Big 50th Reunion Prose

This page is under continuous construction and renovation .  Our intent is to invite class members to write their impressions and recollections of their experiences at our 50th Class Reunion.

This is likely the largest reunion we will ever have had, and arguably the most meaningful for our entire class.

Women may have their interpretation of the significance and meaning of the reunion, while men may have a completely different interpretation of events that transpired over the many days of our reunion festivities.

We therefore invite you to consider your recollections and rememberances, and to write them down in a prose style.  You should submit them to the website administrator and he will post them here in this website link, for every other classmate to read.

To keep male and female reunion perceptions separated, for interest's sake, we have created sub-links to this page where such gender-specific writings will be posted.  To start things off, Roger Johnson will post his recollections on the "Male" link.  We invite a female to write her thoughts.

So take up the challenge and submit something!  And enjoy reading the work of others.