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1974 Senior Wills*

   Under Construction*   

Alphabetized by 1974 Last Name


Crestwood Class of 1974 Senior Wills

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MICHELLE ABDO Hereby will to the following; Kathy-My Friendship forever, Reptiles, Homework, All the great memories-Terry-Friendship always, Crambrakes; Patty-Happiness, Driving Straight; Grdan-Our Friendship. Florida, PattyWagon #22, Oat, Memories; Derbacz-Tocos, Central-Krajewski-Stones, Luck-Bartlett-Ride home-Averil-Cat, 76 Presidency, Happiness-Thomson-Directing traffic, Harvard-Shrimp-Hollenbach-Pizza Keg, High scorer-Swiehk-Smelly jar-Plec-Florida, tan-Marley-Flood, One big berserk-Zdan-Fine-Miss Gruda-Brownie, Ears-Kathy, Terri, Jude-Happiness, Riots, June 13. To Crestwood I will nothing buy my brothers.

GUNTA ABERMANIS will to Debi, Ray, Donna, Randy, Jackie, Larry, Lee, Mike, Signe, Ken – All the happiness in the world. Zdaneline – Round trip bus ticket to Alaska. Anderson – Good time at Northern and hope for Dean. Grden - Can of solarcaine, lettuce in seperate bag. MaryJane – FUNKY'S – Bev, Cindy, Betty – Many Central's. Sobejak – A right decision. Marley – Bigger house. Lisa T. - Red T-Bird Rol and Ed-Absence of my name. Donawick-Phil-Phil 2:00 AM in Florida-Beth-Charlie-Nida, Rodrigo - free ride home. To everyone – It was great being a part of '74, good luck and god bless.

JACKIE ADDISON hereby will to the following: To all my very dear friends, may you have all the happiness, and kindness the world has to offer. To Mrs. Remington, many years of teaching. To Mrs Knapp, a happy and healthy baby. To Michele Kraus, one course on how to behave yourself on a date. But mos of all, I will to Larry Kraus, all the love my heart can ever give him. May you take it and keep it in good condition and never abuse it. May we have a happy and fulfilling life together.

CHUCK ALESTRA leave to Mary, Teri, Peggy, Sheryl, and Lydia, a variety of party hats. To Rick Niemic–One survival patch. To S. Phillips-jobless summer. To Jim Frost-All my Hinekin empties. To Deb Ackling- all my jeans that need sewing. To Brian Bradley-the laughs. To Renee Stone-one dollar day, one puppy dog, conservation patch. To Deb Davis-our childhood pictures. To Jeff Graham-one afghan. To Pat B.-one A&W. To Joe P.-a motocross track. To Frank Slom- another buzz from Black Sheba. To Chuck Fenech- speaker installation paid in full. To Mike Bangos- good times in Florida, plus one Dorsey bar. To Lynn- nicknames, many good times- My Love, Chuck.

RICK ALTOBELLO being in sound mind and body leave a case of Don-Q and Sparky to Randy. To Al Longo, I leave my water Buffalo Club Ring. To Mike R. I leave a Kidney Transplant and a roop. I leave to C.W. A trip to Henry Ford Museum. Now to someone very very special to me, I leave all my love to Donna.

DENISE ANDERSON do will to the second hour gang: coffee at Landmark, to Cindy, Betty, and Bev- many good weekends and a constant buzz, also to Cindy, happiness for you and Tommy. To Karen and Julie- another trip to Florida. To Gunta and Joanie- another night lost in Detroit and as much Busch as you can drink. To Jackie and Larry good luck in your future. To Renee I leave one guy she can really get along with or a future with Lennie. And especially ti Debi, a shoulder to cry on- Thanks so much for the long talks.

JIM ANDERSON will to Bones my car, a 12' secton fo the fence, a lady and buzz. To Jimmy a black Fleetwood. To Joe a “56” cement front end and a Budweiser Brewery in the sky. To Billy, my Budweiser pal, I leave 2 quarts of Budweiser. To all my other Friends: I hope that they all get out of there and get a good buzz.

DAVE ANDRUSYNYK will to my sister the keys to the car. To Mary Jo I leave all my love and memories of the years we spent in school together. To Ric, J I leave a pair of Binoculars so he can see the blackboard from any seat in class. To Nick a new vocal cord just in case he loses his.

RICK ANKOFSKI leave to Mike P., a ten second street machine and some bait because he's been fishing long enough. To Squid, an aquarium, Walewski, a bow tie and gas mileage, Vurt, Keys to his own car. To Jackie, a Credit Card. To Janet- a bottle of 7&7 and my friendship. To Klock a party and Build Nova. To Wilhelm I leave a Giant Wrist Rocket. To a certain blonde I leave happiness and a good future and all my Love. And to everybody a PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

TIM APPLEGATE possessing a fairly stable mentality, bequeath to all my friends who have made my Senior year the best year of my life, all the luck and friendship they can ever possibly want or need. Thank you all for everything you have done. A special thanks to someone special who did more to make life enjoyable than anyone had over before.

CATHY ARCAND will to Kim a friendship to Last a lifetime, a new car, and my big chest; Marianne my brains, a pound of whatever you want and a friend; Jackie another week at Camp Dearborn and this time it'll be hard; my brother John a senior year filled with happy memories; Mickey all those sermons we never heard when was the last time you played leap-frog? Karen and Dottie- Two weeks off work; Marie an exciting carnival ride; Mr. Hamrick my whole collection of cheat Sheets and to all the people I know, I love you.

MARVIN ASHBURY hereby will the Juniors the Senior Parking Lot (which they have been using all year anyway). To Dave Butler- A “74 Cutlass with the first payment made. To the Twerp I leave a dozen Pink Shirts. To Glen I leave a week of duck hunting and two cases of Bud. To the Ford team I leave a 454 Chevy Belair.

BECKIE ATKINS being completely insane, bequeath the following to such said persons: to Jet- one vacation at Disneyville; to Sharrie- many more years of friendship and an alarm clock so she won't miss anything; to Mazerowskii- one book entitle “How to Hold Your Liquor”; to Lisa- me and Maze and another party!; to bro- much luck and fun in his years at Crestwood; to Tim- a fun-filled summer and lots of stationery to take to Ferris; to Jeff- another Great Escape adventure in the future. Thanx to my friends for all the great times; Best of luck always!

BARB AUBRECHT being of sound mind and body bequeath the following: To Donna Coleman- a new machine for her camera. To Jane Nida- her one and only wish. To Margaret Izeluk- a new watch set 15 minutes slow. To Michelle Gruber- self control. To Barb Sweierczek- Dave Voverica. To Nancy Chelar- a new motor for her mouth. To Carleen Jarene- a crowd for the rest of her life. To Nancy Schmitting- A ever lasting song.

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TIM BALA leave to Crestwood- All my beer cans that are empty and in the parking lot. I leave one gallon of brown dye for suntan lotion to Miss Klauman. Mr. Filas- I leave all those great racing machines. Mr. Mitroka- I leave one Big Hairy stated goose. To nobody- I leave the halls of Crestwood. To (???unreadable???) person you see.

MARTY BALDWIN will the following myself- my hopes, ambitions, and the great graduation night. Mickey- my body covered with her teeth marks. John- a Triumph TR6 and a six pack of Coors. Debi- myself and a good nigh out whenever she likes. Mike- a ride to Woodstock this summer. Pat- a stereo cassette recorder of her own. Bill- a new mind to replace the one you lost the night of Commander Cody. Crestwood students- my sympathy. Crestwood faculty and administration in particular Mr. King- all the heck I can raise before graduation. Crestwood High School- my memories.

MIKE BANGOS bequeath to: Bijou- the Barracuda. The Klan- many more years of partying together. MARIE- 1 sun, 1 waterfall, and 1 mountain. Rosie- a new mind. Bolicks- 1 race, 1 beer. Ken- 1 Hot Wheels Car. Class of '75- the parking lot. K.K.- 1 ruby. Cheryl- plastic surgery for poopsy. Amy- a six. Class of '74- Happiness and good luck. The girls of '75 & '76- the Guys of '74. Lyd- champagne on her 18th. The Girls MC, TH, PB, LL, SG- 2 guys each. To Jackie- a trip to Florida and a kiss when she gets there.

TINA BARAN will Chris T.- all the memories in Detroit. To Chris K.- a free trip to jail from the park. To Karen C.- the ability to get gas in Dearborn the way you did in Flint. To Phil D.- all my love. To Judy C.- the driver in a red corvette (tee hee). To Nancy G.- another chance at the Side Door. To Anita D.- another chance to work at Overmyers's. To Sandy W.- a night at Big Daddy's. To Nancy K.- a brand new wastebasket for you to fill up. To A,N,K,C,J- our plans for graduation.

THOMAS BARRY being of the strange state of mind that I am, hereby will the following. To Tim Stoner- a sleeping bag, for when he's not at peace with his father. To Leonard Szuma- 1000 safe miles driving. And to Mike Bodziac- a Hertz Rent-a-Car (for when mommy won't let him use the car). To Frank Ziemba- a new Kawasaki and to Greg Bannon- a lifetime subscription to Popular Mechanics. And to Kathy- I leave the rest of my possession, but most of all my love.

BECKY BAUNOCH do hereby bequeath to the following people: To Gail Perkins- I leave many road maps, a cough, and that “special person”. To Jim Urso- I leave a new nose, bag of Doritos, and lots of luck on your trip to that certain place. To Debbie Boss- I leave buckets, stick shifts and Chariot of the Gods. To Gail and Debbie- a clean locker. To my brother Dale- I leave two years as fantastic as mine. To Roger- I leave the bridge, “put it in reverse,” but I leave him my love most of all.

PEGGY BEAN leave to Linda- as many good times in Crestwood as I have had. To Rob- I leave all my love forever. To Mary, Sheryl, Lydia, Terri- I leave memories of many happy and sad times and hopes that you get every thing out of life that you want. To Bonnie- I leave Saturday night, and on Betty Crocker Cookie Book. To the Daytona bunch, I leave more partying next year. To the Guys- I leave a flashlight for the woods. To Brad and everyone I leave partying at the Marquardt's and a lot of thanks for everything.

DAVE BERRY being of sound mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath the following: To “The Boys” in 2nd hour- a black LTD for “sectionals” after school. To Tony Pinkham- a rubber raft and a map of Canada for those hard days ahead. To JC, PS, NH, and DH- a trunk that fits four. To Smitty- a soft place to pass out on. To “Q”- his original name (remember it). And to the rest of my friends, some good times in the future.

RON BERRY do bequeath to Mr. Hamrick- my gold key to the executive washroom. To the Crestwood Key Club- their charter and best wishes to Chris Lovdahl for a great year. To Kendal Harding, Mary Jane Whict, and Gregg- much thanks for all the great times. To Joe Piscopo- a private eye to make sure you don't mess around. To Ron Hadfield- a senior picture and a honorary Key Club membership, and finally to Tony Damino- I leave a huge clock to insure I am never late, and a 6:00 am wake up call every morning.

DIANE BIGGAR after four years of observation wish to leave those about me a bright outlook on life and the ambition to accomplish their goals. I also wish to leave one of the philosophies which I find comforting. To the Seniors of 1974- those of the past and future, always try to remember, for every ending there is always a new beginning.

ROBERT BINEK leave to the following people: Liz- a pair of binoculars. Rob- my unbuilt inventions. Nick- one third of the dorm room next year. Cheryl- hair-growing lotion. Dorean- trip to Camp Dearborn. Dexter- my '63 Triumph. Mr. Skaigir- one hole in the ice. My sophomore Marianne Senoritas for the next 2 years. Mr. King, Mrs. Porteous, Mrs. Young, Mr. Gehm- one giant sequia. Diane- uncountable rides home. Gary- a “How to Pick Up Chicks” book. Ilona- 1001 ways to take an Organic test. To everyone else, all my friends, good luck and good times in the future.

PAUL BLASZCZAK being burned out leave every thing that can't be smoked to Al Thomas. To Sharon B.- all the times we skipped C,T.'s class legally, and one lunch at Miller's. To Marty H.- the use of my car anytime she wants to party. To D.M.- I leave S.K. To S.K.- I leave D.M.; and a special surprise to Sharon B.

SHARON BOKUNIEWICZ hereby will to the following: Donna, Renee, Debbie, Terry- a car and gas money to take you everywhere. Bev- Sevth Justman, a better birthday and a “funeral, for a friend.” Cindy- Shotgun, a new door, and Frisbee throwing lessons. To Al T.- 1001 freshly picked dandelions and a basketball. Lee- times in the future to party with us. Paul- ticket to a concert. Elaine- freezbee, seegarettes. Lisa- a Sweetom's Muppet. Al L.- time to go bar hoppin. Diane, Karen, Ann- fake ID, fantastic lunches. Mussner and Rem- greatest teachers award! Rod- a wink, a dance, a hug.

PATRICIA BOLOGNA will to: My Love- a forever lasting life. Hope we make it becaurse it's a long trail. Also the best ability as a housewife. I love you... Mom & Dad- my heart of happiness and love. Thanks for my life. I'll miss you both very much. Margie- a fun time at the cleaners with mom. Wish the best for your future. (Mom too). Donna- a new head that's not so hard, wine and another PJ party. I'll miss you when I leave the family. God- a big thanks for being alive! Judy- a new Judy.

JEFF BORNE being of sound mind and somewhat sound body, hereby bequeath the following: to Cindy- all my love and lots of luck in the future. To my brother Steve- all my left over Gatorade. To Tony Pinkham- Colleen and my star billing. To Cindy Segedi- a winning team to cheer for. To Paula Bangos- good luck in Florida. To Gail Pelc- a big bag of Taco flavored Doritos. To the Class of '74- good luck in the future, and to the Class of '75 a successful senior year.

DEBBIE BRACH will Morafritos, one Big Mac, Mike- one dude in the park at Mackinaw, and friendship. To ronnie- I will Donny and Ernie. Dot St- one night at Zeweckes Cottage, a flat tire and friendship. To Tylski- three months in S. Carolina and Monty- a case, friendship. To Tina Baran- I will you my swode and all the week days between 3 and 5. To Chuck Fenech- one toboggan, a sugar bear. To everyone else an excellent buzz and good Luck.

PATRICK BRADY leave Shortt- His three necessities for happiness: A 12pk of Busch, A Suzuki, and Donna, and the biggest stag party a best man could give. Red- My ability to high jump and pick up “himes”. Diorio- My “mediocre” hitting ability, that was always enough to knock Quiton's “Hardest Hitter” on his back. Nick Cirino- Seven conies, all my enemies to add to his. Zane Howell- Beowulf, A seven foot Jack Daniels. Mr. Quiton- My sincere thanks for teaching me never to quit no matter how tough things get and for being such a fine example of a man.

JON BRANDON will the following to, Everybody for their understanding and appreciation TOWARDS ME. Kobi- More love from me in the future. Elaine-More partying days with Junior Groovers. Aunty Dawn- 1 more nephew-ME. Normie- A muffler for your car. Mood- A title for a black Plymouth Satelite. Debe- Beauticians Liscense. Nita- Party passes for life. Sue Cauoe- Some paddles and “BUD”. Kim- Some Afro Sheen. Migrain- Asprin & Aerosmith. Hojo- WEEKEND Pass to Eloise. Zoya- shrinking pills. Donnet- More of Ronalds Shirts and Party days for all the rest of the Gang.

KIM BRINSON leave my sister Becky- my experiences to learn by, and Lisa- my cheerleading jacket. Carry- my camera. Steve- all my negatives. S.G.G.C.S.- some cake. Kathy- my shoes and a year full of fun and memories. To Sandy- my shoulder, ear, my laugh, and another years supply of iron vitamins. To the '74-'75 Cheerleaders a lot of luck. To my twin- what can I leave you but all my wishes for the best future possible for you and Randy, and my friendship forever. And Tom- I leave you my new phone no. and an invitation for pizza anytime you want.

DONNA BUKOVINAC do hereby will to Kim and Ralph, friendship always and thanks for a great senior year. To Gunta- a ride home if I ever get the car. To Andrey- a spiked brownie. Dave Daley- a big hug. Tom Leeman- 2 sticks of gum. Jim Novicka- a good word. Pam- giggles anytime. And to Mrs. Jaworski and Mrs. Messner- Thanks.

CHERYL BURNS being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to the following: To Roxanne- all the happiness in the world with Mark. Fitz- someone to take my place in U of M's backroom. Ob, a real Lady Macbeth. Mr. K.- another bubble to take my place in next years class. Geri and Diane- science classes that don't involve studying. Key Club- a receptionist that can type. Vito- someone to take my place in the stands. Pat- a date we both agree to. To Paula, Vickey, Gary, Bob, Paul, Nancy, Marion, Dorean, Rick, Mike, Alice, Mr. Z., Toni, Pete & Tim- Much Happiness.

C Return to Top

JOHN CAHILLANE being of sound high, will my driving record to my brother Matt. To the boy's from Silvery Lane- 2 pounds of their favorite wacky tobaccy. To Gary Cearbaugh- a steam shovel. To John Andujos my trusty pipe. To Dave Lucas- a razor. To Doug Smith- a case of BUD. To Crawford- my fake I.D. So he can finally party down. To Larry Dudek- apabeet. To Borg- some shoe lifts and a nose retractor. To Dean Bishop- a tan. To Bob Augustyn and Greg Salem a good Luck charm.

MIKE CALLAHAN being of sound mind and body will; John Cahillane- an old bottle of Visine because “it gets the red out,” and his brother Matt a book, “The High Life” as he can understand his brother. To Karen Iwaniec- I will an old invitation to go out again. To Bruce Hill- my automotive education, and lots of hope his car turns out like it should. To Cheryl Burns- a night out at the drive-in. To Ralph Hurst- his very own female water buffalo equipped with air shocks to take the rebound out of mating season.

RICHARD CALLUS bequeath to the following: Tony- a successful date with Linda. To Cheryl- an energentic guy. Rick- a road-map to the Dorean Freeway. To Fitz- a Lizy doll. To Tim S.- albums to record. Paul- one bottle of Ben-Gay, to be taken internally, for your tennis elbow. Tim A.- a bottle of Southern Comfort and a gallon of black coffee to go. Dave- many good times. Dotulski- a bouquet of rose buds. Steve and Jo- a broken car mileage meter. Dale- driving lessons. Ron- one-way ticket to Malta. Ilona- much luck at Michigan. Tony F.- happiness at Marcy.

MARY CAMERON will Tet- a mind, memory, blinking lights, ditches, and Tim, Tom, Dave, etc. To Sherry- health and parties in your car without spills. To Peg- Rob and an everlasting Florida Buzz. Lyd- the front seat, faded blue jeans and a T-Shirt. Beanie- all of us, forever. Floridites- (alias Zoneheads) partyin' down at the same place next year. Jackie- MIKE. Chuck- A Busch. Mike- 8th grade girdle. “The Guys”- Supplies to party down with at the woods. To Brad, Dave and gang- memories, love, thanks and ME! Norborne gang- Hide & Seek. Phyllis- the right decisions.

VICKI CAREY being of somewhat sound mind do hereby bequeath the following: To Geri- a good set of in-laws and one back stabber to go. To Paula- one trip to California in August. Kathy- one yellowish-brown-white Ford. To Cheryl- no more nights with crying phone calls home to mother. To Mark- a punching bag. To Kathy S.- one live frog so she will know what one looks like. To Marion- the ability to keep from sticking her foot in her mouth every time she does something. To my brother Rick- my brains for anything would be an improvement for him.

GARY CEARBAUGH being of sound mind and body would like to will John Cahillane- a Drivers License, a Car and an Insurance Company that would carry him. To Squeak- 25 miles per gallon and some money to go to the Doughnut Shop with. Last but not least, Tony Centi- I will 10,000 Burger King nickles, 4 qts. Oil, 5 lbs. Of grease and above all, 2 eyes in the back of his head to keep his car off those polls.

BRENT CHARNOCK of blown mind and body leave: My sister- an answering service. Joey, Bones, Jimmy and Company- Anheuser-Bush Distillery. To Judy, Nancy, and 3rd hour gang etc.- my stash and 1000 screwed rivers. Mouse- a real boyfriend. Mr. King- a badge and water pistol filled with Budwiser. To all my friends who I couldn't possibly fit in, and all the partying people of Crestwood I leave 40 lbs. And Good Luck. Vickie- I can't leave her anything but Love, because I'll always be with her.

NANCY ANN CHELARS hereby will the following: To Debi Davis (Duck)- a window that she never jumped from, a friendship for future years, and lots of happiness (you deserve it). To Denise- a bottle of wine for an everlasting party. To Ray Olsen- an open ear, an 11:30 closing time, and a 12 pack that never gets finished in one night, and remember (n-n-n). To Coloske (Karen)- a thanks for the tough ones you brought me through and a ear that’s always there for yours

KAREN CHLEBEK will Hunka, Helina, Mary- the Oldsmobile with a surprise in the trunk. To Chris- I leave a book on “How to Understand Alan” - best of luck with him. Also one ROCKET-SHIP (Major-Tom) at to Pamorial. To Nancy- one weekend ride on a bike with the Dude of her choice. To Tina- one Sunday down in Detroit, on our bikes. To Judy- one Big Hamaburger with “extra” pickles and mustard. To Little Anita- all my love. Big Anita- our unforgettable summer, and all my support. To Steve- my thanks for being a buddy when I needed someone. To Mr. Messner- I leave a book to his students on “A Hundred Excuses to Got Out of Class”, and thanks for making my four years brighter.

SHERRI CHRISTOPHER will to Karen Marly- one dozen fat angry donkeys (so you can keep in practice). To Julie Hessling- a pink diaper and a key to Halls Heart. To Chuck E.- enough gum to last for a year. I will to Mr. Roose- one reliable band assistant, and about 75 seniors who are going to miss all the excitement of such a notable human person as (you). I will to Jane Nida- a thousand and one bags of munchies (ha ha). I hope all you underclassmen make your high school days bright, and memorable. Good Luck.

RALPH CIOVATTANE leave to the following people: Duane Dembinski- a 1/5 of Southern Comfort. To Jim Ghannam- a free membership to the Mafia and Facist party. To Mrs. Nash- 10 gallons of orange nail polish. To Dan Monson- free Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. To Mr. Mysiak- a lifetime membership at Vic Tanny's. To Joe Diorio- I leave my Italian Heritage and nickname Pizza. To Bob Nichols a new Jock Jacket with inflatable muscles. To Donna Bukovinac- I leave a package of cheese. To the Class of '74- It was a Great Four Years of Fun – Good Luck.

CINDY COCKRANE will: Linda- success in your last two years of high school and everything else you want in life. Betty- Ashley, :Our Eye,” those “tricky” doors at Vans, happy past, happy future, and our friendship. Bev- a lifetime supply of newzigportzags, E-Y-Ziders, and ribble-viens, Our ability to “gab,” and a seat in the car. Sheri- “the sun's rays!”. Gunta- fingers, knuckles, palms! Julie- happyt future with Hal and memories of a certain “experiment” in Sociology. LeeAnn Y.- a babysitter. Karen M.- the night I signed your yearbook..... Sharon- a shotgun! Denise A.- Luck with “your fella”. Al T.- three swords for dueling!

DONNA COLEMAN do hereby leave the following to: Kathy- my friendship forever, and a trip to Tenn to see Dale. Mary- one Richard and fun times forever. Janie- a thanks for the use of her car and all my love. Robinson and Ulman- I leave two pistols. Girls in 3rd hour- all the good times in the john. Mr. Messner- I wish him happiness in his new marriage. To Mom, Nancy and Dad- a big Thank-You! Last but not least I will Jim all my love and all the good times we will share in the future.

RICHARD COLENSKY being of sound mind and body, leave the following: To the Robindale Gang- 1 Jim Beam on the rocks graduation night. To Pat Regan- more length than width. To Scotty- 1 more good night with the buffalo. To Ron Panetta- part ownership in Sox and Martin. To the Jim Beam Company- my body for recycling. To Mike Glass- a life-time supply of Uizine. To the Class of '75 a lot of luck because you'll need it. To Bob Shortt a life supply of oil for the Phantom. To the Great Class of '74 many more good times.

KAREN COLOSKE of sound and able body, hereby bequeath to... The Krauss's- luck in the future of your marriage. Bard-Dave- hopes for a better future, maybe as one??? Anna-Al- a wedding you've always dreamed of, all the love and happiness the future can hold. Schmitt- someong who has the qualifications of YOUR perfect guy. Storms- a car of your own. Chelar- three month vacation. Mr. Diaz- Happiness! The Vogels- a three-some for a month in S.C. Geof- all of my love always, and happiness for our future together. Thanks for all the memories!

MICHAEL COLSON being the idiot that everybody thinks I am, will to Kim- all my love. Debbie- all my memories and to all the people I've every come into contact with I leave all the luck, fortune and health I thought I never had.

JERRY COSTELLO being of unsound mind and body do hereby leave all my love to my girlfriend Kim. To Brian my parking spot in the teachers lot. To Dave and Pat- one valve screw. To Bruce- one sucker. To Timothy- one hot date. To Minnow- a six-pack. To Terry (Freak)- the fastest car around. To Rick one sheet of paper. To Matt and Bruce- one good hit album. To Sam- one drop of gas for his new car.

TIMOTHY COSTELLO of sound mind and body leave Sue Whatley- one parked car in the Dearborn Drive-In with a Robert Redford doll, a bottle of Champagne and a birthday kiss. To Mike Colson- I leave him a new Karman Ghia and two- one-way tickets to California with a cute little blonde named Kim. To Ron Panetta- I leave one new magnesium transmission. To Tony Pinkham- I leave a deck of cards and a girlfriend with a little sense. To Mark Lecznar- a auto parts book with all catalog numbers and a flalshlight.

D Return to Top

DAVE DALEY will one beautiful blond (K.C.) to Tom Leeman (minus A.P.). To Nick Katsarelas- one large encyclopedia and one large tattoo that says MOM, to help him in college. To Mike Glass- one can of air freshener to help cure his gas problem. To Mark Zilio- a one year course on how to be a perfect gentleman, and years supply of Budwieser. To Pat Regan- a book on how to pick up girls. To Mike Colson- a can of Debbie Brewer Repellent. To Ron Penetta- one 1974 Olds 442 so he can win one race at least. And to Pam Tirey- Tom Leeman and a case of beer.

TONY DAMIANO do bequeath the following: to Rom- ten free lessons from Mr. Winn or how to park a car. To Greg- a toru (including free samples), through the brewery or distillery of your choice. To Cheryl- unlimited use of Lawrence Welk's bubble machine. To Rick- a date any Friday with the girl of your choice. To Fity- immunity to Cheryl's punches. To Kendal- a bottle of N-dog and a more compatible pinochle partner. To Joe- the title of “class wolf” for the next two years. And to Mary Jane- a snow-making machine, a party, and a bottle.

MARY DAVID being of sound mind and body hereby will: Richard- many more good times together, forever happiness, one license and me. To Donna- happiness with Jimi forever, one Charlie Rich and Robert Redford and my friendship always. To Kathy- a date with R.S., trip to Tennessee, many more dates with that ridge runner Dale, happiness and my friendship. To My Mom & Dad- my appreciation and love. Dan- gook luck and happiness forever. To Bev, Debbie, Denise and Karen- a lifetime pass for coffee at the Landmark.

DEBI DAVIS will Ray- a happy life with me or without me, a certain black Nova, and a certain house, Love ya, Debi. To Denise- lots of Dean, a gong, and a friend to talk to. Gunta- a red light to go through, lots of gas, and a record to cry to. Nancy- curbs you can't up and red lights you can see, my friendship. Eileen- lots of time in finding a guy and happiness. Mom & Dad- my thanks and love. Lynn- my service as a babysitter. Paul- happiness, and a “all day” smile.

SCOTT DAVIS being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath the following: Panetta- a better place to go than behind a door. Colensky- all Beam in the world and of curse, negatives of camping pictures. Colson- work her till Thursday, pick check up Friday. Shortt- phone booth in Tenn; new tape. Costello- stopwatch to do everything in 5 seconds. Glass- “smell” from Fraziers, Regan- my honest thanks and a thousand “____ you Regans”. Morgan- “neato keeno”. Janice- Your white hat. Donna- trust; our little friend from art; and of course our friendship. Marathon and Pegasus- new nicknames. Holowicki- you think you were embarrassed.

JANE DEINZER being of sound mind and body will the following: Lisa- My very best friend at W.L., dinner with Vickers, Richard, ski buoy, workable car battery, one cow (stuck in a barn door). To J. Lawrence- some better language when I'm getting gas with my dates. To Treach- one bruised rear-end. Sonk- A pleasant disposition. To McGordy- a Fred of your own. To Rohn- a megaphone so I can understand what you're yelling. To Dave A.- some of my hair. Duane- Booze. The Locker Gang- Lots of happiness! To All Seniors- A Happy Future Life!

JIM DeLAO being of sound mind and body leave to: Duane- a bigger bowling bag to hold his rum. To Jane- I leave a free pass to the next dance at Haston. To Bruce- one beginners lesson from Mark Farmer. To Mark- I leave a new “Let it Be” album to keep in the locker. To all of the Juniors- I leave all the partying of your Senior Year. To Doug- 100 feet of computer tape to wrap his car at the next concert. To all of Crestwood- I wish good luck to make it through the years.

DUANE DEMBINSKI being of sound mind and body, do bequeath the following: To Jim and Bruce- a pass good for guitar lessons. To Jim G. and Ralph- a bottle of Bacardis. To Jane and Lisa- I leave the trip to Michigan State we never took. To Ken- I leave all my tests so he won't have to strain his neck anymore. To Mark Devine- I leave a free lesson in drinking. To Danny Munson and John McKenty- I leave a Drive-In guide. And to those left at Crestwood- I leave good luck to make it through to graduation.

MICHELE DERBACZ will the following: to my sister Audrene- another wedding reception, and a case of Boones Farm. To Cathy Gimik- another Blue Ribbon, a Tequila Sunrise, another Jewish boss and happiness. To Pat Lesniak- all the happiness with John, a nickel bag, a brown Capri. To John Dulapa- a free conversation, a baseball bat, a meeting. To Nancy Schmittling- a flat(?) sheet. To Donna Drajewski- a box. To Michelle abdo- a pair of false teeth, a night at the Dearborn Drive-In. To Malia Mutchler- a Camaro, another trip to Colorado with Rick.

MARK DeVINE will to Ron Hadfield- one date with the girl of your dreams (get it). To Dave Butler- one all expense paid vacation to BAMA. To Karen Walder- I leave one dinner at Ted's Place consisting of your favorite (Pork Chops), remember the waitress. To Doug Wozniak- I leave a years supply of car wax and a set of car mats. To Rob Klocho- I leave a red hat to be worn at all times (A Ham). Good luck to ALL the people who are graduating from Crestwood now, and those who will graduate in the future.

ANITA DITTMAR will to my friends much happiness in the future. To Karen Chelbek- a winning lottery ticket, a trip to Jamaica, one year's supply of pickles, a car that runs without gas and a lasting friendship. To Chris Kamin- one sane mind for her craziness, and a new cougar with lower headlights. To Tina Baron- another job at the Warehouse WITHOUT ME, also a new shite pig that gets it. To Nancy Gorski- a lonely cruise down Edward Hines, and one weekend with Hell's Angels. To Mr. Messner- a thousand and one excuses to get out of class. To Crestwood- my four years.

JOANNE DOMBROWSKI will to Mr. Ham- my eyes so he won't ever forget me. To Mr. K.- a chemistry made easier book, so he can learn what he's trying to teach. To Mr. Roose- control of the sprinkler system. To M. Fayz- some hair straightener, so his hair will look longer. To G. Lis- to stay up past 9:30 so he can come over without being embarrassed. To K. Phillips- 100 bike rides this summer and a girlfriend, and to R. Harris- 2 extra birthdays so that someday, if he ever wants to, he can catch up.

LINDA DONAWICK will to Joanie- trips anywhere in the world so she may camp forever. To Kim- a husband. To Lisa- faith in God and Nick. To Bunta- Phils brother Terry. To Phil- another night to remember. To Marie- a new mind. To Mr. and Mrs. Messner- I will my teapot and all the happiness possible. To Mr. Nowak- not another me. To Mrs. Remington- not another me and Joanie. To all my friends I will the memories of our times together and to everyone, good luck in everything. And to my family, God, and Karen- my love.

CATHY DRAGOS hereby will to Ziegert, Laird, Piot- more nights at the drive-in. Season tickets to Pine Knob, complimentary pass to Camp Dearborn. To Ziegert- I will a day like March 23 to happen all over again sometime in your life. To Piot- I will a standing appointment whenever counseling is needed. To Laird- I will enough small twigs to keep the fire going, another blue Pinto with a sun roof. To Sue- I will one “lizard”, a rope to “Lynch” yourself. To Mrs. Howell- my thanks and appreciation. To Dale Kasza- thank you for all your patience.

LASCA DUFF being of unsound mind, will to: Mrs. Hamrick- large magnifying glass to read my writing. Mr. Stolov- Science fiction books. Mr. Messner- Parties. Diana- One NORTHERN male, luck and happiness. Marian- One 6' male with size 12 shoes, SHORT tennis serve. To Jeanie- her choice of Kirk or Spock, membership in ST fan club. Nancy- N.J. Accent, plays, blank contracts, friendship. Laura- One ticket around the world and extensive leave request form. Antoinette-[ A K-Mart bombshell special. To my sister Carol- the fun of her senior year. One TV scrapbook. Everyone else I leave with luck and happiness.

JOHN DULAPA being of sound mind and body leave the following: to Pat Lesniak- all the love, happiness, and myself, for the rest of our lives, also a lifetime supply of iced tea. To Mike Pankoff- a new squeegee. To Rick Ankovski- a lifetime supply of Crisco, a de-greaser for his hair. To Mike Szuran- one broomstick to use for a backbone when necessary, two ring side seats for the circus. To Gary Vartanian- a lifetime membership at the Clock. To Michele Derbacz- a carton of cigarettes, and a lifetime supply of cleaner bags.

E Return to Top

CHUCK ECONOMOU will the following: Karen Myers- I leave one free ride on Secretariat. Jean Zalewski- I leave you a date to the senior prom. Nick Cortis- I leave you two girls in the locker room without me around. Giny White- I leave you a range and an apology. Stacy Pascaris- I leave my love as your brother. Paul Hamsey and Doug Wozniak- I leave you a good time with Cookie. Suzette Walker- I leave a day fishing; and to Jo, Karen and especially Ilona I leave you my love.

CAROL ELOFF being of unsound mind and body, will my 2nd chair in band to whoever gets it first; to Mr. Roose- another flute player who forgets her music; to Joanie- pair of bucks, six-pack, ticket to Florida; to Judy- a certain beaver, a green curtain, a vacation in Florida; to Jean- memories of band, a certain bunch of guys from LP, all the fun we had with them, a book entitled “How to Handle the Guys in Your Life”; to Pam- the memories of the fun we had, and to Mike- I will myself.

DEBI EWASUK will to Ellen- a life time supply of grape juice, fritters, and cold Bear, the key to every pinball machine in Michigan, caramel corn, a twitty, and all the happiness and success in the world; Laurie, my sister- 36 hour long hockey game, a friendship with Wendy that lasts forever, continued success; Jan- a real diamond ring from Bob; Marty- Myself, (and another chance); Pam- a long and happy life with Bob; John (blue eyes)- Kobi, and more haircuts; Miriam- a free pass to the office; Sue- “critiquer-of-the-year” award. To Kobi- happiness in everything.

F Return to Top

ANTOINETTE FARRUGIA bequeath to my brother Paul- the best of your remaining years at Crestwood; a job and a mood tranquilizer to my sister, Georgina. To Jenny- an all expense trip to the Philippines, a pair of flyer's wings for Frank. To Nancy- a happy life with Paul; to Alice- good luck with the 7:1 ratio at Michigan Tech; a bag of M&M's for Laura; a yearbook class and no causalities to Mrs. Arnold. To Ron- a new job. To Kathy- a duplicate of R.R.; and to Linda- a candy store.

LEE ANN FEASEL will to Signe Phillips- all the happiness and good fortune this ol' world can bring you and a gigantic THANKS!! To Sheryl Gale, Debbie Griffin, and Joanne Dombowski- I will a memory of happy times that we shared. Thanks for being my friends. I still care. To Michael Panagiotides- a lifetime of happiness and contentment with someone who loves you above all else and who is willing to share her life with you through think and thin. ME. To the class of 1974- GOOD LUCK and much happiness.

ROBYN FELT will to my Mom and Dad- love, happiness, many thanks and a rewarding life. I Love You Both. To my brothers Todd and John and sister Sandy- love and the notebooks from 7th grade. To sister Linda and Ron- love, happiness and September 27th. To Julie- a blue whale; To Debbie- a new box; Maude- friendship and success; Mary- a pygmy; Chris K.- Playgirl magazines. To my daughter, Tamara- I give her my love, companionship, happiness and a wholesome life. I love you. To Rick- I leave happiness, strength, the future and my love. I Love You.

LINDA FELT will My Parents- a big thank-you for being so understanding and for everything you've done. You're the greatest; and Rick- a life filled with love and happiness and enjoyment found in everything you do. Tammy- french fries, pop, and her own ice cream truck. Mike and Dottie- a life filled with happiness. Mrs. Knapp- a beautiful and healthy baby. To Todd, Sandra and John- the best of luck in your following school years. Last but not least, I will to Ron Davis all my love. May the rest of our lives be spend together and fulfilled with happiness.

CHUCK FENECH will to Larry Melvin a new fender. To the Bolick Boys- 4 cases of beer for any day of the week. For the whole clan; another partying trip to Daytona at the Catalina. To Diane Longo- a trip to Dago Land with a Maltese. To La Jo Lawrence- a trip to China with a La Boday and two wangs. To Wang1 and Wang2- a triple wanger. To Marianne Amiot- my ear, a 200 gal. Of gas, and a lot of partying at Crestwood. And to all my friends- many more years of friendship and partying before I die.

NANCY FERGUSON leave the following: To Paul- your own indoor tennis court, a life-time supply of tennis shoes and memories of all the good times we have had. Marian- a six-foot-six version of Robert Redford and a pocket (garbage bag?) just in case. Paula- one knight on a white horse. Alice- half a bottle of Strawberry Hill. Cheryl- willpower and 2000 hard boiled eggs. Lynette- “C'est un homme”. Lasca- one, corny play, all my old spelling tests. Rosemary- a pass out of the library. Mrs. Jaworski- my thanks for putting up with the louder me.

ROB FITZSIMMONS being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following to: Frizy Lizy- a life-sized stuffed pelican; Rich Callus- a year supply of Dr. Scholl's foot padding; Diane Kilodzies- a dairyman's delight for Saturday night; Rick “Butterfingers” Lovdahl- a roll of toilet paper, it should last a life time; Bubbles Burns- one bottle of stain remover; Gary Augustyn- a buret to take your frustrations out on; Alice Neal- a private tour of the catwalk; Tim Siorik- my steamboat; Paul Gargol- a pancake turner.

ROCKY FORTURA being of sound mind and body leave Grihorish- one bag of crabgrass killer, which is nothing to clap about. I will Mike Glass- and the boys my leather, a twelve pack and a night on “graph.” I leave Larivee- a set of earphones for the drive-in, and all the races he can find; I also leave him the chicks on “graph” even Mustang Sally. I leave Bolick- a chain for his shadow and a week out with the boys. To Tina- a green Mustang because that's when the good times were.

LIZ FRANGO leave to my friends the following things: Alice- a recording of “The Pep Bands Greatest Hits”, and good luck at MTV; Rob- a giant string of licorice; Laura- driving lessons; Bob- a car that runs; Gary- a kiss; Patti- senioritis; Chuck- a bottle of ouzo; Cheryl- memories of two homecomings; Karen- you-know-who; Toni- 100 free yearbooks; Pete- sewing lessons; Rick- nine people in an Opel and thanks for taking us to lunch; Mr. Kotulski- money for the glassware I break; Mr. ensign- a ten-speed bicycle; and Cathy- three good years at Crestwood.

DONALD FRASER alias Farmer Don, axle rod, Ali Baba, will: Glass- new flywheel, tune up on mini bike; Regan- my stolen uniform from Van's; Joe Weilder- muscle builder; Colensky- keg of Jim Beam, steelwall, lesson in carpentry; Panetta- hot-wheel set, brain; Colson- free tune up at Goddin's, new knees; Davis- free brake job; Leeman- beard growing and grooming kit, carton of Newports; Shortt and Laird- honeymoon at the farm; Brotherhood- that we never seperate, another camping trip, crashed party; Hetherington- superslick; Porteous- a bra. To Pam McGiffin- I will Don Fraser, my car, my money, my love, my alimony checks.

G Return to Top

SHERYL GALE will to Bonnie a 6-year supply of stogs. To Mary; I leave herself to find and someone to love minus the worries. Peggy and Rob; love and patience with each other; To Joe L.; I will my tequila bottle and the 3 hours you stayed with me, Thanx. To Brian; a solid gold diploma, and all the beautiful times we spent together to keep forever. To Terri; a full-equiped partying kit and a king-size central. And last to Lydia; a life-long friendship and happiness in the future years.

PAUL GARGOL will the following things to; rich a life time supply of Dr Scholls; Rob a computer to figure out which girl to date; Rick a sweaty bandana to filter water with; Tim some of Rob's good luck; Nancy ten inch finger nails; Diane an electric wheel chair for those nights when you can't walk; Alice a pair of elevator shoes; Kotulski a batch of explosives and one o'clock visitors; Liz a frizzy lizzy bird; Gerry a fully dressed swim in Crestwood's pool; Marian a bar of soap for her mouth; Dorean a drink in each hand.

JIM GHANNAM being of sound mind and body? So hereby bequeth: to Mr. Hamrick my Great White Camel, Abdula, who only has 24,000 gallons on her. (New shoes, bride, etc). To Mrs. Nash I leave my color poster of chairman Mao Tse Tung, and a membership to the United Socialist movement. To Mrs. Hamrick I Leave one Billy Graham recording so that she may encourage future class response, and last to Mr. Ensign what is physically there but not existent in the molecule concepts of the human spectrum.

CATHY GIMIK being of sound mind and body, will to all Seniors the best of luck after graduation. To Michele Derbacz a life supply of Salems, another night with Glen, tequila sunrise, extra set of keys, full-time job, my brake adjusting technique, all the happiness in the World. To Miss Weber 1,000 sheets of used steno paper and an empty pen. To Janet Kurswski the best of luck with Mike. To Donna Krajiwski; a pair of cuffed jeans. And Jeff's apartment to Malia. To my two cousins Barr and Deb; lots of luck and happiness in your remaining years at CHS.

MICHAEL GLASS leave: Ron Panetta; a first aid kit and some luck. Scott Davis; Many more dealin days. Tom Leeman; One more date with CK and another streak in the future. Dave Daley; 6 more inches. Rich Colensky; My membership to Robindale. Don Frasier; More Red Fuzz. Mike Colson; a matching tennis outfit. Rocky Fortura; A case of Don Q for many more high times. To the Class of '74 the greatest bunch of people a person could ask for, the Best of Luck in the future.

NANCY GORSKI will the Buzz Monsters a lifetime membership card and a bzzz bzzz. To Judy C; Uriah Heeps Rock-n-Roll medley and a weekend AWAY from Central. To Karen C; Two bottles of Faygo and a flat tire in Coldwater. Also a non-see-through Cat costume, for your next Halloween Party. To Anita D; all the happiness you can possibly handle. To Tina B; a car that can get you to Detroit and back with an FM. To Chris K; a 10th grade p.j. party - minus one strobe light. To Brent C; 2lbs. To L. Andy; Free drink at Robindale

DALE GOSSIAUX being of sound mind do will the following: To Bruce Hill; a race car to cruise in. To my sister; lots of luck in your sophomore year. To Mike Callahan; new carpet for his car. To Mr. Ensign; Alpha Centurion. To Bob Fittsimons; a steamboat. To Rick Lovdall; an Instamatic. To Paul Gargol; a tennis racket. To Debbie Boss; my skill with experiments in analytical chemistry. To Liz Frango; help in trigonometry. To Ken Sambuchi; a CO2 lasor, with holagram. To Ralph Hurst; 20 free visits to Vic Tanny. To Mary Jane White; the state of Minnesota.

JEFF GRAHAM will will the following: To Cherl; another day at Kensington just like the last one. To all the boys; many more years of partying. To Fenech; one straight back rim and a BIG ZONEHEAD! York; Hemorrhoid ointment for flea-bag. For the boys; Bolick, Rocky6, Al, Greg; a six pack each. To S.G., P.B., L.L. M.C., T.H.,; a case of slo-gin, Good Luck! To Debbie; New Fuzzy Zoneheads for the bash. Anne & Kathy; a return trip to Florida, find that camera! To Dawn; Some t. To Rob, Brian, Mike, Frank; Many more crazy times at camp.

GREG GRAUZER being the only sane one left in teeny-bopper Crestwood do will; Rich a bottle of Beam. Ron; a Chevy. Mark Zilio; a polite word, to bong a bag, Dave; to get back at those who shot you. Tonyson; a wang. Tony; some height. Joni; some pork. Leeman; a book on horniness. and Pam a lesson on how to throw a Frisbee.

JUDY GRDEN will Donofrio fish, Toundaian ice pack, Hibbard powder puff, Chinks Chinese food, Stanley & Mathison trouble, Lahym Ba-Ba, Augustyn Catechism, Ocean Holiday, Strilocky Home Furnishing, Eloff Beavee, Lydia; Boop-doo-Boop, Gunt-ta-ta funkys Weld; Billy Jack, T.H. Cat Concert; Piot T.T., Jamroz McDonalds, Truitt Wa-Wa, Giraffe T.V., Homa Psycho, Ziegert Camp Dearborn shirt, Zdan Hawaii, #12m friendship, Hollendack Shrimp, Harvard-Yale, Averill cat, Jam lending car, Poloskey reptile, Doctor Fadee, homework, Terry Polosky coat check, beach bum, surring, friendship forever, Abdo prison, trouble, Florida, apartment, 1971, Thanks for a Great Friendship.

MARK GREENE being of sound mind and body do bequeath to the following: Bob Anton; his 175 Kawasaki, Lynette Wulff; a call from Ron, Gail Wylie; a new job at another Burger King, Karen MeIntire; free waddle lessons, Sue Peterson; Mike Stidhem, Mrs. Hamrick; another class like her 2nd hour, and a penguin leash; Debbie Pociask; another Senior like me, Becki and Tim; a long loving and lasting relationship, Ralph; all the pizzas he can eat, Jim Ghannam; all of the gas cans in the world, Mrs. Knapp; twins, Mrs. Jones; a new bus and Cindy Stauch a great big...

DEBBY GRIFFEN will: To Randy Hija; 150 gallons of gas. To Sheri Lasko; a big Thanks for making these last two years more fun. To Joyce and Neil; happiness forever and me as your lifelong friend. To Mike, Bill and Ron; more great times and an everlasting friendship. To my family; my thanks for all your love and understanding. To Jerry Ernst; I will my love forever, a thank-you for all the love, help and good times you've given me, and a lifetime together to share our love.

MICHELE GRUBER of sound mind and body, hereby will to: Barb Aubrecht; a book of matches, and a squirt gun. To Joyce Seasock; a six pack of Bud. To Barb Sweierczek; pep pills to keep herself awake during concerts. To Nancy Schmittling; a book to keep her guys straight. To Karen Coloski; the best of luck with Geof. To my sister, Lori; an ever lasting bus pass. To my brother Scott; a good time at Crestwood. To Don Jajo; spare change.

H Return to Top

RONALD HADFIELD will to M. Devine- a good anchor, a 32 lb. squirrel and thanks for being a good friend; Foot - Heckel, Jeckel, and my skating ability; Rem - a 47 lb. orange; "My Sister" Daren - Mount Carmel memories and thanks for being who you really are; "Z" a championship, boxing gloves and another great bullpen ace; Greg - blue shoes and two more good years; Mr. Hamrick - a D.C. bumper sticker; Marge, the best c0-editor in the world - a prayer and thanks for your friendship; Mrs. Knapp - words to describe what a wonderful person you are; Crestwood - thanks, and Peace.

PAM HAMZEY will the following: To Lorraine, keys; and Andrea, remember the time we went bowling? To Carol and the rest of you, remember the time we went shopping? To Lindy, I leave a year's subscription to Iron Man and a case of protein pills. To Patty Berry I leave a year's supply of jeans; To my brother Paul I leave you a new baseball bat, and a glove for your baseball games at Ward's; To Paula I leave a "College Dictionary" for words you have trouble to spell. To Mike I leave seasonal tickets to the rock concerts.

PAUL HAMZEY being of sound mind, do hereby will the following: To Woz, a wedding cake, a bottle of Scotch, a set of wheels and a tank of gas. To Lonie, I will one evil eye, and Woz. To Chuck, I will "Cookie" and a case of beer and a ride. To Mike Treachler, one large cheese and anchovy pizza and a wad of gum. To Doug Roose, four tenor saxes (hardly used) and 150 used reeds. To Don, my chair and great music ability. To Nancy [?], 1 giggle box so she won't have to laugh anymore.

PAULA HAMZEY will the following: To my sister Pam I leave a "How to Become" an artist boo; to Patty Berry I leave a Ali Fretter commercial; to my brother, Paul I leave him no more rides to school in the Pinto; to Carol Eloff, I leave a lot of luck in the future; To Carl, Lorraine, Krys, and Andrea I leave a little light of hope for a good senior year; To Ron I leave my collection of baseball cards; to Mrs. Knapp I leave a case of "Slender", and Mrs. Remington I leave a case of oranges.

KENDAL HARDING will to Roseann, free phone counseling anytime and a life long friendship. Thanks for being such a good friend! To my 3rd hour friends much love and happiness; To John a change to keep me warm anytime; To Lindy B. and Barry L., I leave you memories of all my "sweet" good mornings; to Big Cheese, I leave you my Wall Flower Membership Card that I won't need it any more; And to Greg, I leave you all my Love and the memories of all the times we've spent together. I hope they have only just begun..........

CINDY HATCH do hereby bequeath the following: To Pam; one Susie Homemaker Oven. To Marion; One Gabby Mouth Doll for all the time in Klarman's room. To Gail; All the blueberry pancakes you can eat at Boys; To Miss Byrum; All the mailable letters and dictation she can stand; To RoseAnn; Steve, Ernie, Bernie, and now Tim, the chiropractor. I also will her all my friendship forever, and all the good things that may happen in the future. And most of all, to Dave, I will all the love and happiness that we have together.

TERRI HAVENER will Sherry, Peggy, Lydia; more of our good times to come and good luck in everything you do. To Rob, Frank, Brian, Chuck and Jeff; the woods. To Mike B.; a balloon on your car. Renee; more party's, a big pole, a bop in the nose. Beanie; more bars to come. Jackie; Mike. To Rosy; Florida, Chuck and Gary E. a zonehead. To Karen; an organist, Kim. To Karen S.; a pair of streaker sneakers to take after your brother. Mary; another trip to Richmond, 11 days of vacation for drinking, summer of 72, the staggers, and luck in the future. Mr. King; a bottle of cherry vodka.

DON HEDERGREN of unsound mind and body, bequeath the following: To Paul; I leave on set of broken guitar strings (wah-wah), two numbers, and a Henry the Heights; trainee swing. To Ed; one case of acid indigestion. To Mr. Paluchniak; I will all my drawings to use as wallpaper in his home. To Al; I will one hearing aid, which will be useful in the near future. To Karen; I leave one thousand ink pen cartridges (which have accumulated somehow) and to Satch and Mary a blank Marriage License.

LARRY HELLE will the following: To Coach Joe; a portrait of himself that is hanging in Trenton II entitled "Jumping Joe Ganz". To Frank; a jelly doughnut. To Mike; good luck with the team next year. I will to Vartarian; a sign showing where the beach is. To Luc; a case of beer. To Chuck a muscle man's book. To Bob Henry a wet fish so he can practice with. To Tony; my plastics so he can cut weight. To Odom; I leave a picture of his wrestling idol the Sheik.

CAROL HENNING being of totally sould, (buzzed) mind, leave the following: To Marcia; a years pass to KofC and its BAR. To Mr. Claeys; some "HOT LIRS". To Deb, Cindy, and Dana; TAKE Vicky (I've had all I can take of her). To Vicky; I leave my bodyguard, Ray, a lid of Jamaican, and a concert ticket of our choice, thanx for our friendship. To Mom and Dad; love and happiness for always. To Cheryl; I leave Crestwood, love and good wishes, and to John my heart, to love you and to keep you happy forever and always.

BOB HENRY will the following: Brian West; 100 lbs of fat. Tim Skeeters; Life size poster of TIM Quill, Arno; my motorcycles. Rom-Rom-girl; locker room attendants at Southgate, Mark; scarface, cowboy, hippycat, Tony; gas for his car and change at Jack-In-The-Box. My Roomies; the good time we had in Montreal. Pam; 17 sets of diapers. Amy; a room in Ann Arbor, Lansing...?, Tom Skelly; with hard work and your talent, a 1976 State Championship. Q.To. Mike Rado; my 4.0 in Math, and all the records at Tech. Sandy; moving hands. Dean; lots of luck.

JULIE HESSLING being slightly unstable, will to: Karen Marley; my closest dearest friend, all our memories, another Daytona Beach, one Clare and Otto, a watch to meet at the sight-seeing tower on time during a riot, and one god-child. To Cindy; many 3rd hour skips, Tommy, and a picnic in Hines with a chauffeur. To Laura Ziemba; one rape victim. To Josee, a cartoon of Marlboro's. To Linda; George. To Lisa; her night in shining armor and a radio for her bomb. To Karen; her own air-hockey table. To Hal; all my love and my last name.

PAT HILHAN being of sound mid and body do hereby leave to Dave Leyman all my love, to Mary I leave a garter, to Keith I leave our car magnets to put in his Nova, To Jerry and Kim I leave all the good memories we had, to Mike Rohn I leave a cheat sheet for "Saturday In The Park", and to Sherry and Brian I leave all happy memories.

BRUCE HILL being of sound mind? and body will: to Ralph Hurst, I leave an extra two pairs of air shocks. To Bob Stanis, I leave, 1 butter knife for his thick barley beard. To Dale Hollenback and Dale Gossiaux, I leave 1 free pass to sit behind Highview. To Mark Pace I leave one typewriter. To Mike Callahon, I leave 1 lawyer and a brand new motorcycle. To John Cahallian, I leave 1 Drivers License. To Carol Schiller I leave, all my love and the best of luck in her big bad Senior year.

ANITA HOJBERG do hereby will the following: To Vivian, a "tish" and an autographed picture; to Limpet, a worm; to Sharyl, the "thing on the hanger"; to Naomi, Gaylord; to Becky, that big blonde dude; to Marita, a foot restraint, to Barb, a Home on the Range; to Carleen, my thanks for being such a good friend; to Rodrigo, my friendship, and a plane ticket to San Francisco; to Mrs. Broditsch, a Russian V & VI class; to the Class of 1974 --- the future!

PAULA HOJNICKI will: Diane, a guardian angel to watch on your weekend splurges. AHH! Alice and Ferg, a good bottle of wine. Vicki, a rip to California in August. Denise, another frightening night helping a friend and hope that your one big plan comes true. Doreen, a glass of tan with chile powder and a bag of french fries. Rick, a silencer for your buzzer. Marion, a night at Uncle Sam's with the guy of your choice. Cheryl, driving lessons. Cathy, a movie to watch all the way through. To the Juniors, a great SENIOR YEAR!

DALE HOLLENBACK being of sound mind and body do bequeath the following: To the Track Team, my speed, you'll need it. To Jeff Sarkisian, the Harley he's always dreaming about, a pair of training wheels, and a Bell full face helmet. To Scott Fraser, an unbeatable, unbreakable bike, or a Yamaha. To Debbie that tarantula you've wanted - Promise! Also a pair of waders to help you get through all the manure here at Crestwood. To the teachers who passed me when I should have flunked, Thank You! Also all the pity in the world for those still imprisoned.

SUE HOMA leave to the gang all the fun we've had. Piot; 4 years of friendship, endless experiences. Ziegert; Memories of Spinster's Prom, Mickey's Back Door, horn honking, 8 hours of cruising. Dave; movie Serpico. Joanie; Leighton, arm wrestling with George, antenna, 10 dinners. Judy; Norman and Mother. Zwier; drive-ins, 3:30am, Playgirl. Jamroz; Florida memories, submarine races. Dragos; Cop car #10. Tim; Many happy memories I'll always remember. Kobylarz; hockey game, a bet. Ken Gondek; a traitor. Don Fraser; Position as mayor. Dennis; Thanks for everything. to everyone I couldn't mention; It's been great --- thanks for all these wonderful memories.

RALPH HURST not knowing how I am, leave to Tim Robinson my two Mohawk tires with rally wheels included. To Al Tongo twenty pounds of life to get high on. To Bob Stanis good luck of his hotel management. To Mike Calahan a book entitled "Fourteen Short Strokes to Victory". To George Wolenter a "74" heavy cherry minus pollution control equipment for cruising to all the parties. To Cheryl Burns a can of three-in-one lubricant.

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PAMELA ION hereby bequeath to Patty, an introduction to Paul. To Karen, a book of memories for 1973. To Pam, greater success at U of M. To Sue, a night "out on the town" -- all goods supplied. To Mr. Gehm, Mr. King, and Mr Puchalla, a beginning typing book. To the High School Secretaries, a book of patience with beginning typists. To Mr. Gallup, a free dinner at my restaurant. To All the Teachers, a special thanks for making my years at Crestwood, Happy Ones. and to the Class of 1974, your individual dreams.

MARK IWANIEC leave to Thomas Joyner, my experience and luck in running and wish him the same next Fall. To the rest of the dogs on the team, I leave my unfinished book on "Dogging." To Mr. Wizard, 2 pounds of goldfish and a new wardrobe. To Margaret and Ilona, a "foot-foot." To Mr. Haines, two boxes of pencils. To Mike Callahan a new pair of dude shoes.

MARGARET IZELUK leave to: Janet--a getaway car when being followed. Karl Hamrick--two "Pollocks" after Jo and I leave. Ron--a successful year as the MCC Newspaper Editor. Joanne--a box of stationary and my new address. Ilona--a "Betty Crocker Recipe file" of horsd'oeuvres. Michelle--"Athlete of the Year Sward." Donna--a new pair of rubber-toed tennis shoes. Cheryl--a shorthand dictionary. George--a little black book. The Class of '75-- a victorious Senior year. CHS--a thank you for an interesting four years, and to all graduates--health, happiness, and my love.

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DEBBIE JAMROZ will ARNO - date and courage to ask. TREACHLER - Greenhouse. ZIEGERT - bottle to lick for the rest of your life. HOMA - Blue Maverick w/memories, ticket to a submarine race in D.B.. DRAGOS - career in cheerleading. TRUITT - hair style from Paris. ZWIER - Phone call, Singapore Sling, Satellite, bushel of gross. SROKA - Good luck at Ferris and future. THELMA - coffee in Greek Pool Hall w/Greek of your choice. REGAN - a grass shirt. PIOT - certain magazine. COMSTOCK - Government class. FAYZ - one orb. LIS - captain award-1/2. SPURGESS - your own drive-in so you can walk in the front entrance. CRESTWOOD - Individualism.



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AUDREY (Tweet) KLANN will




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ROBERT MERCIER being of sound mound and body, do bequeath the following: To Greg Hadfield and Nancy Holgwicki I leave my corner by the Auto Shop. To Tom Marzec I leave a deck of cards and my 3 bowl BONG. To Rob Major I leave a bag of Columbian. To John Shedlock I leave 2 botched cannons and one rip off michaometer. To Mike Bangos I leave my car. To Jeff Graham I leave my shop coat and the knowledge of Woodworking. To Zoya, Eman, Debbie and Donna I leave a smile and hope they use it wisely.





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MARK (Scardini) SONK will




JEANIE STENING being of sound mind and body leave to Diane- love, peace, happiness and T.S.; to Laska- “Live long and prosper” and Captain Kirk; to Pat- Dave. To Gunta- a new car to drive me home in. Sandi- next year's art Club; to Liz- 2 more years of fun; to Nancy Storms- some blonde hair color; to Denise T.- a ball of yarn; to Jeff- a memory; to Mr. Nowak- a program cover for next year; to Carol D.- Mr. Speck. To dean- a new set of clothes; to the rest of the seniors- Good Luck!






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VICKIE THOMPSON being of almost sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: One big kiss to Michael; One set of fully published Chemistry notes to my fortunate sister to use in struggling through Chemistry; All my love to Michael and a “good looking” “Buttercup” Good luck Sweetie; Two soggy saddle shoes to go along with the equally soggy football field for the pom-pom squad; Another big kiss to Michael; One bursting bladder to the administration after 12:30pm by the locked cafeteria bathrooms; Another big kiss to Michael; Good luck to everyone else.

MIKE THORP will to Patty Shand, another time to get lost with a few bottles. To Pauline Buttigieg, one of the best looking girls in the class, I leave you a case of good looking pills. To David Oliverio, a dune buggy engine and frame. To Mike Lesinski, I will five tubes of Clearasil. To Diane Taggart, I will my muscle. To Rick Tat, I will a piece of Faye. To Linda Gawecki, I pledge ten pounds of food for two days. To Linda Thorp, all my thanks and love over the past fifteen years along with a bowl of salad for dinner.

MIKE TREACHLER will Mr. Roose - a new 1st trumpeter, Mrs. Boroditsh - a Walerus Too Goo Schoo with, Tom Skelly - a sub-minute 100 fly, Tim Skeeters - my trumpet to blow, Mr. Hahn - a new swim team to beat Riverside, Holly - Food, Kathy - Jimmy, Robbie - Shiela and my Ping-Pong paddle, Dorothy - a happy senior year and a fifth of rum, Nicolette - a hit in the head to help you realize …, Terri - a guy to whip her into shape, Ron-Ron - a 1:10, Sherry - a rocking chair, Arno - a renewal on his garden club membership, Crestwood - Another great class like ours.

LISA TREAT after four years at Crestwood, have found I have no mind left, therefore, before I'm committed, I will: My world famous hot chocolate recipe to the football gang and friends. A million thanks for 13 years of friendship to Bunta double or nothing? To Maz, a pair of non-tiring feet so she can dance all the Polkas she wants. To Kathy, an Accident-proof bike (Right?) To Beckie, the guys at United Shirts. One eyelash curler to Bambi. To Jeff, all the gusto he can grab. And all my love and the best of luck to everyone!

DEBBIE TYL will Ronie a Lincoln Continental for her poo-poo. To Donna a skooter so her Mom can say “Ain't that a sight.” To Debbie a happy life with Leland. To Lori, a set of tires for all the curb jobs. To Judy, a million “J's”. To Ron, a 12' milk shake. To Richard, a bottle of Jim Beam. To Patty and Tim, a healthy baby boy. To Karen a trip to South Carolina. To Monty, a brand new Porche. Last but not least, to my parents all the hopes and wishes that I make it through college.

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JIM URSO will Aunt Ulman a Cook Book to learn to cook more than Pizza, Hamburgers, and Cakes. To the Vert, I will a “Chevy.” To Woody, a new wrist to shift gears with. To the ski, I will a new set of traction bars for the Hot Rod Vega. To John Livers, I will a new and better bike, A Suzuki of course. To Becky, a new back seat to have fun in with whoever. Vert

V Return to Top

GARY VARTANIAN will to Rick Ankofski, a good 428 SCJ value. To Mike Dancoff, a girl friend and a set of turn signals. To [??], a built-in pool to swim in. To Mike Waluski, a V8 Vega. To Larry Hele, a beach of his own. To Jim Urso, a 9 second street 6 cylinder car. To Ron Penetta, a car that is fast with a hood scoop. To Klock, a life-long pass to the Charles Atlas Health Studios. To Pam, a lonely wood nymph. To Janet, a MW hook, and to everyone, a big VURT.

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DIANE YOWTZ will to my Mom and Dad, love and thanks for getting me as far as you have. To my sister Cheryl, I will my nine tardies and sixteen absences in Stenolab and also my favorite parking spot in the gold 'ole senior parking lot??. Cindy Deluyck-– good times, Anne Ross-- more partying. Mrs. Jaworski—my love for her understanding. Miss Byrum-- future hassles with future seniors. To my new sister, Cindy Nash, future times with Robbie Brown and last but not least, to my brother, Art, good times at CHS. To Kevin, someone special to me, All My Love.

Z Return to Top

JEAN ZALEWSKI being of sound mind and body, will the following to Chuck Economou, one book on how to handle one little Irish(?) girl. To Carol Eloff my cousin Mike (please take him). To Rick Hargis, I leave you someone special (Guess Who). To Mary Radi, one Italian Boy. To Linda and Laurie my clarinet and my chair in Band (take it). To Joanie and Judy I leave one pair of Bucks one leg, and a jar of green algae. To Pam Phillips, one pair of new red shorts. To Nancy Coyne, one new neck. To Joanne, I leave one little boy.

JOANIE ZDAN leave Giraffe - Secrets, Satellite, red Nova, vacation to Mexico. Sue - spoon, axel, Gigi's bunnies, Leighton. Ziegert - pencils, gerda, Newports, antennae, Mickeys. Piot - Mr. Toby, John. Dragos - mustaches, locomotion. Jackie - Florida vacation. Don - Big Mac. Judy - 12 and 22, pet beaver named Betty. Mark - job at McDonalds. Gunta - Inn on the Beach, Continental Trailways, no more Risks. Jamroz - lot and lobby. [??] - slap me five. Wilma - Chinese dinner, Wrigleys, green Torino, brown Capri, and my friendship forever. Joe - six pack of “Busch”, a cookee. Truitt - grandma's car. Everyone I left out – Thanks for making these four years Great!

NANCY ZIEGERT will Dragos - March 23, my VW at the drive-in. Laird - back window at Beach Boys lines, no but I'll eat. Piot - permanent dents in your leg, guy you're happy with. Homa - horn honking, Serpico, witness to a fight. Zdan - letter for your mother, pencils, Mickeys. Grden - Camp Dearborn shirt, rocks. Truitt - babysitting jobs. Zwier - Spinoza and Inkster. Jamroz - definite party at Bolley's. Sreka - double date with Judy. Last but never least Dave - all our memories, me, all my love, and anything that you want. To the whole gang, a lasting friendship forever.

TONY ZEPPA will to Rick T. and Mike M., a successful season; Chick, two fingers; Mr. Ganz, and ALL-STATE TEAM and a lot of thanks; Linda, a hand to wave with; Sheila, two rings and plaid pants(?); Freddy, one bucket; Pam, a broom; Zammit, one pork chop; Dawn, a book report; Butt Rega Sapatus, one trip to Alabama this summer, and my brother's house; Ralph, the name Bruiser; Gatto, one donut; Wade, one afro comb; Bay, one Nichol to buy an ice-cream; Henry, one scar face; Lecanar, a crow bar; Larry, one tiger; to everyone I know, all the luck in the future.

DEBORAH JEAN ZIMMER being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To Beth, my understanding friend, and one slightly used wedding gown and peace and happiness the rest of your life. To my brother Rob, enough sense to graduate. To Cathy, the happiness she deserves, and to my sister (inlaw) Janice some common sense enough not to get caught. To Mr. Brown, two girls for every Graphic Art classes and to Mike, all my love till death us do part.

DENISE ZWIER leave Denise - an umbrella for walking home in the rain. Joanie – date w/that Doug Yee to Mexico – watch out for mufflers. Debbie – date w/that special guy. Cindy – automatic dog walker. Ziegert – pencils, bottle or orange smash, legal permanent parking permit for the spot on side of auditorium. Pat - $500 to pay for a ticket. Den – Mayor of the year award. Judy – Brenda doll. Sue – Shishkabob stic, Government class, Dennis Polz, IHCA. Bill – one fast round at Robindale. Ralph – pizza. To everyone else – Thanks for all the great memories and your friendships.

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