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50-YEAR REUNION planning is underway. You can help cover the class web site subscription and let us budget well for our reunion expenses. THANK YOU!


•   Jack Lonn  2020
•   Gary Healey  2020
•   Janet Kunkel (Lansdale)  2019
•   Bill Prenosil  2018
•   Mike Gordon  2018
•   Randy Magwire  2017
•   Wayne Wilcox  2017
•   Steve Richards  2016
•   Dave Stoddard  2017
•   Joanne Smith  2016
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The official website of the Lincoln Southeast Class Of 1972
(Class Creator changed the URL since was set up.)
Announcements by Southeast classmates are below.
Yes, Don Weddington is a classmate! Thanks to all who replied. I should have searched for his photo!!! 
Happy New Year Everyone!
Let 2021 become our year of rejoicing.
It's a challenge to stay safe, be careful and help our communities with the pandemic restrictions on our lifestyles. At least, it is for me. I do my best to comply, but it's difficult to remove the social interaction (narrow or wide in scope) without a sense of grief for losing it. Unless, of course, you already practice an isolated lifestyle.  
We are beginning a journey to get the transfer of the virus under control. At last, there is a plan laid out, and hope is renewed.   SB

Hello, Class of 1972!
Excuse my delay in reporting what seemed like no news. Because of the coronavirus there will no gatherings this year. There will not be a Reunion Planning Committee started until it is safe to hold meetings.
Unfortunately, we won't hold our annual Meet and Greet in 2020 either. You likely figured that out for yourselves.
I will contact our Class with some details that I do not want to post on the Home Page since it is not password-protected.
We have more suitable timing than the Class of 1970 experienced. They had scheduled their 50-Year Reunion for Spring 2020, rescheduled it for later in the year and, finally, had to cancel it for anytime in 2020.
May all of you stay safe and keep well.
Susie (8/4/2020)
A BIG SHOUT OUT to classmates who are updating their contact information on our website!!!
If you have not updated your email address, your home address or your phone number and need some help, just let me know. Use the Contact Us link.

The 2019 Reunion Party Dinner was held at SchillingBridge on August 8, 2019.
Hello all! I hope everyone is making it through the Covid 19 lockdowns. Living in the New Orleans area has been challenging. My Art Gallery in the Historic New Orleans French Quarter was closed down by the Mayor over a year ago. We are still not open back up. Due to its location inside of the Mardi Gras Museum it’s doubtful we will be reopening anytime soon. The museum funds itself by giving tours with 250 to 500 tourists a day through our place. It’s a no go in this Covid world. So frustrating to have a viable business and not be able to have a storefront. Please share your status I am interested in how everyone is doing in other parts of the country.

Connie Rice Born
Mardi Gras MisChief Creations

Susie Bott asked for Covid Updates. We have been hit hard here in the New Orleans area. Daughter-in-law is an ICU nurse in a Covid Unit. She had Covid herself over Christmas this year. Did not have to be hospitalized but it was horrible.

I haven’t lost any family members to Covid. However, have lost way to many friends from the area.

My business in the French Quarter has been shut down since March 12 and does not look like the Mayor will let us open anytime soon. Doing online sales only!

Best wishes to all of you out there!

Connie Rice Born (January, 14 2021)

I saw Bill (Browne) on Pure Nebraska on 1/22. I had forgotten what a great artist he was--Bill did a fantastic job--seemed to be at ease and having a good time. Go ducks!

Jim Hatheway    

-- posted 01/25/2019 See Bill's profile page for pictures of his creations.

It is with a broken heart that I would like to announce the passing of our beloved classmate and friend Janet Kunkel Koch. After a long and valiant fight against lung cancer. She will be greatly missed by friends and family alike for she was a bright light in this otherwise dim and troubled world.

Submitted by Trish Callaghan Hernandez on January 03, 2019

Please read the comments Patricia added on the In Memory page for Janet

Pay it Forward Service Project at Lincoln Southeast High School
Written by Sue Wilkins
Hi everyone! I want to let you know about something that Brent Toalson, the principal at LSE is starting that you might be interested in helping with.
He's initiated a "Pay it Forward Service Project" that allows juniors at LSE to develop a plan for a service project. The winning project is awarded a grant to carry out the plan during their senior year. Brent wants to encourage and fuel their leadership skills and desire to serve their community. Projects like this need funding, so I wanted to be sure our class of 1972 knows about it and will hopefully join me in helping out. If you are interested, you can mail your donation to the LPS Foundation (5905 O Street, Lincoln 68510) or you can give online through the Foundation website ( Please be sure to indicate your gift is for the LSE Pay it Forward Service Project. This is a tax deductible donation and is a great way to encourage and support current Southeast students eager to serve their community.
Brent has also started a recognition wall at the school called the LSE Service Wall of Honor. He's recognizing people who have acted on their ideas to benefit LSE and the Lincoln community.
Please consider a contribution to the Pay it Forward Service Project at LSE. This can be a such an important experience for not only the students at Southeast participating, but also for the people in their community who reap the benefit of the projects over the years.
If you have questions, please contact either Brent Toalson at LSE or Gary Reber at the LPS Foundation. Thanks so much for your consideration in supporting this excellent opportunity for students at LSE!
Posted Nov. 27, 2016
Previously posted: Synopsis of Southeast High School Serving Our Community -- Pay It Forward Service Project
This project is headed by Mr. Brent Toalson, Principal of our alma mater. Students compete for a grant in their junior year, and the winner carries out the designed plan during the senior year with the $500 awarded funds. The purpose is "to encourage and fuel their leadership skills and desire to serve their community."
You may also refer to or for more information.


Avrhom Goodman  4/24
Tom Tangney  4/27
Mike Jones  4/28
James Hatheway  5/4
Kim Urbom (Rager)  5/4
Tom Partridge  5/5
Arvard Bertrand  5/6
Terry Johnson  5/11
Bill Tate  5/13
Roger Adams  5/14
David Magee  5/14