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•   Michael McIlheran  12/11
•   Bill Goulette  12/12
•   Randy (Wrangler) White  12/12
•   Glenn Gurgiolo (Gurgiolo)  12/15
•   Suzanne Vancil (York)  12/15
•   Gary Vance  12/16
•   Charlie McKINNEY  12/17
•   Alan Standlee  12/20
•   James Gillenwaters  12/21
•   Steve Moore  12/21
•   Jerry Johnston  12/22
•   Vicki Kiecke (Whitehead)  12/22
•   Terry Robinson  12/26
•   Carolyn Teas  12/27
•   Nathan Griffin  12/29
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•   Danny McDANIEL  12/7
•   Everell Coe (Eckeberger)  12/7
•   Steve Legler  12/7
•   Larry Thompson  11/29
•   Linda Perryman (Broesche)  11/14
•   Debra Rouse (Brashear)  11/11
•   Jim Strate  11/6
•   Tony Watzke  10/27
•   Sherry Moore (Peek)  10/26
•   Steve Stein  10/25
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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN-Charlie McKinney is officially retired from the automobile service and repair profession and will to the utmost of his ability strive to be a burden on society by getting as much of his social security money as he can before it runs out of money or he is blown out of a smokestack or is looking at the grass from the wrong side. Take care everyone, have fun, and, hopefully, will see y'all at the next reunion or the closest bar or saloon. I know, Mrs. Huff will throw a caniption fit over that first runon sentence but I have forgotten the rules if I ever knew them in the first place. Now, I have to go buy a horse and buggy!


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This site is a lot of things, you might say it is  ‘multi-tasking!’

It isn’t about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines.

It’s about lifelines!

It’s about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives -
It's about caring for our classmates and their families!

It was created to help promote, celebrate, and reconnect with classmates.
Your participation is essential for it to succeed.
We need your photos, updates, and memories to enhance the site.

Your fellow classmates will enjoy hearing about you,
even if you haven't attended a reunion, nor kept in touch since high school,
we ask that you please take the time to update your profile
and maybe add a photo of two.

Your additions will make this site fun, interesting and complete.

This is a forum for our class. Be polite, use your manners, adhere to the Golden Rule and be mindful that although they are words, they can still hurt.

Please refrain from volatile topics like religion and politics. While they are an integral part of our lives, that's not what you should be here to talk about. If you are, please find another group. If you do, your posts will be deleted.

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