Holidays, Emergencies

          Religious festivals and other holidays applying to particular communities may be availed by students only by the prior request of the parents written in their school diaries. Sectional holidays are not usually declared at the request of the leaders of communities.

         If an unscheduled closure of the school is judged necessary, it will be notified early, in any case before 8:00 a.m. on the day of closure. Taking into consideration the advice of the civil administration, responsible and well-informed local citizens and the school management such decisions are made. Once the students arrive in the campus the school is responsible for their safety and security. Students will not be allowed to go outside the campus before the pre-determined and pre-informed end of classes. Normally, in the course of a working day, there will be no abrupt closure of the school unless the civil authorities demand it.

     Class days lost due to unforeseen reasons (such as holidays declared by civil administration, bands, etc.) will be compensated for all sections of the school by converting Saturdays to full working days. Activities notified for those Saturdays will be rescheduled. Such information will be displayed on the school bulletin board.