In Memory

In memory of Rhein Main members who have made their Final Journey in Life.

The Men and Women of the 435th TAW - Rhein Main Air Base, Frankfurt, Germany
would like to honor the Veterans who proudly served the United States Air Force and their country.

Some of our members passed away while serving in the Air Force and some after leaving the Air Force.

We pay our final respects and salute our fellow Veterans on a job well done.
RIP - In that house not made with hands, but ever eternal in the heavens.

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Member Photo

Gregory D. Aiken (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Glen L Brassill (Deceased 2010)  
Don (Col) Brewer (Deceased 2019)  
Becky Jo Bristol (Deceased 1985)  
Eric M. Bruntz (Deceased 2015)  
Ernst "Ernie" Buijten (Deceased 2009)  
Alan (Al) Burke (Deceased 1997)  
Harry E. Cmsgt Burke (Deceased 2018)  
Edward "Ed" L. (Col. ) Callicotte (Deceased 2011)  
James C. "Casey" Casey (Deceased 2013)  
David A. Chandler (Deceased 1985)  
James R. Childers (Deceased 2012)  
William David (Dave) Cmsgt Claggett (Deceased 2016)  
William E. Craker (Deceased 2017)  
Charlie Cramer (Deceased 2018)  
David Dinning (Deceased 2019)  
Timothy J. Sr, Fahey (Deceased 2018)  
Benny Henry (Col) Fioritto (Deceased 2013)  
Johnny Gardner (Deceased 2019)  
Creedin S. (Cmsgt) Gitt (Deceased 1997)  
Les (Goody) Cmsgt Goodwin (Deceased 2016)  
Thomas E. Gross (Deceased 2014)  
Tracy A. Col Hardwick (Deceased 2020)  
Daniel (Dan) "POPs" Heffron (Deceased 2009)  
Mr. Hutton (Deceased 2001)  
Kenneth M. Johnson (Deceased 1993)  
Carl W Jr. Jones (Deceased 2015)  
Frank J. Brig General Kelly (Deceased 2003)  
Jimmy "Jim" Lindsey (Deceased 1999)  
Glenn A. Madge (Deceased 1996)  
James M. Maple (Deceased 2011)  
Jimmy W. (Gator) McBride (Deceased 2004)  
Robert E. Miller (Deceased 1998)  
William "Bill" Miller (Deceased 2002)  
Judi Muschke (Deceased 2006)  
Thomas R Noel (Deceased 2009)  
John W. (Ltc) Osborn (Deceased 1953)  
Ronnie Peoples (Deceased 2013)  
Edward Cmsgt Perdew (Deceased 2019)  
Mack Phillips (Deceased 2015)  
James E. Prosser (Deceased 2019)  
Gus Rhinehart (Deceased 2011)  
Judy Dee Rine (Jackson) (Deceased 2015)  
George Rohowsky (Deceased 2018)  
Thomas Maj Gen, Sadler (Deceased 2015)  
Frank H. Scarton (Deceased 1985)  
Mario Sevila (Deceased 1999)  
Warren Stanley (Deceased 2015)  
Hugh III Tate (Deceased 2019)  
Ernest "Ernie" Et Tedder (Deceased 2013)  
Michael O. Towne (Deceased 2001)  
Francis "Frank" A. (Cmsgt) Tucci (Deceased 2000)  
Wilbert T. Col. Turk (Deceased 2010)  
Michael E. Webber (Deceased 2018)  
Williston G. Wells (Deceased 1953)  
Marvin "Peanut" Wise (Deceased 2019)  

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