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•   Pat Woolsey (Barlow)  9/17
•   John Gallegos  8/29
•   Nyle Steiner  8/14
•   Connie McCormick (Borup)  8/10
•   Ruth Holt (Barker)  8/10
•   Wayne Lindeman  8/9
•   Marie Dibble (McComas)  8/9
•   Clyde Shaw  8/8
•   Cheryl Van Orden (White)  8/6
•   Joy Marie Word (Kinney)  8/2
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•   Richard Hansen  2023
•   Nadine Clay (Davies)  2013
•   Allen Lloyd  2023
•   Mary Lou Bradfield  2016
•   Julie Flint (Kment)  2023
•   Judy Watts (Brady)  2023
•   Judy Parish (Ragland)  2022
•   Clint Judkins  2022
•   Jeanine Purcell (Parrish)  2022
•   Ruth Thomas (Allred)  2022
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Welcome to the Davis High

Class Of 1963 Website


Make 60 Year Reunion Reservations SoonReservation & Payment Deadline:   August 11, 2023 

To Register:

60 Year Reunion Link  Look for the Link on the 5th line down below the picture of the School building in the upper left corner of this "Home Page",

 Reservation & Payment Deadline:   September 1, 2023 

Good News!  You should not see any advertisements on the website until after the reunion is completed.


Website Usage:

August 8, 2023    76,147 have visited Website since March 2013

Jan 22, 2021  50,320 have visited Website since March 2013

April 23, 2019 37,638 have visited Website since March 2013

April 1, 2017  23,971 have visited Website since March 2013

July 4, 2015   14,376 have visited Website since March 2013

All classmates are requested to:

1.   Update personal profiles as needed - especially email addresses and telephone numbers

2.   Encourage other classmates to also keep their profile updated

3.   Share information of general interest such as the passing of a classmate


March 4, 2014 Some important changes in the website have been made.  Originally our intent was to only have a class website in preparation for the 50 year reunion.  Due to the cost, it was felt that a 1 year subscription was all we could afford or really needed.  In the spring of 2014, however, a new “free” option became available.    “Free”, of course, came with additional conditions.  We had to allow some advertising.  Although this seemed undesirable at first, after considerable analysis, the up side seemed to outweigh the down.  We therefore opted for the continuance of the website (free - with some advertising) for the next ten years as a resource and benefit to the class.


Continuing the website will greatly enhance our ability to:

  1. Share information of general interest such as the passing of a classmate.
  2. Contact other classmates easily by email.
  3. Reminisce as often as we like by viewing the existing classmate profiles and reunion pictures.
  4. Find each other again in another 10 years (if we all keep our profiles current).


Each classmate is requested to:

1.   Keep their email addresses and telephone numbers updated and current.

2.   Update their profile with information such as stories, pictures, etc. website statistics for the first year (3/2/2013 – 3/1/2014):


  1. Sixty-two percent of our class participated on the website by creating an individual profile.
  2. Over 6,215 site visits (not counting multiple visits by one individual on the same day).
  3. Although website activity greatly diminished shortly after the reunion, we continued to have site visits.  For example, during the final week of the first year we had 4 members online in the final 24 hours, 23 members in the final 7 days and 31 members in the final 30 days (these numbers do not reflect multiple visits by the same person).


As we now look to the future we invite you to visit often and trust that will prove to be an enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial resource for you and other classmates.

Security Note:

Our providing internet software company assures us that classmate personal information will be just as secure as in the past and that no advertiser will have access to any personal information.  Advertisers will only have what we choose to give them on their website. They, however, are very good in their ability to attract individuals into their websites.  We would encourage classmates who may see an advertisement of interest to note the advertisers name and then go to their website after logging off the Davis63 website.