About The Bug Up Your Ass (BUYA) Award


As clearly stated in the Forum Decorum, each month the Punography Directors will choose one person whose post or posts in the Message Forum are worthy of the Bug Up Your Ass Award. In the unlikely event that no Message Forum poster measures up to our high standards, we'll choose someone from pop culture who exemplifies the behavior and personality of someone worthy of the award.

This award is the obverse of the Eagle of the Month Award that was given out monthly to nine seniors during our senior year. You do NOT want to win the BUYA (pronounced BOO-yah) Award as it is entirely proper and appropriate for anyone, upon greeting a BUYA Award winner, to smile knowingly, point, and loudly exclaim "BUYA". The BUYA Award recipient will be the member whose Message Forum post or posts are most deserving of having Jack Nicholson insult him or her as Jack did Shirley MacLaine’s character from the scene below in the film Terms of Endearment. All Bug Up Your Ass Award recipients and the reason that each was chosen will be prominently displayed here.