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Welcome to the
Crestwood High School
Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Class Of 1966 thru 2018 Website





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Remember When:

Our Faux 1969 & 1970 Cheerleaders ...
Mike Ray, Mike Biek, Bill Bates, Al Brandt, Joe Guerriero & Gary Marley






Excited to share our new online ETSY shop.
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Gar & Deb Brandt
Facebook - BrandtWoodworkingLLC
Palm Harbor, Florida

Please visit the "In Memory" section. Add any personal stories about our classmates and teachers who have passed away. Listed below are deceased classmates recently added to the "In Memory" page of the website.

Class of 1972
Class of 1976
Class of 1972
Class of 1984
Class of 1966
Class of 1969
Class of 1966
Class of 1969
Class of 1974
Class of 1969
 Dennis Smalarz
Dana Handschumacher 
Norm Wiewiura
Pam Giovannoni

Linda Katnik Harr
Bill Kandilian
Kathy St. Onge
 Karen Tackett Bartman 
Nelson Joyner
Bob Gabler 
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 2020
Deceased 1997
Deceased 2020

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Please contribute to the Glenn Owen Helka Scholarship Fund (GOHSF), which is used to help pay for a graduating senior from Crestwood High School to attend college.  See Scholarship Fund on menu bar for more details.

Check out the new photos on the menu bar showcasing the

Dearborn Heights Cubs 

1962 - 1963 - 1964


Crestwood - Haston - Riverside Military Alumni

Please check out the Military Alumni page on the CHS Website (on the menu bar under Alumni).  If you were in the Military and have not included this information on your profile, please do so.  If you know of any other Crestwood Military Alumni, please send a email with their name, rank, branch of service and year of high school graduation. Included is a pdf file with all the names currently on the wall. 


Complete details on menu bar under Alumni Cookbook

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Site Administrator:  Vicky Folmar Czajka
Crestwood High School  ~  Class of 1972 

Website Created ~ March 2009 

This Crestwood High School Website is intended for reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones as well. We welcome and encourage the sharing of memories and stories from all Crestwood Alumni, as well as the latest updates in your lives.  Please use discretion when creating your profile and posting messages. Personal attacks, political and religious messages, as well as abusive profiles and posts will be edited and/or removed.


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Crestwood Scholarship Fund ~ Contribute to the Glenn Owen Helka Scholarship Fund, which is used to help pay for a graduating senior from Crestwood High School to attend college.


•   Micheal Stewart (1972)  10/25
•   Sarah EnDyke (1998)  10/17
•   Gregory Farrell (1978)  10/10
•   Mike Klockenbrink (1974)  10/7
•   Leland Quinn (1972)  10/5
•   Krista Flesher (1983)  10/3
•   Kent Harris (1983)  10/3
•   Ken Holda (1972)  10/2
•   Jeff Wiewiura (1978)  10/1
•   Allan Carisse (1984)  10/1
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