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1969 Senior Wills

Alphabetized by 1969 Last Name


We, the people who wrote up the Class will truly hope that no one is hurt or insulted by the contents below. It was all written in innocence and in the hope that it will bring a little fun to everyone.

Crestwood Class of 1969 Senior Wills

We the members of the Crestwood High School Class of ’69 being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned in said articles.

A Return to Top

Jewel Asbury will one dog bone to Nancy Jones; a pair of size 8 shoes to Gail Locke for her big feet; and to any senior-to-be who would be lucky enough to get Mrs. Oberg for Psych and English V, I leave you all my books from those classes, Cliff Notes, and class notes. My best wishes to the class of ’70 for a great Senior Year.Malcolm Allen will my Gretch guitar to Paul Grande who really could use another guitar.

B Return to Top

Lois Bargowski will one Mr. Claeys Business English Course to Junior Ilona Dittmar; to “Flame” a hot future; and to all of my friends, a profitable future. I would also like to will one pair of stilts to by brother, Squeak.

Vickie Barkoot will my position of 2nd chair in band to Lynn Quackenbush; all of my red medals to Bev Berry; my ability to bypass the temptations of alcoholic beverages to Bob Ellingsworth, and also one Yahtzee game; a life-size poster of Frank to Linda Wayne; N. H. plus luck to Bob Rose.

Bill Bates will to Mary Sahara and Bob Bashawaty one winning homecoming float; to Bill Scott, Jack Merriman, and Gary Gabriel my confederate license plate sign, and a bus card for next year to take them home every day; one flagpole to Lynne Kasza to hang her undies on; to Paula Ziemba all of our forgotten Friday and Saturday nights; to Pud a bucket to use when she gets sick; my after school talks with Mrs. Bretl and Miss Vossos to any junior male, that thinks he’s man enough to handle them; and to the Junior Class all our parties we had up at Eastern this year!

Al Bavarskas will my forged passes to Mr. Miller’s first hour metals class; and all my absences from Mr. Fisher’s band class, and all the problems I have with Mr. Gehm to Mr. Smink.

Lynne Bergmans will my one and only Batman pencil to my true and loyal friend, Dan “Mookie Magugins” Ulfig; to Susie Gillikin, I will a new “Tom”; all my Nellie Lovelace dresses (and the image!) to Janet Green; the hairpins given to me at last year’s graduation by Mrs. Hansen back to Mrs. Hansen with a big “thank-you”; to any “lucky” Junior girl the date Chuck Kalil promised me at Christmas time; all of the Peanuts posters in locker #6 to anyone brave enough to use the locker next year.

Gil Bettinger will all of my abilities to skip school without getting caught to Mrs. Sorge.

Wally Bieber will the Presidency of the National Honor Society to Gerry Olexsey; my skill in doing hand-stands to the “Sauerkraut Kid”; my courage to not skip school to Mrs. Ziobro; some courtesy and understanding to the “Rig”; and my skill and (mostly) luck to the tennis team to become the champs.

Keith Bjerke will to my friend Chuck Kotulski a spare tire, and bowl of sukiyaki; and to Mr. Gehm a pair of ear muffs; and Miss Vossos my year of dedicated study and attentiveness.

Linda Black will to dear Mr. Weise my high IQ in Algebra; and to Diva Tonya Pertrulis my good luck in skipping out of Charley’s class.

Nancy Blucher will all my swimming ability to Karen Tackett; to the class of ’70 all the privileges we did not have; to my brother, Earl, a parking spot in the senior lot; to Gail Remnant a towel to wipe the soap out of her eyes.

Denise Bradley will to Teri Bednarcik for one year, Mr. Claeys and all his funny jokes; to “Light and Lively” all the luck she can possibly have with her car and to all the juniors a wonderful senior year.

Linnea Brady will ten lbs. Of mushrooms to Keith Dalian; one pair of corroded blue jeans to Joe Guerriero; my tan and the key to my closet to Karin Potts; one of my extra credits to Pud; a free ski lesson to Gary Gabriel; a bowl of sunshine to Christian Lahym; my orthopedic shoes to Tom Wynychuk; my enthusiasm to Jimmy; and a lot of thanks to Mary Margaret.

Linda Burkard will one dry shoulder and a box of Kleenex to Mrs. Bretl in return for the box I uses; to Linda Ianetta, one bottle of Pretty Feet for her gorgeous clod-hoppers; and to a certain K.F. a door for his glove compartment; also, to Miss Roman, Miss Vossos, and Miss Balcer many more fantastic parties on their future senior trips.

Richard Buttigieg will all the bread sticks to the Junior Class; my Jello-throwing abilities from first lunch hour to second lunch hour; two free tickets to the Melody Art Theater to Joe Choma; and a water hose to Bill Radulovich.

C Return to Top

Ken Canup will Kathy Michno one Tom Wynychuk; to Mark DerVar one slightly used Vet; to Chuck Englemeyer and Ron Maul “Pat McLalster,” if they can find her; to Mary Sahara a pin in the shape of a “Monkey” eating a banana (with movable parts); and to Sue Rainko a “Domaflagy” and a “Tody” frog.

Jim Case will my great world history grades to any next year’s sophomore who needs them.

Patricia Cekala will my big mouth to use a next year’s swimming meets to Linn Lawson; another book of poems by Emily Dickinson to Laura Rigge so she can burn it; my varsity cheerleading jacket to Lynda Brewer; a four-leaf clover and a smile to Kathy Forman and the “little girl”; and the D.B.I.K. award to Julie Swartout.

Mary (Lou) Chipala being of weird mind and body do hereby will to my C.F., Julie Swartout, one dozen eggs, a “get out of jail free” card, and the “I am what I am” award; to next year’s cheerleaders, I leave my ability to make up cheers in the shower; to Miss Roman, one community outfit—mine and Jackie’s; a waste-basket filled with water and the secret of Helen to Mr. Hamrick; a tarnished pot and box of Cheerios to Linn Brady; to my two little brothers, Jerry Folmar and John Michael, all my athletic abilities; and one new shirt to Dave Kuhn.

Ellen Clark will to Carolyn McCubbrey the next two years to reform in, and to stop talking so gross; to Dennis Jordan I leave my parents, facing a firing squad and much happiness; and to Mr. Devereaux, more students like me! And better response to kids like Tiny. And to my storm-trooper friend, Theresa, whatever turns you on.

Gordon Clark will all my bills at the neighborhood transmission shops for the cars I have owned to any deserving underclassmen who can do as well?!!

Jim Clay will a new book of hall passes for 3rd hour English, my arm wrestling ability (left handed), and my G.T.O. to take the place of a Flat 850 cc with 430 h.p. to Mr. Richard McGrath, my 3rd hour English teacher and buddy.

Ann Marie Clemente will my purse and my long hair to Mike Pike; at least 3 inches in height to be grown by her senior year to my little sister, Dawn; D.T. for Jane Saylor, and all my senior memories to all future seniors.

Janet Click will all my whisker burns to Cindy Bare and all my love to Art (Peaches).

Diane Comstock will to my sister Sue, my charming personality to do whatever she wants with it; to Bonnie Brady, all the jewelry that I made in ceramics; and last but not least, to Brad Marquardt, all my sincere friendship and love for being such a wonderful person to me.

Roland Cordeior will all of my “Support Your Local Police”, and “Impeach Earl Warren” bumper stickers, Wallace/Lemay ’72 buttons, and my Mayor Daly brown shirt to Mrs. Bretl.

Pete Cremona will John $2.50 to get a hair cut, or I’ll tell his mother on him.

Michael Cullen will my uncanny way of skipping classes to Jack Ghannam with the hope that he uses it. To Jack Merriman I will my genuine wooden sports car shift knob which he has in the past coveted.

Mike Cupps will the ability to burn a car at the DragWay to anybody who wants to try. To Mrs. Sorge I will 300 gallons of ink and a new right arm for next year.

D Return to Top

Karen Davis will all my blue slips to any girl who has first hour home economics class; all my extra calories to Mr. McGrath; one pair of socks to Mike Ienna; mother Maria’s basket to whoever has locker #23 next year; and the best of luck to everyone left here.

Pat Derbacz will to Rodney Alexander, all the Roosevelt dimes I own; to Mike Biek, an extra pair of eyes so he can wink at all the girls that do down the hall; to all the Junior girls 100 buckets of water to use on their Senior Trip; and patience and good luck to anyone who has Mr. Claeys for an English teacher next year.

Diane Diebel will my cheerleading skills (?) and golfing ability to my sister Susan; my friendly disposition and “knowledge” of Psychology to Mrs. Nash; and a one-way ticket to Florida to “Miss Larson.”

Jacqueline Dietz will one iron vest to MaryLou Chipala; one set of “the teeth” to Karl Hamrick; and to Nancy Davidson the Key to my heart.

Loretta DiIorio will to Ramon a truck so that he can be considered rich, too; to Lynne Kasza, lots and lots of spaghetti so she won’t be tortured to eat that Polish food; I will to Chris Lahym, one extra contact lens in case she loses one when I’m not around; I will to Shawon Dinsmoore one Temptation record “I wish it would wain.”

Sharon Dinsmoore will to Jackie and MaryLou 10 free lessons on “How to Do it Yourself”; to Julia Swartout I will my tiny rollers so that she, too, may have nice little curls coming out of her head; to Patti Lewis I leave an empty gym locker because I am finally taking my clothes home; to Loretta DiIoria I leave the words “Get Back Lo-wetta-a-a-a”; to Mr. Hamrick (Karl) I leave an atmosphere of quietness; to Marina (Miss V.) I leave a weekly “Story of My Life” so she can laugh, cry, or just “do her thing” along with my address (updated when needed) so she can reach me when the time comes (soon Marina?????); to Miss Murray (Justine), I will one ticket to New York for anytime she would like to go for some companionship. It is good for any time, any day, and may be used for an infinite number of times; to Donny Rousseau I leave the oranges in the locker, the right to eat his own chicken sandwiches, and a free Tow-Truck-Ticket in case he ever needs it again; the best of luck to next year’s cheerleaders to that they, too, can bring home the honors as we did; and to all the underclassmen, the best wishes that they all enjoy their remaining years in high school as I did.

Diane DiPietro will to Elaine Polak some patience before receiving John’s letters and also a leg tranquilizer for her spastic leg. To my brother, Don, I will all my troubles I had in obtaining a passing grade in government for when he becomes a senior; to Dolly Flint I will a life-time supply of Noxzema for the blemishes that she dreams of having; and to Pvt. Robert C. Hoener I will all my love and a one-way ticket home from San Diego.

Hans Dittmar will my fast-moving Volkswagen to Russ Nieves or anybody with a time bomb or knowledge of a high cliff; and to all they guys in 2nd hour speech class namely Bill Niblo and Jack Merriman, bathing suits and towels in order to keep themselves dry from the wetness.

Lynn Donko will a key to the girl’s john near the cafetorium to all female Student Council members; a copy of all back tests I’ve run off in the office to Wendy Allen; and 10 packs of blue passes signed by Mr. Gehm to Debbie Saez.

Ann Dunham will all my short skirts to the squares that cut them down; I also will that pig pen of a lunch room to every rude underclassman that has the stomach to eat there. I will “C.H.S.” to Alex Chrisopoulos who will thankfully blow it up. I will love and my “wool hat” to Bean—Good bye, “C.H.S.”.

Micheal Dziekan will a new set of clothes to Mr. Hamrick, for another water fight; to “Little Ivan” all the goals he can score; to Dereck, more hitting power; to Rudy, more bats; and my can and Larry’s white sox to Mr. Lammers, for next years’ first baseman.

E Return to Top

Laura Eden will one box of green passes to Gary Gabriel; to Sue Hinske, one permanent blue pass for shorthand; to Jane Saylor and Linda Burkard, D.T. and L.P. respectively.

Bob Ellingsworth will Bruce Kramer all my empty valve oil bottles; Gordon Wargo, all my empty cigarette packages (for a price); and to Mr. Skaisgir I leave about 800 “courtesies” that I owe him.

F Return to Top

Gary Feldhus will to brother, Tony, my ’63 two-speed Hemi-Fairlane; to Debra Saez I bequeath two used ticket stubs, a can of “Charlie the Tuna” tuna fish, and the use of the Library of Congress on any day that that funny girl wishes to read it; to Ron Stein, I bequeath one pair of comfortable walking shoes; to Douglas Charles Weld, I bequeath “Suzy”, and also my skiing skills; to Robert Glen Swoveland, I bequeath all my sympathy, for he does not own a 221 V-8. In addition I will to him a lifetime supply of Bic pens and all the Bibles he can read; to Susan Hinski I bequeath a $100.00 gift certificate towards and future water bills of hers.

Mark Felmley will my used suntan from last year, a leaky 16 foot boat with an 80 H.P. engine, a pair of trick water skis, a voit custom slomon ski along with 75 feet of tow line, plus a five minute film of me skiing to Wally Bieber.

Dolly Flint will to Raymond Ramsey, my ability to have an “almost perfect” attendance; also to my sister, all kinds of luck to get through her next three years of school without getting grounded.

Phyllis Ford will all of my troubles and problems to Mr. Berg and all of my Government notes to Terry Doody.

Ken Forfinski will ten free bowling lessons given by Mike Pike and a new “Don Carter” bowling ball to Mr. Chuck Kotulski; and the Black Plague on this year’s Junior Class.

Donalda Fraser will a permanent look-out post from my house to Diane Kachinski; a package of “Scatter Perm” to Barb Jordan; all the leftovers from the “big” lunches I’ve eaten this year to Nick Vendittelli; my luck at keeping out of skiing accidents to my sister Cheryl; and to my sister, Denise, I leave a banana for her to love and cherish.

G Return to Top

Robert Gabler will my 37 pounds of term paper notes to anyone who “doesn’t care”; 69 cups of Southern Crème coffee to anyone who has the “hair” to take it; my Falcon to anyone who would rather walk; and to Pati, my 5 volumes of Shakespeare.

Gary Gabriel will to Miss Vossos a carton of Newports; to Linn Brady one book on “How to be a Nun”; Linda Burkard a muzzle; to my sister my charming way of getting along with teachers, (Miss Roman); Miss McCubbrey a trip to Eastern; Bill Bates can have my stock in WEXL.

Mary Gaddis will the “clean” files to Uncle Forty; “The Song” to Rich; my eraser and Trig notes to Rich Phillips; the choir to Mr. Fisher.

Tony Garibaldi will my 40-foot beer chain to Ray Buttigieg; to Mrs. Sorge, all my admission slips that I saved for the past 3 years; and to the Homecoming Queen, a date to the Drive-In to see “Love is a Passion.”

Don Gasinski will all of my fantastic pictures and magazines of Fords to Jerry Elandt; my first set of color pictures of my new Mach I Mustang to Reed Bolick; one set of 8-foot patch marks off my Mach I on Craig Mattison’s driveway to match his marks on my driveway; to Miss Roman all my fantastic knowledge of government.

Allen Gazsi will a pack of blue and pink slips to Mrs. Sorge; and my “Trophy Hunter” jacket to anybody who wants it; and to the Juniors all the fun I had this year when you are Seniors!!

Nancy Gazsi will all of my blue slips and great times to my brother Bob; all the luck to the Junior Class that they make it to Florida; one good lookin’ man each for Marina Vossos and Susie Roman; and one BIG KISS to Tony Garibaldi (my Sugar!).

Jeanette Geiger will all the senior privileges our class never had and the best of luck to my brother and the class of 1970.

Gaetano Gismondi will my athletic abilities in football to anyone who wants them; and in track I will my hurdling form to Doug Read, Greg Ratliff, and Ron Rice; they need it.

Denise Glavin will all my good attendance to Richard Holland; to Mike Biek luck with Denise and one wink; to Sue Kraske all my “Fly” abilities and to the class of ’70 a lot of dry clothes on their senior trip and best of luck.

Mary Grzebik will all my government notes to any senior who wants them; and all the hugs and kisses that Jeff and I have between classes to Sheri McGraw and Jerry Rohn or anyone who needs them.

Connie Guenther will to Sharon Juengel the grooviest 4th of July possible (plus the whole month); Darlene (crash) Reetz one fool-proof “John door lock”; and to a very special Junior all the luck in the world.

Joe Guerriero will my cross country jersey to any member of the squad so long as he does not wash the luck out of it; my How to Escape Out of a Locked Bathroom book to Uncle Dave; all the books in my locker to the under-stocked Crestwood Library; my insight of nature’s beauty to those unfortunate senior girls who are incapable of grasping the scenes. With all these words now said, I’d like to leave but one more word, which will bring a smile to many faces, “Babble.”

H Return to Top

Sherrie Hawkins will to my sister, Coco, the ability to stay in school instead of skipping; to Lynn Tabin a doggy bag from the Jack and Jill Dude Ranch; and the Seniors of ’70 the best of luck.

Russ Helmer will to Craig Forquer my church key; to Mr. Hamrick my drip-dry body; to Pete Ehlendt two pounds of throw up; to Rich Buttigieg and Mike Ray two free passes to “Alice in Wonderland”; to my Patty a set of walkie-talkie with 40-mile calling power; and to Millie a fresh bowl of fruit.

Linda Hendrickson will to my sisters the ability to graduate from high school; to Cheryl, I leave the ability to stay in school for longer than two hours a day, and if she can’t, the ability to skip without getting caught.

Sue Hinske will to “Dad” Hamrick my brother Dave, (class of ’73); a red light and 600 gallons of HOT WATER to the phantoms and Sue Olsen in repayment; to all members of “the group” a little green bottle, contents unknown, eggs-in-grass, and a yellow Opal, complete with B.A.N.; a large “squirmy,” one ’69 class ring, plus a pair of elevator shoes and lots of love to Howard; to Lori Eden a permanent blue pass to 1st hour; to Ken: myself!

Jon Holowicki will my dustpan and broom to the unlucky soul who takes over my co-op job; one new shop coat to Mr. Skaisgir; a year’s subscription of “Mad” to Mrs. Lindberg; 800 term papers for Mrs. Oberg to keep her busy during the lean months; a spare swimsuit to whoever might happen to lose theirs like T.M. did; and all my love to Lori.

Art Hutteman will my one and only 1959 Super Bee (Hemi) Dodge, with its $1000 worth of engine work to Mike McDowell, Larry Stein and my brother, Mark; to Mrs. Bretl my undiscovered knowledge of Government studying habits and super concentration in class.

I Return to Top

Linda Iannetta will to my sister, Loretta, the best of luck in her Senior year. (You’ll need it!). Also a muzzle for her mouth; to Jane Saylor my pretty feet; to Linda Burkard and Barlice Vetula, don’t forget us on weekends; to Pete, bust of luck up at State; to all the Seniors in our class, the best of luck; and last to Miss Roman, Miss Balcer, and Miss Vossos, gook luck on your next senior trip. You’ll need it!

Mike Ienna will all the good times and senior privileges (which aren’t many) to the Junior Class; 50¢ to help out the school millage. But not all is lost even though I am leaving, for there will be another Ienna coming in next year.

Paul Isabell will my mind, my soul, my body, all my worldly possessions, and most of all my hot Sunbeam Alpine to my future wife.

J Return to Top

Marge Jeruzal will to Art Sciberras my ability to write and report stores for the Crusader, and all the luck. Best wishes and brains to get through his Senior year.

Dennis Jordan will Al Paparelli the most beautiful legs to ever run through Crestwood; to Richard McGrath a third hour English class.

Paul Jordan will all my trouble with girls’ parents, all of my worn-out tires off of my car, all of my skip hours, and my parking spot at Daly’s on Fridays and Saturdays to Ray Buttigieg; to Mike Tillman all of the beer bottles on top of the roof of Jordan’s Texaco; I will to Debbie Craig a large bottle of diet pills.

Sharon Juengel will my naturally curly hair to Kim Woerpel; some of my boyfriends to my sister Connie; and the best of luck to all graduating seniors; and my shorthand notes to Barb Sowa.

K Return to Top

Chuck Kalil will Kevin McCormack the biggest hole in the world to capture all of the ambitious students of Crestwood ha! ha!; to my sister Cheryl, all of my extra energy making it possible for her to make it thru here in the next three years; to Mr. Smink all of the luck in the world with next year’s students… you’ll need it. To a certain member of the teacher’s resonability committee---practice what you preach.

Bill Kandilian Jr., will my height to little Marty and Squeak, and my football uniform to Jim Iseluk. I give my varsity sweater to Joe Choma, and my speed to Bob Day. I give my Almighty Predictor article to Doug Read hoping he can better a 40-6 record. I leave Miss Vossos ads for the rest of her life from Big Bill’s.

Lynne Kasza will one leftover glumkie to “Lolita” and Gary Gabriel to share equally; the flagpole at the Jack & Jill Ranch to Chuck Stefanko; my honorary and cherished membership in the Girls Branch of the Weekend Warriors to any deserving underclassman; one joint reservation for Room 21 to “Suzi” and Karl at their local participating convalescent home; one conestoga wagon with a G.A.G. bumper sticker on the back to Lee Kuerston and finally a copy of the U. of M. fight song to Lynn Trethewey.

Donna Kendall will all my old funny cars to my sister Priscilla; to Lois Rhamo a tent at the happy hunting grounds; to Donette and Ernie a ticket to Florida; to Joe Guerriero a tube of Crest; to Larry Sowinski a pair of pants. To all the classes that follow…..Good Luck.

Noreen Kennedy will a gallon of gasoline just in case and a pair of slicks for her debut at the Indianapolis 500 to Pamela Brable; my band uniform to Dorothy Rarik and my chair in band and the dream of a Haines flute to Bev Berry; a faster pen to Mrs. Sorge; my unique ability to get lost anywhere to Mr. Weise; my “Temper” to Mr. Fisher; another dozen freckles to Carolyn Williams; to Suzie “Squak” Kraske a feather and a clove of garlic; one new desk and a Handy Dandy Carpenter kit to the shorthand room; one duck with a snorty quack to Vickie Barkoot and one tarantula to the duck. And for the Class of ’70 a rewarding senior year.

Jeffrey Ketchman will leave my trusty ol’ shop apron with my famous words written on it “It’s good enough!” to Mr. Paluchniak, who will treasure these few words next time he grades.

Bob Key will one more year of J.P. to Rich Hollarn; all my shop skills to “Doc” and one “here it is” to Jeff Brown; and lots of luck to the Seniors next year.

Charlotte Kilgore will to my sister, Christine, the keys to “mother’s” car and the assurance of skipping classes without anyone to squeal on her; to Candy Toth another agonizing year of wearing braces; to :Karl: and “Uncle Dave” a pad and lock to put on their cabin door for the next year’s senior trip; to Mrs. Hanson my perfect attendance for two consecutive years in Shorthand.

Dale Kirk will all the pains Mr. Miller gave me.

Herb Klimack will to Mrs. Lindberg an electric abacus; to Dave Osborn a Volkswagen, and Meade Helman, a better one; to Debbie Saez a mini-test tube and a book entitled “Sex over 50”; to Mrs. Bretl a gerbil-eating cage; to Mr. Skaisgir more Meade Helmans; and to Mr. Kotulski and Mr. Ensign a book entitled “How to Answer Questions When They’re Asked of You.”

Bruce Knight will Mr. Klienfelter a winning Tennis team somewhere in the future; to Crazy Karl, a nice quiet summer, after his mind breaks down from the last International Relations class; to Miss Roman a new doctor—the last almost killed Mr. Hamrick.

Tim Kryska will my office in the EHS to any deserving Junior, contact Dan Sarbnia for further information; also I will a pair of glasses to any girl who goes out with Paul Bertrand, Tim Koehane, Bill Petty, or Gerry Olexsey; and last one amoeba hunting kit to Paul Bertrand.

David Kuhn will to Mr. Hahn 50 gallons of pool water which I swallowed during the season and my innertube to do with as he sees fit; to Charly (Fly) Clayton I leave my stripes because his arm could use a few; to Bob Hughes, I leave one king-size BAAA!!

Darlene Kurosky will to Mrs. Navarre from Mrs. Asterhiat one blood-stained knife and an empty wine bottle; to Miss Artist Balcer I will an engagement ring and a lot of luck; and last but most important, to my one and only man I will a lifetime of happiness (with me!!??).

Karen Kuzma will to Hans Dittmar my fantastic ability to drive a stick shift; to John McCormack another rainy day with an old picnic table; to Mr. Claeys my initiative to be on time; to any Junior my places at Mac's and Whoppers.

Bev Kwek will the seniors of next year a good Senior Trip like we had, but don’t get too drenched!! To Joe Guerriero a tube of toothpaste; to my brother all the skip days that I didn’t get caught; my old trusty comets to Renee DePaulis to get to school when she makes if; and the best of luck to everyone here at Crestwood.

L Return to Top

Debbie Laatz will all my artist abilities to Miss Sokol; to Miss Roman, “just a little bit of my German Stubbornness” to add on to her “hot” Polish temper; to Mrs. Sorge all my 5,000 blue slips; to Mark Zewicke all the 8-balls up at Northern; and finally a special invitation to Mr. Gehm which will hopefully arrive in the near future.

Chris Lahym will to the cheerleaders best of luck and may you have as much happiness and luck as we did; to Lynda Brewer my great skill in doing the straddle jump from “Martha”; to Tom Wynychuk all the mushrooms he can eat for a year; to Linnea a pair of orthopedic ski boots; to Julie Swartout many thanks and much happiness in her senior year; to the guy that I have been such a hindrance to the past 10 months, a free pass to Albion any time he wants it; to all the teachers at Crestwood who have been such a help to me, my most thanks; and to the Class of ’70 Best of Luck.

Karen Larson will all the love, peace, and chapstick that she will need to Diane Kowalczyk; some excitement to Dianne Diebel; an escalator to Laura Rigge for easier dissents; my apologies to Tim Martin; a log-cut dress, a cigarette, and a bottle of booze to Elaine McClelland; a four-barrel to Jimmy Fraser for his tractors; and a free root beer to any college-bound Seniors who visit me after graduation.

Barbara Lewis will my title of P.B., my ability of pun-ishment and my term paper on Tennessee Williams to my sister Pamela; to P.C. I leave a can of Desenex to help cure her current affliction of foot-in-mouth disease. May the three phantoms remain friends forever.

Mark Lindahl will my speedy Golden Commando Plymouth Satellite to all underclassmen MOPAR fans.

Joann Lombardo will to Rita Cefai all my smokes and skip days; to Tommy Marbito all the fun I had in high school; to Mrs. Bittles and Miss Vint all the magazines; to April Wilcox ten packs of gum; and most of all, to the school I will another person just like me.

M Return to Top

Maureen Mahon will a white blouse to my sister Debbie; to Mr. McGrath the best of luck next year teaching French; enough money for Linda Buckolz to get to California; and the best of luck to everybody left here.

Bryan Marquardt will my stripes to Big Chet; and to Mr. Skaisgir, my empty ink pens and the numbers 10, 25, and 50.

Linda Martin will an unbreakable desk to Noreen Kennedy; a private booth at McDonalds for Nancy Blucher and Helen Zaleski, and their honeys; Chinese Fire Drills and a strict set of rules and regulations to Elaine McClelland; and to Gail Remnant I will a card table so that she can continue selling large quantities of candy at Guarantee Federal Savings.

Timothy Martin will sixteen tennis rackets (three steel) and 1,000 tennis balls to Gary MacDuck (Quack! Quack!); my swimming suit and free class fourth hour to Mr. Tate; my abilities as a moon man to Jerry O’Hara, may he well use it; Alexander Zewicke’s and my own shipping abilities to Tom McCormack; one live four-foot white owl to the most adorable, but most gullible girl in school; and finally to the class of ’70 the happiest year of my life, and all the great experiences that go along with it.

Jerry Mathison will all my political knowledge to Miss Roman, in hopes that I will pass her class! Plus all the porks in the world to Kerry Mercier and Joe Ducher; and all the cans from Traverse City to Ron Thomas.

Michael Maylen will the advertising section of the Lancer to Roz and the position of Business Manager to John Grden; my Government and Sociology grades I leave to Debbie Saez whose average needs lowering; to Mr. K., Raquel Welch; and finally a bucket of water to the owner of the Jack and Jill.

Elaine McClelland will one black, rubberized waterproof raincoat for future Senior trips to DAD; one portable flagpole to Larry S.; one Ping-Pong lesson to Mark Z.; one permanent potty-pass to Chris S.; and to my “little” brother, Larry, number one position on the golf team.

John McCormack will a “little black book” for a list of fallen athletes to Miss Roman; a cool bathtub of gin to Randy Varga; a crown to King Common; my study habits to my brother Tom; a one-way ticket home to ?; and an Oz for the Wizard.

Maureen McCubbery will to Gary Gabriel a large pizza and a dry-cleaning bill; to Russ Helmer, new car upholstering; to my sister I will my high grade point average and put it to good use!! To Miss Vossos one tennis shoe and a string of undies; to Mike Larabee and Jerry O’Hara one large cheat sheet of their very own. Good luck you all!!!

Michael Melford will a lifetime pass to the lavatory for Mitch Shusta from SIR! To Dave Mabrey the secrets of how to make winning confetti for the Homecoming pep assembly! To Don Taglioli a perspiring rooter; to Mary Sahara herd of cows with horns; to Sewim Ablay, the treasurer’s report on the Ondondodwondodon Fan Club; to Mrs. Hanson, the right to use my patented definition of “sweathog” and much happiness in the future; to the Class of ’70 a Senior Trip to the Jack and Jill Nude Ranch; to Lynda J. Brewer, great fortune and maybe even luck enough to find a boyfriend who smiles; to Paul Grande a CJ that doesn’t leak oil, a NASCAR 429 Mustang, a Boss 302 Mustang and a one-way ticket to Sydney!

Kerry Mercier will all my weekend drinking (POP) adventures to anyone who has the stomach and the sense of humor to take it.

N Return to Top

Karen Nitecki will to the Junior Class a case of Ben-Gay for their Senior Trip; to Wendy Allen an “unreal” Senior year; to Marianne McCallum my seat in the girl’s john; and to Sue Comstock, John Yope’s always-smiling face, good times, and all his money.

Kathleen Nowak will to my brother who will be a freshman next year all the popularity and good grades that I never had. I also will to anyone who may want them all my old tests from Business English and Co-op classes.

O Return to Top

David Osborne will my permanent residence in the chemistry lab to Larry Smith, and my 5-act play (which Mrs. Oberg didn’t like) to Mrs. Oberg. May she find in it the answers to the questions presented in her paper (which we read in class) that I didn’t like.

Diane Ostrow will my so-called “weird” actions to Gary Davis; to Renee DePaulis lots of luck and my 3rd hour English class; to Mel, a comb and brush and Mark’s love beads. Oh yes, Sue Comstock as many nerve pills as necessary. She’ll need ‘um!

P Return to Top

Dan Paletko will my sister my grades; to Ken my old H.H.H. buttons; to Don a Dodge; to Dave my bowling scores; and to Gordon a transmission.

Mona Patterson will my old lunch pass to Inetta Powrozek, the coolest polack in Crestwood; and to Sally Yuhas one white gold ring left over from my Junior year from a certain guy with a white G.T.O.

Dennis Pelz will one $.75 book on the American Presidency to Mr. Karl Hamrick; Mr. Smith’s comb to Kenneth Smelewski; a free meal for Dan Paletko at Millie’s Steak House; and Yusuf (Joe) Hanania one Israeli Rabbi for Good Luck!

Karen Pesh will to Joleen House my “mama dress”; to Doug Reed and exploratory trip through the dark room; to Margy Murray, a crystal ball to help her continue her fortune telling practice; and to Ron Rice, a million stamps so he can mail letters to Margy. To Andre Noomie I will my intelligence in Chemistry and to Terry Doody, a life-time supply of elbow rugs to keep him turned on. I will to Angie Sarkisian a stop sign; to Bernard Gauvin a Handy Dandy Book of Polish Jokes; and to Gary Marley my hip brace and one left over bottle of beer. Dennis Colensky gets a big hug; Chuck Clayton, my laugh (so the whole world can hear him “fly”); Mr. Berg, an oil can like the one he was always threatening to use on me;; and to all future females who dare to take on the name and reputation of “The Girls,” (Carolyn McCubbrey and Debbie Ziemba?) a warning, “Mr. Sagamore died.”

Susan Peters will to all future government classes, a year’s supply of one-sided paper; to my best friend Elaine Polak, a boyfriend who stays home so she can be nice to everyone; to my parents and brother, James (23 months old) a completed high school; to my boyfriend, Benjamin Johnson Schlick, a big bottle of 7-Up and A.M.L.A.

William Petty will all my iron-clad control over classes to Mr. Winn; all my shyness and sweetness to Debbie Saez; all the “great times” I had in Algebra II to anyone who is desperate enough to want them.

Beverly Pfeiffer will my job at Haston to Barb Sowa. Good Luck! To Cathy Bednarczyk I bequeath more of the good old times like we had last summer at the Dairy Queen; and to any Junior who wants them, all of my no-good Shorthand transcripts.

Lawrence Phillips being of small mind and musical body, will several used oboe reeds to Mary Grden; a choir to Mr. Fisher; the 3,036,769 musical notes of an unused five-movement suite for band (capable of causing furies of the mind), to anyone brave enough to listen; and the driver of a blue 1964 Chevy SS Coupe (with power to spare), along with much Musical muck to Barb

Mike Pike will to Mr. Kotulski, a Don Carter bowling ball; to Miss Roman, one bucket of wet water and a large smile; to Mr. Skaisgir, 100 finger-lickin; courtesies; and to Becky G. one free date.

Patricia Pink will to Mr. Hamrick, one giant squirt gun and a package of Contact; to Mr. McNeil, all underclassman girls who need a second father; to Chris Sadowski, a potty pass of her own; to Chuck Clayton, one big apology for all the trouble we’ve caused him. (Good Luck Fly); to Miss Roman a change purse for all her East German coins (believe me she needs it!); to Sandy Jamroz, a place of her very own in the Girls Branch of the Weekend Warriors. And last but certainly not least, a direct hot line from State to Albion for “Rusty.”

Elaine Polak will one new pair of ears to Sue Peters; one badge to my “Lonely Hearts” Club to Diane DePietro; one typewriter to Fred Graham; the ambition to make it to first hour to my brother Gerray; the funniest thing I’ve seen all day to Bev Pheiffer; many thanks to my parents; and, of course, to Airman John J. Bolgar all my love forever.

Lee Potts will to Miss Roman, one adding machine and a ruptured duck; to Al Brandt, my wardrobe and sister; to Guy Gismondi, an empty gas tank removed from a ’64 Vette; to Pete, all three volumes of “Dylan Sings Donovan” with love; my sermons to the next Varsity Club; the funds to initiate a “Clean-Up-The-Ghetto” project to Mary Lynne Theresa; my mustache, hair and sideburns to Mr. Berg; my “Beach Boys” collection to my first greaser friend, Rich; the Big Brother Award to one David McNeil; the best of luck to the class of ’70; and my thanks to three great officers. Good Luck Seniors!

Judith Priniski will to all my fellow senior girls, a wonderful guy like I have found.

Dianne Prokurat will to Debra Saez, one gallon of KMn04; to Barbara Lewis, the CO-ordination she feels is necessary; to Gary Feldus, a joke book of Good jokes; to anyone who doesn’t mind dust, my desk in the science office; and to my one and only, ME.

Carmen Puro will to Albert Arthur Walker II the privilege of attending the Dude Ranch next year. To Mr. Claeys and Miss Roman, one “Charmin’ Carmen.” To K.K. one Krum!

R Return to Top

Patricia Radi will a pair of p.j.’s to Darlene Reetz so she’ll have them the next time she goes to a p.j. party. To any co-op student my job in the Board Office but beware! To Mary Rabago, I will the use of my pool, anytime. To the class of ’70 I leave all the privileges we didn’t have.

Mike Ray will any Junior who wants to get Physics over with quick, Mr. Kimball; Mrs. Nash’s Psychology class to any sleepy Junior and all my putting ability to Tom Wynachuk and all my senior privileges to the WIZARD.

Darlene Reetz will my “Red Rose” photography notebook to my sole inspiration “Marina” Vossos; my fags to Mr. McNeil; my “gift of gab” to Happy Hamrick; my artistic abilities to Miss Balcer; and to my pal, Deborah Carlotta Elizabeth Van Gorp, my permanent guest pass to Ford Field, (may she use it in good health.)

Bonnie Reeves will my twirling ability and coordination to Cheryl Johnson, who needs more that I have, but every little bit helps! To Suzette Laravee, I leave one life-size loveable picture of Stan, so she won’t miss him as much when he leaves; and to Joyce Sutherland one life-size picture of Bob so she won’t miss him.

Gail Remnant will one life-jacket to Karen Tackett; The French Club to Sue Swift; a dozen eggs and a bullet-proof vest to Debbie Fett; the music to the McDonald;s Hamburger song to Helen Zaleski, the right words to the school song.

Theresa Riccio will one Nova with long, blonde hair to Dennis Jordan; one medicine cabinet and another shoe size to Ellen Clark; one unused ticket to the Spinster’s Hop to Ron Thomas; some humility to the Junior Class; to Miss Roman, a march to Pretoria; to Bob Ellingsworth one styling brush; to Elaine Polak, some junk mail; to the Freshman Class, many years of happiness in the lunch room if they can stand it; to Carol Welch, one Valedictorian; to Bev Yarber the city of Chattanooga; and to Dave Kuhn, more good times like those we had on the Senior Trip.

Laura Rigge will feelings to Dave Kuhn and Joe Guerriero; Capital K’s to Pat Cekala and Jackie Dietz; blood, sweat and tears to “Cat” Kachinski; the record “One is the Loneliest Number” and 10% of my paychecks to John McCormack; a girlfriend to Randy Varga; the Big Rigg and the bottom of the stairs so she can quit falling to Karen “Emelia” Larson; and to Paul Varga I leave September 23, 1967, because it serves him right.

Mike Rogers will my Japanese term paper to Mr. Karl Hamrick for use in his book about world history. And to the future Senior class, I give the ability to regain their assignments from Miss Roman.

Geraldine Rowe will my brother Richard, my first lunch hour so he won’t have to wait till second or third to eat. To all the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, I say stay in school till you get your diploma. Good luck to all the Seniors even after graduation.

S Return to Top

Christine Sadowski will 5 bowls of czarnina, 4 golabki, 3 pierogi, 2 pieces of kielbasa, and a Polish ham in Polish mushroom sauce to all Germans with sympathy that they, too, aren’t Polish and a note to please return ownership of the Polish newspaper to the Poles.

Char Sarookanian will my sister (Marilyn) a king size zipper for her mouth; to Ellen Clark, a bucket for all her tears; to Mark Lindahl, a 1969 Roadrunner fully equipped with Ford parts and all my patience during our arguments; to Mr. McGrath a free donut in exchange for his passes to the book store.

Eugene Saucedo will my hair and my Angel Colors to all the bike rats at Crestwood.

Jane Saylor will my “lunchbox” purse to Loretta Iannetta, because she likes it so much; to all the Government classes of ’70 all the “Hope” they need to pass! Also a pair of slipper socks to Linda Iannetta for her “pretty” feet; to Miss Roman another “cool” Senior Class like the class of ’69; and a pair of skinny legs to D.T.; also Good Luck to Miss Roman, Miss Balcer, and Miss Vossos on their next Senior Trip!!! You’ll need it!

John Saylor will my chess game to Miss Vossos.

Steve Schornack will one Whopper Burger to the “Doc”; my horse to little Tom; my sword to Twitch; my uniform to Burr; and my trains to Paco; to my brother I leave Mrs. Oberg and Mrs. Lindberg, to Mr. Messner, I leave one slightly-worn extrovert; to show my gratitude, I leave Miss Roman the Freshman Class; and to the Smithsonian Institute, I leave this will.

Bill Scott will to Bill Bates my summer cabin in the Ozarks; and two 78 r.p.m. Ferlin Husky Records )for $30.00); to Loretta Iannetta I will one chicken plucker for her eyebrows (Ha!); to Lynn Kasza I will my record of crime, so that she might also have a little fun; to Lynn Tretheway I will the rind and pits from the watermelon she willed me, also the hair off my sideburns; to Mary Sahara, one of my socks to keep her nose warm; to my little brother I will my musical talent, because he needs something; to Sue Gilpin’s boyfriend I will all the fun I had with her in Art Class this year in hopes that he will have the same; finally I will my pride and joy – Leddarhosen to Mr. Gehm so that he can see how comfortable they are to wear to school.

Paul Scott will all of my wonderful knowledge of government to Mrs. Bretl; and all my good grades to the next year seniors, Gene Cresent and Richard Phillips.

Eileen Showalter will my singing abilities (if there is any) to Linda Bowers; a big plate of spaghetti to Paula Novelli; my big mouth to C.G.; and all of Miss Roman’s jokes from government and elsewhere to the class of ’70.

Kenneth Smelewski will one book on How to Be a Good Conversationalist to Dennis Pelz; all my left-over Humphrey buttons to Mr. Kotulski and Nancy Jones; to Mike Melford a framed portrait of out 6th grade teacher (old baldy); all my left-over cigarettes to my 6th hour Speech Class; to Dan Paletko I leave a round-trip bus ticket to Lansing and a map of Detroit; to Jewel Asbury all my old Psych books; to my fellow classmates, success in the future and good luck to everyone else at Crestwood.

Roxanne Smith will the best of luck to the class of ’70; to my poor skinny sister some of my extra weight; to Sherry Hawkins a bowser bag with some radishes in it.

Christopher Solakian will all the patience obtainable to Mr. Fisher so that he may make it through another year of Concert Band; also a whole year’s supply of clean test tubes to Mr. Kotulski to replace the ones I used in Analytical Chemistry; also all the luck in the world to everyone in the class of ’70 when they enter room 124; and much happiness and good fortune to the Phantom Chemist at H.F.C.C.

Larry Sowinski will my blue varsity sweater to the Crestwood Varsity Club; my white socks to Rusty Helmer because he likes them so much; and to Pete Ehlendt a gag for his big mouth in Trig.

Varla Sperbeck will the name Verla-Varla to Mr. Claeys; all my good advice to Evi Lochner; also the initials P.L. for a nickname; and March 4th, plane fare to Nashville (or Chattanooga) and Friendship to Bev Yarber.

Donald Spurgess will my January 28, 1969 copy of The Detroit News, my book A Patch of Blue, my book A Separate Peace, and an old moldy sandwich in my locker, to next years English IV class and Mr. Devereaux.

Chuck Stefanko will one summer filled with fun and frolic, and all my good fortunes to my one and only love, Barlice K. Vetula; One bottle of Alka Seltzer to relieve him of his hangovers, weddings and trips to Bryan Marquardt; all my good arguments and cool fights with Barlice K. Vetula to Chris Nickerson and Lynda Brewer; all my troubles with my little yellow Mustang to Joe Choma’s flying Torino; and a new set of hearing mechanism and one small stool for the parking lot to Mr. Gehm.

Ron Stein will my entire collection of Certs wrappers to Wally “God Knows” Bieber; to Mr. Paluchniak – Well, here it is – a definition of footnotes and four half-completed projects. To Donn Taylor, good luck in the Badlands; and to my little brother, “The Rat,” my infatuation with cars.

Gail Sutherland will one rotten banana and a pint of blueberries to Kathy Hill; Denise Fraser, and Candee Guerriero; to Denise Hall all my cheerleading ability, as if she needs it; to my brother Bill, my old Crestwood tee-shirt and sweatshirt as well as all my swell teachers, and good luck trying to get through the next three years; to Bill Schenkel my Crestwood jacket, all my old notes and reports (if they’ll help) and a good time in his senior year.

Barbara Svacha will more privileges to the future seniors; a set of car keys to Wayne Fledhoffer; all my government notes to Barb Rankin and best of luck to the year “70”.

Valeria Szuma will all my Government notes to my brother Michael in hopes that he’ll will them to my other brother, Tony. I also give them both my permission to skip any class they wish. As for John Salva, I wish him all the luck in his Senior year; and for Jim Dietz, may his sister’s will will him something of interest.

T Return to Top

Lynn Tabin will a free ticket on my solo flight with American Airlines to Mr. Claeys; and the best of luck in her next 3 years at Crestwood to Gaye Tabin.

David Tackett will Gloria Hawkins (Coco) my car so she can take her boyfriend anywhere she wants to go.

Karen Tackett will to Mrs. Hanson a framed “pink tardy slip” for all those early birds next year; to Nancy Blucher a carrot; Helen Zoleski a ding-dong, and a banana; and to Gail Remnant lessons on rowing a boar; and last of all I will to my sister “Pamela” and her friends all the fun I had in my senior year.

Donald Taglioli will to Paul Grande a worn-out pair of guitar strings; to my sister Doreen I will my locker #1 (with the mess) and all my stolen books; to my one and only, I will me and my old band uniform, my school sax which was once new, and my good government grades (two semesters). All this I leave to Karen Gale. To Howard Mitchelson all the hate I have in me and more, and also 1 can of Nutriment to Bette Lundy.

Donn Taylor will a book on the proper stance for the Pledge of Allegiance and “footnotes” to Mr. Paluchniak; an automatic trans to Tim Keohane; anything to Nancy Davidson; one-—“well here it is”—to Al Bellovary, Gerry Olexsey, and Dan Sarna; my place in the Columbia Record Club and all the bills to my sister; all the quarters I will ever have to Evi Lochner for an unsettled bet; a week’s vacation in the Army to Sue Gilpin; good summer growing weather to Mark Zewicke; one black BOSS 429 Mustang to Ron Stein; and last but not least my seat at the Empress to Mr. Wiese.

Patricia Thomas will to the Junior boys in Mr. K’s 6th hour Chemistry class an abundant supply of Papers and to A.W. the bonus of one rattle; three cheers to Karin Potts for realizing her fate and climbing out the “hole”; to Miss Roman, one adding machine and plenty of “figures”; to Mr. Potts, one dime and a “system”; and to Sadowski a SOUTHERN fairy godmother to make all her dreams come true.

Pam Thompson will to Sue Kraske a Blue Moon and another Fun Night with a “pie-zza” included. Also to Mr. Claeys, Ferrellsburg W. Va. From Thom Pamson.

Cathy Tomberlain will to the class of ’70 all the various senior privileges the ’69 seniors were granted; I also will Mr. McGrath for English IV and all his generous A’s to the class of ‘70’s seniors.

Candy Toth do hereby will for one year, my somewhat idealistic mind and healthy body to V.I.S.T.A.

Lynn Tretheway will to Nick Vendittelli, one beautiful bruise; to Mr. Hamrick, one feeder for room 21; and Patty Pink, one free ride to Toledo in a Yellow Camaro; and Ananna, a schedule of Saturday Night at the Movies; and an M.S.U. pennant; to Pud one life-size Bozo doll for her very own; to Bill Scott a BIGGER watermelon; to Karin a case of Nutriment and boxes of Kleenex for C.M.U.; to Billy Hugh, a map to Eastern, and someone to rub his legs next year; and to Carolyn McCubbrey, a place in the “girls” branch of the Weekend Warriors and all the fun we had.

John Turowski will all my cuss words to Coach Fletcher for future use in his pitiful gym classes; and also to Miss Vossos all of my writing ability, which isn’t much.

V Return to Top

Craig Van Buskirk will my Book My Life with Mr. McNeil on Sundays and Mr. McNeil’s famous words (Right RCA) to tiger “rest his soul” who I met on Sunday. (Right Mr. McNeil).

Linda Van Buskirk will to my sister Armilda my clean locker; and to Gale Locke all of my spare time. To the Junior Class I wish happiness in your senior year.

Deborah Van Gorp will only on rare occasions, my red, white, and blue typing eraser to Debbie Troeder (alias Toad); also my “ATOM ANT” shades to Sue Kraske; and my last pack of Virginia Slims (the women’s cigarette) to Miss Marina Vossos. And last but not least I will to my buddy “Penelope” the penny left in the “john” of Room 5 at the Jack and Jill Dude Ranch.

Paul Varga will one lonely hearts club key to Karin L.; one pound of Purina Cat Chow to the Kat; my swiftness of foot to Randy; my scientific abilities to the Doc; my verne burns to the Twitcher; and one “Mission Impossible” trophy for his feats at Monroe to John M.

Jannell Vaughan will to Mr. Claeys one television with only “Channel Nine” on it. To the future seniors I wish them the best of luck and all of the privileges the class of ’69 did not receive.

Barlice Vetula will my clumsiness to Linda Burkard; my dainty mouth and Sam to Beverly Jean Yarber; and all my tolerance, good times, and love to Chuck Stefanko.

Pamela Vrable will one road map to Birmingham to Carol; one free hour to the trusty trumpets so they can “practice at home”; one high “E” and “C-sharp” to Diane; bus tickets to Ann Arbor for Noreen and Carol; four “C’s” and a “D” to next years number 11; one “Pathetique” Malaguena for a “festive” occasion and an eraser to “clean-up” the music for Carolyn; one coconut and a bag of paper wads to Lililukilani Kraske; eight glasses of water to Noreen; one free car wash to anyone who needs it; three copies for Mr. Fisher; a pair of overall’s to wear next fall at the “farm” for Dougie-poo; all the “liberated” material on Biafra to the Dearborn Public Library; a whopper to the Doc; one moocow and a glass of mookie to Carol; Ferndale to Noreen; and best wishes for a wonderful senior year to the class of ’70.

W Return to Top

Tom (Slick) Wanamaker will my little quote “that’s cute” to anyone who has the mouth for it; and to Elaine I give ten inches of height.

Linda Wayne will all my empty lunch bags and rotten apples to Paul Varga; a free ride to the Double J. Resort to Al Walker; a smile and my ability to live to Nick Vendittellil; a lock of my blonde hair to Mrs. Bretl; my ability to sign to Mr. Fisher; a free pass to the Wayne Mansion to Paul Varga, Dave Kuhn, and John McCormack; and all the Ping-Pong paddles from the Jack & Jill Dude Ranch to Stan Rarick and Wally Bieber.

Carol Welch will to “Dad” Hamrick one gold-plated squirt gun; to Ken Wynychuk my light-bulb smile; to Margaret Murray, one Ron Rice and good luck wherever she goes; to “Suzy” Gillikin a new “Chuck”; to Karen Newmeyer and Al Paparelli my left-over Nutriment; all my notes to any lazy underclassman; to Theresa Riccio a larger car to pack more people in; and to my sister Pam all my good times at Crestwood, and good luck; and to Doug Weld a pack of bobby pins for his hair.

Doug Weld will my beautiful curly locks to my straight-haired sister; my nickname to Suzy-Q Roman; my only pair of socks to Jan Loudon; to Bob Swoveland a repeal of the Ten Commandments; and the other half of my room at Michigan State to any girl from Central or Western.

Paul Wenglinski will 5 extra pads of passes to Mr. McGrath and the great book The Wizard of Oz to Mr. Gehm.

Kathy Wiatr will all of my government notes and all the fun I had on the senior trip to Barb Sausser.

Charles Williams will my supply of “books” and Grande Passes to Kathy J; my sideburns and MC5 records to the Doc; my Good Humor Job to Nicky Vendittelli; my bad humor to apprentice grouches Angie, Candee, Gail, and Karen; my haircuts to “Step Up For Stairs”; and last but not least my newspaper (and talent) back to Miss Vossos.

Hope Williams will a round-trip ticket on the Greenville Express and my suitcase of booze to Miss Roman; a one-way trip to room 21 and a drop slip from International Relations to Mr. Hamrick; 1,000 column inches of ads to Miss Vossos; my philosophical ideas on the symbolism of Hawthorne to Mrs. Ziobro; so she will be sure to teach her juniors the right thing; a bowl of blend and a feeding tube to Barb Jordan and Diane Kachinski; a bag of cowpies to Mr. Fisher, and rots of ruck to the class of ’70.

Ken Wynychuk will my bucket of dry jokes to Gary Feldus who is majoring in wit at M.S.U.; and my fantastic knowledge of chemistry and physics to an underprivileged Junior, Debbie Saez.

Y Return to Top

Bev Yarber will to Greg Ratliff a pickled frog, Volkswagen and a free trip to Millie’s kitchen; to Linn Brady and Chris Lahym some of Steve Schornack’s charm; to Maureen Mahon, Karen Davis and Linda Buckholz new discussion topics for 2nd hour and bigger playing cards; to Jack Merriman—a fellow con artist—a copy of Dale Carnegies’s book; to Lynne Donko, a sense of humor; Laura Eden a reducing plan; Al Etterman life membership to a certain fan club; and Joe Guerriero a pair of Dr. Scholl shoes. To Larry Sowinski I will a pair of laced pink anklets for Sundays and a tongue depressor. Dave Kuhn can have some of my sense of humor and Mrs. Bretl can have Mike Melford! To Nancy Gazsi I will the 8th grade and Ron Stein a greasy car to work on. I will to Judi and Char a dozen stale donuts; Theresa a new car (ugh, Novas) and Varla a lot of luck and a key to our ice-box…Chuck Stefanko can have a pan of cornbread and Barlice Vetula gets Patrick. Carol Welch a new little sister and Willie Heston; Guy Gismondi some self-confidence and to everyone I missed, who make high school so neat, the best of luck. Thanks.

Z Return to Top

Helen Zaleski will to Mr. Claeys the “ski” at the end of my name; to Nancy Blucher, Gail Remnant, and Linda Martin a locker of their own; and to all the future seniors a lot more privileges than the class of 1969 had, and a Senior Trip as fantastic as the one we had.

Felice (Sam) Zeppa will Chris Nickerson all rights to my cycle; to Angie Sarkisian, five one-hour horseback riding lessons at Ken’s riding stable.

Norma Ziegert will my black Volkswagen (when I’m through with it) and my good attendance to Chuck Engelmeyer; a lock of my blonde hair to Mrs. Bretl; a ping-pong paddle to John Turowski; and two cents to Linda Wayne.

Paula Ziemba will all of my money to Maureen McCubbrey who always seems to fall “a little short”; the car keys to my 1966 Fairlane to my sister Deb so that she may follow in my tracks; my tanning notions and remedies to Sandy Dimitru; the fun and sunshine we had at the cottage to Lee Potts and Gary Gabriel; and last, but not least my trustworthy accordion to Russ Helmer!

Charlene Zimmerman will my religious, political, and social ideas to any junior who feels capable of debating with Mrs. Navarre.

END Return to Top