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1968 Senior Wills

Alphabetized by 1968 Last Name


We, members of the graduating class of 1968, truly hope that no one is hurt or insulted by the contents below. This Class Will was written in innocence and in the hope that it will bring a little fun to everyone.

Crestwood Class Will of 1968

We the members of the Crestwood High School Class of ’68 being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following items to the parties mentioned in said articles.

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Rosemary Abela, will to any underclassmen that has Mr. Mysiak all the patience I had while listening to all his great philosophies; to Mr. Mysiak (alias Black Bart), a bottle of Faygo red pop. To Diane Woolhiser, I will a way to get to school, and to any future senior who has Mr. Fletcher for a partner in Co-ed – Good Luck! Also to anyone who wants it my parking place in the swamp. And last but not least to Miss Galloway a king-size alarm clock to wake her up on those after-weekend mornings.

Bob Adams, will all my unbroken bats during the past two season to Bill Radulovich. I also will all my nicknames, “Smiley,” ”Ipana,”.etc, to Dennis “the legs” Jordan.

Marlene Ainsworth, will one (slightly) dented 1966 Mercury car door to any senior next year going to look at the Freshman Homecoming Float.

Mike Alanson, will a heavier sled to next year’s football team, my monument on the fifty year-line to Rich Gillikin; my jersey #67 to Mary Sahara, my blue-jean jacket to Lee Potts; my artistic talent (?) and any pencil lying in the hall to Mike McCuaig; my harmonica to Mary Beth McNerney; a soccer ball to anyone; good music to all Crestwood dances, and, the shadow of my Volkswagen to the Crestwood parking lot.

John Atkins, will my M & H Racemaster Slicks and all of my blown transmissions and joints to Tony Garibaldi.

Johanna Azzopardi, will to any senior next year the great privilege of parking in the student parking lot and a third hour Co-op class to all Juniors.

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Kathy Bachman, will to Sue Hinski, Jim Wortham, Rich Buttegieg, Bob Kruk, Gail Goodall, Julie McNerney, and anybody else who wants it, my long straight blond hair! Lots of luck to the class of ‘69—you’ll need it.

Dee Bainter, will my second hour class as art assistant to Cindy Sheldon and Colleen Malloy.

Daniel Barton, will all my charms with girls and the girls that go with them (except Charlotte Kilgore). As well as the chance to meet girls on the senior trip to the Junior guy who feels he can handle the job. I wish him the best of luck.

Karen Bashawaty, will to one Michele Zewicke the exalted position of the first honorary Lebanese ever to be chosen in Dearborn Heights. To my good friend Nancy Hamzey I will my two-humped camel named Clyde, which lives in my basement. To my two successors I will all the fun and good times I have had, to be enjoyed all through their junior and senior years and finally to all the teachers at Crestwood I will my sincere gratitude for all their help and patience.

Linda Bielski will one can of turpentine to Boz Sleva, one large bucket of bones to Mr. Fletcher (Bow-Wow), one new art teacher to Lois Rheame, and loads of happiness to the class of ’69.

On this 27th day of May, Nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, Dennis D. Bishop and David R. Seasock being of sound mind and body, jointly will the following…..…Dennis wills his good looks, and Dave his better looks to anyone who can handle it. We jointly will our poetic song composing ability to the Music Department and English Department. (Dave separately wills the “Wee Wobley Five” to Miss Vossos.) We will our “Mission Impossible” assignments (which we carried out so successfully during this past year) to any future I.M.F. team capable of the honor in the class of’69. We also will our expired membership in the Weekend Warriors to Mike Ray and Rich Buttigeig. Our empty shaving cream cans, our hot water escapades, and our early morning vigils to next year’s senior trip advisors. Our athletic abilities to Mr. Fletcher, who will see sit to divide it equally among next year’s football squad. Lastly we will all the undergarments that were found in our locker room to next year’s football team, provided they can handle it in an orderly manner. (See Mr. Fletcher)

Michael Bjerke, will my great wrestling techniques and my great ability for getting into schools to my brother Keith; who can use all the help he can get. And to Vern Fatell, all the fatiman cakes he can eat.

Dan Black, will to Mr. Miller all my power to control his classes, to any junior who might have Miss Galloway, I will one book of free passes to the donut shop. To Jerry Mathison I will all the PIES he can eat.

Nancy Blackburn, will a 10-year supply of “spare” gymsuits to my “riotous” second hour gym class. To Linda Johnson, I will a 5-pound box of Reese Cups, a five-gallon can of gasoline, so she won’t ever be stranded, and a curling iron (just in case). To the new cheerleaders, I will all our old dried up bottles of shoe polish, in hopes that they can rejuvenate them. To all underclassmen, I wish the best of luck in their senior year. Also, to Linn Brady I will all the remains of our third hour snacks.

Marilyn Bloom, will to the succeeding senior girls of G.A.A. another victory over the female faculty.

Christine Brandon, will to Ronnie my grumpy moods, to dispose of as he wishes or the patience to bear with them. To Dave, the best of luck through the rest of his high school years.

Duane Brantley, will my fabulous solo in that wonderful old song – “When Jesus Wept!” to Bob Ellingsworth.

Bridget Briden, will the best of luck to all the underclassmen who decide to skip and get away with it (ha ha). I also wish the best of luck to next year’s seniors who decide to have a good time on their senior trip.

Joyce Bryja, will all my luck to solve her problems in her senior year to Debby Craig and my tremendous will power to lose weight.

Judy Bunce, will all my luck and all my excuses to Donna Pelot; one Stan or carrot-top to Patty Watkins; all my fights and escapades and good luck with Wayne to any junior who could take it! To Eva Grybowski, one Triumph motorcycle with the owner named George; and to Cindy Schonhardt, Betty.

Gayle Byberg, will next year’s choir class to any underclassman unfortunate enough to join.

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Sandy Cairo, will all the good times with our twins to Chris Gierke, who I’m sure will be thrilled, all our laughs and good times with that kid” to Julie McNerney, a new trench coat to Johnette Stein, “tacit” to Sue Kraske, to Gary Hogston all my volleyball skill which he is badly in need of, to Miss Roman my band uniform and medals so that she can be a general too; and a few more good moods to a certain someone.

Angelo Americo Cam, II will to Virgil Hill next week’s T.V. Guide issue; to Bernard Smink a framed picture of Aldoph Hitler’s concentration camp (Crestwood High), to Charlie Wiese a hair net for when you look back on good memories. To Margaret Hulter, I leave you my bottle of Excedrin I used before going to your office. To Marina Vossos, I leave you a tea bag for a change of pace drink from coffee, and to Suzy Roman, I leave a train set to go with your Choo-Choo outfit.

Randy Cannon, will my thick and thin socks to Miss Galloway, all of my absences to Mr. Fletcher, all my E’s to the “Great” Miss Roman, and my ability to skip class to anyone who has the nerve.

Ted Carmack, will much respect and gratitude to all of my high school teachers.

Garry Carter, will the luck of getting back papers from Miss Topolsky to anyone that wants it or needs it.

Dave (Riff) Chicovsky, will my good looks to my brother Tom, who needs it; my number 1 stick to Elfeg Bacca; a free McDonald’s hamburger to John Holowicki; a World War I pilot’s cap to Suzy Roman; to anyone who takes Physics next year my seat in the “corrupt” back row; my twelve million logic synapses from my cerebral cortex to some dumb freshman; and last but not least my guru analogicated non-orientationalistic attitude drived introspontaneously upon contact with the epiderminal level inherent to the coalesced maelstrom of Miss Roman’s inner psyche to an unfortunate junior.

Tom (Raff) Chicovsky will the name of “Bertha” to Miss Roman; the ability to bring order out of chaos to anyone taking Physics next year; my ability to be in two places at the same time to Keith Bjerke and Chuck Stefanko; some tennis lessons to Mr. Klinefelter as well as a strawberry sundae; my tennis abilities to Uncle Wally, and my inherent mastical abilities developed with intristic spontaneity upon the consumption of 1,200 beer pretzels.

Kathy Condron will some peace and quiet to Mr. Winn who will need it after Judy T. and I leave. To my sister Kris, I leave lots of thanks and love for the understanding she gave to me for you know who (Steve). To Mr. Mysiak a tape of all the interesting conversations we had fourth hour.

Pat Connor will to Sue Peters all the long wonderful hours of time spend in Miss Roman’s government class. Also to Marcy (whatever her last name is) all my left-over home economics material to lengthen her skirts.

Lynn Coones will my place in the Senior Class and my parking space in Big Boy’s and Top Hat’s to Patty Pink so she’ll have some place to go when she is mad at Randy Cannon.

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Patti Daniel will my unused lunch bags, my almost empty aspirin bottle, my alarm clock and a package of flower seeds for the senior court, and also…..“fun” in your remaining years at good ole Crestwood, all to my brother Craig.

Sue Dunn will and bequeath all my books to a person willing to learn. To Linda, all the pink things wherever they may be.

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Chris Ernst will all my saddle sores and my lobster-red sunburn, that I received on the senior trip to Dianne Prokurat. I would also like to will my privilege of watching Miss Roman on the Sgt. Sackto program to any poor junior who gets Miss Roman for government next year.

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Linda Farrell will one specially reserved parking space in the student parking lot for Mr. Smink on rainy days.

Chris Fattal will my space in front of the mirror in the john, by the mess hall to “little” JoAnn Lumbardo, my natural curly hair to anyone who will take it, and to the ninth grade class, I will my “darling” (ugh) brother Greg.

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Leonard Gardner will my 409 tags to Tiny and my parking spot to any lucky junior.

Terry Gatrell will my well-kicked-about senior court, 100 misspelled announcements, one dark shadow with my locker partners smelly towels, and half-credit toward graduation and a Sgt. Sackto Salute.

Karen Gauchey will to any lucky girl a boyfriend as nice and patient as mine (but not Gary); to next year’s English V class, all of Mr. Claey’s risqué comments and jokes; also to Larry Phillips (a senior at heart who has an avid one-track mind) a lot of luck for next year’s Lancer; also, to Gary Zelony another argument, another and another and another…..

Sally Ann Ghannam will one very large pot of Turkish coffee to Mr. R. Haines so that he may be “soulful”.

Chris Gierke will a year’s supply of pun to Julie, a book on how to take advantage of people to Sandy, a mask to cover Johnette’s mouth when she is eating, a B-17 to these three girls, a star to Mr. Caldwell, and a most profitable and enjoyable senior year to the class of ’69.

Gerald Gillikin will the S.C. “Coke” machine to Chuck Kalil; a pair of elevator shoes to Michele Zewicke; my nickname “Pelican” to my “little” brother; one perfect body for experimental purposes to Doc Proc and some S.T.P. for his smooth running meter. Last but not least to “Krunk” I will “Sweetie” dreams.

Connie Gondek will a carton of Kleenex to any girl who has a boyfriend in Vietnam.

Gail Goodall will all my secretarial skills to next year’s senior class secretary; good luck! Also the best of luck to all future seniors and my deepest gratitude to all those who have helped me in my education, especially my mom and dad.

John “Benny” Goodman will my terrific physique and golfing prowess to Mr. Tate.

Etta Graham will to Miss Roman a maid to help her father correct the test and book-report papers and to find out if we will be seeing her again next year.

Nancy Grantz will all the fun and wonderful times I had in my senior year to my sister Sherry. I hope she has just as memorable a year. I also will her all my “problems” and beautiful shorthand and government notes.

Michael Green will one-half of my beautiful and luxurious mustang to Ray Ramsey and Sue Gilpin. I also will to Sue Gilpin my senior pass so she can to up to Mac’s and get some decent food.

Susan Gresham will a free week of clean-up in Miss Balcer’s room to Pat Radi, next year.

Sonya Grihorash will my job as art assistant to Karen Davis.

Daniel Groulx will one bushel of red apples, one brain overhaul and a kitchen apron to “family-man Fulton”; one “Secret Squirrel” detective kit to Mr. Treachler and Mr. Kotulski; one “Secret Squirrel” spy kit to “Shifty-eyes-Broom”. To Shirley Donawick, the freshman wolfess award, a love-in with her idol, Tiny Tim and the all time record for “most-true-loves;” to myself, a tow truck.

H Return to Top

Nancy Hamzey will my magnificent naval jewel to Debby VanGorp in hopes she will use it in good health. To Good Dritsas, I will my office of badminton manager. (What a great year we had!) I give Miss Roman my prize possession, a “recluse spider.” To Linda Johnson I gratefully give my curly hair, to Michele Zewicke I will a dozen boxes of Kleenex for her Polish nose. Also to any junior who’s crazy enough to take it. I will my office of class vice-president. Boz Sleva is the lucky recipient of 20 pounds of ham. Last of all, I wish all my friendships and great times in high school to my brother Buzz.

Gary Harla will one John Nagy “Learn-how-to-draw” kit to Miss Balcer; one word list to Mrs. Bittles; the whole teacher staff to Mrs. Navarre so they can g9o to next year’s school play; one forged check to Mrs. Hansen; a case of Nutriment to Mr. Skaisger; two pairs of elevator shoes to Mr. Montrey and Mr. Paluchniak; an argument to Mr. Berg; one cheat sheet to Mr. Fulton; an “I love Sgt. Sackto” button to Miss Roman; 150 vegetable signs to Miss Goetz for her home economics class; a book of insults to Mr. McNeil; a year’s supply to T.V. guides to Mr. Hill; 2,000 T.V. dinners to Millie and the senior fountain to all next year’s underclassmen.

Sally Hija will my Nauga to Sherry Hawkins; and Christine Ernsts’ raisin boxes which are taped up in my locker to Sherry Grantz of the Sophomore Class.

Gary Hogston will my spot on the football bench to any player with the same initials as mine. To Tim Keohane, I leave my job as a woodshop foreman, and to Kerry Hlady I leave my drafting utensils, may he do them justice.

Brenda Holland will to Miss Roman all my hilarious Polack jokes and my wonderful sense of humor along with one bucket to rejuvenate in after she reads this.

Jim Holowicki will to anyone who takes physics, my good detailed notes and lab reports. To my brother a full tank of gas and “426”. To my little brother, Richie Gillikin, the best of luck in tennis, and to those juniors who go on the senior trip I will to you the formula of my anti-numbness solution.

Charlene Holstrom will a flower to Mad and Pam; one stripped down Boy Scout uniform.

Geri Hurst will my seat in Mrs. Compton’s home economics’ class and my great ability to Karen Hurst.

J Return to Top

Lee Jacobs will Jim Morrison’s leg to Chuck Williams; a coaches manual for Mr. Fletcher; to Miss Topolsky a neopreme Tumblebug kit, or a date with Mr. Zig-Zag. To the rest of my friends a tummy fish, a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.

Richard Jacobsen will my enduring social awareness which coalesced from the maelstrom of my mind to the “Chico brothers”; the 650 empty film spools to the freshmen. All the stores about what goes on in the Crestwood darkroom to Helen Krowicky; the $6.00 Mr. Kotulski owes me to anyone who can get it; my “ill-mannered ways” to Chuck Williams and my SAT score (1,226) to anyone who needs it to get into MSU on a 2.3 average.

Robert Jameyfield will one million corny jokes to Ken Koski; my height (5’4) to Bill Byrd; my bearableness to Lori Treachler, and my sharp-shooting abilities to Mark Prokurat.

Linda Johnson will all my Judo talents to Tom and Dave Chicovsky and Bob Kruk; to Loretta DiIorio my beautiful natural kinky hair, so she too can be a “Ferinda Fuzz” power; and to Proctor Van Brunt my left over Weight-On because he desperately needs it.

Paul Jordan will all my E’s, skip days, sleep hours and trouble with teachers and other (?) faculty members to Ray Buttigieg.

K Return to Top

Kathleen Keim will “rots of ruck” to Miss Roman’s government class to all of you lucky juniors who may have her next year.

Ronald Keim will my movin’ machine to anyone who thinks that “Ford has a better idea.”

Linda Kereji will to one J. Anne Rigge a seven-piece set of Samsonite luggage and a suite in Wilson Hall, M.S.U. To Barbara Klimczak I will one raspberry sundae where it will do her the most good. T. Sadowski is the lucky heir of all notes written to the party of the first part in this testament, if he’s at all interested in them. I also will the rough draft of this Senior Will to Miss Vossos to use as a practice proof reading sheet for future journalism students.

Barbara Klimczak will the journalism “beat” sheet along with a few colorful flowers on an unfinished bulletin board to Carol Schlagenhauf; best of luck (you’ll need it) to Jerry Reale with Genny, one banana sundae with a cherry on top to Linda Kereji; to Genevieve Obidzinski a bottle of “no-doz” pills and many memories of our crazy but wonderful experiences and the hope of many more to come. To Mr. Kotulski, one hard-earned imaginary lunch pass; to all future English V students a lot of sleepless nights on the term papers and finally, to my parents I will all my thanks for the help they have given me.

Helen Krowicky will a ton of unused newspaper copy to Miss Vossos; to Miss Roman, a loaf of Polish sour rye bread; to Rich Jacobsen, one ruptured pineapple; to Judi Thompson, one bronze horse; to posterity, I will a stack of autographed pictures of Bert Marshall (because he’s married now) and to all hockey fans, (Mr. Gallup, D.J. and C.E. especially), a dozen used Olympia ticket stubs in hopes that the Wings make it next year.

Bob Kruk will one shrunken head to Boz Sleva, one muzzle for Jerry Gillikin’s nose, 10 pounds of beans for next year, and my tennis racket to anyone who follows “Big Brother’s” policy.

Janet Kupler will my royal seat in Mrs. Compton’s home economics’ class to unfortunate under class freshmen.

L Return to Top

Denise LeBlanc will to Mr. Laich 50 jobs for his Co-op class next year, all the things we did in our Co-op class and an attendance record like first hour retailing class; to my “little” brother, Dave, my “64” “Big 6 Banger.”

M Return to Top

Alan Mabbott will my athletic ability to Joe Dudek; my scholastic achievement to Bob Sui; my cap and gown to the Salvation Army and my great jokes to the black power advocates.

Jack Madden will a life time bottle of Geritol to Mrs. Hansen; a bottle of ….. to Miss Galloway; and the ability to laugh at all the teachers’ dry wit and humor!

Gary Mason will my speed and ability in football, and my Corvette to my brother, Mike Larabee; my parking spot to Mrs. Bretl and her now M.G.; a year’s paid doctor bills to all opposing teams in the Tri-River against “Thor” (Tim Wilkes); and all the tape I’ve used while competing in athletics at Crestwood to the ’68 football team.

Jim McAlister will all of my racing and mechanical abilities and all of my success in skipping out to any deserving junior.

John McCloskey will my water fall of “wad” to all the class of ’69; the white jacket to Langelous and the boys of the class of ‘70

Ronald McIntyre will my ability to “kill the monkey” to Chuck Stefanko; my ability to terrorize the cafetorium to anyone that has “hair”; and my passing grades to my “little” brother, Dave.

Kathy McMullen will to Sandy Jamroz a gold medal for her good nature and patience; to John McCubbery, who tries her patience, a large roll of masking tape to keep him in place. Last but not least, I will to Sandy Dumitru, one old stogey and an official firefighters’ award.

Julie McNerney will to Linda Brewer an audible laugh, to Sandy Cairo the hope that her profound philosophy comes true for her; to Nancy Blackburn a parking spot at “Mr. Donut,” and to Linda Johnson a black angus.

Cindy Michaluk will to Miss Vossos and Miss Roman a pot of hot coffee for future use on senior trips; my nicknames of “Babbles” and “Gimpy” to any future senior, who thinks she is worthy of them, to use on her senior trip; and an almost finished senior court to next year’s Senior Class. I also will to Mrs. Hansen an uncomplaining class of Shorthand II students and a sleepy and quiet English V class for Mr. Claeys’ first hour.

Tim Miller will to Miss Galloway one pair of ear muffs so she can’t hear so will. My government homework goes to any lucky junior who wants straight A’s like I got. (Ask Miss Roman.) I will Mr. Laich a quiet first hour retailing class next year. Last of all I want to will my parking place in the teachers lot to someone who is tired of parking in the mud.

Greg Morin will my notebook to Beverly Wiatr.

Jennifer Morosky will my half of my dog and my overdue library books to my sister Donna; my baby sister Donna to Miss Roman; the one reed I have used throughout my three years in band to Elaine McClelland; my enthusiasm and my bum right leg to the G.A.A. (especially Sue Kraske); and finally I bequeath a handy-dandy pointer with the rubber tip missing to Mr. Klinefelter, to be used in describing battles, as a tennis racket, baseball bat or a golf club, in defending himself from Mr. Hamrick, in psychology or as a last resort, as a pointer.

N Return to Top

Barbara Nason will to all forth-coming seniors, all the enjoyment I had as a senior.

Sharon Nazimek will the job as bowling manager to Jewel Asbury. Good Luck! To Lois Rheame, I will her patience for her future art classes; to Karen Bashawaty all the bowling cards; to Mr. McNeil the right to call me “Gloria” and to all of next year’s seniors the pains of being a senior.

Carol Nicol will to Mr. Tate the nickname “Jaker” he gave me in hopes that he gets someone with equal talents to possess it next year; to Sandy Cairo I will Mrs. Bixman; to Linda Johnson I will a baby black angus; and to one of next year’s cheerleaders some red velvet bloomers, a course on “how to fall gracefully,” and all the luck in the world.

Selma Noomie will all my creative thinking puzzles to Miss Dritsas since she still has them. I leave my Lebanese and Greek recipes to Millie in case she ever wants to try them. To Larry Phillips I leave 20 cases of Excedrin because he will certainly need them next year. I leave 50% of my quietness to Richard Jacobson because he’s always telling me to get rid of it, so I’m giving it to him, and Miss Roman I will another timid student to pick on.

O Return to Top

Genny (alias Gen, Geneva, Genevieve, Obi, and Polak) Obidzinski will my position as Mr. Fletcher’s secretary (better known as “coffee girl”) to any girl who can keep him as happy (in the same manner) as I have; all frustrations, disappointments, achievements and joys to any future senior; one bottle of Excedrin needed by the next bunch of kids fortunate enough to get Mr. Skaisgir for drivers ed.; strength and courage to Mr. Claeys’ next English V class to endure all the mental anguish there. I also will my great skiing ability and unsurpassed ability to be the most uncoordinated thing on two feet to any unsuspecting Ski Club member; one gold-plated coat hanger and an extra set of car keys to Steve Cremeans; a big “thank-you” to Jerry Reale for being able to put up with a big “brat” like me; loads of luck to my sister Cathy who’ll be a freshman here next year and last but not least, I will to Barb Klimczak many fond memories, (including all my lectures), and a friendship which I hope, will last forever.

Jerry Okopny will all my undiscovered musicale abilities to any underclassman unfortunate enough to get them, and the flowering senior court to the class of ’85.

P Return to Top

Richard Palk will my brown wig to Jerry Gillikin; my caterpillar to Bob Ellingsworth; my fourth rib to Jenny Morosky; one non-existent copy of “THE BOOK” to Chuck Williams; and to the Board of Health I bequeath the entire third lunch period.

Robert Petti will my ability to maintain good conduct in and out of school to Mike Ray; my “St. Peter” nickname to Chuck Stefanko; one fire extinguisher to Mr. Mysiak; and to Keith Bjerke one universal, solar terrestrial, shining moon.

Brenda Petty will to a certain locker partner my collection of very jolly pin-ups; all my late sketch notebooks and spilled India ink bottles to Miss Balcer; and to a southern girl in the class of ’69 a ride in a Camaro (eventually); also to Lynn all the “knowledge” that we learned in Home Economics; for luck in her marriage.

Jan Pinkerton will to Miss Roman my ability to wear my contact lenses; to Miss Vossos my pleasant disposition; my “armpits” to Karen Jakubowski’ and my share of the Senior Court to my brother and the class of ‘72.

Mark Prokurat will one large stringer of dead fish to Jack and Jill.

Katherine Przedwojeski will to Mr. McNeil three scars, two calluses, and a pint of blood which I lost while doing a wood carving; to Miss Balcer, four art assistants for next year to help her keep track of her keys, and to Miss Goetz one good, sturdy whip to keep her freshman craft students in line.

Ernie Pustay will to Miss Roman the Milan State Penitentary; to Mr. Hill a microphone that he doesn’t have to blow into to start talking; also my Wednesday’s off to Tiny if he gets Mr. Skaisgir next year.

R Return to Top

Kathy Rapotec will all my x number of autobiographies to Mr. Clark; to the English teachers and the library department, the book, Babbit by Plumbung; to Mr. McNeil, the $64,000 question; to the seniors of 1969, the barely finished senior court which we seniors of 1968 enjoyed immensely; to Miss Balcer, personal thanks for all she has done; to all my teachers a personal thanks for patience and guidance; to D.G.R. more love and understanding; to J.W. my red ink pen and a year’s supply of cheese; to all my fellow draftsmen, my unexpressible appreciation; to each his own…..

Roland Reaver will my sense of humor to Miss Susan Roman who needs it.

Bev Reinke will my parking space in Blazo’s and all the talks with my Lebaneser and Lebaneser Malteser friends, hoping she won’t be eyed by “The Spy” while she’s trying to understand what Lebaneser and Malteser are trying to say. Also, good luck with all those 40-year-old cops (who I’m usually handcuffed by) to Maureen Mahon.

Ellen Ricer will my 3.966 average to Debbie Saez. Remember Deb, nobody’s perfect. I also leave my quiet blush to all the mini-skirted Freshies (the innocent look, you know). And last but not least, to Jerrry Gillikin, I hereby leave an ear.

Anne Rigge will one “do-it-yourself” cover-up kit for a brown nose to Paul Varga, one bucket of scalding water to be placed on John McCormack; all the “C’s” of my Senior year to my sister Laura; and one A&W resignation form to Karen Larson. I also retain censorship of certain notes previously mentioned.

Kenneth Ross will to Don Taglioli all my free goof-off periods; to Dave Youngs my genuine Japanese smoking jacket; to Mrs. Hulter one very worn-out ear; to Mr. Hoot, one slightly wet duck; to Miss Roman one dead monkey form the boy’s lavatory; to Mr. “Bug” Claeys three carrots and Pandora; and to Lynn Davis one gallon of thick, rich passion cream.

Marta Rought will to Jimmy Rought my sweet disposition, cheerful personality, and my good sense of humor.

Jenny Rubadue will all the senior privileges to any junior that can handle them.

Linda Rusaki will my 1962 yellow Mercury convertible to any senior of the class of 1969 who wishes to go on the senior class picnic.

S Return to Top

Sam Saba will my unusual Arabic personality that has brought many headaches and pains, to Miss Balcer.

Tom Sadowski will my spelling talents to the devil; my appreciation of the metaphical world to people who do not find it important; my existentialistic philosophy to all freshmen who cannot give me their purpose in life; and my over-abundance of idealistic and optimistic attitudes to people who hide theirs or haven’t any. I also will my gratitude to Mr. Klinefelter; my summer service to Mr. Ensign and to Ron Stein I will my entire kingdom and my title of Prince. For further details see—Tom Sadowski M.S.U.

Greg Sarkisian will my football, basketball and track shoes to Mr. Mysiak in hopes that they increase his speed and athletic abilities. To Mr. Clark, I will my poetry and full copyrights with hope that he makes a few dollars from them. And lastly, to Mrs. Hulter I will my high grade point average with the understanding that she will lead others on the same road to success!

Carol Saucedo will to my brother, my super hemi 390, dual quad, slowly but surely rusting station wagon, to be parked in the Vietnam battlefield in the read of the school. And to any junior who likes to ski third hour, my job as an assistant to do no work and go when I please to the donut shop.

Sue Sausser will to Bubbles and Robert Mitchum a big bottle of Excedrin for all those little drama hang-ups; and to my sister Barb I give all my old headaches.

Carol Schlagenhauf will all the Beat Sheets, deadlines, and exchange papers from Cherry Hill to any Journalism student who wants the privilege of putting out the Crusader. To my “Bobsey Twin” I will all the fund and wild times we’ve had and wish her the best of luck in the future. To the class of ’69, I will all our senior privileges along with all the fun of being a “mighty senior” and hope that their year is as “great” as ours was.

Cindy Schonhardt will my great ability to get along with Mr. Winn to Phyllis Ford and Denise Glavin; All the fun and good times I’ve had this year to the seniors of ’69; My wit and sarcasm to Lynn Mae and good luck Betty wherever you are!

On this 27th day of May, Nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, David R. Seasock and Dennis D. Bishop being of sound mind and body, jointly will the following…..…Dennis wills his good looks, and Dave his better looks to anyone who can handle it. We jointly will our poetic song composing ability to the Music Department and English Department. (Dave separately wills the “Wee Wobley Five” to Miss Vossos.) We will our “Mission Impossible” assignments (which we carried out so successfully during this past year) to any future I.M.F. team capable of the honor in the class of’69. We also will our expired membership in the Weekend Warriors to Mike Ray and Rich Buttigeig. Our empty shaving cream cans, our hot water escapades, and our early morning vigils to next year’s senior trip advisors. Our athletic abilities to Mr. Fletcher, who will see sit to divide it equally among next year’s football squad. Lastly we will all the undergarments that were found in our locker room to next year’s football team, provided they can handle it in an orderly manner. (See Mr. Fletcher)

Connie Sevonty will my can of Drano to Gary McDanold to kill the stench in his French horn; and to Suzette Larrivee lots of good luck when she gets all the piano accompaniments for the solo festival next year.

Linda Shamey will all my blue(pink) slips to Mrs. Hansen and all my ink pens to Mrs. Simpson.

Sheila Shedlock will to my boyfriend, Keith Steslicki, on box of old, stale, crumbly, dry crackers to throw in the nearest garbage can; to Carol Saucedo a jar of her favorite peanut butter; to Bev Reinke a life-size picture of “City Slicker,” and my sympathy to any unlucky enough to work at Credit Data for Co-op next year.

Karen Showalter will to my “Bobsey Twin” the 82 stale lunches and six feet of junk in our locker; to Miss Balcer, my 20 empty jars of rubber cement; to any underclassman, my “fantastic” job as vice-president of the Art Club and to my sister and the class of ’69 lots of luck.

Sandy Sikorski will an infinite stack of partially-used dittos along with several used Personna blades to any junior assigned as a work assistant to the science department, plus my entire wages for the year of ’68, which amounted to 15¢ and one package of stale M&M’s.

Jim Slater will my fantastic knowledge of “ham” radio to Aaron Tesser. I also will the job as chairman of the selection committee and as a student council representative to Candy Toth.

Bobby “Dave” Sleva will my varsity “C” (for class president) along with my “stars” to Suzy Roman; 5,000 pencils to the class of ’69; a new drive shaft for a ’56 Chevy to Gary Mason; a pair of petty pants to Dennis Bishop for his next appearance in a G.A.A. beauty contest; a crying towel to Dave Seasock; my “bike” to Greg Sarkisian; a free pass to any state park to Don Stephens; a red toupee to Brian Fitzgerald; a pair of crutches and a bottle of hair straightener to Sandy Cairo; two tickets for “M.V.” and “S.R.” to the AuSable Lodge for a day; and best wishes for a successful year to the Class of 1969.

Bernice Sowa will to all underclassmen the best of luck in their future years at Crestwood. I also will to a certain freshman my great personality and attitude, because I know she will really need it. I will to all the teachers’ lots of luck in trying to teach the underclassmen.

Johnette Stein will “Fay” to Sandy Cairo for entertainment purposes; a season ticket to Albion’s athletic events to King Sleva so he’ll know what he missed; my short legs to Lynn Brady for better hurdling; my brother Larry to any coach who can please get him to join a team; one black angus to Linda Johnson; a smile to Diane Cornila; the “I am what I am” award of the year to Chris Gierke; the ability to co-operate with each other to all of next year’s Varsity cheerleaders; to Nance Kreager the freedom to do as she pleases; Happy Mother’s Day to Miss Dritsas; and a front row center parking place for Carol Aisol.

Don Stephens will all my old raider weapons to the future raiders and good luck in the next raid.

Particia Stewart will to Earl Duncan and Dennis Wenchosky, a package of pencils for art or any other class they man need them for. To Dale Bishop I will a book of good “clean” jokes. To Vartina Vance, I will my little yellow Thunderbird, which isn’t actually real but you can have my brother’s phone number. To John Atkins I will my love and admiration for shoppers. To Wayne Halliday I will 14 gallons of chocolate milk, and to Don Gasinski my good nature and humor.

Bob Sui will my slightly-used tennis racket to Wally Bieber, my middle name of “Francois” to Larry McClelland, my job at the Drive-in to anyone suffering from insomnia, one cube of Sysergic acid Diethylmide to any member of the functional, incremental, volumtuous society; my broken watch to Johnette Stein, and my “key” chain to the Ukrainian hockey nut.

Jerry Swims will to Tom Wanamaker the presidency of the “352 Club”; to Jerry Mathison all the “PIES” he can eat, also all my used spark plugs so his car will turn into a Hypo. Good Luck.

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Margaret TenBroeck will my loud mouth to Pam Thompson in order for her to scare underclassmen in G.A.A.

Gary Teper will 12 pipers piping, 11 drummers drumming, 10 lords a-leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a-swimming, 6 geese a-laying, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree to the senior class of ’69 for the senior court; to Mrs. Lindberg a sense of humor; to Ken Wynychuck a Kowalski ham; cleaner shirts to Herb Klimack; a can of Ban, a thousand cartons of cottage cheese to Linda Wayne; some new stores for Mr. Klinefelter, plus a strawberry sundae from Sander’s that Uncle Wally can make, and last but not least a can of prunes to all the irregulars on the tennis team.

Judy Thompson will a nice quite girl to grace Mr. Winn for the next four years; to any so-deserving Junior who will be taking English V next year I leave all of my “Cliff Notes.” To Linda Pastula I will my long sexy hair; and to my “brother,” Mike, I leave all of the happiness and friendships I’ve found at Crestwood.

Lori Treachler will my brother to Miss roman, she deserves him; a clean lunchroom to my father; my forwardness to Keith Wright.

Lisa Trudeau will my love to all the people in existence.

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Proctor VanBrunt will one, two-month-old, jar of B&M pork and beans, three goldfish, a case of uncurl and the best of luck to my pal Jerry (the Pelican) Gillikin. I further bequeath to Judo Johnson a car load of Weight-On and more good times after graduation. Finally I bequeath to Bob Kruk all my skills in tennis and the wild woman of his dreams.

Monica Vance will one chemistry assistant job with Mr. “K.” to anyone who wants it.

John Varley will my 1960 Ford to my sister with best wishes, and I hope the car doesn’t fall apart before she graduates. To the poor people who are assigned to locker ten—good luck.

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Denise Weiss will my dependable and positive advice about girls to Rusty Helmer and Gary Gabriel and hope that they will use it! To Miss Galloway, all the paperback books we bought, so she can go into business and last but not least, my love and good luck to Donald Taglioli.

Tom West will my lab assistant’s “eternal pass for third hour” and my ’68 lunch pass (although extremely worn out form overuse) to one of the lucky members of the class of ’69.

Barbara Westenberg will to my sisters the hope of making as many friends as I was fortune to do my first and last year hear. I also will to the next senior class ice cubes to go along with the senior fountain, which at times isn’t very cold.

Valerie White will my grades to anyone who wants them; my mouth to “Bones” and “Tubs;” and to Roz, the Crestwood hall’s to wander with someone else at lunch.

Bev Wiatr will my government notes to Kathy Wiatr

Fred Wilkinson will my unprecedented Ontario safe-driving award to Mike Ray, my born loser motorcycle jacket to Joe Guerrierio, the morals of Jim Morrison to the warriors of the class of ’69 and the Crestwood golden gloves award to John “Cassius” McCubbery

Marlene Woolhiser will to my sister, Diane all the luck in the world in getting her diploma. My addition notebooks to any junior who might need them to get a hard earned “A” in Mr. Mysiak’s applied math class; to all the old buddies happiness in their future; to any senior girl on Co-op, the honor of being best actress at your banquet (being presented with a tube of Ultra-Bright toothpaste). My ability to pronounce “McGlinch & Sons” to Roxanne Smith with hopes of her using it, along with my good nature to accept all the teasing from Mike Zack, Mr. & Mrs. McGlinch, and Rich! To Allen Gazsi his dusty tie taks, number one pin, and one long lasting kiss to remember me by. And also to Miss Vossos, thank you very much for putting up with me.

Jim Wortham will a pleasure ride in my “yellow-bomb” and all my speed shifting abilities with an automatic transmission to Chuck Stefanko.

Keith Wright will my track shoes, my trumpet, and my ability to be on time to class to my little brother, Jim. I also would like to give my little brother to Miss Roman. If three Wrights’ don’t chase here away we have three more coming.

Rosemarie Wright will the Crestwood kitchen to Maureen Ziegler.

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Pat Young will one gun and holster set to Bill Bakes for his midnight shoot-outs at McDonald’s; one muzzle to Debbie Van Gorp to help her keep quiet; one silencer to Darlene Reetz so that no one hears her unusual laugh; one full time doctor to Tim Miller to keep him in butter health so that I could see him once in a while.

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Florence Zadora will my retailing book to Bev Wiatr.

Linda Zapert will my class ring to Vito, my prom dress to Ray, all my turtle-necks to Sue, and my Polack jokes to Tom.

Gary Zelony will to Greg Gobndek and Tom Pomeroy one pair of slightly used, moldy, cross-country shoes and one season’s supply of cold pills. To Miss Karen M. Gauchey a lot of patience (of which you are in great need); and to next year’s student body – good luck.

Michele Zewicke will to Richard Jacobsen my size 4½ loafers for his little toe; to Jerry Gillikin my Polish nose; to Nancy Hamzey and to Karen Bashawaty the special privilege of telling Polack jokes in my presence; to Karen Basawaty one whole year at W.S.U. without me; to anyone who thinks she can handle it, the opportunity to be Tom Sadowski’s secretary; to all the big sophomores another year to grow in; to the class of ’69 the happiest year of my life, hopefully so that they will enjoy as many friendships and good times as I did, and to the class of ’68 all the happiness they can ever achieve.

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