Safety and Security

          For the safety and security of the students certain restrictions are imposed on all visitors. Parents are requested to understand the purpose of the regulations and cooperate.

  • All visitors are required to enter their names, addresses, phone numbers and the time of entry and exit at the visitors’ book kept with the security guards at the gate.
  • Electronic surveillance mechanisms are in place at the gates and other strategic locations on the campus.
  • Junior School children should be brought to the school and taken home on time by the parents and guardians. They should be received by the parents/ guardians from the class teacher. Students will not wait near the drive way to be picked up. If someone else is to pick up the child (e.g. a relative, driver, rickshaw-driver, etc.) please inform the class teacher or the Vice Principal through a note written in the school diary of the child.
  • Parents are requested not to send persons who are not introduced to the school beforehand to pick up their children even in times of emergency.
  • Parents may not bring/ send food or other articles to their children during class hours or breaks. They may not be permitted to enter the campus for such purposes. Normally students are not allowed to meet their parents/ guardians/ relatives/ friends at the gate or within the campus during the breaks.
  • Visitors including parents are not allowed entry into the campus just before or during the breaks.
  • Parents are also requested not to go to their children's classrooms. They should always contact the school office or the relevant Vice Principal and the student concerned may be called out if the reason given is judged to warrant it.
  • Parents and other visitors may not wander about the corridors or the school campus during working hours. They should transact their business promptly and leave the campus.
  • Parents should abide by the traffic regulations at the gates and inside the campus for driving and parking as well as for dropping off and picking up students.