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This Crestwood High School Website is intended for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as well. We welcome and encourage the sharing of memories and stories from all Crestwood Alumni, as well as the latest updates in your lives.  Please use discretion when creating your profile, posting messages, and forum messages.

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03/14/21 06:25 PM #9    


Garry Brandt (1972)

Greetings.  I moved to Clearwater, Fl in 1976 after graduating from Ferris. Met my wife here, got married on CleArwater beach and raised our  two kids in Central Florida. now we are back on the West Coast living in Palm Harbor where Deb and I met and got married.  Would love to meet up with other Crestwood Grads for dinner.  Find me on FB Gar Brandt and PM me.   Cheers !  Gar & Deb 

03/15/21 07:13 AM #10    

Nancy Ferguson (Wein) (1974)

I moved to Florida in 1982.  I currently live in Jacksonville and still love it here.  We get a little "cold" weather here (actually had snow in 1989).  When I came to Florida for the first time in 1977 (spring break) I said "why doesn't everyone want to live here?!"  Originally I lived further south, but I like northern Florida much better.  I retired in 2015 and even with COVID quarartine I am loving life and will be a grandmother any minute now!

03/15/21 11:41 AM #11    


Patty Carruthers (Weaver) (1979)

Anyone out in AZ????   We just moved this month from Grosse Ile, MI. To Tucson AZ.   

03/16/21 12:08 PM #12    


Cindy Sheldon (1971)

Click on the Home Page, scroll down and look for Where We Live on the right.  There are 41 grads currently listed as living in Arizona.  Thanks for the reminder, I need to update my profile; I moved to Arizona the middle of last year.  We've got enough Crestwood residents living here that we could hold our own reunion.  

03/16/21 02:45 PM #13    


Patty Carruthers (Weaver) (1979)


03/17/21 09:51 AM #14    


Mark Skopczynski (1975)

I moved to west central Florida, back in 1991. Tampa Bay is gorgeous with all the beaches and sand. And only 1/2 from the gulf. No more snow, though I live below the frost line. 

03/17/21 01:02 PM #15    


Robert Kimball

Hello all, Dr. Kimball here (taught Physics from 1968 - 1973).  Physics is Fun Still!   I've been in touch with former student Rick Lovedal.  When he was in my class, he won the steamboat race we held in the pool.  He went on to be a naval architect.  



03/17/21 01:48 PM #16    


Mary Cortis (Hrisoulis) (1971)

Hey Mr. Kimball! I had you in Physics! Great teacher and class! You must come to our 50th high school graduation reunion! We Floridians are having a practice reunion this Friday!!

03/18/21 09:08 AM #17    


Debra Koivunen (1971)

I endorse Mary's invitation to attend our reunion in Michigan July 31st! 

03/18/21 10:06 AM #18    


Mark Skopczynski (1975)

Ah, Mr Kimball. I had you for Physics in 1975. I still talk about the dropping of the dodecahedrons off the top of the high school. Really enjoyed that class!

03/18/21 11:07 AM #19    


Lee Jacobsen (1966)

Mr. Kimball, you taught after I graduated, but likely carried on the tradition of Mr. Ensign, who taught a senior Science coliqueum class, and the subjects we got into often caused 'issues' for the school as a whole, like doing research on the genes of fruit flies, using Mr. Ensign's connections to use U of M's 'new' electron Microscope, and somehow, all those friut flies raised for the study, after it was done, somehow escaped and entered the school's ventilation system.....:}.

Last saw Mr. Ensign about 20 years ago, at a honor ceremony at Crestwood for outstanding alumni.....not me, I just make car parts, but for my sister Kathy who got some sort of achievement award for her world-reknowned folk art paintings.    She couldn't make the ceremony , so I got to do the talking, and mentioned that she was the one who led the 'reform' of the Crestwood dress code,  'no more mandatory dresses' at Crestwood....and the allowance of 'jeans' for women students......yep...that was the 60's dress code back then....:}



03/19/21 12:16 PM #20    

Sally Slomzenski (Milo) (1971)

Mr. Kimball...Please send me your email address so I can send you reunion info once we have it confirmed. You will be invited as a guest of the reunion committee. (PS - any others who taught the class of 71 at Crestwood, please contact me!)

Sally Slomzenski Milo


03/20/21 08:26 PM #21    


Denise Leeman (Scherer) (1972)

Class of 72. Living in Delray Beach, FL.

03/26/21 06:42 PM #22    


Jeff Brown (1970)

I'm a snowbird living on a 42foot California Trawler at Burnt Store marina in Punta Gorda Florida. 

06/27/21 11:34 PM #23    


Robert Kimball

Hello Dr. Kimball here:  Physics is Fun (1968-74),

Does anyone know what happened to Dorothea Szlavik.  She was a student of mine in 1974 and I've always wondered how her life turned out.



06/28/21 12:02 PM #24    


Vicky Folmar (Czajka) (1972)

Mr. Kimball, Dorothea has a profile on this site.  Look up her profile and send her a message.

09/08/21 05:20 PM #25    

Glenn Fields (1984)

St. Linus Fair this weekend?  Anyone going??  

09/09/21 11:15 PM #26    


Mary Theresa Cutajar (English) (1975)

So Jamie Bernarcik, Russ Petrarca and I (Mary Theresa Cutajar English) are planning on going Saturday night.   The Atomic Radio Band is playing that night from 7 to 11 pm.  What instrument did you play in Marching Band?  I played clarinet, oboe, English horn and was on the first Flag Corps for our Marching Band in 1975.  Hope to see you there!

11/04/21 04:07 PM #27    


Robert Kimball

Recently there was a teacher suspended for dressing as an Native American and singing a trigonometry song to help her students memorize a set of trig functions.

When I taught Physics at Crestwood, I had my students dance the "vibrating molecule dance".    I even showed everyone at the prom how to do the dance.

Glad I didn't get fired!

11/05/21 10:35 AM #28    


Gregory Larsen (1983)

A much different zeitgeist these days...given the date, likely no video of that dance, but if so, you have to post it!

11/05/21 12:11 PM #29    

Larry Domine (1972)


With the technology today could you provide us with a video of the dance?


11/05/21 12:47 PM #30    


Lee Jacobsen (1966)

Better yet ,  have someone video you today doing the dance, now that would be something to see!

By the way, Mr. Ensign, physics teacher, had some pretty good moves as well.


10/21/23 10:45 AM #31    

Bruce Kramer (1970)

Still playing the Tuba (started at Wellever in 4th grade). Belong to three Ensembles. Farmington Community Band, Detroit Community Orchestra, and Detroit Community Band.


Upcoming Concerts

3pm, Sunday, October 29, 2023, at The Hawk, 29995 W 12 mile, Farmington, 48334  Halloween theme w costumes / kid focused

7pm, Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at Orchestra Hall, 3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit  48201

3pm, Sunday, December 17, 2023, at North Farmington H.S., Farmington 32900 W 13 Mile Rd., 48334  Holiday Theme

7pm, Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at Orchestra Hall, 3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit 48201

3pm, Sunday, March 17, 2024, at The Hawk, 29995 W 12 mile, Farmington 48334

7pm, Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at Orchestra Hall, 3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit 48201

11/23/23 08:35 AM #32    


Robert Earl (1971)

After having to miss the class of 71's fifty year reunion due to some crises in Texas, I was happy to see there is a Christmas party in Canton soon! We sold our ranch and campground in west Texas last January at the height of a real estate boom and bought a small acreage just north of Alpena, MI. I have missed fishing for many years and used to love Lake Huron, so we came BACK to the cold country to really retire, fish, skijor with my Anatloian Shepherd and just play for a few years.

I recently had knee replacement surgery, the result of two IRONMAN attempts, 53 Olympic ones and five marathons.... STUPID.....so I have to slow down for a month or so. There are some old friends I plan on seeing and our car needs warrenty work and there are no KIA dealers close to us. That gives me several reasons to come south for some "melancholy moments".

I will definitely be at the Christmas party on December 8th and will spend the weekend in the area. I hope to see some of you that still live in the Detroit area there at the Christmas party!!

11/24/23 11:44 AM #33    

Sally Slomzenski (Milo) (1971)

Robert Earl and the rest of the Class of 71:
In September, we will have our "Class of 71 Turns 71" party, so plan on that!!!

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