immaculate 326 LeMans to Mr. Miller because I know he will cherish it as much as I did. I also will all of my ingenious ways of skipping and never getting busted to my brother Joe and his friends. To Joyce Sutherland, Tony Szuma and Dave Brach something to they could get a buzz. To Helen Stell, happiness with Dave. To John Hockney one “go head.” And also I will all my love to Chris and and in the years ahead. And to Frank and Steph, all the luck.

Lynn Lawson will to Denise Leeman someone with a large ear and no problems of their own so he could devote full time to her troubles. To Kathy Wacaster I leave tons of best wished and good luck through out the rest of her school life. To Bob Totten I leave one large “I TOLD YOU SO,” and lots of luch to himself and Lynda. To Mrs Jaworski I leave, thanks for being the kind of teacher every student should have. To Twyla Peden I leave the thought that I won't be here at school next year t keep an eye on her. To the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen I leave this thought “Make Crestwood the kind of school you want and can be proud of.”

Steve Lesniak who is of sound mind and body hereby will to the following: To Sandy all the old love letters she has written me this year and one free night out on the town to do or go anywhere she wants to go. To Paul S., Jim D., Ray L., Roger R. and finally Stan Depowski “one”can of warm beer to be collected anytime while your stoned. To my brother Frank one used guitar pic, three broken strings and a ripped speaker. To the parking lot of Crestwood High all the empty beer cans that I leave during the last few weeks of school. To the people mentioned above can only collect when I Steve Lesniak feel the time is right.

Dennis Lewandowski leave to Mr. Kotulski all my sick jokes and to Kendall both of my good jokes. To Paula Koss, Lezlie Daley, Jill McDonald and Denise I leave my smiles. To Mr. King I leave my singing voice and a six pack. To Carol I leave Garden City Hospital and Metro and Sue I leave all sorts of experiences and happenings.

Becky Lewis do hereby will the following: To Linda D. a little more nerve, a lot more answers, and a lifetime filled with everything you'll ever want. To Bob Totten an island in Florida all your own, and all the memories of last summer. To Jackie Stec this whole year coming up in hopes that it will hold as much fun for us as this past year has. To Dave Tomoff our ride t Pontiac, all of our good talks, and a little more patience with Jackie (those little things aren't always the most important). To Val House a lifetime occupation as an experienced mail-lady, and hopes that someday that certain someone will wake up and realize what he's missing To Ted Thuis a loaf of bread, a box of pop-tarts, all the carnations in my backyard, and lots of love for adding so much to these four years. To Craig (papa)Common a wife that will be able to put up with you, all my pancakes and scrambled eggs, and an invitation to come and live with us whenever you like (even though we do already have a pet). To Ken Holda a lifetime supply of paper, and a great big thank you for putting up with me this year and for always being there when I needed you. To Liz and Jim all of my abilities in algebra. To Mr. Hamrick $1.00, some Italian girl to follow you around so I can laugh, payment for a Crestwood sweater, and a special thanks for being such a great friend. To Jim Lewis all of my shyness and self-confidence in the four years ahead of you take advantage of them they'll go faster than you think. And finally to my sister Patti the best of luck in everything you ever do, a little more patience with people, a special thank you for all your help (you got me through), and as great a senior year as I had. I would especially like to will to Ted and Dave many thanks for their help in stopping an over flowing toilet, lots of clean towels to dry with, and many more chances to use your double-barreled testing technique. And to Colleen, Joanne, Janice, Arlena, Bobby, Ginny, Mike B., Lindy, Marianne, and Jackie thanks for make these four years so unforgettable.....

M Return to Top

Dan Mancina hereby will to Gary Globish and Rich Priebe 15 dollars to pay their tab at the Holiday Inn. To Earl Duncan my share at the syndicate. To Greg Fattal the chance to star in the Highwaymen as Tim the Ostter, and a backseat drivers license. To Wanda Kramer and Claudia Jones a quick tour of room 227's shower. To Colleen Cosgrove a ticket to a Detroit Red Wing vs. St. Louis Blues game so she can get another look at the sissy. To Jim Augustyn one hot tip that wins. To Paul Robinson and Rob Bolley my autographed picture of Dave Keon. To Ed Zabrosky one pack of razor blades so his beard doesn't get too long. To Eugene Kronkowski a chair so he can sit in front of our door and wait for us to wake up. To Micky Ceci one skeets bat. To Mike Jaksim a rested case and a fight to ref. To Gary Globish my can of hot lather so he can shave twice a day. To Glenn Harla one black cow. To Nick Cynar a goat without gas fumes. To all underclassmen a senior trip like we had.

Larry McClelland being of sound mind and body bequeath my great driving ability to “Big John” so he can become a long ball knocker. To Mike Tate, stay No. 1 in throwing and breaking clubs, and to Glen Piot and Frank Jawor will my great putting stroke. To Al Tumas I say “LaBos Algis” and an elbow in the mouth. To “Hawk” thanks for always getting the car and driving MIKE around. To Steven Ronald Purple Haze, 1 Laredo machine and a phony ID for you Molson Canadians. To “MIKE” I will him the voice of Howie Cosell. To Firebug 4 Johnny Cash albums. To D. Green I will a turtle and a snail. To Garry (MJ) Unger I will th status of sissy of the year and 10 autographed pictures of your idle Derek Sanderson. To Denise Pas, a trumpet solo of Mary Had a Little Lamb. To Picky an extra back pocket for your findings. To Doc Clyde Crashcup 18 cheated up activity points so somebody can raise their grade in your class. To Chuckie I will 25 fruit baskets, 75 plants, and 8 dozen roses so you can have a Merry Christmas. To Pair of T's good luck with golf and don't FALL from first.

Carolyn McCubbrey will to Michelle Abdo and my sister Lori 4 great years like I had. (Stay out of trouble). To Lynn McDonald one Falcon and all the fun that goes with it and a crazy personality like her sister. To my best friend Jill McDonald I will all the proper techniques of sitting in a car, and how to maintain self-control when a song comes on. And of course, I couldn't forget to will one Denise Hall to may your life exciting, I will one glass of Kool-Aid and Vodka to be thrown in your face. To all the underclassmen guys, I will Jerry O'Hara's ability to get girls. I hope they can make it without Jerry. To certain Junior girls I will Mike Larabee's twin brother (eat your heart out!) to Nicky Cynar I will a round of drinks for everybody at the Holiday Inn. To Mr. Berg an invitation to my wedding. To Craig Common one chauffeur for the Senior Prom. I will all my thanks to all the sponsors that made the Senior Trip so great. I will all students taking Business English in the following years one of the best and understanding teachers, Mr. Claeys. To my Best Man Jerry O'Hara I will love and kisses, fun and laughs. The biggest bag of trouble and girls, girls, girls. To MaryBeth and Don I will the best of luck in the future, hoping certain people don't ruin it for you. To Larry McCartney I will another week at Camp Dearborn and my new bathing suit. To all underclassmen I will a Senior year just like I have had. The GREATEST! I must not forget, I will Mike Larabee one hair cut, all my love and one wedding band. I Love You.

Jill McDonlad will to Carolyn McCubbrey, a bus fare up to MSU every weekend, an engagement ring before I go to school, a legal license to drive a car and a book on all our wild experiences! To MaryBeth McNerney I will all the “Little Treasures” we buried in my yard, a tank of rain water so you don't have to lay in the street to wash your hair (and then the cry in the night “HEY”) and last of all— a bottle of Lime Vodka for you and Don. To Gary Ainsworth a birth certificate with the name GARDENIA printed on it. To Steve Bonder, to live the night over of the Senior Prom but, to be with FRANK! Ray Buttigieg, my hopes for him to pass government. To John Chlipala, a string to attach Marianne to, so she's around your finger after graduation. To Nick Cynar, three drinks at the Holiday Inn-- on me. To Lynn Davis, a new case of make-up (from when I broke it on Brenda's car window) and most of all-- JERRY!. To Sandy Dimitru, a clean bathtub next time she goes to the Bahama's. To Randy Edwards' a camera so he can take real pictures of me. To Kathy Foreman 20 hours of empathy training and that one big basketball player (ha ha). To Nancy Gargol a sister-in-law name Gail McDonald (someday). To Gary Globish a pass to the girls anytime I need help. To Barb Haines a night out in my Falcon only if your high, it drives smoother that way. To Pat Hartigan our good times playing kick the can. To Ron Havener a big plastic bottle of Stroh's Beer, to keep his girlfriend under control. To Colleen Hidey a beautiful wedding. To Chris Jackadini a bottle of wine that she can't get sick on. I will to Mike Larabee half of Carolyn, a new sexy straw hat (since I took yours over at the Bahama's). and an electric hair setter. To Lebby a new camera. To Debbie Mahon, Nicky Cynar. To Pam Mercier, Steve Soviack for the rest of her life.

To Val Righettini a bottle of glue to use on the saddle whenever she goes horseback ridding. To Jim Ryan a DEFINATE place to meet him at the Rock and a towel to wipe away his tears. I will to my good friend Jerry O'Hara better known as JO a blender to mix all our drinks in. To Monica Sen a boyfriend at State. To Brenda Simpson, one dance with my fish and Victorio. To Sarookian her well know name to stick with her and also one bear that wears pants. To Steve Soviak a softer shoulder to sleep on. To Barb Warzocha a plane that doesn't have such long legs. To Marsha Biek a third eye to watch her big brother with when I'm at MSU and a ticket to Central to visit that special Teddy Bear. To Frank Slomzenski all the foxes left in the school after the class of '71 is gone. To Jim Mason a diploma from DC and one big kiss!! To Mariann one good HI!! and all my good English writing habits. To Jackie Bellino one bottle of head and shoulders so when your high you can get rid of that dandruff. To Stan Odroniec a book on how and when to ask girls out after basketball games, a arm that doesn't fall asleep and one BIG graduation kiss! To Roger Remnant a new mouth so that he can talk straight and also a big orange pumpkin. To Joyce 20 more hours of empathy, the memories of that first time for me and also a new package of papers. To Steve Gardner a “Landmark” of his own t manage. To my “little” sister Lynn, my '61 Falcon if it is still alive and all the luck at Crestwood in her next two years. To Mike Biek a new '71 Chevelle, a ticket to next year's Senior Prom. To the class of '72 my hopes for them to get their stuff together before next year starts. To the Class of '71 (the greatest senior class ever)-- a Ten Year Class reunion at the Oceanus Hotel in the Bahama's.

Michael McDowell being of sound mind and musical body, hereby will to Scott Elliott the ability to remember to keep appointments, the incentive to play drums butter than Gene Krupa, and my hate for WABX. To Matt Plaeey, lots of luck with your band and a victory in the never ending battle with your brother. To Dennis Russell, my hate for sports statistics and James Taylor. I also will him my Fabian album so he can listen to “Memories are Made of This” over and over again. To Doug Hetherington, complete use of his parents; LTD. To Larry Stein, the incentive to buy all the 45's I'm selling so I can invest in more albums. To Mike Tackett I will the first chair he swiped from me in band. To Pat Hillard I will the ability to beat Mike Tackett. To Todd Heller, I will the urge to play your 45's and the ability to keep up your “wolf” image next year. To Rod Biggar, the ability to get along beautifully with Mr. Fisher and lots of luck with you-know-who. To Wes Rozan, a book on modesty. To Gordon Petty, a copy of “De De Dinah” by Frankie Avalon. To Paul Horn, more battles with Louie, even after graduation. To Mark Huetteman, the ability to be a better baseball player than Larry Stein. To Gary Paslaski, his old job back at Toyota's. To Mario Giacometti, the ability to handle a car safely. To Doug Giacometti, one dozen pizzas. To Chester Buczek, a Nathaniel Meyer album. To Frank Czerniawski, more practice sessions with Steve, so maybe you can play lead guitar. To Mr. Fisher, a new laugh and a life of paradise away from me. To Mrs. Ziobro, a box of one dozen brownies. To Mrs. Childs, another student next year that imitates Elvis Presley as well as I do that can drive you crazy with music talk like I did. And to anyone who is interested, a few hours listening to my six Monkees' albums so you can hear what great music is. And a message to all: keep listening to music, It's the only way of life.

Hugh McKenty being of sound mind and body here by bequeath to Coach Fletcher a lot of luck and patience to put up with boycotting football players. To my tennis companions I will my great Adidas basketball shoes that I used for tennis and a roll of tape to keep them together. To my friend Paulie I will all my world tennis mags, my old tennis balls, and all my luck because without you I would never have made it (gimme five!). To “Timmy” I will my tennis record so you can look forward to beating it. To Don Gillikin I will one of my Varsity Letters so you won't feel so bad. To TK I will all my years of tennis at Crestwood and some Bayer Aspirin because when you think of me I know you will need em. To “Mulky” I will the best of luck and that stupid library book, which has been over due since March. To John Swerecki I will that bottle of wind which was suppose to be for the prom. But you had enough already. To Mr. Leroy I will all the happiness in the world just so long as my sister isn't in any more of your classes. To all Mr. Leroy's classes especially 5th hour. I hope you learned a lot in Sex Ed. especially on Senior Control Day. To Peggy I will all my love, you have made my Senior year the best year of my life. I will always love you. It's been a Great Year. To the class of '71 I will miss you all!

MaryBeth McNerney being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following items to the following people: To Paula sue Cairo I leave many fun memories and laughs, a dozen plastic red roses to remind her of the real ones she received, the prints of two prom pictures, and memory of all our giggles and how Don and Jerry enjoyed it so and an armrest and freckled hand. To Chris Krowicky I leave a lifetime supply of spearmint Certs (not fruit flavored ones) a “This Stinks” button to wear for Mrs. Childs, a Ukrainian dictionary so she can learn some new sayings; two groaters and a ride home from Carolyn's should she ever need one again. To Jerry O'Hara I leave the hopes that he finds the perfect girl so he'll never be able to complain about a girl again, a meeting of all his past girlfriends so that they can compare notes and he'll really be in trouble, and a diploma because he THINKS he's so smart. To Nancy Hija I leave her name spelled HIFA because it's easier to type and that's how I got to know her; also lots of luck always in everything. To Ted Thuis- my Berwyn Buddy I leave a complete lunch- including a feen-size candy bar and my Berwyn flag to cherish always and many of the laughs we've had. To Mr. Kimball I leave a new attendance taker and thanks for being so nice and genuine. To Jill McDonald I leave a ride home from school at 9:00 after a senior trip, a shout in the rain and dark, and all of our fun times. To Carolyn McCubbrey good luck with Mike and thanks for your parties. To Vicky Folmar and Debbie Lundquist I leave two Varsity competition cheers, a first place trophy because they and the whole squad is going to deserve it, all the fun memories of everything we did, my tears for you guys next year, two cots for next year when you come to visit me, two cafeteria sweepers for next year; to Vicky I leave my curly hair; to Deb another fishing trip.

To the senior class chaperone's-- especially Mrs. Claeys, Mrs. Ziobro, Mrs Knapp and Mrs. Childs I leave all our memories cause you guys were the greatest on the trip and in school, our class was lucky to have such great people to chaperon and sponsor us. To Chrissy Babes Childs I leave many thanks for all her time she devoted to the cheerleaders, you were great and you'll never know how I appreciate it. I also leave thanks for being a friend to me, for your help and all the memories of all our good times. To Emily Knapp I leave some tougher skin so she won't get so burned when she goes to the Bahamas again, a paper dedicated to her for being a great Crusader Advisor, and thanks for being so nice. To Al Paparelli I leave a punching bag and a colton patch so he can pick on someone else. To the Class of '71 I leave a one-year reunion at the Oceanus North, Freeport, Grand Bahamas. To the Class of '72 I wish all you guys the best of luck especially to all the ones who helped make my senior year so great-- also thank you to the thoughtful ones who met us at the airport. To Paula Novelli I leave all my Italian in hopes that she learns to speak the language some day, a cold pizza, a case of orange crush, a box of chocolate Whip and Chill, a meter for her car so she can charge me for everywhere she takes me after school, a temper controller—not that she needs one-- and thanks for all our fun times and for all her predictions (which come true) that keeps me going at times, and all the many memories we've shared; and lastly but not leastly I leave to Donald Alfred Rousseau the biggest bass in the world and the hope that he catches it, all the salted peanuts in the world, a bag of Bray's hamburgers (especially at 4:30 in the morning), my walk he likes so much, a jab, jab, jab, punch, a pool full of fish for his backyard and a daily supply of fresh minnows to feed them, all my bowling ability, our own personal “slap be five,” all the records I owe him, a thank you for being so sweet, a thank you for all the fun times we've shared and all the memories we have and will have in the future.

Tom Monolidis still having some kind of mind left, do will to... Bob (Boner) Hughes... a paging in any bowling alley that he may ever bowl at, and all the Rudys that he wants to eat. To Marilyn Sarookanian...a needle and thread for all the “cuts” I've given her, and lots of love for taking them so well. To Officer Cronk and the rest of the Inkster Police Department... 6 pounds of nails and 4 new hammers to go with the lumber I gave them for their new patios. To Mr. Kotulski...a bag of rubber stoppers and a lifetime pas for “Tora! Tora! Tora!” and if you think we really meant what we did last year; we did! To Mike Bartlett... one pair of glasses with one lens shot out. To Nicky Cynar... a cup of coffee for the next hangover. To Karen Katsarelas... a free ticket to any church event of her choice. To Mr. Haines... a back 40 and apologies for raising heck on your farm plus a special apology to your pigs. To Ted Thuis... a lifetime membership in the T.I.T.S. Club. To Mrs. Kulas... the promise that when I die I will come back and haunt her forever. To Mr. Berg... Peter Zengar's lawyer. To Nancy Whatley... a can of beer to sneak out of her house and a cigarette for the back seat of her car. To Dennis Lewandowski... 1 dz rotten eggs on his front porch. To Bob Totten... a rock between his eyes. To Mr. Hamrick... his very own Nicky Cynar. To Shawn McLachlan... my out-standing reputation in the science wing. I also wish to will love and thanks to... Mr. King... for doing more and caring more for me than anyone will ever know. Mrs. Ziobro... for still liking me despite all I've done and said to her. Bob Totten... for being with me and straightening me out when I really needed it. Mrs. Jaworski... for being the beautiful person that she is. Mike Menz... for being thre when I was troubled and for being a great friend in Slubowski's and Berg's class. Ron Gruenwald... for sticking with me despite all the times I let him down. Mr. Hamrick and Mrs. Jaworski... for believing in students rights and helping me with it. Mrs. Childs... for making this such a great year.

Debra Martin being of sound mind and body to hereby bequeath all my cigarette packs, which the girls in the “Johns” so joyfully helped me to empty, to those girls. I will my love for bread to “Pinchy Paloot Key”. A loud speaker to Mrs. Ziobro, in addition to all the luck in the world. All my A's to Mr. Montre, if he can find any. I will my knowledge for knowing exactgly the right ways on getting out of class to those girls whi I have coached between classes. I will Nick Cynar a book containing 2,000 insults so he can strike back. I will Milly, the Cook (?), a recipe book in hopes she'll get the hint. THE ABSOLUTE END!

Mike Menz leave my most valuable and important possessions to the following people: To Bob Hughes one foot. To Mark Wyklige my gold plated ice cream scoop. To Mrs. Childs, I leave Ron Gruenwald in hopes that this twosome can someday set up a dictatorship over the whole school and not just our class. To Mr. Hamrick my farmer jeans so he will know what it is like to dress in style. To Joe Ruicci a milkshake and Mary Jane. To Mark Scott four records and Mary Jane. To the fellow members of the “Camp Dearborn II” I leave all the “bleeping” wine they can drink and a ride down I-96 out the back window of Chlipala's car. To John Chlipala a free car wash and a 6ft green lantern. To Maryann Pierzchala my shoulder, and a flask. To Dave Silski the ability to quit something and really quit it. To Sally Kennedy a stronger drin and a steam shovel, to shovel Dave's bull. To Jim (Pious) Ryan, a “Drinkie Pooh” to start his heart. To Barb Hanes, my red hair. To Ray Buttigieg my job at the race track. To Mr. Misyiak I leave a straight jacket and a tin cup. To Jim Gabler my ever growing knowledge of electronics. To Mr. Skaisgir the wire size formula R=k=1. To Jill McDonald a bottle of quiet pills. To Arlena Monti my sincere thanks for sticking out this year on “My Side.” to Gale Cearbaugh and Al Paparelli 365 good mornings a year for the rest of their lives. To Larry McCartney a quart of raspberries and a plastic nostril liner. To Bob Smelewski a tree and a buddy to bump will all the way to camp. To Dennis Panetta a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a collar. To Jim Dietz a reserved booth at “The Wheel” and a gold wedding band. To Chris Krowicky I leave “IT” to keep as long as she so wishes. To the underclassmen I leave a big red stalactite and twice as many good times as I have had. To the Faculty I leave my six younger brothers identical to myself and 42,000 tons of dirt to fill the hole known at Crestwood now that our class is Graduating.

Jeff Metcalfe will my little red bronco to anyone who is savage enough to own it. I will my cat to Roscoe, Mr. Winn's pet mouse. I will everything else to Deborah Watkins, my sweetheart. I love you. I will my lead foot to Rich Gallagher who can drive almost as savage as I can.

Colleen Molloy do hereby will my possessions and other things to the following people: To Janet Riha, I will one delicious desert the “J” way. I also leave her a million more afternoons spent in front of the TV. Finally I will her a real turkey so she can practice her gobble. To Debbie Gebhard (sweat) I leave one fantastic Junior year, one Christmas Eve, and a tape recorder full of unused blackmail. To Rick Kwek I leave one leather diaper and a chain pacifier. I also leave my two-speed vacuum cleaner with its Cobra Jet so he'll have something classy to drive. (You've waited so long Richard.) To Jim Dietz I will my two completed books “Poker For Beginners” and “How to Win At Poker: cause he so desperately needs my help. I also leave him any IOU's that I may have run up concerning the payment of a couple hundred whoppers. To Val House I leave a pair of muddy pants and muddy shoes for another trip to the “fields”. I also will her a cheeseburger, a coke and 50 goldfish. To Chris Krowicky I leave some smoke squares, some ruined shoes, a little Orphan Annie, a lifelong pass for a ride home and a fairly pleasant friendship. To John Hess (my Big Brother) I leave the punch tat I have always threatened him with; and many thanks for being such an understanding, and sweet guy. Finally I leave him a girdle for the “out of shape” stomach he says he's got. To Terry Hollenback I leave one square of cement in front of the fireplace at “the Hinge”, to be dedicated to him since its his “home away from home.” to Ginny (Mother, Moss, etc.) I leave our nickname, some of those crazy times we've spent, and the inspiring thought that Mothers of a feather, flock together. To Janice Turowski I leave a couple of Milford men and a football boy to call her own. I will her a couple of telegraph shots (bright lights much) and many thanks for 8 years of friendship. To Diane Swies I leave a couple of trips to the airport and to Whoppers at lunch. I leave her a large piece of surgical tape to use across her mouth when she's tempted to talk to her mother. (Eh Swies?) To Paul Turowski I leave my brains, my looks, and my fantastic Irish humor.

Arlena Monti do hereby will the following: To Ted Thuis and Dave Tomoff, my roll of “veuves” since I lost mini and my tight blue jeans. To Karen K., a hurricane on the corner of Beech and Hass. To Becky Lewis, the ability to sneak to her hotel room for some fun even though her dad is president of the School Board. To Terry Hollenback; many thanks for all his understanding advice and a booky prize from a great bowling partner. To Bob Totten, my congratulations for realizing its not shameful to be P.W. and Marmaduke. To Joanne Westenburg, all the fun we had and will have “Flying High” and a scholarship to the “hamburger University” in Chicago. To Chris Krowicky, the memories of our “great” summer with “hippy peace queers” and new experiences all our jokes and heartaches caused by “Danny Thomas”; the H.P.G.C.A., a free pass to the Melody; and the hopes that there are no hard feelings. To Linda I., all the fun we'll have if Plan 2-3-4-5 come true, a lock for her bathing suit; and some appreciation for her sister. To Ginny Mussey, the greatest “Veuve” alive, the memory of the time we sat in the driveway and cried cause no one understood us, thanks for being such a good friend; and many more fun times. To Daniel Eugene Peter Michael Ulfig, some cereal box coupons to send away for more “toys”, a carton of milk and a hand full of straws, a “Remember When” session and a Thank You. To Mike Bartlett, some confidence that we all love him and the realization that there isn't a “Queen” good enough for him, and the chance to be P.W.

To Joe Berry, much luck in his new book “The Human Freckle.” To Janice and Colleen, all the fun we had on the Senior Trip, the Johnny Carson Show we know by heart, and the dirty pictures that probably won't get developed. To John Chlipala, Larry McCartney and Dave Silski, thanks for making our Aunt Hosie W. House Summer perch a riot. To Mike Menz, my hand to kiss whenever he wants, in a brotherly fashion. To Donna Lypka, a babysitting job next Valentines Day and a visit from a double dealer. To Mr. Gerwin, an invitation to my wedding, because I'm nicer than he is . To Marriene; pack of cheese to eat next time shes wrapped up in a sheet. To Vic Saba, a tape recording of “Oh, you look so cute today”. To Sarah Bordelon, a little confidence in Tom. To Val House, an alarm clock wrist watch to be on time, and a gold fish bowl. Last but not least, to Bobby Hughes, a giant roll of tape to mind constantly “titted” heart; 3 “I loves yous” from the balcony of a hotel; a day in the sun cause he needs a tan; a promise that I won't gain 100 lbs. Jeremey and Jennifer and Mucho love.

Bill Moy will the following possessions to the following heirs: To Mike Bojko, 1000 sabies, a bottle of Vodka, and a Bahama Mama (Ruby). To Neil Clothier, money that runs itself and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. To Jerry Ernst, a straitjacket, a pair of socks, dance lessons and $10. to Joyce Moy, all of my old math tests. To Jan Ernst, Jerry Ernst (a wham-o). To Joyce Perry, two Pickney bumper stickers. To Ron Tincture, a bottle of hair straightener and a blindfold (for horror movies). To Mr. Kotulski, a new personality and 250 lbs of horse manure. To Joe Miller, a free pass to Pisto's barbershop. To Sheri McGraw, a sweat towel and a pair of handles (pickup!). To Maurine Gladish, ME! To Russ Albertson, elevator shoes. To Mary Griffing, sunburn lotion. To Denise Joseph, a whopper. To Marcella Sowa, 124 keys and no kids. To Debbie Griffin, NOTHING!

Ginny Mussey (Veuve, Mosshead, Marilyn, Mother, Mussey) do hereby will the following: To Val House three more hours for studying boys than me. A chance to run into or fall off a car anytime she wants a date. A 1972 desk to have all the races she wants, a million boxes of jello and a pillow. One cake with any flavor icing to put your hand there. One certain “fish” from any sea. To Ted Thuis I will one roommate (me) up at Central every weekend, and a lot of feelings you didn't know about. To Becky Lewis a box of “easy” to use plugs. To Sally, Maryann and Jackie, six bottle apples for any occasion, 1/5 of southern comfort, a six pack of frozen buns, one flip of the bird every morning for the rest of your life, and one chance to ruin one guys evening at Homecoming and more fun with the W.W. at HFCC. To Patti Lewis, a Chinese dictionary, a slamming door, a crying towel, an invitation to Honors Convocation and “Aim High.” To Mother and Mosshead I will many Mothers Day cards, one free ticket to strip poker with all the trimmings, one free pamphlet on the Smith System and one light show at any party. To Joyce Sutherland, the will to love life as it is. To Dave, John, Larry and Jim one good time at Aunt Hosies house with the girls. To Terry Hollenback, an officially dead pin, one touch of your beard, and a lot of luck with all the beautiful people. To Arlena I will so many thanks from deep inside my heart to the best friend anyone could have, and all the adventures we did together. Last but not least I wish the Class of '72 all the luck that I can give them. I will to a very special guy, George, Chimby and the exciting canoe trip I loved.

N Return to Top

Judy Noe will to Linda McIntyre all the fun I had in my Senior Year. Good luck with that stupid Hillbilly or whoever you end up with. To Lori I will a pair of thongs for her swollen feet; I also leave her the good sense to get out of the sun sooner (me, too, Lori). I also leave Lori and Vicki a “sunburn killer.” to Rita I leave the privilege of being my assistant at my next major operation. May God bless you and may you grow closer to him every day. To Vicki I leave a car so we can have a way to Henry Ford next year. Also the loss of 30 lbs., right Vic? Also the good sense of humor to keep from getting mad at me when I yell at you; you know I do it because I'm your friend. God bless you. To Genie I hope you have all the world and that you and Jim will be happy in the future. I also leave a new house so you won't be bothered by your nosy neighbor anymore. To Marcella good luck with the fox and new windows for your car so you won't get rained on at the car wash. To Debbie I leave 10 pair of jeans so that she will never lose them. To Renie I leave an alarm clock so you can get up in time for church on Sunday morning. I hope you grow closer to God each day of your life. To Mr. Claeys I leave a Business English class just like this years so they can finish driving him crazy. To that certain senior at Garden City West I leave myself, body and soul. To Terri and Dave I leave the ability to be quieter and not squeak so much. To Faye I leave a peach plum and alfalfa. To all the seniors I hope you have a happy and prosperous future.

Ed Noomie will Jean Smith an automatic push button blow up, Ed Noomie style number X-4386724396 to accompany her to her classes next fall. I also will her all my love and the best luck and wishes the rest of her school years. I will Dave Cupps all my extra credits (½) after graduation so he may graduate next year. I would like to include his own pad of blue and pink passes so when he decides to come to class, he won't have to bother with the attendance office, just make out his own. I will Mike Raschke a case of No-Doze pills so he doesn't fall asleep during classes; I also will Dennis Hockney a super charged 427 nitro burning engine with a 4,5,6 rear end, with a set of 13 Mickey Tompson special for his roadster so he can get some gears.

Paula Novelli will to Debbie Ziemba, one alarm clock to get her to school on time and a “thank you,” for all the rides to school in the morning. To Debra Sue Fett, a pass to see Ralph at least three times a week; one book of memories, all the way from eigth grade; and all the good times from our long friendship. Thanks for being such a good friend, Deb. To Paula Cairo, ten free lunches, and two full tanks of gas. (Thanks Paula). To Dave Wallen, a cup of coffee every morning and a piece of cloth to wipe up the spills. To Diane Kraske, all the luck in the world with J. H. To Terry Hollenback, a free pass to the Rum Runners, and an occasional dance with me. To Mrs. Claeys and Mrs. Ziobro, a free ticket to the Bahamas for being such great chaperone's on the senior trip. Thanks for being so cool! To Mrs. Emily Knapp, also a ticket to the Bahamas. (You were just like one of the kids, thanks!); a new business manager; a name plate for your desk next year that reads “MRS. KNAPP” --not Emily; one book of yellow passes; and Thanks for being so nice, Emily! To Mr. Kimble, I leave a yardstick, an eraser, and a very loud shout, to use when you get frustrated with your classes. Please use these things. To Dennis Sebastian, I leave an official back massager for every morning after your donut and milk; your Mom will be thinking of you. To John Swerecki (Hawk), I leave one evening of my life, so we can have that date we never yet had. To Mrs. Jaworski, I leave a pocketful of giggles with a card that reads, “To one of the friendliest and most beautiful people in the world.”

To MaryBeth McNerney, one jar of tanya, one case of bath powder, one can of Solarcaine; one chauffeur to pick you up from school everyday at 1:30pm, 20 cases of pop and two lunches per day, one yell and one clap for being such a great cheerleader, one bucket of mud for our next powder puff football game, and last but not least, I give you half of the time we spend together so you can add that half to the other half of your spare time, to make it ¾ of your spare time to spend with a certain athlete at Crestwood, whom I hear you're fond of. To Chris Childs, my good friend and teacher, I leave 360 Bic pens; ¼ of a 12” red ruler, which we can't seem to find; two term papers and two book reports that still have traces of the hard work put into them; one fake student cheerleading manager to come to all the practices to bother you; all my phone bills for all the many calls made to Plymouth; one wonderful coming-home soldier, with a wish that it comes true very fast. You also get a free ticket to the Bahamas, with two exceptions, and that's if next time you bring M.M.C. along too, and if you're as good a chaperon to him as you were to the Class of '71-- don't forget to go horseback riding while you're there. I also would like to leave you my name, just in case you change your mind about Chermaine. And lastly, I want to leave all the supposed brownie points (that were given to me) that were just mistaken for a simple friendship. You won't be forgotten by many. Thanks for everything Chris. To the class of '72 I leave all my memories of the four wonderful years at Crestwood. Use your last year wisely cause it passes by very fast.

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Jerry O'Hara will the following things to the following people: To Mrs. Ziobro, one certificate for being the best teacher at Crestwood. To Mr. Mysiak, I leave my thanks for taking over the Varsity Club trip when on one else cared. To Mr. Berg, one Monday morning hot line to find out what went on over the weekend. To Mr. Montre, one seven foot center for next year's team. To Mr. Tate, I leave one big thanks for sticking up for me last year and for teaching all us guys what “class” really is, and also for being the best coach I ever had. I leave the Crestwood Athletic System one set of new rules under which everybody is equal-- no matter who you are. To Mr. McNeil, I leave one pair of hip boots and one git steam shovel. Also one big “thanks” for letting me sit out two basketball games in the season of 1970. I leave to Chris Krowicky one dozen roses and one can of Right Guard for that irregular smell. I Jerry O'Hara, leave Paula Cairo one night out on the town, to make up for this year's prom. Sorry!! Also, one date with Terry Hollenback to attend mass at St. Mel's. I also will Paula one telegram from Florida telling you how much I miss you. To Mike Larabee, one free ride home after going out with all the guys. To Stan Odroniec one more party and beer at Wellever. I leave Brenda Sabuda one free trip to a psychiatrist to find out what's wrong with you. To Al Paparelli, one big pizza, 4 bottles of zing and two new legs. OK Cuda Man! To Peggy Sharpe, I leave a pair of support hose for extra body to go with your beautiful legs. To Tom Leszczynski one Oscar for imitating “Picky Paul” and one more date with the Claude. I leave next year's freshmen class four years of trouble and fun-- just like I had. I leave My Best Friend, Danny Pederson, one big RIGHT-ON! I leave Kenny Reposa one new briefcase to carry all his books with, not to hit kids with. And last, I leave to Darlene Ziroll my help next year on her senior will, as she helped me this year.

P Return to Top

Al Paparelli leave to Gale Cearbaugh all of the wonderful memories we've shared together throughout the past four years. To Jerry O'Hara, a special award honoring him for the only person who can constantly get bungled seven nights in a row. P.S. Good luck with Paula. To Ron (Homerun) Havener a year round live-in maid to keep you dirty room clean. To Ray Siler and Bernie Sanden Good Luck with the team. To Kathy Foreman I leave the story behind the name Wenchie, anyone interested in knowing it contact me. To Chris Krowicky I leave one beaver to pay her for all the ones she gave me.

Karen Pederson will the following: To Brenda Sabuda, an open invitation to use my house as a shelter any time it is needed, some help understanding people, a light blue matching jacket, and a happy graduation night. To Chris Krowicky, a rabbit trap or whatever kind you need in the future, two pints of cream for her coffee, and a walk to the door for the one you didn't get. To Ron Havener, ten gallons of gas for your car, a dance for the one we didn't have, an apology, and lots of thanks. To Jerry O'Hara, help for your head, an open ear for your jokes, your own bar, and good luck. To Peggy Sharpe, good luck, but be careful. To Barb and Bill, what can I say but good luck? To Val House, a bushel basket of smiles. To Mr. Hamrick, and 4th hour- a few early lunches and a lot of gossip. To Al Paparelli, Gale's lap and her couch to fall asleep on. To MaryBeth McNerney, a book of answers for us to give to all Jerry's women. To Sandy Posa, good luck in all your sports, don't forget what I told you. Finally, to Tony Enokian, a plane ticket to Chicago, life size posters of Jim Northrup and Jimmy Walker, my prom dress, lots of flowers, a couple hundred dollars, a few tears, a few smiles, and whatever impresses you.

Genie Pelc will the following: to Mr. Hamrick, another band of revolutionary “Three Musketeers”, a penguin birthday cake, and a year with my sister, Gail. To Miss weber, a big THANK-YOU for all the help in shorthand and typing. To Mr. Claeys, a quiet third hour and 230 business words all defined and spelled correctly. To Mr. Laich, a special thank-you for all the help in co-op. Also, to Mr. Laich, a big aspirin for the headache he got listening to my paycheck problems. To Laurie Bauer, a ride on “Star”, a secret from Herman and Elmer, and an Ice cold water balloon. To Karen Grden, a new and unabridged copy of the Pelc-Grden dictionary, my nosy neighbor and all the notes I get from her, and lots of luck in the future. To Armilda VanBuskirk, a surprise birthday party, a month-long vacation, and special visits from Buffalo Bill and the Indians. To Ann Quackenbush, Honorary polish citizenship for as long as she wants it (along with this goes the name QUACK IN THE BUSH SKI), a baptism in the Detroit river, and good luck to a great friend. To Marcella Sowa, One bottle of instant sanity, all the camels and fleas she can take, my half of the shorthand takes to match her half, and to have all her checks bounce for writing all the bad ones she does. To Cheryl Doan, stacks of report cards, schedules, attendance cards and most of all, copies of the Spring, Christmas, and Parade of Bands programs from Haston. To my sister, Gail, all the fun and happiness I found here at Crestwood, and to Jim Reinke, $9.00 worth of baseball tickets, one free car wash, and me! (That's what you wanted, remember?) and good luck and happiness always.

Gordon Petty will to Larry Domine a page of The Valiant. To the Art Club, a dirty car and a day at Cedar Point. To Grace Black and Joyce Moy, I leave name tags. To all of Mr. Zaleski's future students I leave lots of luck. To Kieth Madden, and Ani Sharikian, I leave an announcement I forgot to use once. And finally to the class of '72 I leave a senior trip everyone can afford.

Jim Pierson will Mr. King one year supply of Imperial Margarine and Mr. Weise a new pair of skis. And as for Mr. Smink I will a one way ticket to Egypt. For Mrs. Kulas I will on LP of “the Impossible Dream”, alone with one year supply of Play boy Bunny Beauty Hints. For Mr. Berg, I will a bottle of hair grower.

Maryann Pierzchala being of a messed mind and burned body will: To Jackie Bellino, a 24-hour rap session with grandma, a bottle of Head-N-Shoulders, one nudie shot in 247, a Yacht Club date in a Cougar, A suitcase key, one heavy duty iron-lined stomach to be able to take all of our summer “coolers”, one Bahama Mama, and a congratulations on your learning to inhale. To Sally Kennedy, many memories of hours of cruising;, 6 pictures and a tour of the hot shots in town, a stone wall to beat our heads on and to keep out stereo sounds that are louder than 7 ½ , another coconut, and one permanent pass to excuse you from those trips up north. To Ginny Motha Mussey, a walk with Patrick and “Lilliebelle I Love You”, one large green coconut to put in the back of your pants, a large CAUTION sign to put in front of her living room chair, buns, my ability to be in the bathtub or my robe when it's time to leave, and one golden Bahama Mama (How you say?) finger every morning at seven for the rest of your life. To my brother, Dave Silski, I leave one shovel, a pair of boots, a thousand cases of Lark's and a promise not to yak, yak, yak....... to Brenda, 10 crunchy brownies to Let It Be High!!! To Papa Thuis, custody and full responsibility of Booney and Bunney. To Jill, I give the notes to every speed-take that I've ever taken and the words to every spelling quiz. Also, I will her a bottle of contact cement to keep her shoes on so she won't have them stolen, a bottle of Head-N-Shoulders, a taxi-driver, and Nicky Cynar.

To Larry Paul McCartney, a gigantic “J” for you and me and a thousand hugs and apologies for a bad scene in the car at the Homecoming game of 1970. To Jim & Debbie, many more times at camp. To Jim Pie Ryan, the rock. To Bob T. & Mike B. - my job at Golddiggers (?) To Noel Burkett, one hunch back and memories from Northville Cemetery. To Val, Janice, Debbie and colleen – one week at Camp. To P.S. And G.M. A hearty congratulations for a job well-done at the Bahamas, even though it did take you both a long time to learn this very simple convenience. To Mike Menz, a big thanks for being a brother and lending a shoulder when I needed it. Also, thanks for those 6 bottles. To Judge Pumpkin Remnant, I give my ability to talk straight and a flame to keep him fired up. To Terry, a promise to be home for a ride. To Sandy and Tony, a personal invitation to a summer orgy. To the X-rated's, 1st place. To future “Weekend Warriors”, my boots. To Stan O., one heavy duty lock to put on your bike and a “For A While” to a G.D. Polak. Whenever?? To future Crestwood cruisers, my ability to run Telegraph stop signs. To anyone who may get delirious, one lesson on “How to do a Soft-shoe Tapdance through Westland. To Claey-doe, one effective burglar alarm system to prevent any more of his attendance cards from being stolen. To Miss Weber, a stopwatch that doesn't stop and hundreds of bags of candy that we have won from you in two years. To Mrs. Claeys, a big THANKS for being such a great chaperon. To the Class of '72 the hope that they can get their _ _ _ _ _ together and make it to the Bahamas. To the Commons, a hug every time I see them. Last but not at all the least, to John Chlipala, I will one watch to get me home on time, a full=proof lock for any peeping-Toms, another vacation in the Bahamas, and something to make that little fraction of a doubt certain.

Carol Pomeroy will to Lynn, one copy of the book “The Sensuous Woman” and to Ken B., a copy of the book “The Sensuous Man”, in the hope that these two will someday get together for practice. For Deb, an unlimited number of free passes for bowling at the nearest bowling alley with Ralph. To Joy, a happy reunion with Dave sometime. To Maryann, one “Pat” on the back for her efforts these past couple of years. To Jackie, I hope to see you next year at HFCC and hear about the wild summer I know you'll have, and last of all, to my brother Steve, I will my amazing ability to skip and not get caught, which I know he already has.

Ron Poremba will to Mrs. Jaworski, my favorite English teacher, a bucket of sand so that if her island ever begins to sink she can use the sand to keep it alive. To Maha Hanania, I will a Hanana (Chiquita) banana so she will continue to act and look like a monkey. To Nick Daley, I will my blue striped suit which he likes so much. To Frank Kupler, I will a VW just like mine so he too can have a fast car with a big back seat for Debbie Morgan. To Mike Tackett, I will two pair of hot lips, one for his saxophone and one for ____________. To Mr. Winn, my favorite Earth Science teacher, I will a whole class full of couples and a Kearney also. To Harry Wheeler and Dwayne Nichols, I will all the spare parts I have to a Suzuki 80 since I won't need them. To Mitch Shusta and his wife Rhonda, I will a figure 8 car with a rumble seat for all the little Shusta's. To Mark Johnston, I will the bucket and shovel award and to Mark and Carol, I will a pair of wading boots built for two. To Dave Pas and Mary Cameron, I will the largest sausage in the world. To the Senior Class of 1971, I will all of the love and happiness this world may possibly hold for them. To Pamela Ann Tackett, I will all my love and everything I own including Eddie, Freddie, Betty, Jeffrey, Tammy, MaryLou and Junior.

Diane Porteous being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following items: To Mr. Hamrick, Mr. Kimball, and Mrs. Childs, many thanks. To Mr. Gehm an especially BIG THANKS. To Karen. Much luck and happiness at EMU. To Barb a copy of my world-renown novel, a new “Little Barb Riding Hood” outfit, and these famous words--- B=Fee! To Sally I also leave a copy of my novel, the record “Wipeout”, and a Leslie gore album. To Linda Dytyniak and Bob Totten an invitation to the “wedding”. (Right On, Linda!) To Dave Tomoff and Jackie Stec, one TOY BOAT. Also, to D.T., J.S., T.T. And M.B.M, one loaf of Italian bread. To Colleen and Janice the ability to always kekep everything as neat as our locker. To Kathy, one white dress and these famous words “Just go by!” To J.R., G.C., V.H., B.L., D.F., M.B.M, and P.N., one picture of Mr. Hahn. Also to Janet and Gale, one skating monkey and to Val one Lawrence Welk album. To Mike Bartlett one first-aid kit in case he gets into any more fights over me. To Hugh, one used “Hugh McKenty for Treasurer” poster and the use of my ability to “make a basket”. To Ellyn Newmeyer one large bottle of Excedrin to be used during band. To Wanda one roll-up map. To my little brother “baby Jeff” one dish of parsley, one zipper and one match, one spatula to be used when serving cake, a good soak, and the sincere wish that he finds as much happiness at Crestwood as I did. And last but certainly not least, to Thomas Allen Drean (alias “Edsel Ford”), one bag of pretzels in hopes that he can find his mouth without my assistance, one bottle of orange pop (so he can “live it up” on commencement night), one “Froat” lozenge, one medical journal by D.P. and B.B., one bottle of “mutchup”, a free pass from Kalalmazoo to Dearborn Heights – good any time, many thanks for sharing the happiest year of my life, and all my love.

Richard Priebe do hereby bequeath the following: To Glenn Harla I will you your dream come true; a life-sized picture of Eugene Kronkowski. To Carol Olsen one can of good cheap beer for your picnic. To Jim Augustyn I will one of your Hot Tips to your bookie. To Karen Yeager I will some spare time to go out with G.F. To Mr. Skyta I will a ticket to stay at Crestwood so that oncoming seniors can pass government. To my sister Joan I will two more happy years at Crestwood and a body guard to keep her from getting into trouble. To Dan Mancina and Gary Globish I will a box of band-aids so they can have their laughs on me. To Ron Gruenwald I will a dribble of the basketball and a “hi.” To Paul Storck a picture of his idol “Mike Lucci.” To Jim Ryan I will something to stop you from getting drunk or stoned: A. Rudy P.S. Meet you at the rock. To Cathy Bednarcyk I will you anything that has to do with Garry Unger. (sorry Colleen but you've had enough of him). To Tom Leszynski I will a brand new index finger and your job back at the Cozy Corner so you can yeah. To Danny and MaryBeth good luck in the future. To Elmo I will “seven.” To Claudia Jones I will something “soft and sweet.” To Wanda G. a date that I will never take you out on. To Colleen Cosgrove I will an MG that doesn't give you any troubles, a home to stay in Dbn. Hts. And a big “Close that Door Man!” And finally to my everlasting good friend Greg (the brillo) Fattal I will one upper balcony ticket to Olympia so you can get a good close-up view of the beams and ceiling. And a final word to upcoming seniors, I will the chance to go to the Bahamas and have as much fun as we had.

Pam Putin will to the juniors in art class my talents(?) in weaving. To Sherry Laski, my nicest teachers and the best of luck for the next three years. To Maha a book on “How Not to Worry About Your Weight.” And to my friends, lots of happiness.

Q Return to Top

Ann Quackenbush will my brother John a lot of incentive to do better and also all my school spirit that he lacks. Enjoy it John!! To Genie Pelc, I will one French II book, (your favorite class, remember?) and one big hug and good kiss from Jim. Take it in good stride Genie. Also, I will you the few secrets kept from you. Just ask Karen or I, but we won't tell you because it is a secret. To Karen Grden, I will fifty extra passes to get you out of Physics for as long as you like. I also will you the number 625 and a lot of congratulations for making it. Finally I will you one free sixth hour from working on the yearbook so you can go down to the planetarium for---with---know what I mean. Now, to Mr. McNeil, I will Mr. Kimball and to Mr. Kimball I will Mr. McNeil so now each of you can work for each other and no girls will have to suffer the pain of beating down the hall asking for different things, passes, and putting on demonstrations to get back into the class. Also to Mr. McNeil, I will a lot of thank-you's for everything you have done for me. Thank-You. To all the up-coming Seniors, I wish a lot of happiness and good luck in their senior year. Finally, I want to thank all my past and present teachers and friends for all the good things you have done for me. I can't thank-you enough for all the happiness you have given me here at Crestwood.

R Return to Top

Janet Riha leave first to Colleen Molloy a 10 year friendship, coughs, wheezes, and a heavy brad, 1 whopper, and a big nose; to Maureen McMullen, flat honeysuckle and all the cigarettes she can smoke; to Mary Griffin, @126527; to Marilyn Sarookanian, one junior year; to Wanda Kramer, a lifetime membership to the National Honor Society so she can learn that character isn't “Miss school Spirit” and also a lot of luck when she leaves the nest; to Mr. Berg, a Baby-K book all to himself; and finally, to all girls, a carbon copy of Rick Kwek.

Nancy Rock will to Kathy Anos a ring side seat at the Teen Center, 50 points for hitting an old lady with a paper bag, a horny-car – plus a night for two at Sherwood Forest. To Sue Rock I will a moonlight stroll on the beach of Torch Lake with Rosterhead, a tooth brush, a pair of Evil Eyes, Fuzzy, and Junk. Plus my old diary to read on sleepless nights (you probably know every page anyways!!) To Sue Lane I leave a bottle of booze that will ignite, a weeks ticket to Mad Dogs and Englishmen and the pizza spots off my white purse. To Chris Scaturo I will after a nice hard rain all the worms you can find on my sidewalk, plus a fox in a vet. To Betys Greenough I leave all my Mondays off and my book “Horseback Riding in Ten Easy Lessons.” To Cindy Jameyfield I will a longer string for your sandles. It might come in handy sometime.

Don Rousseau being of sound mind and body will to Yogi the tackles I managed to get this year so he can add them to the ones he gets next year in hopes that he will lead the team in tackles and make the All-League team. To Jamie Long, one stuffed animal who picks his rear-end in memory of yours and Yogi's favorite coach. To Tony Enokian, I leave 10 tickets to the Pistons games in the event that your man Jimmy Walker doesn't get traded for someone better. Also one between the legs dribble and one 30 foot jump shot that goes in. To next year's basketball team – one set of new uniforms, any shoes that they would like to where, one colored basketball to use during warm-ups, 12 sets of colored writs bands and 12 colored head bands. Also you may have the gym 3 times without the J.V.'s instead of two times. One stall pattern that will give us the lead 9 to 0. One exuberant pep talk before the Riverside game to get you guys fired up. And last but not least I hope you guys have one game where the coach will not give up on you. To Al the tallest guard in the league and by far the best catcher in the league, I leave a gold stripe to which he well deserves for all that convincing he did to Mr. Lammers on how he was the best catcher of the league. (Honest Al you should have got at least Honorable Mention). To Craig Common I leave one “You Stink Common” and one book on “How to get along with the Coaches” (It's a common book around you know). To Keith Common I leave my advice sir, Mrs Knapp likes those girl Co-Editors much more than any guys. But you run the paper next year, don't let her and Liz run the show. 

To Ken (my fishing buddy) Holda, I leave one five pound or better bass that we tried so diligently to get in Florida and one 8 lb dogfish that we thought was such a big bass. Also I leave one Kentucky oooh/oooh aaah-aaah bird if I can ever find one and one wild cat that scared the crap out of us. One cold pizza from the 19th hole for breakfast tomorrow and one more Donald Barton to take my place next year on your fishing trips. To Mrs. Hulter one big thank you for giving up your precious office for one day. I know it really hurt you. To Mrs. Broditch one octopus. To Mr. Montre I leave one new paddle to paddle your little basketball players for saying a naughty word. (That may help their game a little.) Also one book entitled “How to get your team fired up for a game in 16 easy lessons.” To Rich (the Keeb) Preibe I leave one package of Oreos cause I know all Keebies have Idols. To Gary (the fisher) Globish I leave one Kenny Reposa mask, one old and worn out “Claudia” bottle from the bushes and one Mr. Montre doll who you love so dearly. Also one more 20 dollar boat ride for you and Keeb. To Val House I leave you one big Gary Globish stuffed with a fish hat on its head to take to school with you to hug and hug. To Dan (Banana) Mancina I have to leave him the banana tree I cut down in Florida. To Tim Wafer, Paul Brauger, T.E., Sandy Posa, K.J. - one genuine Pickerized bat a piece, generously autographed by Mitchell P. Bortz. To Jerry O'Hara one classic movie entitled “The Yesterday Show” and one Mrs. Remington doll so you don't forget your favorite teacher. To Mitchell P. Bortz, one “Hi Bone” and one book entitled “How to Tell Someone That He's a Real Loser.” To Mrs. Childs I leave one welt that she left on my back and many thanks for all the things she did for the Class of '71. To Donald Barton I leave one new tie, a 7-ft sturgeon, one fishing hat, that new sail boat he's been trying to build and one credit card to Harry's Army Surplus Store. To Paula Novelli I leave 3 dozen donuts and one pot of coffee because she hasn't seen any of that stuff lately. Also I leave her another party at Sue Funke's house. To Paula Cairo I leave that metal adjustable ring that she gave me back in 7th grade in hopes that she may find the right man. To Jill McDonald I leave one Freshman Homecoming party at my house and one ride home from our senior trip. 

To Tom L. I leave one certificate for the best actor award in the class of '71. To Mr. Winn another 10 lb Kingfish on next year's senior trip to the dude ranch. To the football team I leave one wildcat walkout strike. To Mr. McNeil I leave one pair of binoculars to take with him on the next senior trip so he can catch all those obnoxious people and one room to hide in the next time someone tries to throw him in the pool. To Mr. Fletcher I leave that diagrammed play that I made up during the Schafer (away) game that Larabee went for a touchdown on. To Dan Pederson I leave 4 right-on's, 3 right-off's, 2 down the sewers and one up to heaven. To Mr. Misyiak I leave one 16 inch flatfish to catch that 30 inch muskie (I guess those 6 inchers are too small) and the answer to why he's not coaching the Varsity football team when everybody knows he should be. To Mr. Berg one book entitled “How to Improve Your Nose for Weekend News.” To Mr. Lammers I leave one hit-and-run and also one set of Pickerized bats for next year's team. To First Hour Journalism Girls I leave one thanks for the Piston tickets and one more that thanks for cooperating with Jamie and me during the Powder Puff game. To Mr. Tate I leave my thanks for showing me and this school the class, finesse, and knowledge it takes to be a good coach. (Thanks for the dinner the team got a couple of year's ago. This year we bought our own.) To Denise Pas one hickey that no one seems to know who gave it to her and one Good luck cause K.J. Will be here next year. To Ron Heavener I leave the $3.25 I owe him and one bad throw from shortstop. To Aug- I leave my apologies. To Mrs. Claeys 365 senior sweethearts and one misconduct penalty for you to give to the chaperon of your choice. To next year's athletes I leave one book entitled “How to Brownie the Coaches – If you Want to be in With Them,” and another entitled “Don't Give Coaches Constructive Criticism Cause They're Perfect.” To Debbie Lundquist I leave 2 bass and one bluegill to remind you of you know who and many thanks for helping Mike and me through you know who's class. To Greg (Pad) Fattal I leave 720 milks so you can have your usual 4 milks a day next year.

To Carol Olsen I leave a few of my thoughts. I'm glad you finally found your perfect man. He must be perfect for you to like. To Michele Fields one bed to herself at CMU. To Emily Knapp one paper dedicated to a great sponsor and one rapala for Rob. To Mary Beth, M.B., Beth, Mac, Fern, Nern, Snookums, or Poppsie (whatever it is) McNerney I leave one portable heater to warm up the car after football and basketball games, one broken zipper on that big date we were on, one mask to cover your eyes to keep from losing your contacts, one lesson on how to catch flying car keys, one lesson on how to help me change a tire, 100 toe rises while you're sitting on my lap, 4 dinners I owe you, one birthday present of your choice, 2 cases of orange crush so you don't have to buy it all the time, all the ties in the locker, one jab, jab, punch, one switch doubles game of 154, one strawberry sundae, one off and on flash of my car lights and the many memories we've shared.

S Return to Top

Vic Saba will, remember all the good times Jeff Sharp and I have had. Like coming all the way back from Lansing on a cold winter day with the top down. Without Steve Soviak the trip would not of been so good. All three of us did so many funny things together that it would take 3000 pages to write them all down. GOOD LUCK ZIBS. I wish all the two faced people at Crestwood the straightening up they need. And a kiss to my secret love Arlena. Fred, Rick, Ken, and Dan---I'll drink to that.

Brenda Sabuda will to Karen Pedersen one of the most impressive guys I know, a big thanks for being a good friend in need, and memories of one Friday night running into car 84. To Jerry O'Hara I will one flag pole in memories of one summer night, a coin to flip in case of an emergency, a bottle of champagne and hope fully this time it's opened right, and last of all a replay of one Friday night long time ago. To Linda Stanier, Kathy Kaza and Diane Swiss I will one bible in case were every together again on a trip. To Ron Havener I will one welcome mat to my house any time, my boxing gloves and my weights so you can make your muscles bigger (haha), one garter to replace that ugly seahorse in your car, and a little book saying “Your one of the sweetest guys I've ever known.” To Chris Krowicky I will you one muscle to keep your mouth shut around guys, all stationery so you can write Jerry, Wally, George, Craig, Andy or anyone else your infatuated over, and I also will all my ticket stubs from the shows we went to and hope we'll go again someday. To Donna Laird I will another cane only this time use it for making it through Crestwood your next three years. To Mrs. Claeys I will you another class like 1st hour government, and one hour detention with Mr. Hamrick. (haha).

Marilyn Sarookanian want to thank Stanley Odroniec for that wonderful motorcycle ride. To Jerry O'Hara I will my St. Bernard, To Cathy Bednarcyzk, I will my figure and clothes. To Cheryle Johnson a bucket for her tears. To Monica Sen I will the book “Everything you know about SEX but were afraid to try.” To Jane Gunton, her very gum stick. To Colleen Cosgrove our trip in August. To Kathy Foreman our unforgetful memories in 1968 and 1969. To Wanda Kramer a ride in a gailag can and our times outside the Flame. To Claudia Jones a ZOMBIE to really knock her out. To Tom Monolidas another Sandy Kulas. To Sandy Kulas another Tom Monolidas. To Shawn McLachlan all my LOVE. Last to the class of '72, the ball that our class had.

Chris Scaturo bequeath the following: to Elizabeth John Greenough, a five year diary so she can keep up with all the good times her and Danny have had and a book of new faces because I'm tired of all her old ones (HaHa!). To Nancy Lynn Rock, a life size replica of Tom to help her not to miss him so much while he is away and my word list from English. To Nancy Gargol, a years supply of B.J.'s passes so that she can skip every day and be excused and I also will her the best luck in the World. To Susan Lane, a movie camera and a lot of cold cream for her sunburn. To Kathyran Anos, a case of Neutrement and a Porta-John for emergencies. To Valerie Kim House, a memory of all the good times had in chemistry and the best of luck. Maybe we'll see each other again when we're both nurses. To Barbara Ann Furlong, a rest for her tired hand and a U-haul truck to move all of her things into her new place (haha). The best of luck with Bob! To Mr. Claeys, a paddle for his next years Business English class. To Mr. Kotulski, a memory of his first hour Chemistry Class and a lot of patience.

Monica Sen will to Colleen Cosgrove one hairdryer so she doesn't stay home nights; to Claudia Jones one trip to Ford Field and a Great job next year; to Marilyn, one Beard to believe all her B.S. Stories; to Kathy Foreman another weekend at Cheryl's and a big thanks for all the good scoops; to Wanda Kramer a fun year at Michigan State; to the “Gang” itself all the fun we've had together; to the “Mafia Boys” a pair of hotpants; to Mr. Kimball another 3rd hour with Kathy Foreman and friends; to my Mother another 4 years of worry; and finally to Jane Gunton ____ cube, one free trip to Rooseville, the “WERKS” including Dan Anderson, all the tears I shed last summer and all the upcoming fun in the future. Thanks a lot.

Jeff Sharp will “Scottie” all the memories from J.L.H. and all the luck with Silver Hawk, all my hair that has been cut off in the last two years to make sure you have the longest hair in the school, and a free opportunity to get J.L.H. III going, (remember, I still play the drums). To Graig, the good times from J.L.H., all my loving ability's for whats her name, my book on “How to Keep From Being Scared in School,” 64,376 rabbits for your back seat at Whoppers, and all the rest of my hair in hopes that maybe your mother will then let you grow yours long. To Daune, 3 feet 4 inches, of my height so you don't get lost in the halls, my instant hot car heater for when you go out on a cold night, and of course all my love. To Cheryl and Donna, all my brains for Algebra. To Mike, my rose garden so you can give my sister another flower. To Lil, all my shyness and all my staring power. To Vic Basa, I leave all my Laham and many thanks for everything. To Doug, a trip back to the rock. To Mike Menz, a hand shake that know one else can use. To Steve, $15.00. to Forquer, 10 rides to Macs, and my eyes for when yours don't look to good. To Mr. Haines, my 400 pigs for your farm and my plane ticket to Alaska to buy a ice box from the Eskimos. To everyone else, good luck in your years at Crestwood.

Cindy Sheldon being of somewhat sound mind and body to hereby bequeath the following: To John Powell I leave anything I have of any value including myself, a dinner at my house with lemon pudding for dessert, my understanding which he desperately needs and my love which he gets whether he likes it or not. To Bonnie Brady I leave the ability to steal anyone's boyfriend except any more of my own (good luck); to John Showalter I leave one red rose; to Darlene Ziroll I leave all the Michaels in the world; to Garry Brandt I leave a pickle and his “perfect girl” complete with long blond hair. To Cindy Storck and Robbin Ronders I leave one football hero, one big momma and one burlesque queen; to Rose Zaguroli, I leave an all time clean basement and 200 nice people to put in it; and to Amy Rubadue I leave all my humbleness and sincerity because she has none. To Mrs. Knapp I leave three dozen donuts and a special teacher's ID card so nobody will pick on her anymore. To Nick Daley I leave a “kisseypoo”; to Mike Scherbaty I leave one Darlene Ziroll and an engraved plaque. To Bob Hughes I leave one babydoll and a ham; to Michelle Lavey I leave enough cooking grease and donut batter to fill my Falcon; to Paula Koss I leave chicken George and Melvin and all the Tigers she can handle; to Barb Brandt I leave a lungfull of cigarette smoke; to Karen Pederson I leave Tony and lots of luck. To Jane Ghannam I leave my nose; to Mike Szuma I leave an angel and to Steve Powell I leave a smelly shirt. To Bill Beadle I leave a sincere apology and a warning to be careful not to break anymore hearts. To Lee Symonds I leave a big headache and he knows who I mean! To Tony Enokian, Craig Common and Jamie Long I leave a gilded mirror so they can love themselves all the more; and to Papa Berg I leave one week's allowance. To Ron Gruenwald I leave a clean mind and a big breakfast and to Miss Byrum I leave all my back shorthand and typing assignments! To all of the senior class I will all the luck in the world in whatever future they choose and to the class of '72 I leave hopes for a senior year as ours was.

Sheryl Shimetz do will to Sandy Shimetz a full supply of “Self Control with Boys” pills. To Cindy Popp my constant good humor and pleasant manner when we go places together. To my Mom and Dad the patience to put up with me for a few more years as they have in the past 18. To Sheila Walker, good luck and fortune in married life. To all other senior friends the courage to accept me and all of my crazy ideas and appear to like them. To the Class of '72 as much fun as we had in our senior year; and finally to all the kids of Crestwood the best of luck in the future both in and out of school.

Mitch Shusta will me to Rhonda Shusta and two cases of Boones Farm and lots more fun. To John Hockney, Ron Poremba, Joe Nowkey, Harry Wheeler, and Deaune Nichols a bump paint job by Gant and when now For Jim Ryan 20 hrs of solitar when now To Harry Wheeler lessons on how to get some gears when now To “Rhonda” Ruth sue and other seet buts a happy sunrise everyday and to everyone a buzz when now. To Craig Mattison, Daryl bennets and me a '71 van All savages get a buzz ripped now to Mary, Diane, Debby and Janice one free inventory by Mitchell David Edward Shusta. Bye.

Susan Skopczynski will to Mr. Montre my 6'5” brother who will be a freshman next year for your basketball team. I also will to Debbie Fett as many dutch Uncles as she needs. To Joy Hawson, I will any past tickets we got while skipping and a bill of $10.00 to help pay for it. I will to Carol Pomeroy all our little secrets about Hudson's and six-and the balconey it all happened on. To Ted Thuis, I will my car, so he can have a chance to ride in class. And finally, I will to the kids at Riverside (my old school) the chance to attend the other “school down the street.”

Sally Slomzenski being of insane mind and unsound body, do solemnly bequeath the following: To Susie, a lifetime supply of M&M's to build you up; to Frankie, “pimples” and a girlfriend; to Shaun and the rest of Crestwood, another Slomzenski (Sandy); to Keith, a lot of patience as Student Council President; and to all the “Ripped Savages,” good luck and a Da-Dow! Last and most importantly, to Jay, I will my mustache, 40 days, a day to be alone with my loving parents, another homecoming with Gale, a red garage door, a money clip with a small (?) sum of money, and, forever; me.

I, the Polish Super-Star Bob Smelewski will to Den P. and Pat D. all the vodka and orange juice they can drink in one school year. To Jim D., Dave S., and John C. each a 14K gold dog chain with bells. To Jim R. one free pass to the Holiday Inn. One free keg of beer for each of the Dearborn 11. to Bill A., a 14K gold shovel. To Cheryl J. a night out on the town (Toledo) with me. To Bonnie Brady one chicken ____ on a ego trip. To all the DEAR hunters of the graduating class to have a great big ball during the next so years.

Ron Smith do hereby bequeath to the following people: a manual with 10 easy instructions on how to pork people, and some money so he won't squeak the rest of his life, to Pretty Boy. To Arnold Ziffle, a permanent parking spot for his snowmobile trailer in my backyard. To Hockney, Nookie and Mitch, a hot setup with stewardesses on their next plane trip and my old go cart, so they can get some gears. To Teri Bernacik, 2 good friends like Pretty Boy and Beadle.

Marcella Sowa being of crazy mind and indestructible body will to Claudia another trip on the years to come; to Genie a long story; to Bill the magic number – SIX!; to Rene a quiet night; to Sherry a secret; to Mike a house; to Mr. Laich another great Co-op class and someone to help make things even more confusing that they really are; to Mr. Claeys 250 spelling words; to Mr. and Mrs Drey a great big “thank-you” for being so nice; to Debbie a drugstore that's open all night and a happy life with Dale; to Crestwood, quiet halls; to '72 a great trip; to George I will a little love, a new car, a place to park, and “a strange and wonderful relationship.”

Grace Stachnik will one gallon of butterscotch ice-cream; one life-size picture of Tom Jones, and one wish for a new car, to Sue Krajewski; to Debbie Ziemba I will one large pan of Polish angel wings, all the stuff that I've had in my scrapbook the last four years, and last of all, a king-size laughing machine so no matter what, she'll always keep smiling; I will one Sidney, to Dave Owens; to my old shorthand buddy, Carol Welty, I will one typewriter that spells itself, and one can of solarcaine, right Carol? To Debbie Mahon I will on pair of lost jeans; to Diane Heise, I will my southern accent; and to everybody mentioned and not mentioned, I will one big THANK YOU for the best four years that ever were, and also one big wish for the very best in everything to all for the future.

Linda Stanier do bequeath the following as some consolation for the four years at Crestwood. To Sally Kennedy and Maryann P.: one bronzed apple and the book “How to Become a Bahama Mama in Four Short Days.” To Diane Swies: a bus token for downtown, a quart of vodka and a pint of orange juice (good ratio), and an open invitation to by my chaperon! To Ted Thuis: lots of thanks for the rides during my sophomore and junior years, also my hopes that his driving since them has improved. To Brenda Sabuda: a carton of cigarettes. To John Chlipala: a chair and a whip for Maryann. To Ginny Mussy: my purple shoes. To Dave Tomoff and Jackie Stec: an hour of peace and harmony. To Colleen Molloy: a new transmission and “How to Win at Solitaire Without Cheating.” To Jim Ryan: a good hiding place for his next quart of vodka. To Kathy Kasza: “Everything you Wanted to Know . . . “ To Debbie Gabbard: a book of ghost stories. To John the Hawk: “Sick Jokes for all Occasions” and a noose. To Linda Dytyniak: my congratulations and the prize for patience. To Janice Turowski: a season ticket to the Boston Hockey games. To John Hess: a lifetime subscription to Avon and any nasty nickname I can think of. To Doug Webber: a coin to flip and a bucket of water to drown in. To Becky Lewis: the right guy at the right time. To Val: my hopes of our becoming as beautiful as S.L. I further bequeath a $25 reward to any one who blows up the Chemistry lab and Mr. Kotulski along with it. To Mr. Raby: a life size World War I map. To Mr. Hamrick: a penguin. To Mr. Kimball: an hour of my undivided attention. And to Mr. Jack Clark: a daughter who will grow to be a spoiled precocious brat!

Dawn Stark being a “Senior” citizen of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: to Rene Bacon, I leave the present White House chef's recipe for tuna salad sandwiches. To Pam Tackett, I give my own private collection of fiberglass drapes and Playtex bras. And also a book entitled “How to shake hands in eight different languages and keep the relationship lasting.” To Brendel Deserues, a set of rosary beads along with a life time supply of Hail Mary's -----AMEN BROTHER. To Denise Golota I leave my wardrobe of iguana and armadillo accessories. She also shall receive my pronunciation booklet for words beginning with L's (leavine). My latest song, wheatfields will be presented to her in my memory. She will receive a correspondence course on how to trace nudey pictures for a lasting and effective locker decor. J. Lavey shall receive a big smack on the old lips from Mr. Zookeeper (better know as Mr. Baseball). M. Lavey shall receive my own private interpretation of the Canterbury Tales. It will contain very personal footnotes. And to all other friends, acquaintances, and even brutal enemies, I will remove my deeply imbeaded pride to wish them the best of luck, health, and happiness in the future. P.S. Monica Sen preserves a volume control and Mrs. Ziobro preserves a pity from be, but thanks, after all her so-called constructive criticism.

Jackie Stec being of sound mind and body will to Colleen Molloy a tow truck to pull her out of the mud next time she gets stuck in the mud at Ford Field. To Linda Dytyniak a reward for all her patience. I am really glad it finally worked out. To Val House the quickness to stop fast behind cars. To Becky Lewis a special thanks for being such a close friend, as many good times at Central as we had here at Crestwood and the best of luck in finding a special someone who won't pimp you like someone else did. To John Hess a fox award and a holy bible. To Bob Totten all our long talks, a special thanks for being my big brother and all the help you have given me, all the memories from all the years we've known each other, especially 7th grade. To Paula Koss our basketball memories. To my brother Gary my brains and a memorable senior year. To Kathy Foreman a trip to Hawaii and the memories of one blind date to Camp. To Nick Daley one ride to Camp. To Mr. Clark a Senior English class of all girls worse than any of us. To all my other friends all our experiences throughout the 4 years at Crestwood. To Arlena & Bob all the Jennifer's and Jeremy's they want. To Dave Tomoff some muscles for strength when you have to pick me up, the term paper you never let me correct, directions of how to get home from Brighton, one New Year's Eve Party, all car fights, the many happy experiences and memories we've shared together and that one certain night which started something special which has lasted for 14 months and I hope will last forever. To the class of '72 all the memories of our Senior Trip and a great time in their senior year.

Lawrence Stein being of sound mind and halfway decent body, hereby will the following: to Bob Bedrosian the desire to learn rather than impress. Also a large box of common sense to guide his intelligence. To Mark Huetteman whatever he wants. He deserves it. To Joe Orow nothing. It's the only thing he doesn't have. To Gordon Petty , peace. Whichever kind he prefers for himself. To Ed Haliday a higher opinion of himself which should already be there. To the world thanks, but no thanks.

Lynn Stewart will to Janna a lot of fun in your senior year. To Arlena thanks for the talks at Nina's and at Bob Hughes. To Chris all the boys she can handle and my class wolfess spot. To Mike A. a wonderful time at college and my sports knowledge. To K.R. My love and “?”. To Joanne one weekend in the Bahamas. To Vick S. one “bousteasy.” To Ginny a vieve. To Nicky C. one bottled quart of apples. To Donna one empty seat in her car for someone else. To Jane N. one Nick Daley. To Pat S. not to love the kid I love. To Tom M. another trip with Nick. To Debbie W. “stoggess.” To Debby S. the city of Spensterport, N.Y. To Pam T. THE EAGLE. To Joe M. “one.” To Seniors, good luck in the future.

Paul Storck hereby will my prized and cherished possessions to the following persons, be they friend or foe. To Pad Fattal I will one pan with a picture of Karen at the bottom. To Scratch 6 A's. To Pat Doyle a scholarship to Notre Dame 48. To Ron Havener two air shocks and a throw in the dirt. To Doug Webber a mirror and a life supply of T.V. Guides. To Steve Soviak one Pam (Kissey-face) Merceir. To John Mulkerrin one toke. To Halina and Debbie one bed (alone). To Jerry O'Hara one Dan Pederson doll and a “right-on.” To Elmo some boots and a shovel. To Cheryl Turvey one Indian-Giver Award. To Yogi I will all league. To Sandi Dumitru a bottle of rum and a lot of love. To Colleen Cosgrove two Notes and a Keebler. To Rich Priebe a case of Dutch Elm Disease. To Glen and Gene one operation to separate you. To Mr. McNeil two tokes. To Jeff Lis a slug in the head. To Dan Nrancina one Box Score. To Keith Common some faults. To Mrs. Broditch a few more hassles after I Graduate. To Mr. Winn an invitation to the quarry of his choice. To Don Rousseau one down the sewer. To Val House one superbly decorated locker. To Sue Kalisg one copy of “I'm Mopin”, Two Y&Y's, and my Stanley Cup.”

Jo Sultana will all my love (and love includes a lot) to Linden Lewandowski.

John “Hawk” Swerecki being of sound mind and great physique do will the following: to Mike Valerio, my best friend, I will the nickname “Howard” because we just can't hack his commentary, and a big “Miiiiike.” To Al Leszczynski I will my FU. To Algis “Labas” Tumas I leave two dollars so that he could play poker. To Mr. Kotulski I leave my ability to pick horses at DRC. To Ron “Purple Haze” Hazen I leave one new class ring. To Dan “Lance Greise” Haber I leave a full bottle of Solarcaine. To “PICKY” I leave two rubber gloves to sooth his bad habit and 20 yards of cloth to put lining in his pockets. To Pat Sanderson I leave all the hair from my navel. To Mike Zdan I will Rick Shenkel. To Larry “firebug” Roy, I will the lab he burned in chemistry. To Larry McLelland I will a “How to Play golf” book. To Pam “Grape” Welch I will Keith. To Carol I will the name “Giggles.” To Maureen I will all the happiness. I leave Paula Novelli that certain date. To Mrs. Childs I leave another 4th hour English class like the one we had. I leave Mr. Winn my thanks for being so cool on the trip. To “Guy” Jones a barbell set. Bob Kalis “read between the lines.” To Dennis Lewandowski I leave a peace treaty. To Mike Bojko I leave smoker films. To Jackie and Laura I leave cloud nine. To Denise Pas I will all the guys at Crestwood “and have a ball.” I leave Hughie Roma Hall. To Mrs. Kulas I will another great biology asst. like me. To Frank Jones I leave “Hawk.” To Debbie Mahone I leave another bottle of vodka. To the rest of the seniors, the best of luck.

Diane Swies will to Paula Koss all of my upstairs drunks and parties, a 1,000 more adventures and many thanks for listening to me complain. To John Hell I will all of my “sophisticated” papers to use in college, my sneaky ideas for getting out of class and a muzzle. To Brenda Sabuda I will an eternal supply of cigarettes and a midnight walk along the bay. To Ginny Mussey I will an autographed picture of Denny McLain. To Janice Turowski I will a lifetime of gossip sessions and an invitation to come to Boston with me. To Ted Thuis I will all of my mother's superb driving skills of which he is in desperate need, a ladder to climb balconies with and finally myself to use as a bodyguard when he goes downtown. I will Kathy Kasza a copy of “The Sensuous Woman.” To Linda Stanier I will myself to use as a chaperon whenever she finds it necessary (August, maybe?) and a case of orange juice and vodka. To Sally Kennedy I will a copy of “The Matchmaker.” To Colleen Molloy I will a year's supply of rides home from school and a copy of “Love Story” to read and study carefully. I will Mrs. Claeys an hour of detention with Mr. Hamrick. To Becky Lewis I will all of our sophomore year memories and much deserved happiness. To Jane Gunton I will one comfortable hour in Psychology along with a good psych test. To Mr. Gehm I will eternal thanks and appreciation for everything he's done. Finally, the best of luck to all the underclassmen.

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Pam Tackett will to Mr. Winn a picture of Ron and me so that he will never forget us. To Dave Pas and Mike Zdan all my old English tests and quiz's, (although extremely worn out from over use.) To Pete Tancsi all the sand that we can dig up for him from the Bahamas and a tip for carrying my luggage. To my brother Mike, best wished for his remaining two years at Crestwood, especially for a great Senior Trip and also one long playing record of “Rose Garden.” To Dawn S. I will the “derpes and the bers” from the Bahamas. To Ron Poremba I give a handshake so that Dawn, Denise, and Michele will know that there's a “Loving Connection.” To any lucky girl who needs a boyfriend as sweet and patience as mine, (BUT NOT RON). To Ron I will a new clutch for our VW because I wrecked the old one, a 50 pound box of “Reese Cups” a bronzed statue of Charlie Brown, a mask to cover his mouth when he's eating, a fire extinguisher so that he may “put out the fire” at “Paco's Tacos” anytime he wishes to do so, a certain laboratory so that he can experiment anytime he wants to, my freckles, and finally all of our great memories with more to come, all my love, and me, forever.

Doreen Tagleoli will to Marcia Beard my great skiing ability and my great thinking ability on the road (for those last rides). To Linda and Lee one reserved parking spot at McDonald's equipped with binoculars for across Telegraph. To my brother Dean, locker No. 6 with everything in it. To Connie, Vickie, and Cathy, one Bahama special, and one sun lamp to keep up their beautiful sun burns from the trip. To Craig my pleasant voice. To Rick one girl from the klan (Lee) who has been trying to get your for the past three years. To Tim I also give my sun lamp to keep up his burn and all the fun we had on that one certain Monday.

Ted Thuis being of sound mind and body do hereby will my most prized possession to the following: to Sally Kennedy I leave my first 2½ years of high school and an apology for whatever hurt I may have caused her. To those who helped share my Van last year, I will any happiness they got in doing it, especially to Joanne Westenberg; to Craig Common I give my Old Maid cards, in hopes that he'll become a better dealer, and to his brother Keith I leave my little baseball bat so he can beat off all the girls; to Linda Dytyniak I leave my dog Tiki's leash, so that she can keep bob by her side; to Val House I give one permanent pass for a steak dinner at my house; to my Berwyn Buddy MaryBeth McNerney I give one full lunch (including a fun size candy bar) and a thanks for being my friend ever since kindergarten; to my favorite cheerleader, Debbie Lundquist I leave my book, “Guide to a Better Body” in hopes that things will shape up; to Maryann Pierzchala I leave my half of our rabbie beenie suki; to Michele Fields I will a brown sweater vest and any memories she might have; to Jackie Stec I give any patience I have, you'll need it to put up with Dave; to the little fox Denise Dytyniak, I will many happy ski trips; to Diane Swies I leave my grades last year, for without her I wouldn't have made it; to the Crestwood football team I leave a prayer that they have a 500 season; to the Charger track team I leave our mile relay record and also my scorecard in various extra activities; to Claudia Jones I will a promise that I'll never call her Big Mac again; to the Crestwood Charger Quartet I leave my solid gold single “Mac the Knife” and all the fun we had singing it; to all the current juniors I leave a wish that their senior year is the best ever; to Mrs. Childs I leave all my “A” English papers and a thanks for passing me, and a special thanks for being a friend as well as coach and a teacher; to Mr. Hamrick, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Weice, Mr. And Mrs. Claeys, Mr. Kimball, and all my teachers I will my gratitude for everything they've done for me; to all those seniors who went on the senior trip I leave one “Bahama Mama” to bring back the memories; to Terry, Bob, John, and Rick, I will all the fun we had and a thanks for being such good friends; to Dave Tomoff my best friend I give all my dust he ate in track, my good sense in not wasting money; my wide appetite and since he's practically my brother I leave my sister “Thumb”; to Colleen, Janice, Ginny, Arlenda, and Linda Stan I will all the times we had and a very special thank-you; to Becky Lewis who means so much to me, I leave the longest rope in the world, so that no matter where life takes us we always keep in touch; to Marsha Biek who made my senior year so great, I will one black rose every day for the rest of her life and a promise that she'll always be someone special to me; Finally to all my friends and all my fellow seniors, I leave a heart felt thanks for making my 4 years here so GREAT.

Dave Tomoff being of sound mind and bod do hereby will the following: to Keith Common, my track shoes, so that he can break all the records he dreams of with my flying feet. To Craig Common my fierce bravery that's in me so that he can now quit being a sissy. To Marsha Biek I give a tent, so Ted can stay there, instead of going back and forth, when you're P.W. What can you do? To Linda Dytyniak I give a big hall, which her and Bob can use when they finally get married. To Becky Lewis, I give a special thanks, for being like my sister and helping me through hard times. To Joanne, Arlena, Ginny, Colleen, Janice, Sally, Maryanne, Jackie B., Val, I give all the happiness that we spent together over the years. To Terry Hollenback I give a bottle of Nair for after he gets his hair cut, and a sponge to comb it with. To Ted Thuis whose the best friend a guy could have, I give a calendar so that he can time himself when he runs. I also give him 2 tons of Neutrament so that he can gain weight and strength and not be killed on the football field. I also give him a big thanks for listening and helping me through all my misfortunes, for no where in the world can you find a friend like him. To Bob Totten, John Hess, I leave all the fun that us boys had. To Jackie Stec I leave all my muscles, so that she can fight all the boys off at college. I also leave her all my love, and all the kindness, and consideration that she gave me, for she's the best girl in the world and life wouldn't be the same without her.

Bob Totten will to the future years of Crestwood students many years of fun we seniors have had in our four years here. I also will good luck and good fortune to those that have played a role in my life over the past years. To these I owe many thanks because they have all meant so much to me. And I will to any guy or girl the luck I have had in finally finding someone who has the patience and understanding to help me through the little things which it takes two to find the way. Many thanks to my old lady, Linda Dytyniak, for helping me. The last thing I feel I can will is many years of close friendships to those going on the Central University, the Dearborn Campus of the University of Michigan, Michigan, Schoolcraft, and to someone who is going to Mary Grove. Also a couple who aren't going to any college but are going to get married and just be happy together.

Debbie Troeder will to Pam, a key to shut off her “motor mouth” on the phone. To Marcella I leave one episode at Cunningham's (may it never happen again). And to Atom ant I give all my love; and thank you for a year and 25 days (where did it go?) By the way, George and Elmer say it's cold. The dam broke. Help ???

Janice Turowski being of neither sound mind or body bequeath to Colleen my best buddy 2 “stumps” and Telegraph Road and its variety of “Crazy _____”. To Diane S. 4 million hours of talking and a certain p.m. Party when Houdini said “I am here.” To Sally K. the record “I want to hold your hand” for her to give to anyone who she thinks might need it. To Maryanne P. Camp Dearborn all summer and free Frisbee lessons by a certain someone. To the baddest one or all, Ginny Mussy, I will a law that may be passed in Congress that Every Day be Mothers Day, and also a box of Chicken Chow Mein and great memories of Tiger games. To Becky Lewis a recording of “Darrrling-Darrrling will you pose for me?” And a coke which is needed to turn it off. To my brother Paul, I will my sister MaryAnne who will be a freshman next year (you'll never be alone!) and all her teenybopper friends who will probably attack every senior guy – but only if he looks like Bobby Sherman. To Linda I will breakfast in Boston, lunch in London, tea at Topinka's and supper in Spain. To Debbie Poopooshski the record “On the Good Ship Lollipop” and the 2 natives that acted strange when they heard it. And also our gossip sessions at Danny's To Bill Sutherland a steam shovel for the stories he tells me about him being an Indian. To Reed Schornack a tank of oxygen for his heavy breathing. To Manvel Taggart an eternal supply of pencils and a book on “How to be a hard guy” written by my brother. To Mike Zdan I will Bill Freehan “The greatest of them all.” To my favorite chum, Debbie Lundquist a bird which seems to ap[pear regularly in shorthand. To Denise the hope that her future will be flying. And lastly to all underclassman the wish that you have fun at Crestwood and the hope that your class can be half as great as '71.

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Dan Ulfig being in full control of my faculties do hereby will and bequeath these prized articles of worth I have accumulated over the years. First to my good buddy, Thomas J. McWeasle, I would like to leave a new safe and a jar of wart remover and a seat at my house when we're 40, to sit and drink beer and watch football games on TV. Next to Miss Arlena Monti, to whom I leave memories of wonderful experiences past and a wish for good luck. To Miss Christine Krowicky, I leave my old P.F. Flyers and six pairs of dirty socks. To Mr. Robert Q. Kimball, many thanks for all the immense philosophical knowledge obtained about the wonders of the world and its workings. My minds been expanded. Next comes the boys with whom I've tipped many a brew. Anthony Enokian, receives a complete and unabridged set of dealing cards. To James Izeluk I leave all my weights so he can further increase his pummeling powers. To James Long and John Wacaster, I leave free passes to rip-off to Biffs and other such places. To Sandy, Allen and Gary, I leave all the good (?) luck I have playing poker. To Janna Less Stewart I leave the prized position of having Lazels job and her sunglasses. To Donna Lypka I leave thanks for hosting my birthday party. To Mike Bojko I leave a snorkel and a firm hand shake. I hereby give up my seat in Dave Silski's magical bus 1 and I send a maid to clean John Chlipala's house after aunt Hosie comes back unexpectedly from Bingo. To Deborah Sandy I leave a wish for happiness and success. And last but not least to Debbie Mahone I leave the keys to my airport shuttle car.

Carol Urso will to Maurine Gladish one book on “How Your Car Operates” just in case we get in anymore wrecks, lots of thanks for being there and all the luck in the world. To Terri Campbell I will all my problems with Danny (for as long as it lasted) and all the little pep talks you gave me (especially in the Bahamas). To Pam Welch I will one “Roma Guy” who drives a little orange Sionca. Good Luck P.J.!! also, all the memories of the track meets last year. To Debbie Fett I will an unlimited supply of gas so she can see Ralph whenever she wants and also my word “scoop.” To Bonnie Brady I will one “certain” senior guy with lots of luck. To Lee Symonds I will one memory book with memories of the Bahamas in it. To Jerry Ernst “Thanks” for understanding, You're Great!” To my brother Jim, I will lots of luck, and I hope he has as much fun as I did during the past four years. To Hawk I will one walk on the beach. Sorry about your shoes John. To Hugh McKenty I will one 1966 white mustang (as soon as T.C. Sells it.)

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Micheal Valerio being of sound mind, (sometimes), and body, will first to our beloved baseball coach PICKY, one back scratcher for his tremendous bad habit. Also, I will PICKY, the book, “How to Manage” by Mayo Smith, and so he can learn the rules of the game, I will PICKY a 1971 rule book, and the book “Hot to Play Baseball.” I also will PICKY a visit from “some” of his friends. I will Crestwood High a set of new baseball coaches, especially the replacement of PICKY, and PICKY, tell me “Why do you always play pocket pool?” I will to Mr. Kotulski, Ron Hazen's cheat sheet, all my chemistry ability, and a car-full of flowers and a jump. To Ron Hazen, I will a free piano lesson and many thanks for the hot AM/FM radio from Barry's. To Mike (Banana Man) McDowell, I will a chocolate sax. To Lawrence McClelland, I will my big putter. To Larry (the Firebug Roy), I will a spear so he can fight off the Boogies downtown at Wayne State, and a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap. To John Swerecki, I will “checkers for beginners” by M. Howard, and an autographed smoker poster of Bobby Hull. To Garry Tim Kiewitz, I will a Montreal Expo's jock strap To Eugene Kronkowski, I will Derek Sanderson's cup. To Mike Jaksim, I will Gary Unger's great defensive ability and the ability to backcheck. To Rick Shenkel, I will Mike Zdan. To Pete Janosi, I will season tickets to all the Tiger games because I know he is an avid baseball fan. To Al Tumis, I will a pair of elbow pads and a shot in the ribs. To Al Leszczynski, I will a vote for All-League catcher. And finally to all my friends, including “some” of the teachers, I will best wished and the best of luck in the future. Good luck class of '71.

Armilda VanBuskirk being of sound mind, will to Lawrence Bauer, Lawrence Bacer, Scott and George. To Genie Pelc, I will an evening of dancing with Yes-Yes. I bequeath a four days supply of sun to Karen Grden, and one stop sign and another Saturday in the Bahamas to Connie Juengel. To Sheila Walker, I will lots of happiness and love with Don. I will an empty lunch tray to Ann Quackenbush. I will one pair of navy tennis shoes to Mrs. Childs, and medicated powder to Mrs. Ziobro. I bequeath a long walk to Linda Smetana, a horse on a beach to Diane Pahl, to Sue Vicich, her knight in shining armor, and to Debbie McAleer, success with pen pals. To the class of '72, I will happiness and success in their senior year. To the GREATEST class of all, -- '71, wishes of good luck, happiness, love and peace.

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Doug Webber will all my knowledgeable tools of learning, my encyclopedias, dictionaries, and my abundant almanacs, to Keith Common, so that he might continue my humble professorship.

Pam Welch being of sound mind and body will to all the 1971-72 Cheerleaders all the fun that I have had in the past two years, and to have a good base if there are guys like what John “Fox” Hess was to me. To “The Fox” I will all the rights to his story “The Little Foxes” and all the memories we've had of each other for the past ten years, remember Mrs. Trest. To “the Hawk” I will being the only bus boy when there's a 800 Caldian, also a standing invitation to come up to Central and one deck of cards for Schoolcraft. To Carol, I will all the clovers in the dale and maybe one will finally grow up, also a seasons pass to all the “famous” track meets, and a good for anytime pass for a visit up at Central, and best of luck at HFCC. To Maurine I will the ability to fall asleep in Astronomy class and being able to wake up before the lights come back on; also one straw and also one pass up to CMU. To “Dumb” Campbell I will the ability to think before you talk and a salt and pepper shaker for your shoe leather, and also a “lace” to go with the shoe-leather, also my ability to slid through vents anytime you see a Swinger, also for our next trip to Schoolcraft, one pair of brown eyes, and a boxsticks and one muzzle. And last but not least one tray of ice cubes and also the possibility to find the owner of a striped brown horse and the best of luck in the next 4 years because if you're rooming with me, you'll need it.

Carol Welty leave in my last will and testimony, my locker to some unlucky upcoming senior. I will to Grace Stachnik 5,000 keys to room 148. I will to Mary Cortis one fresh cab driver that added spice to our trip. I will to Barb Frazier 1 back seat, with 1 quiet front seat, an eclipse of the sun next vacation, my love, and all the good fortune in the world. To Carol Whitefoot a happy senior year, with who ever it is at that time including Ernie. To Dayle Garrett one lost debute, a gold-coated throat, a great senior year, and success in her future. To Mr. Fisher 2 silver tap shoes, and two life preservers, and no more hassles. To Mr. Kimball one “Physics is Fun” sign, in lights, on my (glutimas Maximus), and a wonderful year of Physics. To my fellow seniors Thank-You for being so great. To Mrs. Welty in the office as many assistants that she weeds sixth hour and a bottle of Excedrin. Last but not least to Mark Johnston, all my love for making this year the happiest of my life, and hopefully many more to come. I also will to him 1 muzzle, 1 niceness pill, and 1 straight jacket. “That ought to do it Bard.”

Harry Wheeler will to Duane Nichols all my dirty oil for his Harley Sportster, to prevent his polluting the air. To Daryl Bennett I will all of my guitars so maybe he can get more use out of them than I can. To Mrs. Ziobro I will all the hamlet books I can find and throw them in her front year. To Tom Pierison I will a beautiful chopper that he won't have to push down the street to get running, and maybe some new color's. To Mitch Shusta I will my Yamaha, so that he can get com gear's (WHEN – NOW!!) also I will him my friendship and all the bone's he can eat (SUNRISE TO YA MITCH) To Ruthie Lamenam I will all my love to her forever, and will my car to her to keep it cleaner than I do, and a heater in her jacket, so she doesn't get goose bump's when she's drinking; don't ever do me that. And to Sue Surbrowski I will all the doors in my house to her so she can always hide underneath or throw one at me when I walk by. To the class of '71 I will all the good luck as everyone needs it, and happiness to them. I hope everyone has a good life, and hope everyone will always remember the senior trip.

Doug Whitefoot being of almost sound body and mind, will to Mr. McNeil lots of new freshmen to use next year. To Mr. Haines one helpful history exam. To Dana Brooks, Tim Brooks and Dan Combs on free ticket to swim in Crestwood's pool anytime they like. To Mike Govan one brand new recreation building. To Ron (nerf) Gruendwald one bottle of Cutty Sark. To Randy Edwards one thought-transfer machine so we can communicate better on Friday nights. To Carol Whitefoot I leave my determination to always strive to do better in my classroom studies. To Nance Nagy one Doug Whitefoot. To Jeff Sharp and Mike Menz I will another trip to (where else) The Rock.

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Debbie Ziemba do hereby will the following: To start with, I'll will what's left of my tan to Randy Edwards, or a fast trip to Africa because don't forget—I love you R.E. To Paula Novelli I will all the morning that the car wouldn't start—and all the times we were late, oh God. To Donita Colson I will any left over cat food in case I can't keep OLLIE. (I have all kinds) And last I will all my frustrations and stinkin times that this school has brought me—to anyone who will gladly take them. A special thanks to Mr. Berg, and Mr. Skytta—the only teachers that I know who didn't act like teachers.

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